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Richard Keys crawls out from under his stone to launch yet another attack on Rafa Benitez

3 years ago

It was one of the best days for British football broadcasting when Richard Keys and Andy were caught out, banished to the desert.

Unfortunately, we can’t quite ignore Richard Keys completely.

He has a long running deep-seated hatred of Rafa Benitez and grabs any chance to have a go at the Newcastle manager (see below).

With six days to go until transfer deadline and Newcastle more than £25m ahead on transfers in and out this summer, Richard Keys has launched his latest attack.

The world and his dog know that it is ridiculous the way Mike Ashley is treating his manager and the fans, but in response to the Newcastle manager going public with the squad desperately needing strengthening, Richard Key responds with ‘Shut up Rafa – or walk…’

On Thursday we saw an embarrassing attack on Rafa Benitez from Andy Dunn of The Mirror, a shameful piece of journalism based on ignorance or deliberately misleading readers/fans, whichever way you saw it.

Richard Keys is equally pathetic, he claims that because Newcastle stayed up, it proves Mike Ashley ‘was right last season’ in terms of transfer funds.

Rafa had to bargain hunt last summer with a net spend of only around £15m, then in January 2018 with Newcastle still deep in relegation trouble, he wasn’t allowed to buy any players. It was just pure good fortune, and a good eye from Rafa, that led to Kenedy and Dubravka coming in and hitting the ground running, leading to a run of five wins and a draw in a seven match set of games. It could so easily have gone the other way.

Richard Keys is quite contemptible because we all know that if Newcastle had gone down, it wouldn’t have then proved Mike Ashley was wrong in how he had handled transfer funds, it would be Rafa!

So basically, if Newcastle do badly, it will be Rafa’s fault in Keys’ eyes.

However, if he once again over-achieves it will be credit to Mike Ashley and what was Rafa Benitez complaining about once again?!!

Richard Keys:

“Shut up Rafa – or walk – which is your right.

“The club will survive you.

“Mike Ashley isn’t going to change for you.

“He was right last season – you had more than enough.”

The Mag – 18 May 2018 – An article by Dean Wilkins:

Richard Keys can’t stand Rafa Benitez and I am guessing the feeling is mutual, not that the World class manager will spend any time worrying about a disgraced nobody like Keys.

Richard Keys has even admitted in the past that he doesn’t like the Newcastle manager and has repeatedly attacked him, almost every time using ‘facts’ that have no basis in truth.

On Thursday I wrote on The Mag after the disgraced former Sky Sports presenter had a sly dig at Rafa on Twitter.

With the speculation about West Ham, Richard Keys questioned Rafa Benitez’ loyalty to previous clubs, and I put him right with the actual truth.

Unbelievably, Andy Gray’s sidekick has launched yet another attack on Rafa, this time using his own personal blog (see below).

Rafa Benitez isn’t going to waste his own precious time replying to this idiot’s nonsense, so it falls to the likes of us to do it on his behalf.

He starts off quite slyly by saying ‘Well done Rafa’ but then immediately follows that up with ‘It turns out Mike Ashley was right after all. After spending £102m on 18 players the previous  season Ashley always believed Benitez had enough to make Newcastle comfortable. He did.’

This is a lie Richard Keys has told previously, the only difference being that he has made the lie even bigger! Increasing it to 18 players from 17 that this mythical £102m was spent on in Summer 2016.

The truth of course being that a massive number of players left in summer 2016 and Rafa had to rebuild the whole squad, he did that by bringing in 12 first team squad players (not 17 or 18) and actually made a £40m profit in that promotion season, with an estimated spend of around £50m with £90m worth sold…not by spending £102m.

Richard Keys obviously from the old school that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as the truth.

It is also laughable of course that even Rafa’s own success at Newcastle is then used against him by Keys.

Rafa gets Newcastle to 10th place despite having to make do with loan signings and bargain basement signings such as Manquillo and Joselu, then the likes of Richard Keys puts down that top half finish to the quality of the players, not the manager!

Richard Keys writing on his own blog:

“Well done Rafa.

“It turns out Mike Ashley was right after all.

“After spending £102m on 18 players the previous season Ashley always believed Benitez had enough to make Newcastle comfortable. He did.

“Now comes Rafa’s big test.

“I’m tired of reading about his threats to leave if he doesn’t get his own way.

“He won’t get his own way.

“I’ve no idea where Benitez will find a better job – because he certainly wouldn’t enjoy working at West Ham.

“We’re in for some big changes in the dug outs this summer – more changes than we’ve ever seen.

“As owners go searching for men with a magic wand here’s something to think about.

“It remains the case – and always will – that the teams with the best players are going to be successful. Be careful what you wish for…..”


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