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Thursday night Dennis Wise incident suggests something is very wrong at Sky Sports

3 years ago

Dennis Wise has been at it again.

Some Newcastle fans say that we should all just be ignoring the likes of him and Richard Keys etc, as it simply gives them more oxygen to spread their bile and misinformation, about Newcastle fans and the situation with Mike Ashley.

However, when something is so manifestly wrong, it has to be challenged.

There is something very rotten with Sky Sports and the part they play in propping up Mike Ashley at Newcastle United, any number of times giving Ashley and his associates unchallenged opportunities to mislead those watching.

Obviously that David Craig ‘interview’ with Mike Ashley in August 2017 was arguably the most shameful. Such a lengthy PR piece where not a single proper question was asked, or clarification asked for on what Ashley was saying/claiming.

Clowns such as Gray and Keys at beIN Sports are easily avoidable for most of us, unless you make it you business to search them out online/social media. However, in the football of today, Sky Sports is the go to place for people on a day to day business, to find out what is happening, especially in the Premier League, and to hear informed opinion.

Dennis Wise was on Sky Sports News yet again on Thursday night, clearly his reason for being there was to spread misinformation about the situation at St James Park and have a go at Newcastle fans.

I might be wrong but with regard to which other Premier League club, do Sky Sports repeatedly have guests on to have an unchallenged go at that club’s supporters, without questioning what they are saying/claiming?

Dennis Wise is clearly an associate/friend of Mike Ashley and equally clearly, at least to Newcastle fans, is that the only explanation for Wise’s regular appearances on Sky Sports, are due to Ashley’s PR man Keith Bishop arranging it.

The big question is, why do Sky Sports keep accommodating this?

What Dennis Wise said last night is detailed below but clearly the question and answer has been set up in advance, in terms of Wise knowing what he was going to be asked and this being the sole reason he was on the programme.

The presenters and Dennis Wise laughing along, as in ‘here we have the Newcastle fans at it yet again’, rather than the presenters challenging what he is saying.

Wise claims he is being roundly abused on Twitter by Newcastle fans and that as a result, there has been no other option (so he claims) but for all these abusive people to be blocked, meaning they can’t then interact with his Twitter account anymore, or see what he is saying.

I have got no doubt that Dennis Wise is getting some abuse from Newcastle fans, little surprise with his behaviour.

However, most Newcastle fans who are reacting aren’t doing that, instead they are simply challenging Dennis Wise via his Twitter account about the lies and misinformation he is willingly spreading on behalf of Mike Ashley. Many of these fans WOULD like to abuse him but they understand that it is a far better way and more annoying to the likes of Ashley, Bishop and Wise, if they do things in a calm and polite way.

We (The Mag) have been blocked by Dennis Wise (or whoever pulls his strings) simply for publishing articles challenging what he has said, journalists such as Mark Douglas at the Chronicle have also been blocked, as well as various NUFC fan groups who have also been savvy enough to take the polite approach in taking Wise to task.

To show just how bad it is in terms of what Sky Sports are allowing to happen, Dennis Wise is allowed to portray all the Newcastle fans/media that are challenging him, as abusers, then he even has the cheek to say:  ‘If you wanted to have a serious conversation you would. Unfortunately, you don’t get that opportunity when all you see is abusive messages.’

So Dennis Wise would be happy to ‘have a serious conversation’ about Newcastle United with people who know what they are talking about and who would challenge all the lies and misinformation that he is peddling????

Maybe his most laughable one liner so far…

Thursday Night – Sky Sports News:


‘The talking point of Newcastle United is always a difficult one, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. I mean, just interested from your own perspective because of course you defended Mike Ashley. Have you been surprised by some of the reaction there has been?’

Dennis Wise:

“Not really.

“I think this is sometimes the part and parcel for you saying things and I think apparently my Twitter has gone absolutely mad.

“I don’ see all of it unfortunately…fortunately, for me.

“Yes, it is part and parcel for having your opinion and what you think.

“People don’t agree with it. It’s fine.

“But they have to do it in a certain way…and I think the abuse on it, apparently, is not very nice.

“But it is part and parcel.

“If you wanted to have a serious conversation you would.

“Unfortunately, you don’t get that opportunity when all you see is abusive messages.

“So therefore what happens is the people deal with it, just block it all.

“Not worth me looking at.

“So unfortunately, to the people who keep sending it, it’s not getting to me.”


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