West Brom fans weren’t impressed when they watched their relegated team lose at home to Bolton last weekend.

Like Newcastle supporters, they have watched on as a very protracted swap loan deal involving Salomon Rondon and Dwight Gayle, has only just come to a conclusion this week.

Who, if anybody, has got the best side of the deal.

Some interesting comments from West Brom fans below but a little like Newcastle supporters, they believe much will depend on the quality of service to their new centre-forward.

West Brom fans comment via their top West Brom Index message board:

‘Rondon didn’t want to be here, kissing the badge and all that c**p, couldn’t wait to get away.

We’ll never know if Rondon would have scored goals in the EFL but Gayle’s record speakers for itself .

lf he scores 23 goals for us at this level like he did for NUFC then we’ll get promoted.’

‘We also don’t know that Gayle will score goals for us at this level.

Those 23 were in a Newcastle team which walked the division, and in doing so probably created plenty of chances. Why do people talk as though system and tactics have no impact on player performances?’

‘Whether Rondon is a goalscorer or not can be debated over and over, but one thing nobody can deny is that he possesses other attributes to his game which make him valuable in a number of systems.

Not sure Gayle has too much to offer behind goalscoring, and if we don’t create the chances then he will be quite anonymous for us.’

‘Shame we will never know how Rondon would have fared, personally sorry to see him go as always gave his all and ploughed a lone furrow doing a thankless job at times, having balls hit AT him rather than FOR him.

Still let’s be optimistic , we have in Gayle a proven goal scorer at this level, my only doubt is do we have a provider for him.

Really hope he can get us the goals we will need even to challenge for a top six place as on Saturday it was obvious that we were so lacking in so many areas but a good striker is vital to any team with any ambition to seriously mount any sort of promotion push.’

‘People have been crying out for a goalscorer…now we have one.

I wish Gayle nothing but the best and I’ve always rated him to be fair. Football is a shark tank business I don’t see it as anything less these days.’

‘I wonder how this signing has affected our wage structure. Most, if not all, of last season’s squad have had to take a big drop in wages.

There’s no way that Gayle will have taken a pay cut to drop down from the Premier League. Is that £2m being paid to us as part of the deal a hidden way of making up with the shortfall?’

My Newcastle friends are adamant that they are paying half his wage for the period of the loan….and aren’t happy about it.

They say that who paid his wages was always the only sticking point in the deal..’

‘Welcome to the club Dwight Gayle. I just pray we play to your strengths and don’t expect you to spend the entire game chasing long punts up to you.

Has the potential to be a season defining signing, this one.’

‘If we give this lad the service we could be in for a very good season.

Welcome to the club Dwight!’

‘Welcome Dwight, I’m a bit sceptical about the clubs ability to play to your strengths,

I reckon you will see loads of crosses flying over your head and long punts from defence, balls to feet or to run onto may be a scarcity sadly.

But,  good luck son. I REALLY hope that I am reading this all wrong.’

‘Yeah, welcome to a player who apparently didn’t want to come to us!’

‘In today’s game players hold all the power. Make no mistake, if Gayle didn’t want to sign here he wouldn’t have.’

‘Maybe it was that he didn’t want to come down to the Championship instead believing in his own ability to fight for and get a start at Newcastle in the premier league?

Once it was clear that Rondon would be Benitez’s first choice and Joselu the 2nd choice maybe he thought it was better to drop down and come to a club where he is more likely to be first choice.’

‘And obviously the fact that he’s probably on more as Newcastle than we were willing to pay under our wage structure – with the 50% flex down on wages we can’t then look to sign players on PL wages otherwise we upset the rest of the squad.

Although not much has been said, I’d guess that Newcastle are still paying a % of Gayle’s wages or some of the ‘loan fee’ we’ve had for Rondon is that in a lump sum.’

‘It would seem that we drove a hard bargain because Newcastle clearly wanted Rondon, and they are paying half of Dwight’s wages as well, and giving us a £2m loan fee. Only time will tell how good that deal really is….’

‘I personally think Gayle didn’t want the move initially because he likely thought “I’ve proven myself at that level” after his season with Newcastle, and wanted to establish himself in the PL, rather than him not wanting to leave Newcastle because he loves that club.

