Yesterday we asked the question – ‘With no further signings where would Newcastle United finish in Premier League?’

With only seven days to go until the start of the season, interested to see what the general feeling was after the transfer ‘activity’ so far.

Martin Dubravka and Kenedy retained from the end of last season, with (so far…) Muto, Schar, and Ki, the only new faces.

So how did fans think this current squad could do this coming season if nobody else was added before the transfer window closes on Thursday?

Fair to say that all Newcastle fans were expecting a lot more this summer.

So will the players brought in so far prove to be enough?

Thanks to everybody who responded and we have been given a very decent snapshot.

The voting presents a very clear picture.

Only 5% believe matching last season’s top 10 finish is likely with the current squad.

Whereas 41% place Newcastle United in the relegation spots.

Maybe the most defining figure is the 81% who see Newcastle ending up somewhere in the bottom six, the general feeling being that a relegation struggle is guaranteed unless something dramatic happens in these next few days.

”With no further signings where would Newcastle United finish in Premier League? (figures rounded up/down to nearest full percentage)’

1st 0%

2nd 0%

3rd 0%

4th 0%

5th 0%

6th 0%

7th 1%

8th 1%

9th 1%

10th 2%

11th 1%

12th 3%

13th 3%

14th 5%

15th 9%

16th 13%

17th 18%

18th 17%

19th 13%

20th 11%

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    A massive 98% said there would be two or less signings so only 2% got it right.
    This time the person who voted for seventh will get it right. Off to the match now
    to enjoy.

    • Christopher Smeaton

      What was your bet about net spend you kept touting? Just remind everyone please as we are approaching crunch time? Sorry for doubting it’s just as time goes on the evidence is more and more compelling that you are trolling. Fantastic opportunity to silence anyone accusing you wouldn’t you say?

      • Ken

        you any relation to Bob

        • Christopher Smeaton

          there aren’t many of us so could be, but not to my knowledge. Whereabouts is Bob? My lot are from Wallsend

          • Ken

            West end he used to sing in a band in the 80`s went into producing music doc`s one about the Beatles & Paul Weller
            lives in London but has a house in Gosforth used to knock around with him

          • Christopher Smeaton

            Small world as I have had dealings with Mr Weller myself but I don’t know this Bob lad i’m afraid.

          • Ken

            the doc was on Sky arts, Bob`s a millionaire now, not bad for West End lad, has a younger brother Tony, just spotted the name not many Smeaton`s around, i still see Tony once in a while

          • Ken

            Bob produced the Beatles anthology years ago that was his big break

      • Wezza

        He is trolling mate. He is one of the two brothers who are Man Utd fans who troll to wind us up. Best to block him as they hate people not seeing their comments, it’s what they seem to live for!

      • FatParosite

        Please don’t feed the vermin…. block

        • Christopher Smeaton

          i will be blocking soon- i want to give him a chance to convince me he isn’t [email protected] into a moist Alex Ferguson flannel somewhere.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Last year had a net spend of £40m and would have been the same this year had Rafa signed a contract so that must be the problem as normally every penny spent like the cash balance in the accounts show.

        • Christopher Smeaton

          Where’s Townsend and the other high value signings that you were certain would be coming to us? Don’t try to worm out of it I have taken loads of screenshots

        • Big Al 1967

          Bearing in mind your mates perchance for lying and being economical with the truth (proven in a court of law) would you sign an employment contact without knowing the full terms and conditions like you expect Rafa to?
          BY the way what part of Monkseaton are you from?

          • SuperDesHamilton

            The part of Monkseaton that’s in Manchester.

          • Big Al 1967

            Probably looking through googlemaps as we speak to find the name of a street

      • Desree

        He will find some accounting trick to turn -25m into 10m +

    • Ken

      may see you there, will you be in the corner with a dunces hat on ?

    • Chuck D

      Man U got a game today?

      Schar and Muto the only new signings from last season, that’s 2.

      Ben Jones having a day off?

      • Ben Jones

        Could those two hold the Ki to a good season though?

      • TheFatController

        Ben Jones lives on here. Another prize turkey

        Ben you’re blocked, don’t reply therefore…

    • Christopher Smeaton

      Please do remind me what your bet was regarding net spend Monkseaton. I do believe you have been rumbled.

      • Geordiegiants

        Bobbi Fleckman was the same, he said he would bet anyone we would net spend more than £10/11m.
        Mind you still could happen 😂🤣😂🤣😂

        • TheFatController

          Ah yes, I remember Boobi Davro and his bets.

          What a prize Turkey. I offered him huge money on a £50m net spend, that would be realistic for many clubs this summer.

          That we’re £35m short of his £10m net proves why he should be mocked openly in stocks at St james’, his credibility was poor before, its ruined now.

    • Ram Kishore

      Monk i don’t usually be critical off u.. but it seems as if u want to stir up a reaction in this comment

    • Ba ba.

      Is there a bus on?

  • Toon River

    It’s relegation fight from 10th and downwards these days, as long as we survive I’ll be happy with that

  • Mirandinha9

    Goodness, our positivity (because Cashley has made us feel this way) is equivalent to Cashley’s ambition