Sam Allardyce has been speaking on Friday morning about the ongoing situation at Newcastle United.

Rafa Benitez making clear how unhappy he is with Mike Ashley.

The owner starving the manager of funds in the transfer market, as pretty much all rival clubs invest heavily in players.

With over a billion pounds spent by the 20 Premier League clubs so far, a new table shows that Newcastle remain rock bottom of the net spend table.

Rather than a net spend, Newcastle have a net profit of around £25m on transfers in and out so far.

When interviewed 11 months ago about Rafa Benitez and his unhappiness with Mike Ashley, Sam Allardyce was anything but sympathetic, declaring ‘Mike Ashley has openly stated he has given Rafa all the money he can possible give him, that the football club generates. You can’t ask for more than that.’

Ashley once again claimed in May (2018) that he was giving Rafa ‘every penny’ and this time Sam Allardyce is talking about Rafa being ‘a brave man’ as he battles with the NUFC owner, though he is still claiming that Rafa is getting every penny…

However, Allardyce has also praised Rafa’s wheeling and dealing in the transfer market.

Just imagine what the Newcastle manager could do with the cash West Ham and Fulham are spending…

Sam Allardyce speaking on Talksport:

“You are a very brave man if you go out and criticise the owners, which to be fair is what he (Rafa Benitez) is doing.

“You have to be very self-confident, in that you are criticising Mike Ashley with what you are saying.

“I don’t know whether they were going to sign anybody on or not.

“So if you are taking that stand, you have to be very conscious of what you are doing, and what you are trying to do, is publicly force the owner into spending more money.

“And doing that as a manager in today’s world is extremely dangerous; I couldn’t see anybody else doing that!

“But Rafa is brave enough and experienced enough to do it.

“I think if a bigger club had already been in for Rafa he would have been gone (though).

“Walking is another matter.

“The contract is so tight it would probably leave Rafa paying the (reported £6m) compensation himself, I think that’s probably one of the reasons he wouldn’t walk.

“Newcastle (Mike Ashley) are not trying to get rid of Rafa Benitez, not at all.

“I think what’s happened, in my limited understanding, is that Mike Ashley has always said Rafa can have every penny the club generates, and that he can use that in the transfer market how he sees fit.

“So clearly Rafa, for the first time at Newcastle, is in charge of his own recruitment.

“I was in charge of my own recruitment at Newcastle, but after that there were always other people in charge of recruitment at Newcastle, not the manager.

“I think Rafa’s got the say verbatim on what players come in and go out now, which has not been the case before at Newcastle.

“But he has signed some good players, and I think they won’t struggle as much as they did last season.

“I think the season’s worth of experience all the players have had, plus the new recruits, means they’ll be okay. And that is something the Newcastle fans should look forward to.

“But what is expected at Newcastle is beyond the real expectation and the reality they can do; they always want that little bit more.

“I think they will be concerned because once other clubs go past your spending, it makes life difficult for Rafa to do better than he did last season.

“Newcastle have been into the transfer market, but when you look at the new clubs who have come up that have exceeded their spending, that will concern Rafa and it will concern the Newcastle fans.

“You will need to use Rafa’s experience to make sure Newcastle stay in the Premier League again, and then try and build again with his very good knowledge of the transfer market.

“I think that was one of the key elements of Newcastle staying up last year – Rafa’s experience in recruitment.

“In the Premier League there is no margin for error now, because of the cost of players’ fees.”

The Mag – 7 September 2017:

Sam Allardyce:

Mike Ashley has openly stated he has given Rafa all the money he can possible give him, that the football club generates.

“You can’t ask for more than that.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Rafa will stick it out regardless of signings until May 2019. Beyond that he will thank the fans for their support, wish the club well for the future and walk to pastures new, knowing he has done his best, honoured his contract and not let the fans down.
    We will be stuck with the mess the owner has engineered . .

    • Tweed Mag

      That is right. Rafa is a professional and wants to do his best. He is ambitious and very capable. Ashley and his team are the exact opposite.

    • Your mum

      The club will be sold this season.

      • Paul Patterson

        Proving that you are an Ashley troll, or the buyer.

        • Your mum

          How does that prove anything?

