Newcastle fans were asked to demonstrate outside Sports Direct against Mike Ashley on Saturday morning.

The campaign gathering pace against Mike Ashley.

The plan was to demonstrate outside the Sports Direct store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle from 11am to 11.30am, giving fans plenty of time to then get to the match.

As you can see below, a great turnout as fans make their feelings known.

The Mag – 10 August 2018:

Details of protests against Sports Direct and Mike Ashley have been confirmed on Friday night.

Newcastle fans operating under the banner of The Magpie Group, invite supporters to join them on Saturday morning ahead of the Tottenham match.

The peaceful protest will take place outside the Sports Direct store on Northumberland Street, starting at 11am and last roughly half an hour, which will then allow plenty of time for those fans going to the match to get up to and into St James Park.

Fans coming along to the protest are asked not to enter the SD store as part of the demonstration against the Newcastle United owner.

The statement reading:

The Magpie Group

[email protected]

Friday 10th August 2018

The Magpie Group announce details of protest at Sports Direct Newcastle North

Peaceful protest action to take place outside of Sports Direct on Northumberland Street in Newcastle upon Tyne on Saturday 11th August 2018 at 11am.

Magpie Group will lead proceedings and provide material. No entry into the Sports Direct store will take place. Relevant authorities have been informed.

Newcastle United supporters encouraged to take part in an audible and visible display of displeasure against Mike Ashley and his running of their football club.

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND – Friday 10th August 2018: The Magpie Group, an alliance of Newcastle United supporter groups, organisations, and social media accounts, today announce protest action against Mike Ashley’s running of their football club.

A peaceful protest will take place outside of the Northumberland Street branch of Sports Direct (Newcastle North) on Saturday 11th August at 11am, it is expected to last until 11.30am.

Thereafter full attention will turn to supporting Rafa Benítez and the team.

Representatives of the Magpie Group will be present in high-visibility jackets to lead proceedings and provide protest materials.

There will be no entry into the Sports Direct store, and all relevant authorities have been informed of the group’s plans.

With Newcastle United’s opening game of the 2018/19 Premier League season against

Tottenham Hotspur kicking-off at 12.30pm, supporters are strongly encouraged to attend in order to help create an audible and visible display of dissatisfaction with Mike Ashley.

This is just the first of what the Magpie Group envisage to be many protests against Mike Ashley and his Sports Direct chain.

Protest action will not cease and will likely escalate until Mike Ashley sells Newcastle United Football Club to a fit and proper person.

Mike Ashley is one man, we are a city. If you love United, stand united.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Shocked Michael Martin wasn’t trying to jump in shot & make it all about himself!

  • Geordiegiants

    Starting with last seasons team!!!!

    • Leicester Mag

      With Hos up front Spurs CBs will have pipe and slippers laid out with their kit. He’s a CBs dream. Not particularly strong/ slow and no real skill

  • Vincent Gigante

    Sell the club you bigfatbastard

    • toonterrier


  • Peaky

    Caught Mad Monkfish out last night…..knew exactly who I had upvoted… could he ???

    • Wor Lass

      I reckon that`s him with the beard and the baqseball cap – he`s probablly taking names!

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Who were the better team today us or Spurs it will hurt but the answer is Newcastle by a mile.

      • Peaky

        Absolutely nothing to do with my statement.

  • Sickandtired

    Meanwhile, Shola is on Sky bigging up Ashley. F’n backstabbing collaborator.

    • Wezza

      Really? What was he saying?

      • Sickandtired

        See ‘Gordon’s’ comment, above.

        • Wezza

          Unbelievable. I reckon Sky told him to say that!

  • gordon

    Just watched Shola on build-up – apparently we should be thankful for the players and credit should be given to ‘Mike’ for stabilising the club. STABILISING THE FECKIN CLUB!!!! Another Judas protecting his new Sky job. Lost all respect for the man😠

    • Leazes.

      It just shows he doesn’t understand the issues.

      He had a good living for doing very little as understudy to the main guy to balance out the wages…. he was on £15k to Shearers £115k

      The only reason the club kept him was that he was good as gold and didn’t rock the boat did his community service..

      ….. dangerous waters now aligning himself with Ashley the loser!

    • TheFatController

      Spurs have a squad or great players and a new stadium.

