Saturday finished Manchester City 2 Newcastle 1.

A strange situation where you appear to have the fans of the losing side in a more positive mood after the final whistle.

Two great strikes meaning Newcastle left with nothing, despite a very good team goal of their own that was finished off by DeAndre Yedlin.

The Editor asked me beforehand to write about 3 positives and 3 negatives from the game.

Here goes…


Respectable scoreline

I think that is the obvious positives to take away from the game. That we only lost by one goal and we managed to get one ourselves.

Pretty depressing I know but that is the way it is at the moment. On the whole, 2-1 defeats to Man City, Tottenham and Chelsea doesn’t look too bad on paper.

While the manager will get away with it for the moment due to the standard of opposition we have played so far, as well as the continuing backdrop of the summer, by the time we reach the Crystal Palace game the pressure will be on to pick up points.

Big difference compared to the Chelsea game

I didn’t like the tactics against Chelsea. I am sure some will look at the Man City game and think, ‘well it was pretty much exactly the same?’ But I don’t think that was the case at all.

We defended very deep against City, which is expected when you play a team in which every individual costs more than your entire team put together. The difference was, when we did get the ball, there appeared to be an active attempt to move it forward and get beyond the halfway line, which didn’t seem to exist in the Chelsea game.

Rondon + Fernandez

Two of the new signings who have done very well in the games that they have played so far. I thought Fernandez was brilliant against Chelsea, he did well at Forest, and again on Saturday I thought he had a really good game. It will be interesting to see him and Lascelles team up at centre-half over the next few weeks.

Rondon really showed what he is about on Saturday. While a lot of attention went towards Gayle and Mitrovic picking up goals, I find it hard to imagine the two of them putting in the display that Rondon did in terms of holding the ball up, being strong, showing a bit of pace, pressuring the back line, and of course finding that killer pass to set up Yedlin for the goal.

It has been a promising start from him, but of course as a centre forward, the real pressure will start against Arsenal, and then Crystal Palace, to chip in with goals that really matter.


Another defeat

No hiding the fact that a defeat is a defeat, regardless of who the opposition is. It means that this is another winless start to the season.

I seem to remember us having quite a few bad starts under Sir Bobby before bouncing back, so that is the only hope that I have at the moment. The only problem is that this is a very different club to the one under Sir Bobby, and I worry that we don’t have the players to do it at the moment. I don’t think anyone can predict how this season is going to end up.

I had previously written off the Arsenal game as one I expected us to lose, however, with their performance against Cardiff, and considering we beat them towards the end of last season, maybe that will be a big chance to grab our first win. I just hope Rafa doesn’t resort to Chelsea style tactics.


The subs bench at Newcastle is of course frightening at the moment. It does pain me to say it but Sterry and Longstaff are there because there is nobody else, rather than being young players who have the potential to be Premier League players (although I think Longstaff did well in pre-season and performed ok away to Forest).

There is no point in comparing the City bench to ours, but in terms of options outside of the starting x1, it’s worrying.

At full back there doesn’t appear to be any decent options once you look past Yedlin and Dummett.

In the middle of midfield Ki may be good enough to provide back up to Shelvey and Diame, although the jury is very much out for the moment.

On the wings, Atsu doesn’t look like half the player he was in the Championship, or even last season, and that is saying something. As for Jacob Murphy, I don’t think any of us still have an idea. I would like to see him getting a chance at SJP, against a mid-table team where he can show us what he can do, rather than in a team set up to defend for 90 minutes against one of the big sides.

Up front, Joselu has done great so far this season but when he is your second choice striker, it is not a good sign. I mean no disrespect by that at all, but if you are honest with yourself, then you’ll see that is a valid point.


This isn’t so much about Newcastle but more to do with Manchester City.

What is the point in Manchester City? I don’t really understand it. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way of saying they shouldn’t exist as a club, or I have some agenda against Man City, that is not the case. Yet, when you are owned by one of the richest sovereign states on earth, every single player costs at least £30 million and picks up at least £150,000 a week, then what is the point in every one else playing against them?