          • Ben Jones

            Sorry bud, Paul wants to stay in perpetual pain, he wants rid of Ashley, make no mistake about that, he gets his pain fix from this annoyance, you saying the club will be sold this season(also my belief), this puts Paul’s pain in jeopardy, so he rejects this thought in order to cling on to the pain he craves

          • Zlatan Giggs

            1 Go play in traffic.
            2 Do you have a random word algorithm creating the names based on names of former and Manure players?
            3 If so its no better than mine.

          • TheFatController

            I can’t read his replies yet he writes them. He’s a prize turkey

          • GlasgowMag

            Listen Ben if you want to have a discussion with your mum can you do it in privacy of your own house!!!😭😭🤣🤣

          • Ben Jones

            The troll list is my favourite, it ends with ‘your mum’ , can’t imagine what people reading it think

          • TheFatController

            He even has his mum’s scran in his room. They never talk. She prefers it that way.

          • cmrowley

            Hi Ben, can you tell me why you think the club will be sold this season? I assume it’s an opinion but what is the opinion formed on? if it isn’t opinion then you must be ‘in the know’ so can you share?

          • Ben Jones

            Certainly not in the know, he wants to sell it(I don’t blame him), it’s up for sale, I genuinely believe he can’t wait to get rid, IF extra funds are being withheld from Rafa on the basis he won’t sign a new contract, and he is being forced to wheel and deal, these funds will swell the nufc coffers to facilitate a buyer, I don’t believe he will take it to pay down his debt to reduce the overall asking price as has been mentioned but I can see how that could be a possibility also, he just wants out and I think this season is as good a chance as he’s had before, plus Rafa’s contract and ambitions become the new owners duty to match. But I genuinely believe it’ll be downhill from that point, might get 2 years of false optimism first though

          • cmrowley

            Fist up, if there is money in the bank, this doesn’t go along with the sale of the company, this is MA to withdraw and pay tax on. If he doesn’t wish to pay tax on it he can pay off the ‘debt’.

            Second up, the value of the club is not contingent upon the ‘debt’ owed to MA. MA bought a club and has had to invest his own money into it due to his mismanagement and lack of understanding. What he paid for the club and what he’s invested into it are not what drives the value of the club.

            The market will set the value of the club. MA can set the asking price he wants, but if it is based upon wishful thinking about getting a full return on his investment rather than the market drivers then it isn’t really up for sale. Unless another very wealthy person wants a new toy.

          • Ben Jones

            I’m not sure your first point is true at all if I’m honest

            What do you think the club is worth? If it’s low then you accept there’s no money been leaving the club by the back door and he has indeed took nothing out of the club in his time here

          • cmrowley

            No one knows what MA means when he says the club is up for sale, it’s broken into multiple companies making it difficult to know what any buyer would get. No one knows what the value of the club is without being able to see the full picture, no one on here has that but we do know somethings, as in there will be legacy contracts which any new owner will need to take into account when assessing the potential profitability of the club if bought.

            Depending upon what is actually for sale, there could be revenue impacting deals signed up for decades as far as we know (and we do know about some).

            While I would tentatively agree that MA has taken nothing out of the club but I think this is a somewhat disingenuous way to phrase it. I’d suggest the more appropriate way to talk about this would be that MA has diverted funds from the club, so funds never arrived at the club when they should have.

          • Ben Jones

            Not sure even professionals have an agreed model to value clubs, I’ve seen several ways. I don’t feel 350m(all in) is that far off to be fair, the club can turnover half as much every year and could probably in theory cut expenses to half of that

          • Will In Despair!

            Cmrowkey, well debated sir, a sheer delight in reading your retorts. How simply clear you explain all aforementioned problems that unfortunately embroil Newcastle United of the last decade and more, I enjoyed it most thoroughly.

            Although in all honesty, I always fail to see the point in engaging, why persons cannot grasp the understanding of one mere point in particular, which inexorably leads to why they must feel the need to put fingers to keyboard and push their own, no, one other, agenda, as others have state, surely because their salary commands such scurrilous incomprehensibleness bile?

            To repeat, I fail to see why certain persons cannot understand something that is neither perplexing nor intellectually incapacitating! Again, they have their own particular agenda; of defence of the one that is Odious!

            Nevertheless, for now, I believe and have full confidence your exquisite and extremely lucid consideration of the ‘loan debacle’ will hopefully put at least this one issue firmly to bed, until the next time, I’m afraid!

