West Brom fans weren’t exactly impressed with their club’s summer transfer business.

Spending only around £10m and recouping a similar amount from sales, the Baggies not using this season’s £41m parachute payment to try and blow the oppsition away.

The big talking point of course ended up being the loan swap deal that saw Salomon Rondon head to Newcastle, with Dwight Gayle going in the other direction.

Much debate from both sets of fans on who got the best deal.

Newcastle fans have so far seen no starts for Rondon and only a half hour cameo against Tottenham to judge him on, a deflected shot hitting  the Spurs crossbar.

Dwight Gayle was introduced as a sub with West Brom one down at Forest, helping them get a late draw against the relatively big spending opposition.

Starting these next two games though, Dwight Gayle has helped the Baggies go goal crazy, winning 4-3 at Norwich before thumping Steve McClaren’s QPR 7-1 on Saturday.

Gayle scored his first goal against QPR and has now already won West Brom three penalties, including two on Saturday.

West Brom fans discuss which club have got the better deal…personally, I agree with the very last comment.

West Brom fans comment via their top West Brom Index message board:

‘Dwight Gayle is quicker, better movement and better finisher than Rondon, I would say we have got the better deal.’

‘His off the ball movement is sensational. Does so much for the team without even having to ball.’

‘Definitely. Don’t know what Newcastle were thinking but who cares. At this level at least he’s a constant threat. We definitely got the better deal.

If we’d had Gayle and Harvey Barnes no way would we have gone down last season.’

‘I was half expecting J-Rod to let Dwight Gayle take the second penalty.

Impressive to win three penalties in two games.

His movement on the shoulder and sharpness in the box is too much for most championship teams.’

‘Gayle is much sharper than Rondon.

Rondon always gave 100% but his problem was his anticipation was not great.

His brain seemed to switch on a second too late meaning him just missing crosses, or having to snatch at a shot.

Gayle looks like he can turn quicker and his finish yesterday showed good timing.

I think we’ve got the better end off the deal.’

‘As long we we can keep Gayle fit he’s going to be massive for us this season.

Delighted when we signed him and I think we’ve only seen bits of what he can do. Expecting a lot of goals when he gets on a run.’

‘I’d say Gayle is a better player than Rondon.

That’s probably harsh on Rondon as it’s only been a couple of games so I’ll reconsider later in the season.

At the moment though Gayle looks sharper and his running is superb.’

‘Completely different players asked to do completely different jobs.

Gayle suits us more as a bigger fish in a littler pond but Rondon is probably more suited to club that’s a smaller fish in a big pond.

Like comparing chalk and cheese really. And I think both clubs have benefitted equal amounts.’

‘Don’t agree. Personally think Rondon is crap. He’s a trier and he works hard but he’s simply not good enough.

Bottom half of the Championship striker.’

‘He was a little casual on the first goal, he really should have tucked that one away, rather than Phillips following up.


That is the only minor thing I could say Gayle did wrong.

He was a livewire, his movement was superb, and the way he drew fouls was interesting – he never really dived or feigned anything, more just got himself into a position where the QPR player couldn’t do anything else. I didn’t feel the second one was a penalty, as I don’t think he could have kept the ball in play, but that isn’t his fault at all.

Very impressed, but can we please stop judging everything he did against Rondon. It’s like judging Robert Earnshaw against Geoff Horsfield.’

‘No comparison with Rondon, Gayle class movement chasing back work rate shouting and encouraging those around him, and finishing.

Rondon none of the above.’

‘If we get promoted and he’s happy at the Albion, buy him.

He’s a clever intelligent player, I like him and just what we needed.

He could get 20 this season, mind you so could the other 3 forwards.’

‘Thought Dwight Gayle was electric, movement and fight was fantastic.’

‘His hunger is impressive, he helps us press high up and chases down lost causes. I also really like his movement he makes clever runs and pulls defenders all over the place.’

‘Dwight Gayle works as hard as Rondón does so we’ve lost nothing in that aspect. Didn’t realise just how quick he was until yesterday.’