In theory, City should be winning every single Premier League game comfortably. When that sort of money is brought into football, it makes me lose interest slightly. I was talking about this with a fellow toon fan on Saturday who said “yeah but they play some beautiful football, it is great to watch from a neutral perspective” … to which I replied “yeah but so what? Of course they do, what do you expect when you spend £3billion quid on players in 10 years.”

I don’t know what others’ opinions are, but I think Manchester City are slowly killing football, killing the thrill, killing the competitiveness, and killing the excitement at the top level of English football.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Manchester City 2 Newcastle United 1


Newcastle: Yedlin 30

Man City: Sterling 8, Walker 52

Possession was Man City 78% Newcastle 22%

Total shots were  Man City 24 Newcastle 3

Shots on target were Man City 8 Newcastle 2

Corners were  Man City 4 Newcastle 0

Referee: Kevin Friend

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Clark (Murphy 81), Dummett, Ki, Diame, Kenedy (Atsu 54), Perez, Rondon (Joselu 73)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Sterry, Longstaff, Muto

Crowd: 53,946 (NUFC 2,600)

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  • Billmag

    Against the gooners we should try and get as many crosses in the box as possible because as Cardiff showed they are not too good at defending them.

    • Ron

      Get as many crosses in the box and crucify them!

  • Peaky

    Can’t you tell the kids have gone back to school….it’s suddenly gone all troll free on here…..

    • Ron

      Careful it’s dinner time.

  • Blue Mancunian

    Slowly killing the game ???
    Couple of points here. When United Liverpool Chelsea and Arsenal had the cartel of the ‘Top Four’, no one said they were killing the game but no one could break in. They spent the most money and won all the cups. Hands up anyone who didn’t want that breaking up
    Next, City are trying to compete on the European stage. For any team to compete with Madrid, Barca etc, you have to spend the kinds of monies that City are doing. You will see a vastly lower annual spend over the next 5-7 years because the foundations have now been laid and the odd tweak will be done
    Next, Newcastle have a mega rich owner. It’s nobodys fault that he bought Newcastle for the wrong reasons and won’t let go because he wants what he thinks is the right price and he wont put his hand in his pocket to improve the playing staff
    And finally, whether you like it or not, I think we are gradually improving the game and you can see this even at England level where a keeper is playing the ball out from the back rather than lump it upfield and lose the ball. With Arsenal and Chelseas new managers, you’ll see further proof of this as their managers are determined to play the ball out from the back and it makes for better football
    Despite this, I wish the Toon all the best and hope you shake off the spector of Mike Ashley who is leeching from your club

    • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

      Couple of points back!
      When Chelsea were taken over by Abramovich, many commented that they were killing the game. In hindsight that has turned out not to be the case. We have seen over the long-term that Abramovich is aiming to create a Chelsea that is sustainable for when he leaves (of course City are doing the same thing – amazon doc highlighted that). However, there is a big difference between a rich Russian billionaire, and a football club that is not only backed by a sovereign state, but one that is one of the richest in the world, and further has a questionable (i use that term lightly) record of the most basic human rights – but that is getting off track.

      I dont think you are improving the game, we can agree to disagree on that point. Who are you improving the game for is the question i ask? Are the other 14 clubs in the PL benefitting? If so how? Are the football league clubs benefitting? Again how, etc etc.

      Referring to the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea as a means of justification backs up my point entirely. They simply aren’t relevant. Almost as if you are living in a bubble where you think Arsenal and Chelsea have a relevance to clubs like Newcastle anymore. In my opinion they don’t, they represent a far away distance land… with City even further away bankrolled by a nation state.

      Nothing personal to you, but yes, Manchester City, and I include Paris Saint Germain in this statement… are slowly killing the game.

      • Dave

        Funny no one ever said Utd nearly going under because of their huge spending of money the borrowed and jack walkers spending at Blackburn was ruining the game isn’t it? We’re they ‘Investing’?