            Top praise, please keep it up. Again, very well said, I look forward to your next participation, and most likely another comprehensible win! Regards

          • skarabrae

            Well said, cmrowley is the most sensible person on this site, enjoy all his posts, makes everything so easy to understand. Can’t see how anyone can argue with him 😉👍

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The buyer buys the assets. They may agree to reduce the cash asset to repay the loan and a lower price but the sale will effectively be all-in.

            The buyer will buy the shares and more than likely have to settle the debt. i.e. if the full price is £350m then it’s £144m for the loan and £206m for the shares. The loan will initially be owed to the buyer but I suspect they will try and get external finance to cover as much as possible. Ashley may even allow an agreed repayment of his loan over time but no doubt charge interest. The new owner could get the club for as little as £206m in this case.

          • cmrowley

            What has the ‘loan’ got to do with the value of the club? He bought the club and paid off the mortgage and any external debts. The club, in theory, is debt free as the loan is an on paper exercise only, i.e. the owner loaned money to himself.

            Additional ‘loans’ to keep his business afloat, due to crisis he is ultimately responsible for are not loans in any colloquial sense, these are running costs and are entirely consequential. To ask for someone else to pay for this mismanagement is ridiculous.

            The club value is based upon the assets and the potential earnings, it has nothing to do with what Ashley has paid into it. He may want to recoup everything he has put in but if this is the case then I believe he is not serious about selling, as this is a nonsense way to look at it.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The value of the club is just the shares but any owner will need to pay the loan off to get rid off Ashley. It will be a very altruistic MA to sell his shares but leave an interest free loan outstanding with no fixed repayment date.

            Let’s say the new owner just takes the shares at £200m, MA calls in his loan for repayment in 12 & 24 months. Without finance, the club is in liquidation soon after as the loan is due.

          • cmrowley

            That is my point (again), using the word loan is a misnomer. Lets say for the sake of argument the initial ‘loan’ was the mortgage on the bricks and mortar and the instalments being paid on players, this/these is/are now assets and will be part of the valuation of the club so there is no need to consider this as a ‘loan’ when selling the club.

            If MA overpaid then that’s tough luck, bad business mistake, move on. Further ‘Loans’ to cover operating costs due to his own terrible management are not loans, they are operating costs.

            If MA wants to sell he can sell, he may need to take a loss on his investment but he can still sell.

            He wont sell though and I don’t think he wants to sell as it is profitable for him. For all the apologists who say he has not taken anything out of the club they ignore the upside and the very real £ benefits he achieves by ‘diverting’ the clubs rightful funds. Put it this way, if this was all a distraction and he was not making money from it do you think for one second that he would still have the club? No chance, the idea that he’s bravely soldiering on is ridiculous and embarrassing.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            When you buy a business, you take on the assets and the liabilities. In the case of MA, the approximation was a loan on the stadium, unpaid player payments and financing the losses.

            Had he have bought the club for £131m and had no money left, the club would have had to make a profit to pay the loans, creditors etc. As it made a loss, someone had to finance this, as it happened he did personally. So if the bank had financed all this, the bank would be owed the money so surely he is also owed the money.

            He may need to take a loss if he really HAS to sell but he doesn’t so he’ll happily wait.

            It is, in the EPL a business that makes around £50m profit a year. Most investors would say £350m is a bargain as long as that profit is ongoing. There lies the problem, some would say we only get relegated due to MA, in which case, it’s guaranteed profit!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            It’s a bit silly and simple to say apologists say he’s taken nothing out. It’s a fact, he’s not. Diverting rightful funds? That’s not happened. Only the advertising money is forgone, that’s £2-3m vs £6-£10m in interest a year that is saved.

          • cmrowley

            Strawberry place? Merchandising? Match day revenue?

            Interest saved on money he would have had to have paid, because he owns the club lock stock and barrel. So he’s saving money and getting advertising for free.

            Smoke and mirrors.

          • Ben Jones

            Right, so just look at it in a way that he’s paid ~275m for the club and wants ~350m to sell it, which is essentially his money back in line with inflation and he’s had a few years advertising out of his whole experience, I don’t believe 350m is a lot for our club regardless of Ashley’s outlay

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Not sure how about that is diverting money?

            He paid over the odds for Strawberry pl so the club could be promoted, stay within FFP rules, get rid if the high interest loan and rid of a white elephant.

            Merchandising makes more for the club than it did in the previous era.

            Match day revenue? Not sure about that at all, it’s listed clearly as income in the accounts.

