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Spurs fans with very interesting comments after Newcastle 1 Tottenham 2

3 years ago

Opening game of the season and Spurs fans watched on as their team once again got a slightly undeserved victory.

A year ago the opening day win came with the assistance of Jonjo Shelvey and his daft red card.

On this occasion it was the woodwork that was Tottenham’s 12th man, Diame and Rondon strike post and bar respectively.

Interesting to see what the Spurs fans have said after this win.

Interesting/amusing to see how many of them biting after some of the media coverage suggested they were lucky to get all three points.

Comments from Spurs fans via their top Fighting Cock message board:

‘They keep on saying we were lucky not to lose – given that Newcastle only had two shots on target it was actually impossible for us to lose.

They count shots hitting the post / bar as being ‘almost goals’……a shot that hits the post is a miss, just like one that hits the corner flag is.’

‘Both teams had 15 shots at goal, they had 2 on target and we had 5 so I don’t really know where this whole we were lucky not to lose thing came from, seeing as they only scored one and would have to had scored a further 2 on top of that to have got to within a hope in hells chance of that happening.’

‘Sorry but if we had hit the bar and the post and had lost 2-1 we would feel unlucky, come on let’s me honest.

Yes I know hitting the bar and post is not classed officially as a shot on target but it’s just semantics. If someone has a soft shot and it rolls into the goalkeepers hands that is a shot on target. For me hitting the bar and the post is better than that!

So if we look at it that way we had 5 and they had four. And the Sissoko chance was the only real one for me.

So I am sticking with we did get a bit of luck, played ok at times but on another day could have easily been a draw. So 3 points away I will take it.’

‘Christ. You’re allowed to say we got a bit lucky. We did.’

‘Very good result . Very poor performance.’

‘Not one of my best away trips. Got the train up in the morning which was fine. Stadium looks impressive from the outside but is just a large misshaped mess from the inside.

Away section is truly shocking. I genuinely felt a bit queasy being up so high. You’re so far aware you’ll feel closer to the action watching on TV. From another room.

Good singing from us. Their support is shocking. With very little effort they could make that place truly intimidating. Pathetic.

Got a text from BA at full time saying they’d cancelled my flight. Spent 2 hours trying to sort it out and ended up paying £170 for a train ticket home.’

‘I didn’t think Newcastle’s support was that bad. Home atmosphere is dead in the prem anyway, except for Huddersfield and anyone who’s got a derby/big game. Even Huddersfield’s support will get worse if they survive a few more seasons.

I applauded you lot when you were singing “you fat cockney bast…, we want you to go” at the end, what a cu.. he is.

Always enjoy a trip up to Newcastle.’

‘Great night out in Newcastle!!! ( paying for it now tho).’

‘Admittedly an unpolished performance in which the cross bar delivered for us rather than for them and away at Newcastle.’

‘A draw would have been a fair result. I feel for you (Newcastle fans) having such an odious owner. A parasite who has sucked the soul out of the club.

I’m surprised you haven’t rebelled/protested far more aggressively as nothing will be resolved while he stays .

An observation, many of the supporters were highly overweight.

Maybe comfort in food has led to apathy .

Good luck.’

‘We got lucky in the second half but did manage to create a few chances of our own and once Son was on harrying the defensive line and Moussa Dembele steadied the midfield it seemed we had done enough to get it over the line.

If this was 10 games in, I’d be worried and say we don’t look sharp enough and we’re off the pace, this is the first game and we’ve made mistakes that thankfully haven’t cost us. Newcastle were brighter than us at times and attacked well but we did have that quality to see us through, we even scored from a corner, did we even manage that last season??’

‘Hahaha, Moussa “Possession is overrated, let’s give them the ball back” Sissoko.’

‘I think we were lucky to escape with a win. Bar and post saved us, some key saves and scrambling clearances.’

‘The way the press is going on you’d have thought we lost 6-0.’

‘We played well first half, 2nd half got to say they could and maybe should have made it 2-2 .

Got to say tho the atmosphere from the Newcastle fans was shocking . I was expecting a lot more from there fans. We sung for 90mins . Now out into the toon to celebrate. COYS.’

‘They were so loyal during the championship season, now it seems they’ve stopped making an effort?

They only warmed up once their team started making decent plays, only good teams have that prerogative.’

‘We didn’t play very well but to get three points at SJP is difficult at any stage of the season. Only ourselves and City from the Top 6 did it last season (we won 2-0 on opening weekend and City won 1-0). Chelsea got battered 3-0, Woolwich lost, Man Utd lost and Liverpool drew.

Moreover on the opening weekend being the away team is more challenging because home fans carry a new sense of optimism and positivity. There is a buzz about new signings. While the Newcastle fans were disappointed at the window, they had four new players on the bench. Plus once the football began all that stuff is in the past.’


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