Peter Crouch has been linked a number of times with Newcastle United throughout his career.

I would never have wanted Newcastle to sign him but no denying that he was an effective, if ungainly, striker.

Indeed, Rafa Benitez paid £7m to buy him for Liverpool from Southampton back in 2005, the forward scoring 42 goals in three seasons before Rafa sold him for £11m to Portsmouth.

Funny that, when you back a manager to buy the players he wants, somebody like Rafa Bentez can bring somebody in who scores goals AND then sell him at a profit.

Peter Crouch has been casting his eye over how each Premier League club will get on this season and what he says about Newcastle United is very interesting.

No doubts about the opinion on his former boss: ‘In Rafa Benitez they have a fantastic manager whose success at the top speaks for itself.’

However, he is clued up to the situation at NUFC…’Clearly the owners are operating to a different agenda to Rafa’s.’

For those Newcastle fans who are so downtrodden by 11 years and counting of Mike Ashley, take note of how Peter Crouch sees it: ‘If they were all pulling in the same direction (at Newcastle United) what could they achieve?’

Whilst most Newcastle fans are worried about the new season, despite the lack of ambition shown by the owner, Crouch’s opinion on our prospects is: ‘They won’t be anywhere near trouble at the bottom but they will be short of the European places.’

Sometimes outsiders can have a better perspective on your team/squad and I do hope that Peter Crouch is correct on this occasion.

However, unless there is a flurry of late incoming decent signings, I find it hard to see anything but a season of struggle, hope I’m proved wrong.

Peter Crouch speaking to The Mail:

“You look from afar and see a club that has everything to take off.

In Rafa Benitez they have a fantastic manager whose success at the top speaks for itself.

“Every time you go to St James Park, you feel how desperate the fans are for success but you also know they have been unhappy for some time with the ownership.

Clearly the owners are operating to a different agenda to Rafa’s.

“If they were all pulling in the same direction (at Newcastle United) what could they achieve?

“Until that day arrives they will continue to be in mid-table, heading towards the top 10.

“They look short of goals but I like the signing of Ki Sung-yueng, who’s always impressed me.

“He is a good midfielder with plenty of ability – and those sentiments can also be applied to Jonjo Shelvey. If he kicks on again, I don’t see why he won’t be considered for England.

“They have more than enough to get the results Newcastle need.”


“They won’t be anywhere near trouble at the bottom but they will be short of the European places.”

  • Paul Patterson

    “They won’t be anywhere near trouble at the bottom but they will be short of the European places.”
    Hope the club don’t see that. They’ll put the blocks on any further deals..

    • porciestreet

      How do you hire a hit- man…..?

      • relaxed

        “How do you hire a hit- man…..?”
        Do the opposite to what the FCB would do and offer decent money
        On the other hand i think that there would be a lot op people that would happily do it for free

  • TheFatController

    Clearly Crouch hasn’t the football intelligence and experience of goatrider and mentalman as he thinks Rafa is a good manager

    • ghostrider

      Nobody is saying he isn’t a good manager but he needs to stop moaning and prove it in a positive way and ensure that he plays positive football with the players he buys, at every available opportunity.

  • HarryHype59

    “They won’t be anywhere near the bottom end”

    I am sure the pundits said the same thing last year about Stoke, Swansea and WBA.

    I notice the pundits at Talk Sport also don’t tip NUFC for the drop, favouring Huddersfield, Cardiff Brighton and Watford.