          • I’ve got the ki

            Ashley has to be getting the club ready for sale. His transfer policy over his entire tenure is ridiculous, but it is noticeably even worse this year.

            Some people proffered a theory that this was because Rafa would not sign a new contract. Those people are idiots. I think he has checked out entirely now, and is getting ready to sell.

          • Ben Jones

            Yeah, he’s maybe using the contract situation to his advantage/as a convenience to his ultimate aim of exiting this season, as you say there’s been a visible shift in player exits/squad slimlining

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Come on Paul, you are usually better than the likes of Wezza, MMM, and the thickos. You are capable of debate without being rude.

          • TheFatController

            I think we’d all prefer it if your debate was well-informed…

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I wipe the floor with you anyway. Find anything in my argument that is not well-informed and come back to me.

          • TheFatController

            Bobbi Davro, so full of self love, makes me think he over compensates for the lack of love from anyone else in his life …

      • Kneebotherm8

        Not a hope in hell….

      • Danimal

        Hope you’re right but seriously doubt it. As per last season, it would have been much more attractive to any buyer before a ball is kicked and with a transfer window to go at, rather than half way into the annual relegation battle.

      • cmrowley

        Hi, can you tell me why you think the club will be sold this season? I assume it’s an opinion but what is the opinion formed on? if it isn’t opinion then you must be ‘in the know’ so can you share?

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          I think he’s right. It’s being primed for sale. War-chest in the bank, new owners will not need to spend their own money. Dead wood sold off.

          If we’ve survived our opening games relatively intact, I’d expect a new offer so the business can be done before January.

          • Ben Jones

            I’ve a feeling it’ll be Feb time providing we’re looking like we’re safe, wouldn’t be surprised if future new owners put a condition in for Ashley to sell Lascelles in Jan 50m+ and take the hit as the bad guy

          • cmrowley

            So almost exactly the same proposal as last year? but with a negative net spend as opposed to positive net spend on playing staff and a likely increased selling price?

            How does that work in a real life situation, a club in an equally uncertain situation, with a lower quality playing staff (Merino, Mitro and Mbemba are objectively better assets than Muto, Ki and Schar) and the majority of the competition having significantly improved?

            Wage bill may be lower (who knows) but the asset value is also lower. Where does the player sold instalments sit? is this included in the forecasts for the club?

            Is Ashley selling all aspects of the club?


            Or only some of them? Does he keep hold of the trademarks?

            I don’t think the club is up for sale really, not seriously. I don’t think it has ever seriously been up for sale.

            My opinion is based on the historical evidence that in 9 or 10 years it has been apparently for sale, it’s never been sold and there is always a little shifting of the goal posts or some unprofessional act designed to give the appearance that the buyer wasn’t serious.

          • Ben Jones

            3 out 3 in and 25 million in the bank, we probably maxed our potential in the sale price of them 3 players so I don’t know how you can claim asset value has decreased, there’s a strong argument it has increased overall

          • cmrowley

            Are the three players bought worth more than the three sold?

          • Ben Jones

            As long as they’re within 25m then it’s a gain overall, as we now have 3 players and 25m rather than 3 players, if we maxed out on sale price your only argument could be that the incoming players are not worth what we paid for them

          • cmrowley

            who has 25 million?

          • Ben Jones

            The club

          • cmrowley

            what happens to that if the club was sold? this can’t be counted towards the value of the club as it’s taken away by the owner on any sale. Money in the bank is not the same as assets.

          • Ben Jones

            Fair enough, as suggested by bobbi in that instance it’ll be used to pay off the debt to facilitate a buyer or possibly taken from the asking price, I don’t see why, in a going concern sale any cash in the business accounts has to be withdrawn and tax paid on but if you’re right you’re right

          • cmrowley

            so that would be part of the sale would it? the money in the bank? How does that work?

          • Ben Jones

            No mate you’ve already corrected me on that and I’m more than happy to be! See other post

          • cmrowley


          • I’ve got the ki

            Hard to argue the incoming players are not worth what we paid for them in fairness, when we didn’t pay anything for them…

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            It may be the same sales proposal as last year but He’s not accepting £250m.

            As you say, the opinion that Merino, Mitro and Mbemba are better assets than Muto, Ki and Schar is subjective. Clarly rafa does not think the same or perhaps we need to wait until business is all done.

