Sunday morning brings news that Rafa Benitez has been backed to bring in three essential signings this week.

With only around 100 hours of the summer transfer window remaining, it is claimed the manager eventually got the green light after speaking out following the Braga match.

The Chronicle say that their information is that at last Mike Ashley and his minions accepted that the squad does need this kind of strengthening before 5pm on Thursday comes around.

The three positions that will be filled according to the press claims, are at left-back, centre-back and centre-forward.

However, this is no revolutionary breakthrough, as the report adds that Rafa will be backed to get three signings BUT they will still have to be funded by minimal transfer funds, as has previously been made clear to him.

On Saturday, Dwight Gayle was left out of the squad for the friendly against Augsburg, whilst Salomon Rondon was left out of the 18 man West Brom squad that lost their opening Championship fixture to Bolton yesterday.

That transfer saga looks to be almost finalised, which would see Rondon arriving as that new striker but at minimal or even no cost in terms of transfer fee, with Gayle going the other way.

As for the two claimed defensive signings, yesterday the media in France said that Newcastle had bid an initial £6m for Stanley N’Soki with PSG wanting £9m. The reports did indicate that another £4m of additional payments was included in the NUFC offer.

The 19 year old can play both centre-back or left-back, which would suit Rafa’s preference for versatility.

Hopefully, if N’Soki does indeed sign, that doesn’t then see Mike Ashley telling Rafa he now has his new centre-back AND left-back!

Difficult to see N’Soki as an instant answer in the middle of defence so you assume that Rafa Benitez must be looking at a more experienced player who could play alongside Lascelles, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Newcastle didn’t end up getting in a loan player.

A swap, a cheap £6m on N’Soki, and a loan, that kind of trio of signings is most definitely what we have come to expect under Mike Ashley’s ‘tight financial framework’, which translates to….spending as little as possible.

The Chronicle:

Rafa Benitez has had his request for more players approved by the powers that be at Newcastle United – providing he works within the tight financial framework at St James’ Park.

The Toon chief should be handed a striker, a left-back and a centre-back before the deadline on August 9.’

  • Desree

    This news is just like our record signing in January.

  • Paul Patterson

    Jesus Christ. The penny pinching is unbelievable. #Wheresthemoneygone

  • Ben Jones

    What a load of [email protected]

    Nothings changed, we’re still after the same people we were with the same finances we had, absolutely nothing has changed as a result of rafa ‘speaking out’ you’re writing a [email protected]@king fairytale

  • East Durham Mag

    Whats the budget 10 pairs of Donnay trainer socks and a Slazenger t shirt?

    • Mike

      dont forget the SD mug!….oh sorry thats us

  • Clarko

    CAM please.

    • Wor Lass

      Never heard of him – or are you doing something with the urbandictionary definition?

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    Here it comes – the fan placatory. Ashley will still be left with a net profit from the transfer window but, hey, it shows they’re trying.

    Pap for the peasants.

    • Kneebotherm8

      They’re very fckn trying……….

  • Brian Standen

    Only way fans will be placated isi if someone like Danny Ings cane alongside Rondon ior Traore from Boro, plus a decent defender.
    Checking outside for flying pigs!

    • csh

      still need a number 10.

      • Atilla McNamee


      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Rafa doesn’t do no.10s

        Perez is a Rafa 10

  • MetalMickey

    Swap Gayle for Rondon, bring in Julian for the injured Leujeune and we’ll still logically need a back-up lb, rb, rw and a goal scorer.
    Aa far as back-up goes, we are weak practically everywhere across the park.
    We are weak in terms of quality compared to pretty much everyone else in the league.
    And if we have a bad run of injuries, that lack of quality and skill will most likely see us spend most of the season in the bottom third and most likely in the bottom 3.

  • Sickandtired

    Ah, so the genius of Ashley, Charnley and Co have finally agreed with Rafa – with 5 days left of the window.
    Not that I believe a word of it, but such a pity they didn’t believe their world class manager at the end of last season and acted as soon as the window opened (again).

  • Leicester Mag

    Oh good the sticky plaster to patch up the partially severed limb.

  • Atilla McNamee

    Sounds very much like Bishop’s work.

  • Down Under Mag

    This whole scenario just shows you the league and cups are meaningless…Ashley has basically avoided a few weeks extra wages when there are no gate receipts, sanctions some last minute signings and essentially gives the first few games up and puts the club on the back foot from the first whistle. Even three signings aren’t going to be Rafa’s first choices, we are again forced to go hunting in the bargain bin while the TV money remains painfully absent as those around us last season (and those who just came up) have done a better job of strengthening and it is again down to Rafa to get the most out of a threadbare squad. First choice XI is looking OK…assuming everyone hits the ground running and is on form (and despite all the bonus dispute stuff going on actually want to turn up and play).

  • Dingus


  • GlasgowMag

    Brilliant fatboy and his team rushing around at the last minute to provide a temporary sticky plaster approach to a gaping hole wound or the joys. Only way forward Ashley out!!!

  • Wezza

    Rubbish PR. Why would it take until 5 days to go before the window shuts to be ‘given the green light’ when Rafa has said this all summer AND have his lined up signings blocked for the second summer in a row. IF… and it is a BIG IF! We get 3 in 3 will go out including Lascelles.

    • Squintytoonarmy

      Agreed – plus only really 2 in as Rondon on way in any case

    • 5floorshigh

      utter rubbish coz they cant all be loans

      • Wezza

        That was a bit of a tongue in cheek statement by myself, I do remember that we can only loan two at a time so fat chance of us buying anyone.

        • 5floorshigh

          fair enough

  • 5floorshigh

    so say we get in another player on loan which seems to be the most plausible reality…….so hypothetically come Jan we need to bring players in to save our season….we will have no loan options left ! somebody is not thinking this through !

  • Jimblag23

    And pigs will fly 🌥 🐖 ☁️

  • Tweed Mag

    With another poor transfer window so far, we will just have to hope Rafa can get a few more recruits through the door. Bit worried about injuries, the squad may not be able withstand too many long-term absences in most outfield positions.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Utterly Underwhelming……..mention of Ashleys name makes me feel fckn nauseous……eff off you FCB……

  • Will In Despair!

    Sadly, even if we now started to compete head on with the likes of ‘any of the top 6’ personally I just couldn’t, I would still hold to my stance and until this 0dious one is history; my money is fully mine – actually more the other half’s 😁

    He has shown, time and again, that he is only in this for ‘Non Newcastle United Reasons’ it will never be for the best interests of our club, hence asset stripping etc.

    I feel any ‘rash ash cash spending’ now is far to little, far far to late,

    Plus simply only to try and plaster over some very deep canyon wounds he’s inflicted with acts, both against us the fans and the club itself, and is only doing so because certain sales are down!

    May he rest in hell!

  • MadMag83

    Bring back the days of the bargain bin, Charnley is on his hands and knees looking under the bin!

    It’s painfully obvious he doesn’t want to sell. You can’t ask top dollar for something you haven’t invested in. Run the club on the cheap, expect to sell it on the cheap.

  • Desree

    News flash – Mike Ashley sanctions record signing.