Henri Saivet has passed his medical with Bursaspor, according to Turkish media on Monday morning.

Olay report that the Newcastle midfielder is expected to train with his new teammates tonight, once everything is officially signed off.

No indication as to whether the year long loan deal includes any buyout clause for a player Newcastle paid £5m for back in January 2016.

However, Olay report that for the initial year’s loan, Bursaspor are paying NUFC 900,000 euros, which is approximately £800,000.

Henri Saivet speaking on Wednesday to beIN Sport:

“I am very happy that I came to Bursaspor, and it was very important for me to be transferred here for my career.

“I will be training with the team after the health check tomorrow.

“Hopefully everything will be fine.”

The Mag – 15 August 2018:

Henri Saivet has now at last arrived in Turkey.

Premature reports in the Turkish media on Monday had claimed he was already there and due to take a medical ahead of a move to Bursaspor.

However, Wednesday afternoon has seen confirmation that the Newcastle midfielder has arrived, pictured arriving at the airport (see below).

Turkish Football report that a medical is set to take place and with a deal in principle claimed  to be already agreed between club and player, the move should be announced in the next 24 hours.

As to whether it is a straight buy, or loan to buy, remains to be seen.


  • TheFatController

    We’ll probably find that the agent behind his move here is part of the HMRC investigation….

    • SuperDesHamilton

      He had an agent before he signed with us & was told if he wanted to join Newcastle he had to sign with the agency that Graham Carr and a few of our players were with. Just so happened Doumbia was also signed to that agency as well, very suspect….

      • Kenny

        bungs, i hope the lot of them get banged up

        • SuperDesHamilton

          A can’t remember the name of the agency but Saivet done an interview when he was at saint Etienne about it.

          Their all as bent as Arab daggers

      • TheFatController

        Did I miss their testimonial games, out of interest…?

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Definitely not, as were they not missed either

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      How good would it be if Charners sang like a canary to the HMRC and sent his boss down?

      • Wor Lass

        His boss has more firewalls than GCHQ – won`t happen.

        • Paul Busby

          Charnley is a firewall… or perhaps just a wall… ok so he’s a brick

  • Kenny

    Penfold should be flogging budgies on the Quayside. tossa

  • Wezza

    So that’s – £35,000 a week on wages. We must be bottom of the table on wages surely!

    • Desree

      100m a year in wages? Most the squad must be on 2m tops can’t be much more than 60m total wages

      • Ram Kishore

        During the championship season we had too many players and a bloated squad. Many were out on loan and compensation could have made it a bit higher i suppose.

      • Wezza

        I believe it to be 47M.