            Wage bill may be lower on the basis of the provision in the last accounts will be used against some wages. Asset value will be higher as those sold were well into their contracts and the gain on sale will be in cash or debtors. you ask where does the player sold instalments sit? it will be cash on receipt and debtors before receipt. Is this included in the forecasts for the club? If it’s Stavely’s lot, they have done DD so more than likely yes.

            The sale ill include all the subs & trademarks unless the buyer is very silly.

            HE’s wanted it sold since KK. He had a brief re-kindle of interest in the Pardew years, otherwise, he wants out. It’s cost him money, yest there could be repayment now but he only really gains if he sells.

          • cmrowley

            I said objectively better, not subjectively, same way Ronaldo is objectively better than Atsu.
            Wage bill will be lower, less players on the books, reduced wages for the replacement players, no promotion bonus skewing the actual wage figures.
            Merino was 8 months into a contract, Mitro and Mbemba had 2.5 years remaining? Not sure I agree that asset wise we’ll be higher.
            The buyer has nothing to do with what MA decides to sell, that’s kind of my point. Yes a buyer would be silly to buy the club without this, but if they are not for sale then of course they would walk away, then the notion that MA tried to sell the club can be bandied about but in reality the terms of sale are nothing that anyone would accept. smoke and mirrrors.

            You do not know that he wants out or that he wants the club sold. I don’t think the opinion that he does has any credibility, reason being, if he wanted out, he’d be out. Negotiate the best terms he can then leave, if he took a hit then that’s because he mismanaged the club and did not understand what he was getting into. To say he wants to sell and he wants out, only to then set unrealistic sale conditions is not being serious about selling.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The cash is an asset, given that we will either have more than Mitro cost either owed to us or as cash received, the asset there will be higher. Mbemba had 2 years remaining and was sold for around his book value.

            The buyer wants to be able to make a difference when they arrive. I was involved with a chap who was hoping to takeover Leeds about 10 years ago. His words were that he wanted to go in and have his picture taken with a few new signings, instead all he’s be doing is paying the (naughty word) tax bill!! They buyer will be attracted by a cash balance rather than throwing more of their own in. My point, the more unwanted players that are turned into cash, the better.

            He wants to sell, he just doesn’t need to. There is always a club in difficulty that someone can buy into for a pittance. Sunderland or Villa for instance. NUFC is a big one, Everton took 8 years to find a buyer so there are only so many about. The Chinese are now out of the market so the pool of investors is fairly low.

            I still would like to see a real effort for fans to rise money.

        • Your mum

          A bit of both really if I’m honest. I have contacts within the club and contact through business and leisure with ex players and managers of nufc, which are all aware of potential buyers.

          My own opinion is that MA has now reached the point where he can’t/wont do any more. The club is financially stable whilst in the PL and by ticking over in this offseason with cheap buys it has allowed Ashley the foundation to move the club on. Its cost him nothing for an year or so and a buyer can see the profits and potential. He has lined it up perfectly for sale without spending a penny, which makes it a very attractive prospect. I am aware of one potential buyer that has an office in Toon but is part of a global asset management firm but I don’t think they would want to spend on the players and it would just be a quick turn around for them. So probably not what we need right now.
          Fingers crossed it will be sold, but don’t expect huge investment from the next owner either. It will be an investment rather than a toy.

          • HarryHype59

            Bobbi is that you?

          • cmrowley

            Are your contacts in the club Mike Ashley or Lee Charnley?

            If not then what possible information about the sale of the club can you gleam? I have contacts at the club also, I’ll wager there are a large number of people on the street who have contacts at the club in some form or other, but they know nothing about the thinking on the running of the club or the potential sale.

            What does an ex player or manager know about the thoughts of Mike Ashley (I’ll give you a hint – it’s the opposite of something).

            Potential buyers is very different to an active seller, I don’t believe for a minute the club is seriously up for sale, nothing in the period of time the club has been ‘for sale’ suggests otherwise.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Definitely engineered by Ashley……every step planned…..

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Funnily enough, BFSA said that too.

      I think Rafa will be here this time next year.

  • Taz

    Why write an article in that morons comments, the bloke is a c-o- Ck

  • Mxpx

    Big Sam wants the newcastle job then

    • Kneebotherm8


      • Jimblag23

        It’s weird the fat 💩 ever sacked him, they seem like they’d get on like a house in fire.

