Some interesting stats published today, regarding Lee Charnley and the men charged with running other Premier League clubs.

The figures relate to what the highest paid person receives as the top executive/director responsible for delivering a successful club.

As you are always working a year behind, the latest accounts available are for the 2016/17 season, via each club’s accounts.

The feature in The Mirror reveals that Lee Charnley was paid less than 3% of the figure that a Premier League rival received.

Daniel Levy banking £6,010,000 compared to Lee Charnley’s £150,000.

Next highest was Ivan Gazidis at Arsenal, receiving £2,620,000.

Then Man Utd’s Ed Woodward close behind on £2,600,000.

Meanwhile, at Liverpool the top (unnamed) paid director/executive at Liverpool was paid £907,000.

This isn’t of course a new phenomenon, as a couple of years ago The Mail put together the following table based on the annual financial accounts (for 2013/14) published by all clubs, which included the remuneration level of their top-paid director, even though they don’t always name them.

(The exception was Crystal Palace, where the owner-directors didn’t draw pay.)

Highest paid Director at every Premier League club for  2013/14 season:

lee charnley
Many of you will look at the above and make the conclusion that if you pay (relative) peanuts you get….

As you can see, back then even Sunderland’s top executive received six times as much as Lee Charnley.

Many of you will look at the above and make the conclusion that if you pay (relative) peanuts you get….

Bottom line of course is that rather than having a dynamic top headhunted Chief Executive given the authority and financial backing to make Newcastle United the very best it can be, instead we have Lee Charnley, who appears to have all the power of what say a Sports Direct branch manager might have, if that. Not even able to order in new stock…

The widespread belief/understanding being  that when it comes to decision making at the club, underneath Mike Ashley, it is the behind the scenes moves of shadowy figures such as Ashley confidantes Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop who pull the strings on the owner’s behalf.

Newcastle have no recognisable management team compared to other comparable sized clubs, with only Lee Charnley holding the keys/paper clips.

Whilst when it comes to having a proper board of directors to help steer the club, Mike Ashley doesn’t even bother to pretend, with…Lee Charnley the only named director at Newcastle United.

  • Steve Smith

    Just another scapegoat position like Kinnear had the second time around.

    Charnley’s only purpose is to shield Ashley.

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      In the words of “True Geordie”

      He’s Nothing But A S**T Deflector !

      Not a fan of his by the way lol

  • Ashley-out

    he`s well overpaid, they should put a time lapse camera on the guy in the transfer windows.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Just watch him grow moss all over like a sloth

  • Paul Patterson

    Makes sense to me. Why pay someone who can’t/won’t do his job properly in relation to his peers?
    On the other hand, Ashley should pay him a fortune as he carries out his instructions to the letter and provides a faceless buffer between Rafa and the owner.

    • Ashley-out

      you got that in 1

    • Clarko

      Can you give an example of Lee Charnley not doing his job properly? Do you not think he did a good job brining Benitez in? You don’t think he did a good job bringing in Kenedy, Dubravka, Sung-yueng, Muto, Schar, Rondon and Fernandez with less than nothing? Did you hear Benitez complaining in the summer 16/17 window when Ashley/Barnes stepped aside and gave control to Charnley and Benitez? What about him managing to keep Benitez when we were relegated?

      • Ashley-out

        Benitez brought himself in, Benitez brought Kenedy to Newcastle.

        • Mark Potter

          No, he had to agree a contract. The contract was negotiated with Charnley. He also negotiated the contracts with Dubravka, Kenedy, Schar, Lejeune, Shelvey etc. The contract extension for Lascelles that keeps him at the club for the next five years, and so on. I’m pretty sure we no longer have any players on the books which weren’t brought in by Charnley. Rafa makes the decision that he didn’t want to include Saivet, Aarons etc in the squad, Charnley finds them new clubs. Rafa made the decision that he wanted Rondon as one of his main targets, Charnley agreed the complicated two-way loan involving WBA, and agents for the two players.

        • Clarko

          No, Charnley did the deals.

      • Paul Patterson

        Benitez approached us, not the other way around . .

        • Ashley-out

          another idiot whom i`m about to block

        • Clarko

          I never said he didn’t, but who did the deal? Charnley.

      • BanJones

        I could’ve sorted the Dubravka deal after a skin full, as easy as eating a bag of chips.

        • Clarko

          No, no you couldn’t.

          • BanJones

            I must have been mistaken then musn’t I? Get yourself a proper hobby man.