However, Benitez clearly didn’t have him in his plans and on paper, we look like we are contenders to be fighting on the right end of the championship table and looking for promotion in the coming period. In his eyes, we might be his chance to establish himself as a key player within the team and eventually as a key player in the Premier League if he can help us get back there. Just my theory anyway.’

‘If Dwight Gayle stays fit, he’ll get lots of goals at this level. A much better natural finisher than Rondon, but goes missing frequently in games. In the right system, he will be lethal.’

‘If Rodriguez stays then we have the 2 best strikers in the league, play offs minimum.’

‘Not overly suited to playing on his own up front according to Newcastle write ups, so i’d imagine when Moore talks about him fitting our style of play, he is planning on 2 up front more often than not.

Unsure on if this is a good deal or not. I suppose that will ultimately depend in hindsight. I reckon Rondon offers more options tactically and could well have scored a few at this level but Gayle has had 2 good seasons in this division and I suppose they are looking at his proven championship goals record, plus the chance to get us a sale on Rondon next summer.

Good look Gayle, 2 goal scorers at the club now. Need the service behind them.’

‘This hasn’t been our choice clearly. Rondon was never going to play 2nd tier.

We’ve softened the blow slightly by signing a striker who has had one twenty goal season in this division. Hopefully he gets close to a 2nd.’

‘Really do hope I am completely and utterly wrong but this seems a pretty one sided deal to me.  They are getting Rondon for next to zero. Gayle may have scored goals in this division before but will he do the same for us ?’

‘At last we have a half decent striker who can actually score a few goals. Good job he has nothing to live up to from his predecessor. Sure he will do well, knows this division inside out.’

‘Really sad to see Rondon go but the guy is class on and off the pitch, and thoroughly deserves to stay in the Prem. Best of luck Salo!’

‘2million loan fee plus Gayle on loan I’d say is a decent deal, if rondon performs well up there which I think he will he’ll be worth more to us.’

  • Awaymag

    Good deal alround as far as I’m concerned, hope Rondon bangs some goals in for us and Gayle gets a shed load for WBA because that will add to his value and confidence for when he comes back

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    If you are at a loose end tomorrow night, Then why not get yourselves along to Newcastle’s other Black n Whites in Heaton Stannington Football Club.
    The lads can do with the support and we take on Easington Colliery at 7.30 pm Wednesday 8th August at Grounsell Park.

    Adults £ 5.00.

    Concessions £ 2.00.

    Children Free Of Charge.

    A warm welcome guaranteed with a vast array of real ales on tap in our award winning club house.

    Scran available in the bait cabin knocked up by Marty and Jimmy for reasonable prices.

    A good neet oot for ye an yer bairns !

    • Wor Lass

      Too far for me but good luck – nice little ground, that.

      • Kenny

        you in Manchester as well

        • Wor Lass

          Ha! SW France – and summer`s finally arrived

          • Kenny

            I wasn`t being serious, i know who you are from a few years back, M Caine, Willo, MMM & leazes who did post on the chronicle but hasn`t for a couple of years

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.


    • Kenny

      played there back in the day in a cup final and lost. I’d like to come but have a prior engagement

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        It’s a bit different these days as Grounsell Park has went through some upgrades since then.
        We have a 50 seater stand and hard standing all around the pitch, And a built in car park.

        • Kenny

          i don`t get over that area much i`m a West End lad

    • molend

      Wey, ye b^gger, ma. Me Aunt Meg and Uncle Walter used to live in Beanley Place (efter we aall got cleared oot o’ the slums in Melbourne Street and Stepney Lane). And sometimes aa’d gaan to watch Heaton Stan. Fast forward 60(!) years, an academic career, life in a variety of interesting places and I still wouldn’t mind a pint and some scran.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        You would be welcome.

  • Paul Patterson

    Let me address a point I made in an article I had posted today, where I weighed up who got the better deal here.
    We (Newcastle) have a player that isn’t prolific at our level in Rondon. WBA have aquired a great Championship player for their team who will score 15+ goals for them.
    We (Newcastle) have paid for Gayle to go and Rondon to come in.
    I stand by my comments that WBA have the better end of the deal.
    That said, I hope Rondon gets us 10 goals plus this season. He will have done a good job if he does..