        Eh people say that is because of the bias media lean towards Utd and Liverpool mostly, as most pundits are from those two, so your man in the street listens to their one side argument and bang citysome how buypaying less wages than Utd and loot paying £75m for a defender or £120m midfielder, £90m forward or £65m for a keeper is nothing to talk about and all good, shocking how hopelessly naive some are

    • Paul Patterson

      A bit easy saying that from your side of the fence though isn’t it.
      Like Chelsea before City, the money will always distort the game .

      • Blue Mancunian

        I agree, yes it will but before City got their owner, it was the big 4 that had all the money. You might recall that some years ago, United and their so called counterparts in the big 4 wanted to have more money than the rest because they claimed that they generated more for Sky. Wolves fans are convinced that because they have mega rich owners (Apparently richer than Sheihk Mansour) that they can buy whoever they want. Well they can, but they’ve got to comply with FFP. Have to admit, the timing of our takeover was pure luck because the FFP hadn’t come in then but now we operate under our own income (However you like to accept the legitimacy of it)

        • Foggy

          I’m curious to know your opinion of that other mega-rich Arab who is the cousin of mansoor trying to buy Liverpool ..allegedly. If you think you are changing the game for the better, would a second version be good for the game as well? By your way of thinking, I assume it has to be. Where does it end? When the oil runs out?

          • Paul Patterson

            The only fair way around it would be for these owners to buy the Premier League outright, then allocate say £30m to each club for transfers per season and let the market and wages settle down.
            It’ll never happen but we can’t keep going the way were going. The bubble will burst.

      • Dave

        Not Utd or Liverpool’s money though eh? Enter ‘they did it the right way’ cos you didn’t know their borrow spending nearly sent them both under in the past, clueless!

  • Sid

    City ha only 3 on target? Dunno what game u were watching?? Did he not watch it or Sumat?

  • Dave

    City player all cost £30m and are all on at lest £150k?? Why is Utds squad dearer and why do both Utd and Chelsea have higher wage bills? If you have nothing against them you must be simply clueless! And let me guess you wonder why city fans say ur the not rights of the North East lol

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Well all I know is that for years Man Utd used to dominate the PL, buy all the best players, do it with a massive ever-increasing debt, and play attacking football. As the dominant team they were able to attract the best players, often pinching them from rivals which can have a double effect as the rival team suffers too.

    Chelsea had a record-breaking season under Jose M by buying loads of expensive players from all around Europe and then being negative. Boo!
    Both teams leveraged their financial muscle to win the league, which was of course allowed.

    Arsenal had a spell at the top with a lower spending policy, and Wenger brought a lot of younger players through instead. They were nice to watch too. Kudos to him, and his predecessor who bequeathed him a watertight defence.

    Man City have done the same as Chelsea by waving the chequebook at it, but they are so much easier on the eye.

    Has FFP achieved its aim? Not sure if it really knew what it was trying to achieve. Protect clubs from overly aggressive speculation? Or stop rich owners from spending so much that nobody can compete?

    No matter how much you spend on 25 players for your squad, there will always be another 25 slightly cheaper players in the world who are good enough to compete with them.
    It was Ferguson who made the difference over the long term at Man U, with his personality.

    For a few brief months 20-odd years ago, NUFC flirted with being a big boy, made some competitive signings, and played some incredibly exciting stuff. They even went on to set a world transfer record! Unbelievable as it sounds today. But the strategy of speculating to accumulate and ever-increasing debt never quite got airborne like it did with Man U, possibly because we didn’t have their global following. Possibly because we didn’t have Ferguson.

    Are Man City killing football? I can’t see it. They are quite exciting to watch (obviously except when its against us!). Guardiola is making the difference. Pellegrini had a lot of money too, but they were beatable under him.

    Man Utd almost ruined the league at times. Fergie’s last season was a poor team playing poor football but winning enough games to win the league through the force of his will. Totally uninspiring for everyone else. It wasn’t a super expensive team though. Just uninspiring. As soon as he left they looked bang average.

    Will Man City dominate for a decade? I doubt it. But they could. Or Guardiola could move on.
    The death of football will be when its not good viewing. A PL with 6 teams always beating everyone else is more of a danger to that nowadays, than calling out one particular team who are not yet good enough to win the CL.