Kenedy has been a big talking  point so far this season.

After really impressing last season, despite it being only another loan deal it is fair to say that this summer signing was the one that lifted the of Newcastle supporters the most.

However, it hasn’t gone his way so far. The Brazilian played well against Spurs but then had a shocker at Cardiff, repeatedly losing the ball and not successfully passing to a teammate in the first half, before having a similar nightmare in midweek when he was again regularly losing the ball and was at fault on two of the goals.

Criticism from some Newcastle fans has, amongst other things, accused Kenedy of playing for himself, showboating, being  a one trick pony, and having been found out.

As for Rafa Benitez when asked about the 22 year old’s form, the manager says that the coaching team are ‘trying to give him confidence’, that the left sided player is one of the individuals he has taken aside this week to try and help them ‘learn.’

The Newcastle boss revealing that he has sat with Kenedy to analyse these recent matches on video and then gone out on the training ground to put in practice what they’ve talked about.

Rafa declaring ‘Kenedy has my confidence and I know what he can do.’

However, for many Newcastle fans these days, especially on social media, their opinions can change spectacularly from season to season, match to match and even from first to second half.

It is a total joke for a sizeable minority of supporters to be writing the Chelsea loan player off already.

He has the toughest job on the pitch. He was such a breath of fresh air last season because he came into a team that had zero creativity in terms of taking on an opponent and he gave us that threat, it didn’t work every time but his willingness to run at the opposition helped other players find more space and form.

Due to the ridiculous lack of investment this summer ((and previous), whereby Rafa wasn’t even allowed to bid to buy Kenedy, once again we have a team/squad with absolutely nobody who will try and run past their opponent, apart from Kenedy.

He has had two shocking games but in the past we have seen class wingers such as Laurent Robert and David Ginola experience the same – but overwhelmingly most fans forgave them for these failures because they recognised flair players can go up and down.

Obviously the big problem for Kenedy is that he has such a poor team around him, nobody to step up and do it instead, whereas Ginola and Robert had brilliant/fast players such as Bellamy, Beardsley, Dyer, Lee and others who could turn it on as well.

You don’t need to scrape too deep to find reasons as to why Kenedy’s form might have slumped, his daughter was born this summer and he missed significant time with the squad to spend time with her and the rest of his family, only playing 67 minutes in the pre-season friendlies.

Rafa Benitez left with pretty much no alternative though but to play Kenedy anyway, as the idea of playing Atsu or Murphy instead, would have been nobody’s choice.

I found it laughable in midweek that people were building up Jamie Sterry’s performance, on the basis that in the circumstance he’d done well because he was such a young player.

Sterry wasn’t terrible but he turns 23 in November and is actually nine months older than Kenedy, plus the Brazilian has still only started 20 league games at the top level.

Kenedy will come good again if getting the support, he has it from Rafa Benitez and he needs it from the fans as well.

Rafa Benitez:

“We are trying to give Kenedy confidence.

“In the last couple of days I have had a few meetings with individuals.

“I have spoken with them and I’m trying to help them learn.

“To show them what they have to do, analyse games on the video.

“After, we go on the pitch and we practise.

“Kenedy has my confidence and I know what he can do.”

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Don’t think the fans have Embarrassed themselves, it’s a fair question to ask about him.

  • Kenny

    I would never write Kenedy off as he has class & it will come good in the end,
    as for the rest, well we have about 5 good players & the rest are just a bunch of shirt fillers & that is all down to the Fat Rat

    • Ram Kishore

      Look u r writing off other players.. one of the so called shirt filler u mentioned scored both of our goals in PL this season.. others played an important part last season in achieving a top half finish..
      I remember u writing off few of our signings included rondon when we had been linked to him

  • Damon Horner

    Fair enough if you judge him as a “waste of money” or “one of the team’s worst players” or similar exaggerated opinions but you are allowed to question his form when he isn’t playing well. With the stick Perez gets even after a good game it’s looking like double standards.

    • Kenny

      there is a question mark over the whole teams form

      • Damon Horner

        So feel free to point it out if you wish. Your choice. I won’t criticise Kenedy because I don’t like to do it but people can voice an opinion on his form if they feel he is capable of more.

  • Ashley-out

    A bit OTT to criticise the guy after a couple of bad games after what he did for us last season.
    Fat lad, out

  • Jimblag23

    I’m not writing him off, just witnessing extremely poor form. I’m sure he’ll turn it around.

    • Will In Despair!

      Writing the lad off is premature, but it certainly will have many fans worried as if his form continues – we’ll stand no chance of wining a game 😉

  • magpiefifer

    Give the lad a chance,he’s playing in a team that’s out of sorts.

  • Paul Patterson

    He’ll be back on form when we start attacking. We can’t do that until we play teams that we can actually attack and when our players are back from injury.
    If any fans are being too critical then they need to realise that we’ve been without Lascelles, Lejuene, Shelvey, Hayden, Yedlin and Kenedy himself in parts this season. Any side would miss that lot.

  • Paul Cannell

    Kenedy deserves the criticism coming his way, he’s been absolutely shocking this season.
    However I’d never write him off after just a few games. He’s an above average player with lots of potential playing in a very average to poor team. He should shine in this team just like he did last season. Newcastle fans have not “embarrassed themselves” at the matches one bit, far from it.Most fans are just disappointed with him so far because he was so good last season.
    So a few dozen keyboard warriors are having a go at him, so what.
    Most Newcastle fans know the craic. Hell’s bells we gave Marcelino and Boumsong ( 47 games !!!! ) the benefit of doubt before we wrote them off !

    • panther

      I dont know anyone who is writing him off, he hes had a bad 3 games.thats all

  • panther

    Kenedy has had a couple of very poor games, but he has talent thats obvious, just a young lad,who hasnt played a lot of top flight games, just needs to play through this patch, hes not the only one

  • ghostrider

    Nobody’s writing the lad off but if he performs like he has then he deserves a verbal kick up the aris to get him back onside.

    I’m hoping we haven’t loaned a big ball of trouble for the season.
    A half season wonder who thinks he’s done his bit.

    However, I hope he shows us his true quality self again, because he is quality.

  • JohnCornwell’sHair

    I thought he was easily our best player against spurs

  • Toon

    That’s a bit of a massive generalisation but then you look at the writer of the article and the weakness of the writing becomes clear. It’s a bit rich The Mag calling fans ‘embarrassing’ when the site does this to fans on a daily basis with their constant nonsense!

  • Mxpx

    Happy to give Kennedy time but might be worth giving Murphy a game or two with Ritchie on the other side if he continues to struggle that might help him sort himself out

  • JohnnyH

    “As Newcastle fans embarrass themselves” what a load of click bait.

    Not embarrassed or writing him off, if he can respond to coaching he’s got great potential.

  • tasjrmd

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