Richard Keys launched an attack on Rafa Benitez at the end of last week..

The shamed formed Sky Sports presenter declaring on Friday: ‘Shut up Rafa – or walk – which is your right. The club will survive you. Mike Ashley isn’t going to change for you. He was right last season – you had more than enough.’

This is standard behaviour for Keys, who has regularly spoken out against the Champions League winning, twice La Liga successful, double Europa League winning manager.

Richard Keys has a dislike of Rafa Benitez for whatever reason and even though his lines of attack are laughable, he just can’t stop himself.

Three days after telling the Newcastle manager to ‘Shut up, or walk’, he is at it yet again.

Keys is unrepentant about Friday’s comments and says he stands by them and says it is ‘tiresome to hear him (Benitez) bleating on’ about the lack of transfer funds at Newcastle United.

To prove his point (in his own head maybe…), Richard Keys declares: ‘These are the facts – Mike Ashley isn’t going to change. Benitez will get the money the club generates – no more. Ashley isn’t going to put it back into the mess he inherited. It’s stable now.’

Keys is truly hopeless.

In the last eight Premier League seasons, Mike Ashley has brought about two relegations and two very near misses, NUFC are the very opposite of ‘stable’ and indeed only 15 months ago were in the Championship. It is absolutely ironic that it is only Rafa Benitez who gives the club the slightest hint/chance of any stability and only due to Rafa’s expertise that Newcastle go into this new season still in the top tier.

Richard Keys goes on about the Champions League places ‘Forget Top 4’, as though that is what Rafa and the fans expect, rather than just hoping for a season of comfortable safety and making some progress in building a squad.

Likewise, you would think Rafa Benitez was demanding fortunes to try and do it, Keys attempts to slap the Newcastle Manager down by saying that ‘Benitez will get the money the club generates – no more’, if only that was a ‘fact’ at St James Park.

This transfer window sees Newcastle currently £27m+ up on transfers in and out, with only three days until transfer window deadline. So in these days of record Premier League revenues, Rafa Benitez is supposed to make a profit in the transfer window AND deliver a ‘Top half – maybe a cup’ according to Richard Keys.

The latest comments come from a review on his own personal blog of how he sees the Premier League turning out this season – but as soon as he mentioned Newcastle United, he was off at a tangent on this latest embarrassing rant.

He finishes off by declaring: ‘Which leaves one last question on this subject – is he (Rafa Benitez) trying to get the sack? If he does go – trust me – Newcastle will survive.’

No decent Newcastle fan would blame Rafa Benitez for walking out after the way Mike Ashley has treated him – but the manager looks determined to stick it out and do his best in the final year of his deal.

Richard Keys also has the cheek to tell Newcastle fans to ‘bite into some realism, get behind their team and demand their manager does the same’, absolutely pathetic when the supporters delivered 51,000+ average crowds after Mike Ashley relegated the club.

Richard Keys:

“I got a lot of stick for offering Benitez advice last week. I stand by it. It’s so tiresome to hear him bleating on.

“These are the facts – Mike Ashley isn’t going to change. Benitez will get the money the club generates – no more. Ashley isn’t going to put it back into the mess he inherited. It’s stable now.

“It’s in the PL and they’ve got enough to be competitive with. Competitive? Top half – maybe a Cup.

“Benitez won’t get a better job if he walks and he knows it.  Newcastle is a fantastic football club. If he delivers silverware his stock will rise even further.

“Forget top 4. It’s not going to happen. Keegan over achieved and for a while so too did Dalglish and Bobby Robson, who both delivered CL football.

“Newcastle fans should stop their fight with Ashley, bite into some realism,  get behind their team and demand their manager does the same. He won’t walk – not without a pay off.

“Which leaves one last question on this subject – is he (Rafa) trying to get the sack? If he does go – trust me – Newcastle will survive.”

  • Tino11

    The Mag are probably one of only two or three outlets to print this bell end’s words, why give him the media attention he craves?

    I call on The Mag to never write about Richard Keys again.

    • ghostrider

      The man is saying it how he sees it.
      If that’s what he’s said then he’s right in my opinion.
      Although that won’t come as a shock to a lot.

      • Ben Jones

        I agree, can’t see what he’s said wrong

      • Squintytoonarmy

        you going to the game at the weekend?