      I’m not sure they were Anywhere near that far ahead of us ten years ago.

      For every Leeds, there’s a Spurs – so, how about we say that but for Ashley we could have had Aldeweireld on the bench, more than a handful of players tired as they were in the latter World Cup rounds, and a brand new stadium.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        How were the better team today us or them honest. There is only one answer which will hurt the Mag.

      • ghostrider

        They’re not that far ahead of us now.
        Where did they get the money for a new stadium?

    • ghostrider

      Yep, saving and stabilising the club.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    The bloke clearly [email protected] too frequently. What do you think about a man who reported a burglary when it was just a mess in his house that he’d created?

  • Deks01

    Well done for everyone joining in on this stand against Ashley. We need to keep this going and heap more pressure by extending to more stores collectively. In Rafa we trust

    • ghostrider

      Keep it going and you’ll heap frenzy upon yourselves and then eventually be dismissed by the rest of the country as delusional.

  • Desree

    Watching the game on TV. Fatty has nothing to worry about.

  • nufcslf

    Showing up to the match defeats the purpose. Like that fat c**t cares. Demonstrations every day of the week and an empty ground on the other hand………

    • ghostrider

      Yep, kill your very own club that you professed to love and support/be a fan of through thick and thin.
      Didn’t you?

      Unless you have the cash or you kn ow someone that does, then this club is owned and run by Mike Ashley and his employees.

      If your support is only based on whether you like or accept the owner then fair enough. It means you’re a fair weather supporter/viewer…which is fine as long you don’t go around telling all and sundry that you bleed black and white and you’re loyal to the core.

  • Mirandinha9

    Protest did go well, though, I cannot help thinking that Cashley has had a decent day after all, therefore we must keep the pressure on him and that tatty shop(s) he runs. He’ll have took pleasure that the team he has supported all his life won 2-1 at St. James Park today and he’ll have been overjoyed that despite such dissension 48k sheep in the flock still walked into the ground, putting money in his pocket. When will they ever learn? Cashley will have loved that!

    • Leazes.

      He’s a Chelsea fan…. My mistake years ago for hammering him for being a spuds fan…. I got that from Dave Whelan’s comments I think he was making an aspersion of sorts. Ashley was a season ticket holder at Stamford Bridge and in the Sky interview he said he’d supported them since he was a boy…..thus the Llambias and Wise connection…. all Chelsea!

      • nufcslf

        Judging by how he runs the club, I think he supports whoever Newcastle are playing every week.

      • Scott Robinson

        Nah, Ashley has always been a toon boy, just look at the left of the N.M.E Newcastle hooligan book front cover. He just hates football and the rest of us.

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          My mate wrote that book and like me he hates the scum protesters. We played great today and were better than Spurs not that would interest you.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            The wannabe gangster?

          • Danimal

            Likes football hooligans. Likes Mike Ashley. Doesn’t like people who want Newcastle United to be a better football club.

          • grumpyoldmag

            No. We. Did. Not. And. No. We were. Not

          • Danimal

            People who admire the moronic thugs of yesteryear who nearly destroyed football don’t interest me.

  • skarabrae

    from 11am to 11.30am, giving fans plenty of time to then get to the match

    Love that bit.. 😂😂😂😂

    Ooh let’s protest for half an hour outside his shop , then we can join the other 50k+ inside the ground!

    Brainwashed gullible sheep 🤯

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Kid at work launched into a tirade when we heard fatty bought HOF yesterday, a said you going tomorrow still & he said of course as though I was stupid…..absolute sheep

    • Carverlier football

      I understand your frustration – you’re trying to push-start the broken down bus which is NUFC and people not only won’t help but they stay in their nice comfy seats on the bus, weighing the thing down and making the whole thing harder. But nobody ever persuaded anyone to do anything by calling them sheep, or stupid, or idiots, you just make them dig their heels in and weigh your own bus down in the process. Just keep making the argument for action, giving the reasons, not criticizing or judging, and trust people to make the right decision. They might not make it, but they definitely won’t if you’re insulting them

  • mactoon

    Protests like this must make the board of Sports Direct take notice. Surely they won’t be pleased and put pressure on Ashley to do something about the adverse publicity

    • ghostrider

      Sports direct is still open in Newcastle.
      You’d think it would be closed down with everyone boycotting it.
      I’m sure a protest outside of it would have intimidated the apparent one’s that generally do sneak in when they can’t afford the expensive brands.
      Maybe those people would have stayed away until the protest died down, eh?

