Disgraced TV presenter Richard Keys says he has approached the Police.

After yet more shameful unjustified attacks on Rafa Benitez in recent days, Keys alleges that he has been abused by Newcastle fans.

Richard Keys, who was forced to leave Sky Sports due to his conduct, claims there are ‘one or two Police investigations’ underway after ‘vile abuse you Geordie poured my way.’

He also claims he is ‘fairly certain charges will follow.’

Like a lot of what he says/writes, I don’t whether to believe this either.

I have got no doubt he got abuse because he deserves it, I just hope that Newcastle fans did do it in an intelligent way that was on the right side of the law.

You can still give somebody justified stick or ‘abuse’ without it necessarily crossing  any legal or moral line.

One thing I am certain of and that is in no way did Rafa Benitez take any ‘advice’ from a loser such as Richard Keys…

Richard Keys writing on his personal blog:

“Spurs looked good.

“And I thought Newcastle did too.

“They’ll win more than they lose playing like that.

“And I’m pleased Benitez took my advice. ‘I’m a pro’, he said when asked about alleged transfer failings this last week. ‘I’ve nothing to say’.

“Exactly. He got seven in. I’m sure, like every manager, he wanted more, but why resort to all the de-stabilising whining?

“Incidentally, the vile abuse you Geordies poured my way last week has led to one or two Police investigations. I’m fairly certain charges will follow.

“I’m always happy to exchange views – but let’s try and keep it out of the playground shall we?

“You do yourselves and your wonderful club a dis-service.”

  • panther


  • Monkseaton Magpies

    He should man up and stop acting like a baby. All ready today I have one person wanting me dead and a host of other comments against me you not repeat to your gran. Still nothing beats my favourite where some bloke said take the Metro from Monkseaton to the airport then get a plane to Afghanistan. Hire a taxi up in the hills and go and live with the Sheep and the Terrorists forever and do not come back. If you need any help with funds we will gladly have a whip round. Pure class.

    • Kenny

      where can i donate

    • Billmag

      Is there a website ?

      • Kenny

        Fenham taxi`s would know the way

      • panther

        I hope he cant get online there

    • TheFatController

      Afghanistan is lovely at this time of year, but I object to being asked to help fund it. The savings you make on season ticket prices already pay for at least one holiday a year for you.

      There are more deserving cases than you, so I won’t be funding your retirement among the Bedouin goat herders?

      Anyhow, why travel to Afghanistan, you can get everything he lists there in Monkseaton, except for the terrorsits. And Monkseaton has good pubs, and Left luggage at the station now has a fine selection or reasonably priced ales…

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        No Stella but it’s a busy bar for people with beards and sandals.
        On a serious note that bloke Key’s who I detest along with Shay Given should not put himself on social media if he cannot take the flak.

        • TheFatController

          Keys has two beards. One on each hand. Probably sandals too.

        • Pilot of Japan

          Shay Given? Why would you detest him?

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Simple reason he went to the press recently and said he wanted to stay at Newcastle but the contract offer was not as good as Man City’s .It really hurt as his family were settled in Newcastle it was hard to leave my poor family. Within a couple of months he met a dolly bird in a night club and left his beloved family that is how much he cared about them. Shay is a liar and pure Scum.

          • Pilot of Japan

            OK. He had an affair (with a Mancunian PR Exec), which is obviously not a wonderful deed, but lots of people have affairs. He is for sure a fallible human, but to call him a liar and scum is massively over the top. He’s actually a really nice bloke, who has made some mistakes. He was a top keeper for us, and a huge campaigner for MacMillan (sic) Cancer research in the North East. From the handful of people I know who met him and were mates of his, liar and scum would be last on my list of descriptors.

          • Mark Potter

            He made a transfer request to leave, then lied about it saying he never wanted to leave.

    • panther

      you dont need a taxi, I’ll drive you

    • SuperDesHamilton

      How many star rating is the caves in Afghan?

      • KRS1

        I was in a lift in Afghanistan last week with some militia from the Taliban. They said if that Mongseaton ever comes here we will fill him full of lead.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          The lads starting the Kabul mags up

    • Wor Lass

      If you went up there and got kidnapped and held for ransom we wouldn`t take you back no matter how much the Taliban offered us.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Thanks for that thought no one cared.

        • Wor Lass

          alkinng of kidnapping, what have you done with Brian?

  • Jimblag23

    He seems slightly senile to me, lost the plot.

  • Wezza

    Don’t condone abuse but don’t lie and make things up just because he hates our club.