        • ghostrider

          Are you?

          • Squintytoonarmy

            Hope so as i lay the kit out. You’ll be at OT Friday night?

          • ghostrider

            So you’re the Man Utd kit man are you. Hmmmm.

          • Squintytoonarmy

            You need to learn to read

          • ghostrider


      • Rafalution 14

        A proven womaniser vs a man with great integrity, I know who to trust. Guess next generation needs education on character judgement.
        Why print such a person’s opinion

        • ghostrider

          A proven womaniser. Lmao. It treads new depths with certain fans when the bite doesn’t seem to be causing the pain they envisioned. lol

          • Rafalution 14

            It proves why so many people have blocked you and why majority can see Richard keys as what he is, while you endorse his opinion

            They just can’t argue with an idi0t.

          • ghostrider

            Fell free to follow the people who block me. If you block me you will never again have to see what I type which will then not make you feel you have to answer me with posts like you’ve just done.

            Try it and you might be pleasantly surprised.

          • Rafalution 14

            No I don’t block people. I am good at enlightening people who believe in facts. I am not a Newcastle United fan. I am a Rafa Benitez student if you like and have studied his career in detail.

            I base all my staremenst on facts and numbers and not some misplaced vendetta or hateed

          • ghostrider

            Studied his careers in detail?
            The only thing I’m interested in is what he does for Newcastle United.
            I don’t care about his past, elsewhere.
            I care about his past and future here and I want to see him do the job he’s paid to do, which is to coach and manager players that are at this club and who comes into the club.
            For his money I expect him to do a decent job without whining all the time and using the fans to boost his own ego whilst he plays the hard done by manager who deserves better because of his past…somehow.

            He reaps what he sows, as is….not as was.
            So get on with it Rafa and if the players aren’t to your liking then show me the players you went in for because we never ever seem to see them mentioned….ever…as first choice.

            Another aris covering job though.
            Make out you have to try and work with sub standard and basically letting those players know you think of them as that, but using subtle words to pretend it’s not that.

          • Rafalution 14

            Like I said, if you don’t look at past or plan for future then I can’t argue with that.
            I am not a Newcastle United fan, but if I was one I would look at when was the last time the club won a trophy or when in future can I expect one.

            And then there are some that are happy with mediocrity

  • Milburn_Taylor

    why do the local press & the Mag keep printing what this man has to say.

    • ghostrider

      Maybe because he has an opinion whether people like it or not.

      • Milburn_Taylor

        i don`t bother with trolls this is just to tell you to get lost

        • ghostrider

          And to think you had the ability to ensure it with your blocking.
          Try it.

  • Lewis SG

    Who is he?

  • Leicester Mag

    This bell end has all the credibility of a perforated condom.

  • panther

    what an efing idiot, its almost like Ashley wrote it

  • It would be nice to compete with the likes of Leicester and Burnley, even have the investment of Crystal Palace, Huddersfield, Brighton, Fulham etc.

  • Paul Patterson

    1. Rafa has stabilised the club after Ashley’s incompetence with awful MD’s and managers.
    2. Rafa has united the fans after years of patsy managers.
    3. Rafa has bought into the club and it’s fans and improved the atmosphere around it.
    4. Rafa is a World Class manager who knows about football.
    5. Rafa has the club in profit and Ashley/Charnley have broken the promise of ‘every penny.
    6. Rafa is an honourable man (granted on a big contract) Ashley is not.

    Just stop reporting on this idiot and he will go away. Someone should just ask him what his agenda is.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Him & his ilk don’t deal in facts like the perfectly good ones you’ve stated.

      He had a bee in his bonnet about Benitez since he was Liverpool

  • Big Hairy Man

    Does anybody really care what the hairy-handed sexist creep says? Richard Keys is a total 🔔🔚. Why he hates Rafa I do not know. I’m sure Rafa won’t be losing any sleep over it.

    • ghostrider

      Maybe he’s just got sick of him whining at most clubs he goes to.

      • TheFatController


    • Big Hairy Man

      There’s a troll below 🧟‍♂️

  • SuperDesHamilton

    wonder If Keys Howled this, the f***** werewolf

  • Foggy

    The more keys talks, the more you realize he knows F-all about football and even less about Newcastle.Waste of time.