      The protest will do exactly the same as every other. It will create a niggle and die a death.
      Because in reality this club is well run.
      It’s not a giver of big superstar presents in the mould that some fans want…but it is run extremely well.

      • grumpyoldmag

        Then why has it been relegated twice in 10 years?

        • ghostrider

          Because the players we bought….top players at that did not perform and took the big bucks for little return. That’s why.
          If you need to look back then take a look at the players we had when we were relegated both times and tell me they weren’t quality…above and way beyond any relegation places.

          But it doesn’t work like that when your players turn into disinterested bone idle wasters or troublemakers.

          The thing is, when you’re owned by a despised man then nobody causes any trouble other than the despised man. All the rest are revered…..unless they back him.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Some of the Scum bags protested in the ground when we were down to ten men and the players needed their support pure scum their parents their grandparents and others no doubt to follow you have no place in Newcastle. Please move far away.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Monk they only protested, they didn’t kill anyone bloody hell, have a line & calm down

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        I hate them all plus not one turned up in the Three Bulls waited two hours fifteen minutes . We played great today better team by a mile hit bar post. Hurting badly now but will be at Cardiff next week to ease the pain.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Did you expect them to really, their full of it. Least you have a reason your certifiably touched.

          We might of been the better team but that little bit of quality got them the win today, unfortunately we get nixy for just playing well

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            I What about the non booking in the first half when a Spurs player took ours out and ball did not go out for five minutes a disgrace. was going to buy them a pint and genuine conversation and had some print outs of the money taken out of the club by former chairmen. Just lacked that bit of luck today but were not the same ream once Ritchie went off.

        • grumpyoldmag

          Really? No kenny no brian standen?

          • SuperDesHamilton

            That Kenny is the biggest troll going. Think he posted as maximus

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            That was my thought, I think he’s Micky Love under another name.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The people in this photo are pure scum bags who hate Newcastle and wanted Spurs to win today they will be very happy tonight. Total vermin the lot of them and their parents. How many will be at Cardiff next week none. We were the better team today not that these people who have shamed Tyneside yet again care. Please do not go to games as we do not want you there.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Glad you got the parents in as well, generational hatred monk lad

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Yes my mother took me to fifteen games before I was born and brought me up to support the club.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Hahaha did you get loyalty points for them games you Radgie 😂😂😂😂

    • grumpyoldmag

      We were the better team – hilarious

      • Monkseaton Magpies


    • Peter C

      To say that the parents of people who took part in a peaceful protest, are vermin. Is an absolute outrage, and shows how small minded and stupid an individual you are.

      You are a disgrace, for coming out with such a comment like that.

      Unless you can personally testify to, and prove there lack of character and morals, you have no right to make such an offensive remark like that.

      Just like the people, who attack you with vile expletives, just because they have an opposite opinion to you.

      For God sake, GROW UP.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        The protesters are scum who have bad parents full stop and are a disgrace to the City of Newcastle. Rafa has asked the fans to back the club and had to again today after these anti Newcastle fans wanted Spurs to win.

        • Peter C

          I still say you are a disgrace, to say that the parents of people who took part in a peaceful and lawful protest are vermin, is an absolute scandal, and shows what a little immature person you are.

          I would hope, that your PARENTS, would be disgusted in you, and feel ashamed of what you’ve said and you.

          If they don’t, they are pretty poor parents, and have obviously failed, in their duty of bringing children up a decent manner.

    • Mike

      you are the vermin

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        For supporting the club. Rafa had to realise a further statement to the scum bags today to support the team. Not much chance of that but at least Rafa like me hates these people.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      It looked like a load of middle aged men singing at each other.

  • Martin

    I think it would concern Ashley if protests moved to House of Fraser stores. One of his stated aims with purchasing the House of Fraser is to use that brand to try and move his other brands such as Sports Direct upmarket. A few protests outside House of Fraser may heighten concerns that the opposite may be achieved i.e. that the House of Fraser brand could be damaged by association with Sports Direct.

    • panther

      we need to target that too

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Binns closed years ago and the Metrocentre will just chuck anyone out.