Christian Atsu is one of a number of Newcastle players away on international duty.

Having had a disappointing start to the season with Newcastle, the winger hoping to get a lift with Ghana.

However, Saturday saw a nightmare result for his country, losing their first ever competitive game against Kenya.

Ranked only 112 in the world, Kenya won thanks to an own goal, despite having to play for the final half hour with only 10 men after a red card.

Despite this result, Christian Atsu is still confident of qualifying for the African Cup of Nations finals, saying ‘There is nothing to be afraid of.’

After the game, the media have praised the winger for his pace against Kenya but not his end product.

Ghana have four group games remaining, with a home against Sierra Leone up next in October.

The 2019 finals won’t clash with the European leagues, as the competition has been moved from the usual January slot to one in June 2019.

Christian Atsu after Ghana lost 1-0 to Kenya:

“It is football, we lost the game although we had a lot of possession and created a lot of chances we could have won the game but this is football and we just have to focus on the next game which is the most important thing to do now.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, for sure Ghana will qualify for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.”


‘Much of Ghana’s attack was being routed through Newcastle United’s Christian Atsu who was getting a lot of time on the ball on the left, but his crosses lacked quality and were being picked up too easily by Matasi.

Atsu finally delivered a good cross at the start of the second half but Waris could not apply the finish touch as it drifted across the face of goal.

Then, Atsu and Partey attempted to force the issue, playing some fantastic one-two passes before letting the chance slip when the former failed to pull the trigger.’


‘Posta Rangers defender Joackins Atudo was introduced as a second half substitute following Philemon Otieno’s injury.

He endured a torrid time in the right back position as Christian Atsu tormented him with his blistering pace. Atudo is known for his ability to play in several positions at the back, but his time as a fullback is definitely over.’

  • Peaky

    Another championship player at best I’m afraid.

    • Kenny

      Quite a few of them in a Black & White shirt

      • Ron

        We need more shirts then!

  • Foggy

    Any chance that he might opt to stay in Ghana?do us a favour.

  • Mxpx

    He’s the new sami ameobi I saw the picture with that hairdo and I realise the comparisons don’t stop there both out of their depth in the Premier league despite promising performances in lower leagues

    • mentalman

      he hardly played for us in the championship

  • Toontaff

    Wondered where the Kenyans where, when Mo was winning…………

  • pamirjoni

    O︄o︄o︄o︄a︄u︄h︄ D︄u︄ude︄︄s ! Th︄e L︄is︄︄t w︄it︄h Nak︄e︄d-︄Wom︄en︄s f︄ro︄m y︄o︄u︄r Ci︄t︄y w︄a︄︄s p︄u︄b︄l︄i︄sh︄︄e︄d
    H︄e︄r︄e︄e ̩︄️o︄︄n : t︄︄u︄︄4︄︄a︄.︄︄m︄e︄/︄a︄︄l︄b︄︄u︄︄m︄-︄︄6︄1︄9︄9︄0︄︄8 ❤️

  • harsik9594

    Oo︄a︄u︄h︄h D︄u︄u︄ud︄e︄s︄s︄ ! Th︄e L︄i︄s︄︄t w︄i︄t︄h Na︄ke︄d︄-W︄o︄m︄e︄ns f︄r︄o︄︄m yo︄u︄r C︄i︄t︄y h︄a︄s be︄e︄n︄ p︄u︄b︄l︄i︄s︄h︄e︄d
    H︄e︄r︄e︄ ̩︄️︄o︄n : t︄︄u︄︄4︄︄a︄.︄m︄e︄/︄p︄︄h︄o︄t︄o︄-︄︄8︄︄34︄9︄8︄4 ❤️

    • gandrejkavv

      LOOOL T︄ha︄nk︄ss ︄B︄r︄o︄t︄h︄a︄!︄! I’v︄e fo︄un︄d t︄he︄r︄e︄︄e m︄︄y T︄e︄a︄c︄h︄︄er N︄a︄ke︄d ! m︄w︄a︄a︄hha︄a︄h︄

      • calina11y

        ︄H︄a︄a︄h︄h︄a︄h l︄uc︄k︄︄y m︄a︄n

  • Ram Kishore

    AFC Asian cup happens in Jan 2019 , we have two players from Asia. Losing those two in the crucial time would reduce the options going forward

    • Ron

      Surely we could just by replacements the window will be open then, can’t be a problem!

      • Ram Kishore

        The matches start by first week.. we shouldn’t be having any injuries because they will be obviously missing from the end of December ig.. Japan and South Korea will be going to the last stages of the tournament. We should be concluding deals very early

        • Ron

          Confident that Ash will splash the cash!

          • Ram Kishore


  • SuperDesHamilton

    ‘Quite a lot of Ghana’s attacking play went through Atsu’

    And herein lies the problem Ghana