  • Kenny

    He`s deserves everything he gets.

  • Paul Patterson

    So somebody called him ‘Furry hands’ and a ‘Sexist [email protected] with a Rafa vendetta’ and he can’t take it. Cry baby!

    • Carverlier football

      True, true, true and true. Case dismissed!

  • Alex

    Q – What’s the difference between me and Richard Keys!

    A – I can get a job in England.

    • Tweed Mag

      And where there are women!

      • Geordiegiants

        He is a super star in the Middle East as it’s fine to disrespect women out there.

  • CaptainCaveman

    The man is an absolute tool. The Mag should never contain anything to do with him.

  • robbersdog

    Whinging, self-pitying doofus.

    • Kenny

      he knew fine well what the reaction to his comments would be, bet he thinks twice about it next time

  • Kenny

    your twitter account is now fully functional any more breaches and it could lead to your account being suspended again, down to him or Corbyn one of the 2 got me a ban

  • TheFatController

    Someone mentioned him getting swimming lessons, and I said ‘those hands must need a good 10 minutes under the drier.’

    So guilty as charged. I’m turning myself in, and would like my one call please.

    I’d like to apologize to all other fans of this great club at the disservice I have done it and you.

    Also, Richard Keys deserves an apology. He regularly dries those hands in under 5 minutes, if it’s a Dyson drier.

    • MadMag83

      😂 Incidentally, he’s the only man who can clog a sink just by washing his hands!

  • Carverlier football

    “You Geordies” – rather tarring all of us with the same brush as one or two who (maybe…?) overstepped the line…

  • Jezza

    That creepy pervy sexual predator is just making himself look ever more desperate and pathetic by the minute.

    • Milburn_Taylor

      one after another they are coming out of the woodwork, it looks like Ashley`s
      PR team are in overdrive, he`s rattled ok, lets keep the pressure on

      • Jim Thomson

        Newcastle should be up beside the Manchester teams and liverpool.they have one of the best managers going I wish rafa was at old Trafford instead of washed out josy.he works miracles with what he has got .Ashley has no interest in football ,just to fill his pockets.

  • Milburn_Taylor

    The Police have enough on their hands without wasting time on Keys

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Funny enough, Richard Keys has a load on his hands as well !

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    He can dish it oot, But ee cannit tek it, What a bairn !
    I wonder if he is referring to any of the stick he got on here ?
    A few of us may get our doors booted in at 6 o’clock in the morning on some ridiculous charges of being creatures of Scandinavian Folklore lol

  • Awaymag

    mess with a bull you get the horns

  • Lord

    Keys’ blog about why Liverpool will win the title (in his opinion):

    “I don’t mind at all that he’s been spending. You’ve got to spend, now more than ever before”

    Funny that it’s ok for Liverpool to spend but NUFC fans should be happy to just be in the Premiership.

    Ignore the clown.

    • Leazes.

      He’s a bloody hypocritical two faces snide…wonder if he got a back hander from Keith Bishop?

      • Milburn_Taylor

        yes, along with an envelope for Wise

  • Leazes.

    What exactly is ‘overstepping the mark’ with a basterd like Keys?

    • Jezza

      Spot on. He wants Newcastle fans to be prosecuted. What a sick joke. I’m sure there are scores of women out there who have got their own very personal reasons to want to see Disgraced Ex Television Presenter Richard Keys prosecuted.

    • Geordiegiants

      It’s very far in the distance Leazes.

    • Sickandtired


  • Tony English

    It’s very hard to be anything but abusive towards the likes of Richard Keys and Dennis Wise, and of course Mike Ashley.

    But we’ve seen it before, and I’ve argued it for weeks, as soon as they can turn the spotlight onto the way fans are reacting it’ll be all about us “hating cockneys” or sending “vile and abusive” messages, and not the actions of Ashley or the lies spouted by his apologists.

    Rafa will most likely get performances and enough results from this squad, and as we’ve already seen – those performances will be used to justify Ashley’s decision not to spend, rather than Rafa’s ability and hard work.

    Such a lost opportunity.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    If you are doing nothing on Wednesday 15th of August then get yourselves along to Grounsell Park to watch Newcastle’s other Black n Whites, Heaton Stannington.
    We take on Seaham Red Star in an F.A Cup Preliminary Round replay after snatching a 1-1 draw on Saturday.

    7.30 PM Kick Off.

    Adults £ 5.00.

    Concessions £ 2.00.

    Children Free Of Charge.