‘Forget comparing them, imagine Gayle with Rondon…’

  • justchampion

    Championship is his level. Stats prove he can’t cut it in the PL. Jury out on Rondon.

  • Mrkgw

    Unfortunately, Rafa plays a sole striker with the number 10 behind him. Gayle would be better suited to a pairing up front. Moreover, he is more effective in the Championship than in the Premiership.

    He will return in the summer in a bid to get us out of the Championship as that”s where we are headed on evidence of Saturdays dismal showing. ASHLEY OUT!

  • Toon

    Utter garbage, well done click bait Porter

  • Paul Patterson

    Regardless, I would have started Rondon at Cardiff. With the shots we had (6) against the one that they had we would have won that game, as dire as it was.

  • TheFatController

    If there’s one thing worse than reading the confirmation bias of our supporters when up and down based on the last result, it’s reading other supporters who have confirmation bias when …..etc

    • Sickandtired

      There is one thing worse. Watching the Hoss run around like a headless chicken when a new striker was sat on the bench. Hard to judge anyone when they aren’t played.

      • Leazes.

        He couldn’t as he’d given his shirt away before the game….hang on he was on the bench….why did he give it away?

        • Sickandtired

          Well, it wasn’t much use to him I suppose…

  • ghostrider

    Play to the strengths of players and you get results.
    Rafa rarely does this for some strange reason, offensively.

  • Leazes.

    Has Kenedy been charged yet?

    • Sickandtired

      Yes. For impersonating a PL footballer for 90 mins last Saturday…

      • robbersdog

        Give the guy a break; all players have ‘off’ days, and had Kenedy not joined us last season, we wouldn’t have finished as high as 10th, and might well have been relegated.

        Support our players, they’re not the problem at the club.

        • Sickandtired

          Sure. Do not begin to pretend that a team, any team, must never receive criticism, nor the Manager.
          Saturday was shocking. We made Cardiff look a threat.

          • robbersdog

            Sneering abusively at one of our better players because he had a bad game isn’t criticism, it’s just a childish lack of perspective.

            And this might come as a big surprise to you, but Cardiff ARE a threat. They’re in the Premier League on merit, and they’ll cause a few shocks this season. We played poorly, but got an away draw – no need to over-react like it’s the end of the world.

          • Sickandtired

            Nowt abusive in anything I said. Nowt at all.

            The only thing Cardiff are a threat to is excitement, entertainment and players legs.

            We ‘got’ an away draw with the prime candidate for relegation. Well booga F’n loo.

          • Viru leckworth

            Yeh, but it bust my pools coupon.

          • panther

            Joselu starting most of their attacks made Cardiff look a threat

        • Danimal

          The criticism has been excessive.

    • Wor Lass

      He won`t be – the ref dealt with it by giving a free kick, surely.

  • Ashley-out

    Rondon ? who is he, totally ignored by Rafa as was Mitrovich

    • SuperDesHamilton

      It’s two games into the season with regards to Rondon. And who’s the other player you speak of?

  • robbersdog

    The WBA fans are happy with Gayle, but so were we when we were in the Championship. He’s proved at Palace, and at NUFC last season, that he’s not quite good enough at Premier League level.

    Gayle is like Tom Ince and David Nugent, ie, very good Championship players who couldn’t make the grade at a higher level.

  • Kenny

    Gayles playing & scoring goals
    Rondons sitting on the bench & giving shirts away, bet the price of the shirt is deducted from his next pay check. Fat Rat isnt a billionaire by being kind.

  • Laurus Nobilis

    Gayle has the advantage of not playing under Pulis! Gayle seems great at pulling defenders out of position with pace, opening things up for both himself and his team mates. Rondon is great at pulling defenders out of position with his strength. He can hold the ball up well but that’s only good if your gaffer allows others to cross the half way line. I’m sure Raf will get so much more out of him than Tone did. I think this can be a win win for both clubs and both players.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    WBA fans our a thick as their accent. Just ignore the division difference & all that

    • Lux Jones

      I’m a West Brom fan from Marylebone, London. Care to elaborate on how my accent is reflective of my intelligence?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Because it’s thick…like you. Although you seem to have been dropped on your head multiple times being from London & supporting West Brom.

