Interesting news on Tuesday morning, that the Champions League and Europa League are going to be joined by a new third competition.

BBC Sport report that UEFA are planning to bring in the new competition as early as 2021.

As well as being Chairman of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli is also head of the European Club Association

He says that the ‘green light’ has been given, with details of exactly how the competition will be organised, to be revealed later.

More mature readers will recall that there were actually three European club competitions in the past.

You had the European Cup (now CHAMPIONS League) which was bizarrely, actually for the very best (Champions) club from each country.

Then you had the Cup Winners Cup, for the clubs that won Cups in their countries.

Then the UEFA Cup for clubs that finished behind the Champions of each country.

All the competitions were two-legged straight knockout each round and were exciting, plus anybody could be drawn against anybody.

Now of course we have everything structured to try and ensure the same small group of clubs get through to the final stages each year, with seedings etc., though only after endless money spinning match after match, many of them meaningless in the later group stages.

In the past 10 years in the Champions League, it has actually only been won three times by the club who had won their domestic league title the season before. In fact, before Real Madrid who won it in 2018, the previous six years all saw the CL won by a team who hadn’t qualified as champions of their domestic league.

In the past decade, of the 20 finalists, only seven had won their domestic league title to qualify.

With so many people complaining about the Europa League, it will be interesting to see exactly what they come up with this third/lesser new European competition.

European qualification not exactly what Newcastle fans are worrying about at this moment in time.

BBC Sport:

Uefa plans to introduce a third European club competition alongside the Champions League and Europa League from 2021.

Head of the European Club Association, Andrea Agnelli, said “the green light has been given”, pending approval.

He did not give any more details on how the tournament would be organised or when it would be staged.

Agnelli, who is also chairman of Italian champions Juventus, said: “The current model needs modernising.”

Speaking at the annual general assembly of the ECA in Croatia, he added: “A detailed assessment of the existing international match calendar is required prior to presenting a new model post-2024.”

  • Ashley-out

    by that time we will be playing the Mackems again

    • Jezza

      The way things are going we could be playing them next season.

  • Paul Patterson

    It will only water down the quality and novelty of getting into Europe.
    I remember when we were a bit embarrassed at getting knocked out of the Champions League qualifiers in 2003 and thus entering the UEFA Cup (Europa League) Imagine if we then had to dirty our feet at going into the THIRD rate European competition?
    Just give the FA cup winners a place in the Champions League, the EFL cup winners a place in the Europa League and scrap any new European competition.
    It’s all irrelevant to us anyway, the owner has no intention of aiming anywhere near Europe . .

    • Ron

      Don’t be mean Paul, yes it will be irrelevant to us, but you need to think about the bigger clubs; Brighton, Huddersfield, Accrington Stanley etc who are missing out. It’s not always about Newcastle.


      • Paul Patterson

        Ah yes, the mighty clubs we can’t compete with. Silly of me . .

    • nevfur

      Embarrassed or not we already have played several times in a third level European cup with the intertoto. Won it once as well lol

    • Jezza

      I liked it in the old days when there were three European cup competitions and only the league champions qualified for the main trophy not the top five or six as it is now.

  • East Durham Mag

    Another cup competition not to aim for.

    • Kenny


    • Ron

      Another cup – yipee – the floors the limit!

  • Leazes.

    Replacement for the ‘Intertoto Cup’….. they abolished it ten years ago because there was too much clutter.

    • nevfur

      True but then it was mostly run in summer and as a qualifier for the Eufa cup. This would be run as a third in season European cup. Not sure it will be financially viable though.

  • Mxpx

    I reckon this is a plot by the big clubs to make sure everyone has to have a squad the size of theirs in order to make it harder to compete with them still personally I’ve always liked the idea of a champions league that was actually a league but I’m pretty sure this isn’t what’s happening

  • Fisherking

    Just a thought has anyone actually asked the people who make football the greatest game on earth THE FANS

  • mactoon

    UEFA will do anything for more money. It’s pathetic

  • JohnnyH

    It’s a cup competition, we don’t do cups anymore.

  • ScreamStevie

    We don’t even have a deep enough squad to deal with the current Premiership and cup fixtures, let alone a European adventure.

    It’s a ‘well known’ consequence, for less wealthy clubs anyway, of qualifying for the Europa League (where there is little money in it for the club) that the next season is a struggle in the Premiership. In 2011-12 we qualified for the competition as a result of finishing 5th and the following season came 16th in the Premiership. Burnley qualified last year and so far this year they are doing worse than us!!

    • Paul Patterson

      Burnley doing worse than us? How do you work that out after four games?

      • glassjawsh-got-banned

        on account of them being below us in the table

        • Paul Patterson

          By three goals . .

  • Tweed Mag

    Call it the ‘Inter Cities Fairs Cup’. If you wait long enough everything comes back full circle.

  • Foggy

    Does anybody really want more of this Euro rubbish? Bad enough that there are more totally meaningless games than ever before, why would they think we want more? Typical that these clowns who run the game make decisions without asking the fans and just assume they know what’s best for us. You’d think they’d learn something from seeing the pending implosion of the EU for exactly the same reasons. We should just say no, keep this tinpot competition to yourselves.

    • Jezza

      There always used to be three European competitions back in the good old days.

      • Foggy

        Yes there were. They were knockout competitions not this meaningless group stage rubbish. Not four teams going into the same competition. Do you really want to see Everton’s reserve team play in any competition? Come on.

        • Jezza

          I never said I wanted to see group tournaments did I? The current set up, in keeping with just about every aspect of modern football, is an absolute farce. I would prefer to see a return to the old days when only the league champions went into the elite European tournament, not the top five or six teams. Bring back the Cup Winners Cup and have two UEFA Cup places, making a total of four teams qualifying for Europe just like it used to be.

  • Vodkamagpie

    Will give a reason to finish mid table. Football is getting so competitive, the more the games the more the merrier. Footballers get paid a ton of money, so they must play football.