    Let’s hope they are right. Personally, I think a season of struggle awaits NUFC due to Ashley’s short sighted obsession with cost cutting.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      A think we’re in for an almighty struggle to

      • HarryHype59

        Agreed, a couple of injuries and/or suspensions to key players and this team will struggle.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Plus the hope Diame and Perez continue their second half of the season form also

      • Billmag

        When do we ever go into a season full of hope and expectation with this regime, everyone hoping Rafa can wave his magic wand again but he can only do so much.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Aye correct, only so many times we can get lucky. We were ridiculously lucky with injuries last season. We also had a togetherness last season which seems to have be blown away by this whole bonus stand off

  • Sickandtired

    Pity he can’t say the owner, not ‘owners’. If he can’t even get that right then there’s not much point quoting what he says.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    How can it be a season of struggle when we finished tenth last season and have added sixty million pounds worth of talent for the coming season either as signings or loans. Our goalkeeper is worth far more than we paid for him, Kenedy is worth as least £20m the new centre forward also, the Japanese striker £10m a good free in Ki who would be worth £10m. It’s only the Mag which could complain. We could end up with eight good signings but you lot on here will still call for protests. The rest of the country see you as moaners.

    • TheFatController

      Probably when they are seeing everton spend £50m on one player and a £27m player coming in, they wonder why we don’t do that.

      Your inability to see the bigger picture and instead say ‘£60m’ like it’s making us competitive with teams paying £25m plus on players regularly, seems like bias therefore.

      Sorry to use facts to highlight the point I make, but really, we are not even in the ball parks of Brighton and Huddersfield in terms of getting players in early, meeting the planning needs of the manager etc

      So clubs either spend more or plan better – other than that it’s all good.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Rest of the country see you as moaners? Wouldn’t it be us if you were a supporter?

      Come on man monky the mask has slipped so much it’s almost on the floor

      • Paul Patterson

        He keeps doing it doesn’t he.
        Every man and his dog knows this club needs investment, rival fans think it, pundits think it, opposition players think it, everyone but Ashley’s minions and their associates, oh and the trolls on here . .

        • SuperDesHamilton

          I’m willing to listen to everyone but him & ghost sound like jilted Ex’s blaming Benitez for everything from WW2 to 9/11. A think he’s from the north east but likes to wind people up he’s a lot like Leazes & his acolytes..although he doesn’t scream people down with a differing opinion

    • grumpyoldmag

      You don’t think last season was a season of struggle then?

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        No with the points we deserved against Everton, Burnley and Bournemouth we would have finished seventh. We beat Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea so it was not a struggle once Rafa knew his best team.

        • TheFatController

          Was that arsenal’s Reserve team flown straight in from Russia, and the Chelsea team avoiding injury before the cup final and World Cup giving their all for a manager clearly leaving…?

          Ah yes.

          • Paul Patterson

            We can’t expect those points this season. .

        • Neil O

          I like Benitez and he’s doing all he can to achieve maximum improvement before the Thursday deadline. Playing hardball. The squad is improved, but yes, it would be obviously great if we could add more.

          Who has gone that we will miss compared to last season?
          Colback? Nope
          Sels? Nope
          Mitrovic (I like the lad, but most on here didn’t and he hardly stepped foot on the pitch for us last season), so another nope.
          Mbemba? (decent – but lacking important communication skills) so a sort of semi nope from me.
          We will miss Merino – I rate him highly, so that is a loss.
          And of course Lejeune – for part of the season. He’s classy. So, realistically we have lost two ish solid full season players. (and half is Lejeune due to an injury).

          Who have we got?
          Dubravka – top notch (obviously played half last season)
          Kennedy – top notch (obviously played half last season)
          Schar – decent centre back – but I’ll reserve judgement
          Ki Seung Yueng – decent midfielder
          Muto – should add some goals

          So, in short Mbemba played a few games, Merino had a half season, and yes we will miss Lejeune. So, we are two down compared to last season.

          And bearing in mind Dubravka and Kennedy only played half a season I’ll count them as an addition of 1 player this season.

          So 4 more players and 2 less. Basically as it stands 2 more compared to last season. Gayle goes and Rondon comes in – I’ll say at the moment cancel each other out – but Rondon in Rafas view is obviously a good swap.

          If we get two more players (fingers crossed) – we would have improved by 4. I’d have taken that in May. Who wouldn’t?

          But, as always I would want more.

          • Ben Jones

            Great comment

          • Ken


          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Exactly, some fans have called this asset stripping!! On the most basic level, if you have things you don’t want, you take them to car boot and flog the stuff in exchange for money to buy things you do want, like beer.