    A wide selection of real ales on tap in our award winning club house and a warm welcome guaranteed.
    Lets get a big crowd in to cheer on the lads in what will a proper Tyne And Wear Derby.

  • Arcadian

    “I’m glad Rafa took my advice “?!?!?!
    Aye, right . . .

  • Leazes.

    Richard Keys met his wife Julia in 1980. They married in 1982 and have two children. The couple divorced in 2017 after it emerged that Keys had started a relationship with his daughter’s friend.

    Sun Jan 2017

    • Milburn_Taylor

      sounds like a great guy

    • TheFatController

      Maybe give us your view on that Leazes? Richard is happy to exchange views…

      • Leazes.

        I wonder what Shearer thinks of Denis Wise and Keys.

    • Sickandtired

      Pity it doesn’t outline that the relationship started when she was 10…

  • Scott Robinson

    Is it historical ‘sexual’ abuse dating from the Gallowgate bogs in the 70’s or does he really mean those other known abusers and the always full Fullwell?

    Will the House of Frankenstein be equally as successful as NUFC, over to Monkseaton who must be shopping there as we speak. If Super Mike waits until Poundland go liquid and buys it for, erm, a pound, … then Monkseaton can buy his garden furniture with a Sports Direct Logo, to match his outfit.

    Does Dennis Wise live at the bottom of Mike Ashley’s garden.

    Fact of the day: ‘Fairies can live in your house, in your garden, in your pond , anywhere! But some fairies traditionally stay in fairyland because they are mistaken as mosquitos and squished and killed sometimes’

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Keep to football do you actually go to games. Hate Keys and Shay Given myself both total scum no need to bring my name in with two scum bags Richard and Shay both as bad as each other.

      • MadMag83

        Shay Given is a Geordie hero! Let me guess, he spoke out against Mike Ashley so now he’s Judas incarnate? Delusional.


    Richard keys, there is a man you can trust, just ask his wife and daughter.

  • Milburn_Taylor

    the sister of Richards Keys was cleared of trolling his ex wife on twitter because she lives abroad, what a family. that report was dated yesterday

  • Simon Ritter

    Can’t see Sting or the Police giving him the time of day . . .

  • Rob Brown

    “I have got no doubt he got abuse because he deserves it”

    When did anyone deserve abuse just because they have a different opinion to you?

    Hang up your keyboard – you’re a disgrace.

    • Sickandtired

      When they tell blatant lies.
      No doubt about it, he lied and there’s no excuse for it – ignorance, publicity or otherwise.
      GFY you bleeding heart disgrace

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    what a d!ck

  • Kenny

    Happy birthday to Alan Shearer Newcastle`s greatest No 9,
    I`ll never for get the day i met him a lift 👍👍👍

    • drc74

      was he trying to escape from sxunkster, 😂

      • Kenny

        I think he was 😀

        • drc74

          hes gotta be careful, esp with all these changes to tge stalking laws, 😂

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      My birthday in morning Kenny will not get many good wishes on here me and Alan one day apart.

  • Steve Smith

    What an absolute Melvin.

    He’s sat in the playground giving it out and being a general wind up merchant then runs crying to the teacher when he gets it back.

    Maybe his daughter’s friend shared the same mental age as him!

  • S.G.M.

    Furthermore I think The Mag are liable.

  • Superdooperhooper

    Oh no! I called him a yeti. Twice! You’ll never take me alive coppers!

  • TheFatController

    ‘Mr Keys, DCI Smith here. So you want protection from Geordies who made idle throwaway threats on Twitter? You don’t feel safe and think they’ll fly to the Middle East to fulfill their threat? What, you wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the plane now with an array of weapons? No sir, I didn’t see what they did to the police horse…..’

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      True story there was a D. C. I. Smith worked for the old bill in Newcastle was on my case for a long time as was head of football intelligence. When he retired went to work for Sunderland football club still there sorting the bad lads out not ours but theirs.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        A know who you’re on about, is he bald quite tall ?

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          No but that was a different one he is not head of security looking after the players on the team bus. Got a dream job.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            With the mackem players recent record as long as he keeps them away from schools he’ll keep them out of trouble

          • Brian Standen

            SAFC head of security was/is a guy called Paul Weir I believe – I had dealings with him following a Derby game about 3 years ago! Irony is I believe he is a Newcastle fan!

  • Kevin Brown

    Gob smacked!!! He’s totally lost the plot.