          • Clarko

            Your hobby being you spending your days complaining about Ashley and replying to other comments with nothing but abuse, insults and nonsense, you even named yourself after another user, you contribute nothing but noise and negativity to this site, cancerous…

            This is how you spend your time:
            -‘I doubt you learned anything other than that you are shouting at the wind’

            -‘You’ve got it all wrong lads, ashley is trying to make as little money as possible you daft cnuts he loves the club doesn;t he? Howay he might be a fat idiot but what’s that got to do with common sense eh?’


            -‘You know Tony, trolling on another teams fan site is very like making love to a beautiful woman’

            -‘Kenny is far more entertaining than any Ashley apologist and you are blocked’


            -‘”you lot” says it aal really – nonce’

            – ‘Ghostlicker’

          • BanJones

            Looks like i’m pulling my weight to me.

          • Clarko

            Get yourself a proper hobby man.


          • BanJones

            Blub blub

      • tristanisginger

        I supposed getting the club sued by Jonas must count as him not doing his job properly.

        • Clarko

          It’s the reasoning that matters. I don’t believe Gutierrez was good enough to warrant a place in the team, the decision not to play him, resulting in his contract extension not being activated, was the right one, whoever’s decision that was (Pardew claimed he made the decision).

          • tristanisginger

            Really? I thought it was employment law that mattered. Fortunately for the NUFC fans so did the courts.

            You probably didn’t watch it but he was good enough to score one and make one against West Ham that kept us up on the last day of that calamitous season.

            Ashley Out.

          • Clarko

            It think it sums up where your head is at when you end a comment that is supposed to be about Lee Charnley with ‘Ashley Out’.

            I did watch the West Ham game, I also watched the other 149 appearances he made for Newcastle in the Premier League, the games where he managed to score 6 goals and make 14 assists. Not good enough, abysmal actually. He wasn’t good enough for Norwich either, loaned out to Norwich in January 2014, made 4 appearances. Again, abysmal.

            The court case was a joke, the club didn’t freeze him out because he had cancer/were fearful of the cancer returning, they froze him out because he wasn’t good enough and they didn’t want a play that wasn’t good enough activating a contract extension. Maybe that situation doesn’t happen exactly as it did if he didn’t have cancer, but the decision wasn’t based on health, it was based on ability.

          • tristanisginger

            If he was so abysmal why was he on the pitch against West Ham? I thought he was our stand out player in those last few games that kept us in the PL.

            Once the case had been settled they played him, therefor it can’t have been because of his ability, leaving only the cancer.

            Charnley was told he was “lacking in credibility” by the judge. So yeah he did a great job.

          • Clarko

            Riviere was also on the pitch against West Ham, was he not abysmal? What about Williamson? Or Colback? Or Anita?

            ‘I thought he was our stand out player in those last few games that kept us in the PL’ – And what about the other ~145 appearances where he absolute garbage? One or two games good doesn’t earn you a contract extension, one or two good games doesn’t mean you have ‘ability’.

            ‘Once the case had been settled they played him’ – The case was settled in April 2016, well after Gutierrez had already left…

            Do you know why Charnley was “lacking in credibility”? Because he was reluctant to acknowledge that Gutierrez was an established international footballer (I would also be reluctant to call him an established international footballer) and because he “could not say” how many internationals were present in the Newcastle squad. Nothing to do with discrimination, the cancer or making any decision making process. The comment about his lack of credibility was again, a joke.

          • tristanisginger

            Yes it completely sums up where my head is at, however where is yours? Right up Ashley’s backside.

            The court case was not a joke which is why NUFC lost and Charnley was described as “lacking in credibility”.
            Highlighting this fact is that once it was over Jonas was selected for the first team again and was our stand out performer in the final few matches.

            The whole saga shows the not only the callousness of MA the club but also the ineptitude of Charnley

          • Clarko

            The only person who has mentioned Ashley is you, twice.

            You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re just repeating yourself and making the same mistakes. I’ve explained how the comment regarding Charnley lacking credibility is a joke, I have stated just how poor Gutierrez was over his career at Newcastle and I have explained that the trial wasn’t over until 2016, Gutierrez left Newcastle in 2015 making the below comment wrong:

            ‘Highlighting this fact is that once it was over Jonas was selected for the first team again’

  • Billmag

    Ha ha we are bottom of the league on transfers and bottom of the MD league, wonder how much the two B’s are on I’m sure Bobbi will enlighten us all, bet them executive’s at HoF are bricking themselves now if they’ve read that. Welcome to the skinflint world of fat Ash.