  • BanJones

    He’s a know nowt gimp with dodgy attitudes who thinks a whole lot of himself – get back in your box divvy.

  • Megatron1505

    He’s just a troll with wider reach due to being (in)famous. People need to stop engaging with him and his need for the spotlight, he is an irrelevance.

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’s only got a wider reach due to his fckn monkey length arms…..

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      He got some incredible stick on Twitter after his last outburst but, as you say, it’s probably best to ignore him. Much like the trolls on here, he would eventually die through lack of oxygen.

  • Desree

    He is a mate of Sam Allardyce

  • Sickandtired

    Someone on Twitter shout tweet this gimp a link to Luke Edwards article.

  • TheFatController

    ‘Rafa won’t get another job as good’

    ‘Rafa is trying to get the sack surely? ‘

    Only a shockingly rubbish writer would come out with that – I’d only respect him if it was irony.

    That no one pulls him up on such contradictory rubbish shows how editorial standards have died with the development of the internet giving even the shoddiest writer a platform.

    He’s not even qualified to write. He’s not an ex-footballer, and is a discredited presenter…so, not many skills on his CV, it seems.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Not a nice bloke at all Key’s seems to have had it for Newcastle for a long time.
    However for the season coming up Newcastle fans should unite behind the players and manager as any negativity will affect the players. A lot of fans expect the Keegan years to come back but they wont till we find a buyer like Man City have.

  • Jonas

    Ge always came off as not getting football or fandom but his understanding is clearly now in the red.
    everything he said isn’t just untrue but has been proven – its not stable (2 relegations, endless relegation threat l, debt owed) and without Rafa would likely not be on the PL and 90% of fans will have lost any pretence that this is a club that is ever going to try.

    no real football fan can be pro terrible owners.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    He should stop his womanising and take time out from his pointless blog and help his daughter with her issues. Keegan over achieved? Wtf what were him and Gray smoking in the 90s did they have an alternative view to it than me? I remember Sky and their bias towards Man U, maybe that’s why we over achieved cause we posed a threat to their beloved Chinese PLC? What a coward saying all that from Doha! I can’t use words on here to describe this man, one word that comes to mind starts with P and ends in Rick!

  • magpiefifer

    Why does The Mag give this no-no of a man the space to spout his garbage!!?

  • Mrkgw

    He’s obviously after a job at Sports Direct. Maybe then, Keys will learn the definition of realism.

    • TheFatController

      He’d be sacked – no, promoted – for trying it on with the younger female staff…

  • Peter C

    Keys shows just how little knowledge he has regarding Newcastle.

    Benitez is the glue which is keeping the club together. If Ashley had any sense, he would accept that Rafa, is more in tune with reality, not to mention the fans and how to run a football team.

    Benitez doesn’t want the earth, just enough to make some steady progress, on the playing front.

    You would think that yo yoing between divisions, is no way to run a football club, but that’s exactly how Ashleys been operating, which is the opposite of stability.

    And as for Kenny Dalglish,overachieving, that’s a load of garbage, he inherited a potential championship team from Kevin Keegan, and ruined it, Bobby Robson had to pick up the pieces, of the mess which Dalglish left.

    So much for your knowledge of Newcastle, Mr Keys.

    Please keep your opinions to yourself, of things you have no knowledge or understanding of.

  • Superdooperhooper

    Does he ever criticise mourinho for complaining? he’s the biggest whinger in football and he gets fortunes to spend. I’ll say it again – wind ya neck in yeti !

    • Wezza

      You beat me to it! Was about to mention Mourinho.
      Richard Keys is deluded and another that to hasn’t got a clue what the owner is up to.

  • Geordiegiants

    Articles like this give him what he wants.

  • MadMag83

    Makes me laugh, he offered Benitez advice? Yeah because a manager with his CV needs a bit of advice from some egotistical misogynistic ape.

    He should put his money where his motor mouth is and back Newcastle to finish top ten as he’s so convinced.

  • East Durham Mag

    We should just accept this sh*t season in and season out then Keys you 🔧? You are an idiot just shut up and vanish.

  • Dave H…

    Try typing Richard Keys Tarmac in google…