    • Tony English

      If Gayle does as expected, and with the constant inflation of transfer fees, his value will have increased by more than the 2million it’s cost the club for this swap…(just like Mitro stuck 10 million on his value).

      If Rondon does well he’ll be on a free, possibly to us, when he’s out of contract at the end of the season. If he doesnt do well the club owe him nowt.

      Much cheaper and wiser than the huge release clause that was being publicised.

      You would of course hope this free’s up money for a big additional signing….but that doesn’t mean this deal isn’t the most sensible one for the club to strike.

      • Stephen Paylor

        I think WBA have an option for another year

        • Ram Kishore

          Everything is undisclosed nowadays. We may nevRr know

    • Ram Kishore

      It feels like u haven’t factored in the team’s system and tactics that may impact on the players performances.. just like one west brom fan posted..
      If west brom play like we played in Championship he will be better.. its pretty much debatable who got the better deal, which can be known only at the end of the season

  • Weyhhadaway

    Giving them Joselu and keeping Gayle was the way to go. I am guessing they laughed for about five minutes before politely saying no.

    • Paul Patterson

      They’d reject that, as Joselu would. But that would have been the deal to do.

      • Jimblag23

        To be fair Joselu would probably do pretty well in the championship.
        He would probably suit WBA more imo.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          True, you’d expect what to dominate more in that division though and creating chances where the striker is out of position is going to be as frustrating for them as us.

  • Milburn_Taylor

    Gayle on the bench, that is a strange one

    • Jimblag23

      Won’t have trained with the squad.

  • Jimblag23

    “If he scores 23 again we’ll be promoted”
    Tell that to Leeds fans after Chris Wood scored even more.

  • David2211

    I hope he scores loads for them. I really like the guy and am disappointed he left. We needed strikers and the stone cold facts are…we’ve got rid of three and brought in two. They are the facts, regardless of would they be used/how often did they play etc. in reference to Armstrong and Mitrovic.

    Gayle came on tonight and hit the woodwork twice. He’ll soon be scoring and helping WBA in a promotion push.

    • Ba ba.

      Hit the wood work twice. . There you have it.

    • Down Under Mag

      Gayle looked very short on confidence last season, I think he will do well for WBA this year. Rondon proved when he was in Russia that if you give him chances he will score, so hopefully we continue to create chances this season for him to feed off – chances weren’t our problem, it was havign strikers in Gayle and Joselu who needed 4 or 5 chances to even get one shot on target let alone score. Hopefully Rondon is a littl emore clinical and in doing so relieves pressure off Perez and Joselu and the new Japanese lad hits the ground running. Everyone hates on Joselu but his effort cannot be ignored and so for that I respect him, but I think the arrivals of Rondon and Muto will mean he will be backup choice.

      • Wor Lass

        Fair dinkum, that!

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    I would have liked to have kept Gayle and Rondon, I believe Mitro will come back to haunt us but Rafa saw something in him that made him think ‘no’, however I remember us all questioning the Andy Cole sale, we got over that with Sir Les then I remember people questioning SBR buying Bellamy after he was relegated with Coventry! I personally think Rondon might surprise us all, hope he does!

  • Blackburn1066

    Gayle will smash them in for WBA if they give him the ball any where around the box. Rondon as our new no9 should be ok give the bloke a chance.

  • mentalman

    I always liked gayle at palace and thought he never got a fair go. I was pleased when we signed him but he has shown over the last 2 seadons what league he should be playing in. I dont think there is any question about his ability but it all seems to be psychological

    • Ben Jones

      Cameron Jerome Syndrome

  • PhilK

    Unusual that, agreeing with what rival fans say. Mind, they are the odd ones out in Midlands. The rest are brain dead half-wits who have a laughably REAL “delusional” opinion of their own clubs standing and allow the media to think for them
    The WBA fans have always been the brightest of the midlands brain-deads by far
    More in common with us than their fellow Midlanders
    I mean….Villa, Nutts Furriest, Leicester….IQ limits of 85 religiously enforced