With only six days until the window closes, we are now at the point where over £1billion has been spent on Premier League transfers.

If you were wondering how Newcastle United were doing on Premier League transfer this summer…compared to the other 19 clubs, have a look at the table below.

Sport finance experts Sporting Intelligence have produced a table showing how much every PL club has spent on players this summer and the total value of players sold.

Subtracting sales from buys, they then also show the net spend for each club.

If you are looking for Newcastle United, they are at the very top, or very bottom, depending on which way up you hold it.

With Yoshinori Muto’s work permit having eventually gone through, the money spent total has ‘rocketed’ to £17m, according to Sporting Intelligence, but with £39.9m in sales, it means a negative net spend of minus £22.9m.

However, just take a look at how stark the comparisons are with other Premier League clubs, West Ham a net spend of £78.5m and Fulham on £68m.

The list goes on, Brighton (£49.6m) and Huddersfield (£32.4m) continuing to allow realistic ambitious investment in the team.

The list goes on and on: Wolves +£46.1m, Southampton +£44.5m, Cardiff +£28.5m…

This Premier League transfers spending table is compiled by the excellent Sporting Intelligence who report on sport’s relationship with money:

premier league transfers

An average now of over £50m spent by each of the 20 clubs and Newcastle are on £17m.

As for sales, an average of just over £15m per club but Newcastle are at least performing ‘well’ on this one, more than two and a half times the average with £39.9m in sales.

Even the media (well, most of them…) are now realising how poisonous Mike Ashley is for Newcastle United, especially in the ridiculous way he is undermining Rafa Benitez on transfers.

  • Leazes.

    Why is the Mirror attacking Benitez instead of Ashley?

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      i`ve enjoyed reading your posts but alas it`s time to depart the mag forums. they are no longer what they were & are full of poison, we won`t even be reading them in future. so stay well leazes it was a pleasure

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        Been thinking the same myself for the last week Nutty….might dip in now and again to read but not going to post,too childish too vitriolic,one last thing from me……..
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          Are you all in the same regiment…..?

          I wonder what the forum would be like if it was left to the two trolls and Jack Lacey Hatton.

      • Paul Patterson

        Too many Trolls.

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        Can’t say I blame you, its unfortunate but when you get trolls you either block them or nurture them, I’ve pleaded with other posters to block them and Mark Jensen to take action and all he does is post their articles to get hits for his advertising.

        I don’t think this club can ever win,it has too many fans and can be run perpetually as a failure….and is!


        • Hughie_Gallacher

          I would prefer to be in Sunderland’s position at the moment. At least it would make a change from having to put up with the same old garbage – Ashley apologists and compliant local journos.

      • Wor Lass

        Noooo! You do that and you let them win.

      • paul mclaughlan

        Yup it’s getting silly on both sides now. I (anti Ashley) was attacked and called a troll for making a joke about the paranoia on this site.

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  • ghostrider

    Net spends mean nothing.
    It’s about getting rid of unwanted players and replacing them.
    We’ve done exactly that, so where’s the issue?
    If anything I’d say it was good housekeeping rather than anything bad.

    Let’s see how West Ham deal with their top heavy influx of players that have made their wage bill even more monstrous.

    • Vodkamagpie

      Maybe Newcastle should of just released mitrovic on a free, receiving 22mil on a player that won’t play, what next.

      • ghostrider

        It’s as if certain fans want that.
        It’s as if we have to pay ready cash for incoming but just let the outgoing players go so it doesn’t create a net spend minus.

        • Vodkamagpie

          You know what Ashley should do from now on. Only buy players who are [email protected], just so we don’t end up receiving money from decent signings

          • ghostrider

            Hahahaha. Imagine the furore.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ashley cash grab continues 💰👋🚁

    • ghostrider

      Would you rather the club spend 30/40/50 million on players with wages topping 100,000 a week?
      If not then tell me what you do expect.

      • MP01

        id rather Ashley kept to his “every penny” promise.

        Although he doesnt have to keep the “im not leaving until we win a trophy” comment. Im cool with him going back on that one….

        • ghostrider

          Let’s see.
          First of all we have to find out what’s left in the kitty to safely spend.

    • jack

      Could get worse yet if lascelles is sold , and more than likely he will be .Ashley wants rid of Rafa , rued the day he first employed him.And it’s funny how most of the trolls are pretty quiet too,

      • Billmag

        Wouldn’t say he rued the day he employed him because he got him back into the promised land, it’s a different matter now because Rafa wont curl up like the previous incumbents he employed, fatty defo wants rid of him and he’s trying to [email protected] him off but Rafa is made of sterner stuff than the others.

  • Wor Lass

    It`s so sad to see regular posters who contribute to the general “craic” on here saying that they`re giving up. I don`t know what the Mag can do about the “troll” problem but it has become unbelievably silly at times lately. To me, the answer isn`t to give up because that just lets them win.

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  • HarryHype59

    That table proves beyond doubt that Ashley is deliberately sabotaging the club’s EPL status. Anyone disagree ing with this cannot be a fan of this club.

  • Ron

    Ker ching – made more sales than any other club in PL.

    Can anyone explain how we’ve strenghened our squad, I know get rid of dead wood, lower the payroll cost dah de dah.

    We have not invested enough at all never mind every penny. Annoyed doesn’t cut it!

    • Ben Jones

      All the players responsible for our 10th placed finish last season are still at the club, the players who were seldom used last season and wouldn’t have played this season have been shipped out, meanwhile we have signed 3 players on Rafas wishlist, ergo we MUST be stronger than last season

      • Ron

        Hi Ben
        I know that but what about the 4 or 5 he still needs but hasn’t got, yet the profits made aren’t being (at least yet) reinvested as was promised. A smaller squad surely can’t be viewed as strengthened.

        • Ben Jones

          I agree, we need 2/3 more signings, we’ll see

        • Wezza

          Just block the troll mate, he is a Man Utd season ticket holder and one of the two brothers who troll this site to fulfil their sad, sex starved lives.

  • Jezza

    YES. GET IN. Balance sheet champions once again. There’s no stopping us. We are invincible.