  • East Durham Mag

    Got loads of sympathy for a man who cheated on his wife with his daughters friend. #@r$ehole.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    He’s been broken 😂😂😂 wolf man woof woof

  • Tweed Mag

    He is a drama queen. When he got the shove from Sky he described it as ‘dark forces’ being responsible. No it was not Mr Keys, it was you and your sidekick perving over young female colleagues. They even had a clip of an example which occurred in the studio. Just ignore him. Creep.

  • Geordiegiants

    Keys is a filthy old nonce and he wants strung up.

    • Kenny

      along with a few more

  • Peter Elsender

    Dear me disgraced sky sports presenter has the nerve to make vile comments about Rafa and now complaining because n u f c fans are having a go at him.grow up you racist bigot and move out of the playground

    • MadMag83


  • Big Hairy Man

    Watch out for him on 26th August. There’s a full moon 🧟‍♂️

  • Stephen Christie

    cant believe numnuts is still geting air time a has been deranged flipflop

  • Geordiegiants

    There is very little difference between him and the inbreds hero.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Anyone ever wondered what would happen if an attention seeking troll got given the oxygen of publicity he craves?
    Keysbored Warrior.
    Stop putting his articles on here you fools, it’s what he wants man.
    You’re handing him the ‘Keys’ back to a career.
    Apart from stuff on here last season I’d not heard of him since before Sky had HD FFS!
    The more we get outraged the more he’ll wind us up. He’s already scraping the barrel you can tell. Pretending Rafa reads his tripe. Directing his comments at ‘You Geordies’. Totally obvious strategy. HE MUST BE IGNORED. Don’t give the bloke another thought. Save yourself the indignity of having such poor crack in your life. What a loser he is. No shame. Just desperate for attention cos he can’t do anything else and he’s probably run out of cash.

    • Jezza

      Spot on. He’s desperate for any kind of publicity. For years and years he had it all but then suddenly he lost it because a changing climate meant he could no longer get away with abusing his position to indulge his filthy lecherous perverted urges. Overnight he went from being a celebrity and household name to a disgraced former television presenter shunned by the world he used inhabit. He’s clearly desperate to get his old life back and that is the reason for his deliberately provocative and inflammatory outbursts. He’s just trying anything and desperately clutching at straws to get himself back in the public eye and these articles in The Mag are playing right into his hands. Far better to just completely ignore the vile creepy perverted sex pest.

    • Leazes.

      What about Denis Wise….same?

  • Big Al 1967

    ‘I’m pleased Rafa took my advice’ Jesus how big is this man’s ego

    • Lewis SG

      He comes second after Donald Trump. Some might argue he is first.

    • MadMag83

      I doubt if Benitez had even heard his “advice”.

  • Jimmy_toons

    Wee’s keys is Richard Keys? Does anyone care? Shut the door behind you when you leave….

  • Alreet

    Rafa took my advice…….. really……..no I really meant it………really!!!!

    Is this guy living in the real world or is he playing FIFA on god mode and losing to accy stanley. What a complete bell.

    Yea rafa you watch what keys says to the letter and you will make a good gaffer one day.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Wonder if he plaits his hand hair when he goes on holiday

    • Peter C

      That’s harsh, but funny, you should feel sorry, for the poor hirsute soul

      • SuperDesHamilton

        I’m only saying it because a know it’s not another full moon for a few weeks 😂

  • DavyB

    Please! It was just banter!

  • SteveRes

    “charges will follow”. What a complete melt.

  • Waxi

    D I c k who

  • BanJones

    I heard he was “hanging out of his daughters friend” what ever that means? Doesn’t sound very healthy for anyone involved what ever it is? Grown men over 60 should know better than to leave themselves as vulnerable as that however hairy they are.

  • Jonas

    if the comments on here are any indication then he has no sense of humor, to go with the charisma bypass and canine DNA.

    creepy pervert like him trying to take the high ground ffs

    • Peter C

      Now that’s humour, very well put, and true.

  • Lewis SG

    Richard Keys should have a proper conversation with Rafa to truly understands what is going on. He can’t keep guessing and speculating on the outside when he has no access to the big names in football.

    On a side note, I think the mag shouldn’t give him the attention he craves. He will start attacking other teams if he does not get any reaction or attention from our fans.

  • Sickandtired

    The man continues to prove he’s a bigger [email protected], than his actual [email protected] is. He’s obviously as clued up on the law as he is about our club.

  • zack

    calls the police over words, lmao what a sissy

  • FatParosite

    I do wish the Mag would just ignore this troglodyte.

  • MadMag83

    Gives Benitez regular abuse, and then cries to the police when he gets a bit back. Perhaps he should take some advice, wind your fat hairy neck in you sexist moron!