‘Boring’ is not a word often used to describe Newcastle United…and yet the start of this season has been exactly that.

I can’t remember a more subdued start by either team or fans.

Before I get accused of demanding ‘entertaining’ football like the self-entitled droves at Old Trafford, I’m not referring to the team’s actual style of play. Rafa’s approach to the games against the ‘big 6’ was understandable and the resulting goal difference advantage may yet prove useful.

Instead, I am talking about everything surrounding NUFC: the lack of progressive signings, Ashley’s continued unwelcome presence and the overall sense of going through the motions.

The team’s finish to last season gave us every chance of pushing for the Europa League places this year, provided the right reinforcements were signed. But, alas, sporting achievement is not the agenda of those in the club’s offices.

Now, like so many other occasions over the past decade, a chance at a cup has been immediately surrendered and we are scrapping for away draws in the bottom half of the table.

The team has only scored five times in seven matches (all competitions) and has not notched more than a single goal in any 90-minute spell. It is all too predictable.

Admittedly, four of those opponents were significantly better squads and Newcastle were not expected to get anything out of those games.

But the excitement of beating Arsenal last April, or Chelsea in May, is not there this time. The form book has gone exactly as expected.

Sure, red cards and missed penalties have come and gone along the way. Those moments hardly stand out as high points though.

Rafa’s side gave the TV companies exactly what they wanted and predicted. Decent games where the underdogs give the big boys a bit of a scare until the more star-studded team takes the spoils (a happy ending in SkySportsland).

I remember reading an interview of a manager from an Israeli team NUFC had demolished in a UEFA Cup tie some years ago. He said that after his team conceded a few goals, effectively sealing certain victory for Newcastle, the Israelis’ were ‘only playing for protocol’. It struck me as an odd phrase but it springs to mind when I think of the mood over this past two months.

Nevertheless, football never stands still.

Maybe a good performance against Leicester will bring some much-needed excitement and talking-points.

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  • Ashley-out

    Newcastle are boring thanks to the fat parasite & the lack of funding in players.
    Ashley out, sell up or die, either will do.

  • DeadToiler

    What would be the situation if he died without selling? Does anyone know? Someone would inherit I guess but could be a long time before anyone took over and even more uncertainty. So I reckon selling would be the preferred scenario. I still detest the man though so don’t think of me as an appologist.

    • Sickandtired

      Assets disposed of according to his will.

  • kingfisher

    Here’s a quote from comedian and tv presenter Karl Pilkington taken from the BBC sports website about his team Man Ure:

    I feel like supporting United is like having a tortoise as a pet. I had a tortoise, and they are not entertaining to watch. You don’t watch them, but you know you have got a bit of responsibility to show some interest.

    “That is what I do with United. I keep an eye on them.

    “I don’t watch them every game because, at the minute, that is a waste of 90 minutes. I just look at the result and if they win it is a bonus, I have no expectations any more.”

    Sound familiar ? If more people had adopted his attidude when Ashley started his lies and underhand dealing then perhaps he would be history now !

  • Carverlier football

    I’m not experiencing any real heightened emotion connected to anything on the pitch this season. Results, goals going in at either end, it’s all just a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders to me. Anything that happens on that green rectangle is near meaningless as long as we aren’t being run like a genuine sporting club. It’s all about removing the cancer now – then maybe the day will return when I can enjoy (or at least experience) this great football club

  • Sickandtired

    A win against Leicester, as unlikely as it is, will not change anything. Papering over cracks will not help the sinking foundations.