“Standing still: a much-underrated habit. The best players know the value of staying where they are. No point in moving if you are unmarked in a good position….some get too excited, running around the penalty area like headless chickens. Others, however, prowl with a little more cold-blooded intent.”

Alan Smith – ex-Arsenal and England striker

Sometimes watching the play unfold and holding your position presents the best opportunities…

…it was all there in front of us.

Club after club spending bundles of TV money, and there stood Rafa starved of service, the tide of media slowly turned against Mike Ashley. His penny pinching becoming clearly apparent, presenting us with an open goal. Hold your position.

Rafa, having endured another niggly tussle with Ashley, understandably snapped and retaliated and straight away you saw it, a neck high challenge by The Mirror’s hatchet man, a sly elbow by serial offender Richard Keys. Hairy-handed cock-eyed logic now pointing the finger at the Spanish attacker.

So let’s fly flags, hand out leaflets, protest in his shops, boycott the games, make banners about fat cockneys, send online abuse to his family and colleagues….lets run around the area like headless chickens….or should we prowl with more cold blooded intent?

Trust me…like many my instinct is to take Ashley out with a neck high two footed challenge, but that will only see the focus turn on us, the media will take their eye off the ball, and Ashley will have won.

When our behaviour makes the headlines, it won’t be long before the same old pundits are rolled out to condemn our fans as greedy, entitled, cockney haters who haven’t given Ashley a fair chance since he saved us from bankruptcy, we should show him gratitude…”you’re not a big club…when was the last time you won anything…I remember your attendances being 11,000 in the eighties…”

….and the open goal is scuffed into row zed.

I don’t claim to know the answer, I don’t know if anything will move that man to support the manager and give us the chance to flourish, but I think history shows that dissenting against him will only make him more bloody minded and our position worse.

Our only hope is maybe that he is shown to be cheap in the media, maybe unanimous agreement in the press that he’s the worst owner in the Premier League is enough of an embarrassment to him for him to finally sell up and walk, or release substantial funds in January….I agree that’s still unlikely.

One thing is for sure, showing support for the manager – if Rafa goes we go (#IfRafaGoesWeGo) – shows us in the best light, and shows that the owner doesn’t deserve us or the manager. It reinforces the narrative in the media that we are a good group of fans being ill treated, not an angry cockney hating mob.

Let’s not run around like headless chickens.

None of us want the club to stand still, but holding our run may present our best opportunity for victory.

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  • Monkseaton Magpies

    For a start if Rafa goes we go I ask where to Tesco, Eldon Square or perhaps a day feeding the ducks in Leazes Park. Any leaflets, demonstrations will be music to the press’s ears especially the Times as they would love us to go down. Got more chance of a buyer if in the Premiership so you defeating yourselves.

    • BanJones

      Heaton Stan or any of the local Northern League teams need supporters and offer a good afternoons footy entertainment, so no you are wrong it will be to Ashleys detriment not people who like to watch football.

      • Ben Jones

        ^a Newcastle fan who says it doesn’t matter if the club go down as there’s still non league teams to watch, football is the winner

    • toonsteve

      To watch a sports team with ambition to improve rather than just survive. That may be local football, (senior or junior) or another sport. Unlike the so called superfan, the majority of fans have other interests outside NUFC.

    • drc74

      u could ride lifts all day

    • TheFatController

      I think that ashley will he affected by the campaign, because it’s getting so much coverage, everyone he meets he’ll know is thinking ‘ah, they guy with a campaign against him…’

      And he’ll know his enemies – like Dave Whelan – will be lapping up the love for Rafa and messing around with SD.

      Basically, everywhere he goes, he knows people are laughing at him for being such a spectacularly hated individual. Even waiters in restaurants and bar staff must laugh and point fingers at his table etc …

      He had the money before he bought the club, so being rich is no solace. He was rich before, now he’s rich and a laughing stock to people who don’t care about us, just find it bizarre how hated you can be and still be visible in public.

      • Ben Jones

        *^previous post has been brought to you in conjuction with our ‘say no to drugs’ campaign

  • Leicester Mag

    There’s a myth we are standing still we are not. We are in Premier league terms and even the Championship going backwards

    • Down Under Mag

      Ashley doesn’t care but I agree. Even without spending a fortune on the players bought, if Ashley had done things properly we could have a great youth setup and trainign facilities and have already started to see the benefit of this on the pitch. The stupid thing in, by cutting corners in how he runs the club for immediate profit now and no long term foundations for the club, Ashley has probably inadvertantly lost himself a lot of money in the market from being able to sell even a handful of youth players who have come through. Even had he invested the Carroll money, even if he had spent on the academy what he paid for Riviere, we could have had an academy the envy of the country.

