Pep Guardiola has spoken to the media on Friday afternoon.

The Manchester City boss talking about the match against Newcastle United on Saturday, amongst other things.

Asked about Manchester United’s crisis and pressure on Jose Mourinho, as well as the small matter of the Champions League, Guardiola was also predictably quizzed about Rafa’s defensive tactics.

Rather than criticise the Newcastle boss, the Man City manager simply explained: ‘He does it because he believes it is the best way to get points and we are going to adapt.’

Pep Guardiola says he just concentrates on preparing his own team, rather than worrying about what the opposition are planning.

Which is obviously what you should do when every player in your team (and indeed matchday squad) are quality players.

Pep Guardiola:

Newcastle did it (defensive tactics) against us away last season.

“I haven’t spoken with Rafa so I don’t know if he will do the same.

“He does it because he believes it is the best way to get points and we are going to adapt.

“We spend more time on what we have to do in ourselves because at the end, we can just imagine what our opponents our going to do but we don’t know 100%.

“Against Huddersfield we expected them to play with five at the back and they played with four.

“Our job depends on results. When we win, we are good. When we don’t win, we are not good.

“All the managers in the Premier League are top managers.

“The Champions League gets tougher every season, the teams are much better.

“It depends on our performance and of course we are going to try to go through.

“I’m not thinking about the final right now. It is in June and we are in August.

“We focus now on the Premier League and then we will focus on the first game (in the Champions League) and try to get points to go through.

“Manchester United remain a top team.

“We are just in August. They are there but it is just in August, there are a lot of points to play. After the international break the real season starts.”

  • Kenny

    Get past this lot Pep, me old son
    🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌
    🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌

    • Peaky


    • Dave Pattinson

      Nice one!

    • GToon


  • Carverlier football

    I wonder how Pep would get on managing the likes of us. He’s never had anything other than top quality talent throughout the squad in every team he’s managed, so it’s impossible to say whether or not he’d park the bus given a limited set of players…

    • Jimblag23

      I think he’d obviously be successful, but maybe not trophy success. It’d probably be a similar level of success to Rafa.
      Jose on the other hand is very hard to say, his temperament could be toxic at a non top 6 club.

      • Angelswithdirtyfaces

        His temperament has been toxic at top 6 clubs too

        • Jimblag23

          Yeah, but the money papers over those cracks. For 2 years anyway.
          I can’t believe he’s actually crumbling in his third year at Man U too. Does he have no self awareness?

        • Ram Kishore

          In his first season at Manchester united, i remember him saying he’s become a monk sort of person and he was pretty much calm ig.. i never saw any media reports like this sort that year..

    • Jate Legend

      I think he’d finish about tenth.

  • GToon

    He’s only managed clubs that would win the league – Barcelona, Bayern and then he only signed for citeh only after they said they would give him unlimited funds. He’s unproven in my opinion. It isn’t like he’s created a team like Fergie, Wenger, Keegan or some other managers. He’s just continued to buy success. What’s clever about that?

    • Apal

      Kegan created a team? Ferguson created the most expensive team ever seen in England before he won anything and Wenger spent big to, but not only that took over a successful side.

      • GToon

        Keegan created our promotion winning side, saving us from relegation to division 3. Wenger took over a side and turned them into a pretty amazing team, the invincibles. And much as it pains me to say it Fergie created a hell of a team based on his youngsters.

        • Apal

          Why not say any other Manager who did similar then? There are hundreds of them! It seems strange to put him in the company you have.

          Utd won the first premier league with the most expensive squad by miles the first time they won it! The only youth player in that team was Giggs. The rest cost them over £18m the next nearest squad cost was less than half as much as that!
          Have you been reading how Man Utd fans like to make it look hand book?

          Wenger took over a team with World class players such as Bergkamp, Adams, Platt,Wright, Dixon and Seaman. It not like he started at the bottom. Then the money he spent was huge at the time. Like Ferguson but not as much he spent big but didn’t win that much for the amount.

          Ferguson got lucky with a handful of youth players that came through a year or so later ie Beckham, Scholes and G Neville. The others weren’t in their league but that didn’t stop him breaking transfer record after record which Utd still do to this day.