      • Gallowgate Dave

        He’s well known for looking for a reaction on here behind the safety of his keyboard. Unfortunately every club has them. Just ignore him, we all try to.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Well known 😂 what do you add to anything you seat sniffer? Another one of Leazes acolytes, blocking people then talking about them

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Behind the safety of a keyboard, a bet you’ve nearly passed out typing that mr old and frail

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Just gave you an upvote pal, I’ve 1127 you’ve got 25. Every little helps & it seems every post you write is utter drivel 😴😴😴

          • Gallowgate Dave

            It’s great that you’re on here attacking all West Brom fans calling them thick and one of them points out the irony of your terrible grammar. Then you tell me I have 25 upvotes when I have 254. Relative to the amount of comments I make that’s a far higher % than you, let me know if you need me to explain that for you, not that I even care my posts are more popular than yours mind, it’s a bit tragic measuring your contribution in Disqus upvotes. For the record I don’t block anyone and I don’t know Leazes either, not sure of the relevance of that, I’ve just clocked you as a proper tool that’s all.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Sure WBA have their own forum. Just like every other post you’ve posted I almost fell asleep ready the first 10 words…

            4/10 good try lacks anything insightful.

            Clocked me as a tool wow what a guy eh! Who’s the keyboard warrior now?

            You care that little you’ve spent 10 minutes telling me just how little you care about votes & about how little you care in general….ok

            Wipe those tears of the keyboard you’ll not be able to type properly

          • Gallowgate Dave

            Course you fell asleep. That’s why you replied within 4 minutes and have commented 5 times to my 1 reply.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            What did you say, I nodded off again. Bet you’re an absolute smash hit at parties

          • Bought a flute for 50pence

            Is little Desmond having his daily mad half hour just before he’s due his next Ritalin hit.


      *are as…

      Oh the irony.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        A can easily just edit it you know, you’ll always have a disgusting accent & live in British Beirut.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Gayle needed a run of games to know he was first choice. He had that in the Championship and will get that with WBA. Because he didn’t get a good run in the premier league, we didn’t see the best of him last term but we didn’t have the luxury of waiting for him to come into form.

    Rondon will more than likely be the better bet for us.

    • Danimal

      I also think both clubs did well out of this one. Rondon is more experienced at PL level and Gayle is a proven promotion winner. However, as the author says, the final comment is the one – Gayle with Rondon. Unfortunately not possible with our ‘one arm tied behind the back’ approach to business.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It’s all a bit daft really, Although you would say they have the better deal in the scheme of things.
    That is only because Dwight Gayle is a master at Championship Level and would walk into every side in that division.
    Rondon wouldn’t struggle at that level but it would have took a period of adjustment for him where as Gayle is straight down to work.
    So that is the only reason for saying that but should West Brom be promoted, Then they have the same problem we had.

  • GlasgowMag

    Good luck to them don’t really know much about Rondon I will leave my opinion until I see him for myself and how he fits into Rafas system. Gayle however definitely looked a bit like a rabbit in the headlights in the premiership and his goal scoring ability wasn’t exactly prolific. He ran about a lot and certainly put a lot of effort in but can I remember a memorable performance nope nothing comes to mind I’m afraid!!!

  • Geoff

    Dwight Gayle is a funny player. His problems are clearly in his head, he is more than good in the championship, he tears that league up and looks like a master. The gulf between the two divisions is not as big as he makes it look and against the likes of Bournemouth, Stoke, Watford, West Brom et al he should continue to be lethal. His problem is clearly a lack of belief in himself at the top level, as soon as he steps out in the premier league he looks half injured, frightened and overwhelmed. Rafa couldn’t fix it, sadly, but there’s no shame in being what he is and I reckon a few more clubs will come to love him for firing them to the premiership. If I was a manager in the championship he’d be my top target by a country mile.