  • Down Under Mag

    Ashley is banking on the fans getting bored and just falling back into line once the football starts and we have a few token signings before the window shuts. As long as we can avoid any more police horse incidents and abuse of the owner himself and stick to the affairs of the club as the sole focus, then I see no reason why a consolidated campaign can’t be seen in a good light and can’t continue alongside match-day support for the players and the manager. The trick is to make sure things don’t spill over and the public image portion is kept in the hands of people with more brain cells than teeth.

    • Tony English

      Exactly that is the trick. Set aside the personal abuse, it distracts from his record, we show we support Rafa and hold our fire (for now).

      • Wezza

        Well Tpnt, sadly what MA is doing will lead him to getting public and personal abuse. He has made his bed so to say, not that I condone any of that thing but he is messing with peoples lives. You don’t get repeatedly punched and like it do you? You’d most likely get angry and retaliate.

        • Tony English

          Yes but it’s how you retaliate…

          …we’ve all had those arguments when you raise your voice, then suddenly you’re not arguing about the initial disagreement….

          …you’re arguing about your method of arguing.

          That’s what we need to avoid.

          • Wezza

            What do you mean… it is how “you” retaliate. Have I went on a vicious tirade of abuse against MA? No.

          • Tony English

            I used “you” as a general term, you can replace it with “a person” if you like. I was responding to your comment…

            “You don’t get repeatedly punched and like it do you? You’d most likely get angry and retaliate.”

            I know you weren’t specifically talking about ME in that comment.

          • Ben Jones

            RIP to the bit of Tony that died explaining that

          • Tony English

            I only ever once considered teaching English as a foreign language….never thought I’d need those skills here.

        • Leazes.

          The most embarrassing owner in the World of football eclipsing easily the Gillettes, Vincent Tan, and Short….and this author doesn’t want the adverse effects of bad publicity.

          Tony English turned up during the world cup and writes with the same politics as a Mag writer called Paul Lyon…..

          • Tony English

            Did I say in the world of football?

            I said in the Premier League, the broadcasters won’t criticise the Gillettes because they are spending the TV money the broadcasters give them…Ashley is diminishing their product….he’s banking their money…they will turn…

            Never mind though Leazes-Jesus, Wezza and Peaky like that comment eh? Baaaa-Baaaa…

            “Tony English turned up during the world cup” because he was laid low with a kidney infection, off work for weeks, bored, and maybe discussing (lack of) transfer news on faces book wasn’t that interesting to normal folk.

            But of course you bravely blocked me on day one so you’ll have to read this from one of your other profiles Sherlock, because I (along with seven thousand others) am the bogie man from Mancester…

            …and now I’m Paul Lyon?

            I’m so so easy to find on social media….that’s my name….that’s my face…add me as a friend and say hello…

            …and as for my politics…you called me Tory English…go and check who my local MP is…Islington North…a massive right wing stronghold round here mate…

            …every day you find another topic on which you know absolutely nowt about.

            You are aware of the definition of a troll aren’t you?

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I am down with the sentiment of the campaigns in principle but will they like everything else turn into nothing but empty threats ?
    Like another poster has written, Where are they going to go if Rafa leaves ?
    My guess is Nowhere !
    Because like every so called protest or group before them, They will bottle it, Because when it comes time to act, They will do the sum total of nothing.
    Just like the so called walkouts on whatever minute you like, They will be a complete failure.

    In the end it will come back to the same depressing quotes by people along the lines of :

    “No Point Protesting Because An Empty Stadium Will Not Bother Ashley.”

    “Why Should I Let Ashley Run Me Out Of The Club I Love” ?

    “I’ve Went For Years, What Else Would I Do On Saturdays” ?

    “It’s The Only Time I Get To See My Friends.”

    And round and round we go…

    • TheFatController

      Oh, I think a five year run mid table in the championship should see an exodus of the ‘loyal go to every game brigade’

      They’ll leave early when we go 2 down to Ipswich and not be back for hull city home next game.

      Obviously some will still turn up, but 5 years into that mediocrity and a shopping trip or beach trip will appeal – always does.

      • skarabrae

        Why can I only like this post the once 😉

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Couldn’t of said it better myself. Apathy is killing this club

    • Superdooperhooper

      Yes we need empty seats not empty threats especially for the live TV games . But the self proclaimed superfans and the day out squad will make their excuses and fill the ground

  • Polarboy

    I don’t understand why were aren’t in for Perez off Arsenal, if he’s going for as cheap as 5 million. As someone who can play as a centre forward and a number ten he’d be more than useful. Saying that I’d say it’s likely he’s on massive wages at Arsenal and won’t think about leaving unless he’s offered the same sort of cash. That rules us out if that’s the case.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Because that sounds like common sense, something missing at this club

    • Tony English

      I’ve been calling for that signing for months.