  • Wor Lass

    Seeing as the articles are so boring at the mo, i`ll share something that made me chuckle today. There was a nice juxtapositioning of posts earlier on that bit at the bottom where they have four tasters (Also on the Mag). There was cmrowley`s clever adaptation of a poem by Martin Niemoller (credit Leazes for telling me that!) called “first they came..” adapted to the situation at nufc. Underneath was a not quite so high-brow rejoinder from Peaky to Dennis Wise, ” Fukkoff you bong-eyed littlecunt”. set me up for a day of concreting, that did.

    • Leazes.

      What made me laugh was a page full of
      ‘This user is blocked’ X20
      followed by ‘Vermin’.

      But you’d have to block them all to get the effect

  • Ron

    He must be paid less than the apprentices.

  • Kneebotherm8

    In Premier League MD terms…….Mike has got him on a Zero hours contract……..

  • Mxpx

    Lee is an accountant not a chairman

    • SuperDesHamilton

      He’s also as much use a chocolate fire guard

    • Leazes.

      I don’t think he’s an accountant either, he was Russell Cushings dogsbody, just somebody who was there when Ashley walked through the door…..

      There’s no records of Charnley from Universities, Alumni, Linkedin, Wiki…… just nothing.

      • Ashley-out

        there may not even be a Lee Charnley who knows, a lot on here & the chron call him Penfold, so who is the guy ?

      • Ben Jones

        What you don’t realise is that he uses his middle name, he’s actually called Kevin Lee Charnley

  • SuperDesHamilton

    He’s just happy to serve his master.

    Absolutely no ounce of respect for himself, bet he hasn’t seen his C*ck for years either

  • Gallowgate1982

    Pay Peanuts …get monkeys

    • ghostrider

      The same so called monkey got Rafa in.

      • Andrew

        Well that’s not true for a start – it was Rafa who made the initial enquiry to say he was interested. Charnley was probably trying to get through to Alan Curbishley at the time.

        • ghostrider

          So Rafa begged the so called monkey to hire him. Ok fair enough.

          • Andrew

            Rafa will not have needed to beg for a job for a long time now, if he ever had to in the first place.

            Charnley (i.e. one of your heroes) is more likely to have had to.

          • ghostrider

            Did Rafa come to Newcastle for a job or didn’t he?

          • Andrew

            Yes he did. But what makes you think he begged for the job? Surely he just applied like any normal person would. I’m not sure I get your logic, although that’s nothing new.

          • ghostrider

            Does it not strike you as odd that a world class manager like Rafa, fresh from being let go by Real Madrid would not be head hunted and have to throw his hat into the ring to become Newcastle United manager despite the club being in relegation trouble with 10 games to go?

            Can you imagine a manager applying for the job but then applying all kinds of stipulations to his contract?

            He may not have begged for the job but it’s not as if he’s walked into it with his eyes and ears closed….not if he’s applied.

            So he must have knew what he was getting himself in for.
            He must have had a good inkling of the set up and the way the club runs.

            From throwing his hat into the ring for a 5 million a year wage, to refusal to extend that 5 million a year wage and yet I don’t see any clubs waiting to offer him a similar wage.

            It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out with this carry on.

          • tristanisginger

            No not odd, Rafa has said that he wanted to come here to be close to his family that are in the Wirral and because he believed he could turn it into a Champions league cloob. He just didn’t realise what a pile of horseshite MA is. Imagine how good we’d be if he was allowed to spend “every penny” generated by the club.

  • Kneebotherm8

    How come every picture of him,he looks like he’s having wind problems?……….overdosing on the peanuts I reckon…..

    • Peaky

      Either wind or an Ashley shaped buttplug jammed where the sun don’t shine 😳😳😳

  • Leazes.

    As Charnley doesn’t actually do anything he’s very well paid,

    His job description is probably the shortest in the Premier League simply to keep his gob shut…. I couldn’t do that.

    • Peaky

      You couldn’t keep quiet Leazes….🤣😂🤣…..nee 💩🕵️‍♀️…..

    • Paul Patterson

      Oh come on, you do Charnley a great disservice. He’s there to get Rafas targets over the line. Sadly, the remit from Ashley is, – Take Rafas list, turn it upside down and work from there, extra points for failing completely.

  • gallowgate26

    Charnley was the tea boy 15 years ago, he’s been promoted 7 times and is now most senior official. Good idea to save dosh Mike.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Which only goes to show you :

    Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys !

  • Wezza

    Charnley is doing exactly what Ashley desires for a tiny amount. If there is any HMRC backlash, Charnley is the fall guy, as we saw.