        • TheFatController

          Wasn’t it that Ashley had a buyer who wanted Keegan ?

  • Wor Lass

    Where are the surprising comments?

    • Kneebotherm8

      My thoughts exactly……..

  • Wezza

    Allardyce is a proven crook. It doesn’t matter what he says.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    Is this the same man that publicly came out and told you how to cheat your employer? What I don’t understand is the whole who spends the most thing and how that has become part of football, does that mean Liverpool should win everything this season? By rites Burnley should have wiped the floor with Aberdeen but they didn’t.

    • Ben Jones

      Quite, should Southampton be regarded as being ambitious this season due to their ‘net spend’ considering the talent that’s left them in the last 4 seasons? (They have a rolling 5 season profit on transfers including this season) it doesn’t tell the whole picture

      • Scottie Chugger Dearden

        You seem to be incorporating a lot of flack on here. Nufc have to bring in the right player, there’s no use in bringing in anyone! If that right player isn’t available than I say do without, deal with the possible consequences. I’d rather go down than spend money just to stay on the Premier league merry go round, it’s basically the top four/five which we will never compete with financially and the rest of us to make up the numbers!

        • Ben Jones

          Agreed, teams like man city , Chelsea , man utd if they buy a 30million dud it sets them back maybe 1 point, a 30 million dud for us would set us back 2 seasons! , we’re dealing withing finer margins of error

          • Scottie Chugger Dearden

            It’s amazing how fans think sometimes when it’s not their cash, however I do understand fans frustration (and mine) when it comes to Ashley, Southampton and Burnley have a unique set up churning out some good youth players making them sustainable by selling to bigger clubs where as Ashley has none of that and after ten years has learnt nothing and after the last relegation we all thought he might trust Rafa but clearly doesn’t and he’s never going to change, he needs to go and hopefully get someone in who’s ambitious and will set up a youth academy like the other two teams and hopefully start producing some good players like Gazza again.

          • Ben Jones

            Would the fans be happy if all funds were diverted into the youth academy, long term gain for sure but it’ll come at the expense of short term pain in the lack of ‘progression’ in the first teamonth, will any owner have the mindset to go into it with that longterm view in mind, and potentially all chuckied up

          • I’ve got the Ki

            There should be money to do both.

          • Ben Jones

            No excuse for the new owners then

          • I’ve got the Ki


          • Scottie Chugger Dearden

            It worked for Sir Alex and Man u.

          • Ben Jones


  • Kneebotherm8

    Rafas getting every penny?…….he should at least be able to get a £25 million striker…….and that’s only with his surplus on transfer dealings…….that statement by Ashley was a load of bollix.

    • HarryHype59

      He is getting every penny. Problem is it is only every penny of the instalment fees owed on staggered payments. Rafa will be lucky to get £20m gross in this window. Hence the bin dipping.

      As for the £126m TV money , Ashley is “minding” that in one of his special Mash/St James accounts.

  • Toonfen

    Hippo heed is definitely after Rafa`s job, ASHLEY OUT, OUT, OUT!!!

  • TheFatController

    “I was in charge of my own recruitment at Newcastle, but after that there were always other people in charge of recruitment at Newcastle, not the manager.”

    Gotta love that the self-serving idiot doesn’t see the irony of the ‘cause and effect’ of that comment…

    • FatParosite

      That man was born inside out…. if beauty is skin deep.

  • Jimblag23

    He says no other manager would openly criticise the clubs recruitment, but Mourinho has been doing that all summer.
    The football world is so odd, people can just make random comments and journalists never call them up on it.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    So we are back to the “Geordies Are Deluded” thing again ?

  • FatParosite

    Let’s see if potato head still piles in with this blinkered view of the situation when we are cut adrift going into the usual December downturn. More and more people coming forward without properly looking at what is happening just hampers any effort to rid us of this dirty dirty cancer.

  • Cockneytrev

    Quote “in my limited understanding” unquote.
    What’s the point of the article Sam, your guessing, you don’t know,,

  • Martin

    So the contract is so tight it insists that Rafa must pay the £6 million compensation himself. So what is stopping his new club paying this on his behalf? Nothing. “In my very limited understanding.”

    • thewildchimp

      Exactly. The only reason Benitez is staying is because he wants. Why? Beats me… In his shoes, I might have persevered so far, but another year of exactly the same? Truly a strong character.