Exactly 47 years ago today, Supermac made his home debut for Newcastle United.

A common misconception is that when Newcastle played Liverpool it was Supermac’s debut, but he’d already played for United away from home for NUFC, the opening game of the season a 2-0 away defeat at Crystal Palace.

A 0-0 draw at White Hart Lane followed, before the first game of the 1971/72 season at St James Park.

When Newcastle United signed the super confident cockney striker in 1971, he wasn’t shy in telling everyone that he was the right man for Newcastle United.

The official attendance that day was 39,736, there to witness a new number nine hero on 21 August 1971.

Never get sick of seeing this footage, Newcastle beating the best team of the era and a new hero born on Tyneside.

Click on the video below and then click on ‘Watch on YouTube’.

A 3-2 win for NUFC and a hat-trick for the new centre-forward, it doesn’t get better than that.


  • Dave Pattinson

    Get in! Despite all the pre-match Exhibition I ‘d consumed in The Hodgsons Arms, I remember that day well. Now thats wot i call a CF!

    • Philippines

      Oooh, altho a Manc, now living in Asia, I remember Exhibition very well. As a student at Newcastle Uni, I had a summer job in the brewery. Hic.

  • Kenny

    my dad was at that game, his opinion of the forwards we have now.
    A couple of pit yackers could do better than that rubbish.

  • JohnCornwell’sHair

    I thought we hated all southerners?
    I’m sure i heard it somewhere.

  • Brian Standen

    Quite simply my favourite centre forward, quite rightly a lot will say Shearer, but for me it’s Supermac!

  • Philippines

    I was there. I have seen this footage a few times. Looking at it, the stars of today are actually no better than in 1971. SuperMac was one of the most exciting players to watch. He didn’t waste time defending corners… .he stood on the halfway line and the opposing team had to position TWO players to watch him. He was so fast and powerful. John Tudor was a great ‘foil’ for him. He would have had a great England career if the managers of the time (Revie I think) hadn’t played the ‘tip tap pass….. is the opposition in position now….. we will now attack’ game. HWTL.

  • Peter C

    The best centre forward, I’ve seen in my 50 years of watching and supporting Newcastle, and I’ve seen some good ones, Shearer, Pop Robson, Wynn Davies, Mikey Quinn, etc.

    Had a left foot, like an Exocet Missile, and twice as devastating, could’ve made it as a international sprinter, strong as a bull, and for a little guy, good in the air, and got his fair share of headed goals.

    I was absolutely gutted when that idiot Gordon Lee, sold him to Arsenal, a true Newcastle legend, who is a southern by birth, but georgie by nature, who now lives in his adoptive homeland of the North East.

    Who will ever forget, those bow legs.

  • Old codger

    Nearly 50 years ago !!!
    For so many reading this web site this video is ancient history and probably of no relevance
    Just like the pictures of milburn. Lifting the cup were to me
    But as a 12 year old kid in the Gallowgate that day, for me it is a memory I cherish

  • fistsofsteel2

    My very first game as a lad. Great stuff!