    • Peaky

      Aye Wezza,the HMRC business has gone really quiet…..but you’re right….it’ll all be Penfold’s fault…

      • Mark Potter

        It will be his fault – he produces the accounts and submits the returns to HMRC, plus he will have signed the contracts with the players and their agents, which HMRC seem to object to. What matters legally is whether he, and he alone, knew that when the club paid money to agents that money was intended for the players to avoid paying tax. The tea lady, and the owner, didn’t sign those contracts.

        But, of course, he’s innocent until proven guilty, and HMRC haven’t even charged anyone, never mind produce any evidence to explain why they made those raids.

  • MadMag83

    I wouldn’t pay him in washers.

  • relaxed

    All you lot who are right up Ashleys ass go to the Magpie Group site and listen to the Rangers fans v Ashley podcast and listen to just exactly how this crook operates.
    ffs wake up and smell the coffee

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Have the Magpie Group bought the Club yet nothing on the Chronicle website or Sky News perhaps it will be Thursday/

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        If they were raising money for a takeover, I’d think that’s great, at the moment they are just another group of gob sh heights

        • Mark Potter

          Are they even that? What do they have to say? Ashley’s one man, so is Rafa. We are a city. WTF? No, we are people, and most of us don’t even live in/come from the city. And many of those actually living in the city don’t follow football, or support other clubs. It’s a pretty poor slogan, that excludes probably over three quarters of all supporters from Morpeth, Durham, Hexham. Even the 100,000s in Gateshead, North Shields, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Jarrow, Hebburn, South Shields, Washington, Chester-le-Street, Blyth, all excluded.

          And, what is their demand, what do they want the one man to do? They don’t even say the one man should be “out”, when by definition in their slogan he is already out, because he’s not from the city.

          Couldn’t they even find a decent slogan?

          If Rafa goes, we go, was much more coherent. But it’s been overthrown by the self-appointed Magpie Group. Because Rafa’s still here, and they don’t like that.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            When I first bought the Mag, McKeag was in charge. McKeag was actively resisting takeover and the then Magpie group had a clear objective, a business plan and were prepared to risk their own money.

            That’s what we should be seeing here, a clear objective. Ashley is not going to leave because people say so. Even if he did, he could say fine, I’m taking my loan money and to heck with the rest but that would leave the club in a far worse mess.

            I wanted to support NUST but they don’t have a plan, the others are n the same boat.

          • Martin Rooney

            You forgot the clever people of sunderland

    • NUFCLX

      I think every fan needs to listen to that podcast. There is no telling what shight is going on that we don’t hear about.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      I can’t see it on their site

    • Mark Potter

      Why do Rangers fans have any more knowledge than we do? Ashley took advantage of the situation Rangers found itself in. But he didn’t cause that situation. Rangers went bust on its own, without any help from Ashley.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    As Directors and top management are heavily overpaid almost everywhere in business – now there is a 170x multiplier with average for normal people – Charnley is probably only getting what he is worth, possibly if he can get over the line

  • Peaky

    See you’ve only got 7 days to edit your comments on here now……Richard Keys must be advising the police to check for historical verbal abuse dating back to when The Mag started…

    • Paul Patterson

      I called a tw*t on here the other day.
      I’ll be posting in future from HMP Durham . .

      • Ashley-out

        there`s plenty gave him some verbal on his twitter account it went into meltdown

      • Peaky

        The Green Mile I’m afraid Paul…..Keys wants us all on death row….

  • panther

    Overpaid he’s 99.9% worse than a local under 11s team

  • Ashley-out

    although he`s just another pawn in Ashley`s power games he should be a target for the fans at every home game, make his life a misery for aiding & abetting in the dismantling of the club, protest against him and drive him out of the club.

    • Mark Potter

      The club will be playing Cardiff this weekend in the Premier League, with a squad of about 25 players available for the manager to select, including a number of international players with three who played at the World Cup. There will probably be a couple of thousand Newcastle fans there, and 10,000s following the game. When was the club dismantled?

      You do know that targeted harassment to make someone’s life a misery is illegal?

      • Ashley-out

        you`re a well known troll mate, take a walk, i couldn`t give a toss what you say & i block filth like you. blocked

      • tristanisginger

        Then shouldn’t MA be in jail?

      • Josh Reeve

        You sound like you are on Ashley’s payroll. You can’t be a newcastle fan if you talk like that.

  • Tweed Mag

    Most people are not bothered what he earns. The main problem is he has sold his soul.