  • Wezza

    West Ham had serious protests in the middle of the game and end and look at their spending now.
    However, no matter what we do Ashley WILL NOT back Rafa even with the clubs money.

  • Toon

    If Rafa goes etc is total nonsense, you’ll guarantee the ground will full every week, it’s hot air. Fans will just say things like ‘support the team not the regime’, ‘he has my money anyway’ or ‘why shouldn’t I go and support them’ it was the same yesterday with the people who spent money attending a pointless friendly. Our fans haven’t got the collective strength to not go, even the vocal anti Ashley brigade have season tickets, look at the muppets who contribute to this website? Totally full of themselves but no back bone

    • kingfisher

      Absolutely spot on Toon ! These people have to get their “football fix” come what may, whatever the consequences.This “support the team not the regime” c*** is rubbish. They don’t want to miss their 90 minutes and to hell with everyone else who are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get rid of this man.

      • Billmag

        You are taking rubbish the same as the person you replied to.

        • kingfisher

          You make a good point in your reply to Toon, Billmag about future generations.You say that your love for the club is still burning brightly, welI the same goes for me and many hundreds of thousands of others,but that does not mean you have to renew your season tickets year after year after year.

          If people just sit on their hands and do nothing, there will not be a club of any standing left for future generations to support.Is it too much to ask for fans to miss a couple of high profile televised matches to protest against Ashley.?

          Myself and many others have finally bitten the bullet and will never enter SJP again until he’s gone, but that does’nt mean our love of Newcastle United is any less than yours,it just means that we are not prepared to sit back and watch Ashley decimate our club unlike the 50,000.

          • Billmag

            I can feel your hurt the same as me but you are never going to get 50,000 people all rowing the same way unfortunately.

          • kingfisher

            Yes, that’s very true Billmag.I suppose in an ideal world Ashley would have got the hint that he wasn’t wanted after a couple of years and he would have sold up.
            Instead we have a lot of unhappiness, hate and fans are divided in their feelings.

            All we want is to support our team, enjoy the experience and have a little hope that we might win something, but unfortunately Ashley has taken that from us.
            Still, we live in hope that things will change.😁

          • Billmag


    • Billmag

      Loads of people took there children there would you deny future generations an early look at there hero’s, I started when I was 10 I’m now in my seventyth year and still with the love of the club burning brightly, I think a lot of those young ones will be Mag fans for the rest of there lives. Ashley won’t be here forever.

  • Leazes.

    Tory English.

    • Tony English

      Behold the porcelain god of the message boards.

      • Billmag

        Seems as though he’s lost his backing group Tony.

        • Tony English

          The disciples may scatter when they realise he’s nowt but a bloated old heffer painted gold…

          ….turning water into shi te.

          • Superdooperhooper

            I’ve agreed with a lot of what you’ve said today but you’ve let yourself down there. You can’t take the moral high ground then call someone a bloated old heifer

          • Tony English

            With the greatest respect, the moral high ground above Leazes is very, very low lying, I could say a lot worse and still be looking down from a mountain top.

            He is constantly divisive on here accusing all and sundry of dishonestly turning fan against fan…apart from his blinkered disciples.

            He manipulates the dialogue away from discussion into argument.

            He has become the very thing he acuses folk of being.

            So we’ll have to disagree on that one.

          • Superdooperhooper

            I think there’s a lot worse than leazes for agitating people on here. Ghostrider boring repetitive loquacious. Monkseaton the accountant. Superdes Ben Jones clarko nitpicking people’s grammar and calling people childish names. I could go on

          • Tony English

            We all have our nemesis’ but those people will at least argue their corner if you disagree, and you can argue back…

            (except Clarko who bizarrely sometimes decides to tell people he doesn’t appreciate them being racist for absolutely zero reason)

            …but with Leazes he just sits in that same suspicious groove, like a flat earther….paranoid to the point of suffocation.

            Someone played him years ago, get over it man.

          • Superdooperhooper

            Don’t understand that last sentence. Who played who and get over what?

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Someone didn’t agree with him years ago & he still holds a grudge basically

          • Tony English

            Someone played him for a fool…pretended to be a fan and wound him up…so his default setting is to presume everyone is a fake…one of two brothers.