          • TheFatController

            Some people use money they earn to add to their pot to buy things.

            19 PL clubs for example …

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Spurs, Burnley?

            Indeed they do add to the pot but wages are as important in this context. What we’ve done is release wage budget. If Mbemba was on £40k a week, that costs the club £2.37m a year or £11.84m over his 5 year contract. We had far too much dead wood accumulated via poor choices & manager change.

          • Billmag

            Little old Burnley, just beaten our long held transfer record.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Bill you’re gonna get a breakdown of the sweet some of FA now, Bobbi loves a good number crunch

          • Billmag

            Aye the regular forum mathematician he must be doing fatty’s books.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Hopefully Lejeune will be back at some point which will be good news. I am never interested in net spend unless a player goes out who was a regular in Rafa’s plans and Merino was not good a player as he is.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          But we didn’t

      • ghostrider

        Far from it.
        The only struggle was dire tactics on many occasions.
        The squad was more than capable.

    • robbersdog

      “The rest of the country see you as moaners.”

      You’ve finally confirmed what we, ie, genuine NUFC fans, always knew. I don’t know why you spend so much time winding people up on here, but your obsessive trolling has a pathological element to it.

      Here’s a suggestion – get a life.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        A suggestion to you support the team. The season has not even kicked off and the talk on her is protests, leaflets do not go. We finished tenth are as good as Burnley who finished seventh if not better. We have some really bad supporters if you can call them that who always moan.

        • kingfisher

          The really BAD supporters Monkseaton , are those who are Ashley apologists and sit on their hands and do nothing!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Doing nothing? Going to the match and supporting the team is positive. Moaning at home is worse than doing nothing.

            I’ve said before, get NUST to act like a supporters trust, pledge £2,500 a fan to the trust and launch a takeover.

          • S.G.M.

            I’ll buy 20 of those little beauty’s

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            You’ll commit £50k? I like it. with the right business plan, I can go higher than £2,500 too.

          • Martin Rooney

            It really is that simple, or they could start a new club called simply Newcastle and support that nowt to stop them playing in black and white stripes

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            They could do that, tell everyone they’ve invented ‘real football’ and charge more than any other team at that level on the basis they have ambition.

        • TheFatController

          One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

          • Martin Rooney

            State of mind, after the freedom fighter wins, they’re living under a new dictator, justifying that its their dictator not someone else’s.

    • Ken


    • Chuck D

      The other clubs haven’t stood still you clown!

      The league gets tougher year on year which is why you need continual investment!!

      Ashley can’t and doesn’t grasp that, hence the 2 relegations which you perversely enjoyed for some reason.

    • Milo79

      Ha ha…hats off to you for your dizzying spin of six new signings (which is in fact four new additions) into possibly ‘eight good signings’.

    • Elvin Burdon

      Your last sentence gives you away. Quote ” The rest of the country see you as moaners” unquote. If you were a genuine NUFC supporter it should read “see US as moaners” You’re obviously one of two M’s manure or mackem now bog off.

    • BLOCK Monkseaton Magpies

      Lol, seriously, little by little this affront of yours and your ilk, shows every now and then how in fact, and as other have stated: you are simply TROLLS, no doubt a paid one!

      When you take it on board and really think about it, what a pretty sad plight, and/or a complete waste of space!

      Honestly, I’d be very worried, as no one in their right mind, no balance person; would troll another fans forums, unless:

      They seriously need to seek professional help, now!

      Paid, salaried, on the payroll etc. possible under orders of one of the most disastrous loathsome Newcastle United owners.

      Either way, I’ve always looked upon your post not with scorn, more in pity, poor you 😁
      Facts are that your lot – the rest of us Toon supporters see you as TROLLS!

  • Philippines

    “The rest of the country see YOU as moaners…” That from Monkseaton Magpies…. that suggest he is not US. Apart from that, I think PC’s view is about right.