    • Mark Potter

      There is no evidence for souls.

      • Tweed Mag

        Obviously your turn to contradict. Bye Bye.

  • BanJones

    He gets a bag of peanuts and he gets to sit in the tyre swing after the tea party so it’s not all bad.

  • Kenny

    he`s another one of the rats bong eyed fukkincunts

    • Martin Rooney

      Settle soon Kenny ya ticks will gan pop

  • Sickandtired

    Given the fact he’s been arrested in the tax case, can’t complete a transfer generally within a couple of weeks of the window closing, doesn’t speak a word to supporters or the press and does whatever Ashley demands – I’d say the waste of oxygen is severely overpaid.

  • Mark Potter

    Daniel Levy is the Managing Director of ENIC Limited a company based in the Bahamas, and the joint owner of that company with billionaire Joe Lewis, who lives in tax exile. Lewis made a massive amount of money by the betting against the pound, before it crashed on Black Wednesday in 1992.

    ENIC is the owner of Spurs. So Daniel Levy is the joint ultimate owner of Spurs. Using his voting power on the board of ENIC, he has appointed himself as the Managing Director of Spurs, and he then pays himself a salary of over £2million. So he takes significant money out of that club every year. On the basis that he spends time on managing the club. Around £40k per week, on a par with many of the players. ENIC also invoices Spurs for over £1million per year for undisclosed “services”.

    Many of those listed in the article as Directors are in similar situations, where they have an ownership interest in the club, and use their Directorships to take money from the clubs, without paying dividends. This is because owners/shareholders can’t be paid a dividend unless the club makes a profit.

    Charnley isn’t. He is just an employee, albeit an important one. No doubt there are many directors at other clubs in a similar situation, but these people are not the highest paid directors, and therefore their pay is not disclosed by their club’s accounts. You don’t have to list all of the directors pay when producing company accounts, it’s normal to just give the total and the highest amount. So generally it possible to guess who the person is that receives the highest pay.

    In Charnley’s case, there is only one Director, so the highest paid Director must be him. That’s unusual, many clubs have several people on the board, Spurs have seven Directors.

    Comparing Charnley with Levy is completely wrong. Charnley is in a similar situation to the Spurs Club Secretary Matthew Colecott. But Colecott is not the highest paid Director, and his salary is not known.

    Levy should be compared to Ashley, both are ultimate owners, though Levy isn’t the sole owner of Spurs. Levy pays himself and his holding company over £3million per year. It’s in the Spurs accounts, clear as day, and anyone can check from Companies House. That’s the requirements that the accountants have to meet, and the auditors check. The same rules apply to Newcastle United. Comparing Levy to Ashley we find that Ashley takes no money from the club, and hasn’t done in over 10 years.

    Levy is certainly not unique. Most clubs have had £10-20million taken by their owners during the time. And, we also find that Shepherd and Douglas Hall also used to pay themselves considerable salaries of about £0.5million each per year. And spent significant times travelling around Europe visiting other clubs to watch potential players, living the high-life on expenses paid by the club.

    • tristanisginger

      I take it the free advertising for SD (presumably paid for by NUFC) doesn’t count as taking anything out of the cloob?

      • Mark Potter

        You don’t know that Sports Direct receives free advertising. The accounts over the last few years suggest that SD does pay. This is because the accounts must show any benefits that the ultimate owner receives, and they did indeed show that the company he is majority shareholder (SD) got this benefit until a few years ago. But they no longer show this is the case. Since this followed them saying that SD was probably going to pay a commercial rate, then we can assume this is the case.

        Regardless, Ashley isn’t Sports Direct. Ashley himself didn’t take money from the club, unlike Levy.

  • Jate Legend

    Many of you would argue that Charnley’s the worst-performing MD in the Premiership, so then surely he deserves to get paid the least. He also has an easier job description than most MDs in terms of the calls he is allowed to make, so 100+k seems like a pretty decent wedge from where am standing. I don’t think anyone would suggest Ashley ought to give Charnley a raise.

    • Clarko

      I wouldn’t argue that, I think he did fantastic in signing and holding on to Benitez for this long, I think he did a fantastic job managing to bring in Kenedy, Dubravka, Sung-yueng, Muto, Schar, Rondon and Fernandez with less than nothing and when he was allowed to make the calls like in the summer 16/17 window, Benitez seemed pleased.

  • Spoon_Army

    Pay peanuts you get …….

  • Slim_Newcastle

    Cockney w*nker would be better off with a balloon with a face drawn on.