            He’s like a jilted bride who can’t bring himself to love again.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Of course he does all this with his to foil helmet on, to stop the aliens & chronicle reading his mind

            Seems we’ve broken the bullies & their resorting to fake accounts

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Leazes & his Acolytes add nothing but argument, they don’t put anything forward whatsoever they don’t add any sort of info or debate, it’s generally block this person or that person then a desent into arguments just so they can shoot their load by saying they’ve blocked people.

            Him & his friends are exactly what they say they aren’t

  • Ken

    when Rafa departs Newcastle will be in the same position as when he arrived
    he`s wasted 3 years of his life up here

    • Leazes.

      Not exactly….he’ll be £18m better off, Ashley will have had another 3 years advertising…. everyone’s a winner…well nearly everyone!

  • Tino11

    Still no article on the Magpie Group, I guess The Mag don’t approve?

    Ashley, Charnley, Bishop and Barnes out, out, out and out!

    • Leazes.

      Jensen is completely mute!… he used to do quite powerful leaders in the magazine. He seems to have left the articles to a wordsmith or an agency with no heritage, just look at the regular Jack Lacey Hatton, a Man United supporting Media writer doing heartfelt nostalgia articles for the Mag….

      Maybe they’ve locked him in a cupboard under the stairs.

      • Brian Standen

        I note you slag Mark Jensen off a lot, now I don’t know Mark that well, the odd email exchange etc, but what I do know is Mark like a lot on here got fed up with Ashley’s antics about three years ago and joined those in jacking in his season ticket!

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Don’t give Leazes facts he doesn’t do well with them. Plus he’ll block you for having a different opinion!

  • kingfisher

    I’ve supported Newcastle for over 55 years and throughout that time there have been good times (Fairs Cup, the Entertainers) and bad times ( too numerous to mention).We’ve constantly lurched from 1 crisis to another and when you think about it, over that time the owners have changed, the Managers have changed and obviously the players have changed.
    The one constant throughout that time has been the mind set of the fan base, i.e. carry on regardless, keep going despite what happens because the Geordies are” the best fans in the world” Yes the attendances have dipped sometimes but they always return.There’s an old saying that if 11 monkeys turned out there would still be a full house at SJP. Until these people realise that if they don’t stop going to every game and hit Ashley where it hurts,he will be here for years to come.

    Obviously every one of the 50,000, by renewing their season tickets, support Ashley and think he’s a good and responsible owner, and if that’s the case, fair enough, keep on going.

    • Tony English

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s possibly the first time in your long support that we have had a manager who is so highly respected in the majority of the media, who has been so clearly under funded?

      Is that not a unique experience in the last 55 years? In that time you could maybe put Keegan (1st stint) and Sir Bobby on a par in the media…but they were given funds.

      The situation is also unique in that broadcasters now pay a much bigger percentage of money to the clubs than they ever have before, and with their 24hour rolling news, and forensic punditry, they are expecting that the owners use this finance to improve their highly paid for product.

      My point is lets give this a chance to fester for a while, lets see the broadcasters turn on the regime that THEY fund, let them ask why THEIR money isn’t being spent…they don’t want Ashley pocketing their money either.

      • kingfisher

        A very good post Tony.Unlike Billmag who can only say” your’e talking rubbish” You make some valid points especially as you point out, out of the 3 so called highly respected managers, Rafa is the only one who has been underfunded.
        It would be great if the media turned on Ashley and that in turn helped to get him out.Fingers crossed 🤣😣👍👍

        • Tony English

          Cheers man.

          We keep hearing the majority of the money comes from TV now, so just like us they are going to feel short changed.

          They’re paying for Django Reinhardt and he’s giving them Bert Weedon’s play-in-a-day (one for someone of your advancing years!).

          • kingfisher

            Bert Weedon? 🤣 .excellent !!!! have some of these 👏👏👏

  • Malcolm Fisher

    I wonder just how many of the contributors on this forum have done as they spout, stopped going to the games. I have never been since Keegan left,and do not write or complain because it just causes me to fester inside to see what this parasite is doing to our club.

    • FatParosite

      Some just don’t get it do they. I had a twitter spat with Michael Martin about his bellyaching about Ashley yet fails to see that he still pays him to go to the SJP. He has a responsibility to others that look up to him yet selfishly fails to see his part in the contrivance. Like many on here who are told ‘Don’t get at the fans that go’…… Why not…?? They ARE part of the problem.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Good luck getting any sense out of that mental case.

        I remember lads raising money for the gallowgate flags & because it wasn’t his idea (because Michael must be centre of attention) Rang the police & said the lads had stolen the money then lied when confronted about it.