Mike Ashley is never far from the lips of Newcastle supporters and childhood NUFC fan Aleksandar Mitrovic is no different.

Now playing for Fulham and living in London, the striker is enjoying some of the fringe benefits, such as being able to wander the streets with his kids and nobody knowing who he is.

Obviously it was a long process over which the Serbian had come to accept he had no future under Rafa Benitez.

Only 15 league starts in the 94 Premier League and Championship games under the Spaniard.

Whilst he no doubt enjoys these quiet moments with his kids in the capital, I bet that most of the time he really misses the intensity of life as a football player in Newcastle.

Whatever you think of him as a player, there is little doubt that Mitro will always still be a fan of NUFC.

He knows the score, saying ‘Newcastle is a big club but they have problems with the owner. Everyone knows Mike Ashley…I do wish them success.’

Newcastle fans could just about stomach the minimal backing Ashley allowed Rafa Benitez after promotion…but to then insist on a £20m+ profit on transfer dealings this summer just defies belief.

Fulham have had a net spend these past few months of around £120m higher than Newcastle, whilst the likes of Cardiff, Huddersfield, Brighton and most other Premier League clubs, had at net spend at least £50m higher than that Rafa Benitez was allowed at NUFC.

Talking about the club under Mike Ashley, Mitro says ‘They have taken large steps forward abut also to go back.’

Whilst Rafa did a brilliant job with instant promotion as champions and then tenth in the Premier League, he has had to do it with Ashley dragging him backwards at the same time.

Impossible for a club to be successful, or even survive long-term, in the Premier League when this is the clear scenario.

Aleksandar Mitrovic talking to The Mail:

“Newcastle is a big club but they have problems with the owner (Mike Ashley).

“Everyone knows Mike Ashley…

“They have taken large steps forward but also to go back.

“I do wish them success.

“It’s different (in London) to Newcastle, as when I go out I don’t need a hat for disguise.

“Here I have my own peace and I can go out with my kids on the street.

“Nobody cares about me or stops me. It’s nice.

“Shearer is still my hero and it’s his job to do analysis.

“He was right most of the time (talking about my time at Newcastle) of course.

“My father says the same.

“I know myself when I play bad anyway.

“Alan Shearer is still a legend and I don’t think England will ever have a striker like him again.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Seems an honest sort of guy. Good luck to him, just not against us . .

  • Lostprofit DBC

    He never had a Shurle alongside him at Newcastle. In fact under the restricted style, forced on Rafa, he never had anyone alongside him.

    • Mrkgw

      There are constraints forced upon Rafa but style of play is his choice – he didn’t favour Mitro unfortunately, and that has cost us the player.

    • Cuh

      He didn’t have a Schurrle in the championship last year, but he scored goal after goal.

  • Peter

    Mitrovic seems to have really grown up. Good luck to him….except against us, of course…

    • Ram Kishore

      When we signed him he was still 20, we tend to forget it because of the price value

      • Megatron1505

        ANd because he looked 35

        • Ram Kishore

          😂😂 and they say Appearances are deceptive for a reason eh

  • robbersdog

    He’s a nice lad and I don’t begrudge him his successes at Fulham.

  • Cockneytrev

    Good luck to the lad,,,
    interesting that someone who was referred to as 100% Geordie (Shola Ameobi) doesn’t have the same kind of loyalty to fans and club who paid Him way more than he was worth for over 10 years, maybe he should take a leaf out of Mitros book.
    Amoebi obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word integrity…..

    • Paul Patterson

      Ameobi wasn’t as good as Mitrovic, which is quite damning as I don’t think Mitrovic is great. Decent, but not great . .

    • panther

      couldnt even spell it, he only ever tried when his contract was up

  • maniscott

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    • savz0109

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  • larf791

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    • oamiratyrau

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      • abandit1256

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  • Popnbgd

    I still think Rafa made a horrible decision not giving Mitro a real chance and significant playtime ….It’s just the way Rafa has treated young Lad….wrong and unfair …And no one can justify Rafa’s decision to play Joselu and Gale before Mitrovic…Mitro is on a different,higher level than others