          • GToon

            But Wenger never solved the issue with the cheque book. He turned aging players into an amazing team. I’m a Newcastle supporter as u know and it gives me no pleasure to praise your mates in red or the gooners but credit where it’s due. Fergie did have seasons where he went crazy with money but the team that pipped us in 95/6 wasn’t one he bought. I’d love to say it was but it wasn’t. He took a chance with Cantona, he got a keeper most of us had never heard of and trusted the likes of Giggs, Sharpe, Gillespie, Neville, Neville, Scholes. He was forced into that to an extent as the money had dried up but credit to him. Again, it gives me no joy to say that and that particular title win devasted me to be honest.
            The difference with Man City is that they have simply gone from not a lot to 1.4 billion later (spent on players according to the bbc) and the club they are now. Credit to the owners because they were prepared to take the chance we hoped the scum bag who owns our club would. Speculate, accumulate. Simple.
            I must admit I’m not keen on Pep tho. I find him arrogant. I also think he should try taking over a club that needs a lot of development and then prove his worth. Still. Bottom line is I would absolutely love it if your owners had bought my club! Cheers mate. Glyn.

          • Apal

            Fergie had the most expensive squad ever in football by the time he’d won his first league title, if that’s not telling you something I don’t know what else to say his squad cost almost trebled the next big spenders! This was not the case for City and the other spenders. Hard to look though the red press and their fans constant we did it with kidsThe facts are there, they did after already being the biggest spender and still while having those kids remains the biggest spenders!
            Cantona was a surprise signing but not cheap at the time £1.2m.
            Sharpe wasn’t even a utd youth player They bought him

            Had you heard of Kompany, Zabaleta, Richards or Hart when city sign them to be fair I’ll bet you hadn’t heard of Kolarov, Silva not De Jong either. It seems you have fond memories of those Utd players but not the city ones! Hart by the way cost a 1/4 of what Schmeichel did!

            on Arsenal that’s not right he bought in Veria, petit, Hartson, Boa morta all for big money. That’s not their only expensive signings there are others like Anelka etc all in his first season. After his spending went into over drive Henry £12m Wilford £13m Overmars £7m, Kanu £5.5m, Lauren £7.5 the only reason the started being more frugle with the cash was because the had to pay for there stadium, which is why they’re struggling now.

            In the days of these £3m players Utd were bringing in £12m in a season max Arsenal less. By today’s standards if Utd spend £50m on a player they’ve taken £500m. The difference is huge. This is now the same for City. The money at the top is incredible. It was all put into place by the premier league Utd spent to get to the top, same as any other club who got up their, take Newcastle in the 90’s Hall took a gamble and spent big. Unfortunuly it did come off, they could keep up with the Arsenal’s and Utds spending of the time. Luckily for City the had owners who could keep up with all their spending and they are now imbedded at a top table that’s now near impossible to join espically as the league and UEFA have fixed it against the clubs like urs that could with the right investment.

          • Apal

            P.S on your Man City have gone from something to nothing Utd for the £18m spend on the squad in 89 finished 13th!!! They weren’t what you seem to think the struggle through the 80’s spent a fortune (three times more than the next big spenders!!).

            Your idea Utd made themselves is not right at all the were poor in the 70’s and 80’s but the biggest spenders which finally paid off, luckily in time for the huge money the premiership brought

          • GToon

            I won’t argue about your Man U comments. And I don’t remember them fondly! I hated them with a passion. I just don’t like the money that’s in the game these days that made our game today almost a damage limitation exercise. That’s not right. Having said all of that I’m honest enough to say I’d love it if we were in man city’s position, instead of being unable to compete with clubs like Fulham and Bournemouth and basically every other team in the league.

          • Apal

            There isn’t an argument about Utd the spent massively more than anyone at the time 3 times more to be exact, that has never been done since.

            Problem in no team can be in City’s position again because UEFA and the premier league have slammed the door shut behind city. And to be totally frank it the kind of thinking that you urself are guilty of here that’s actually push FFP through. Utd won by spending, so did Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea same as city. If you cannot invest how can you get to the top? You can’t. Of course their will be the odd surprise now and then but that’s it. The greed of Europe’s top clubs has kept them top.

            If Newcastle get sold by Ashley the new investors cannot spend to put you on a nearly even footing. But to be fair it would be better than it is now. But.still what’s the point? Same three or four teams taking turns to win the big prize is boring, but City fans were all against FFP even though it wouldn’t really affect them

          • GToon

            I know we can’t compete at the top but what most of us want is some kind of investment. We don’t want to make a profit in the transfer window every time and to sell players and then buy cheaper replacements. We want the money the club generates to be put back in and not put in Ashley’s back pocket. We want our academy to be developed and our training ground facilities too. My son plays academy footy and he’s played at man city’s old training ground and also the new one. Quite simply it’s amazing. There’s nothing to stop us replicating that model apart from Ashley. We think rightly or wrongly that we could compete with the likes of spurs, Everton etc based on the income our club generates. It’s just Ashley that holds us back. He is our biggest problem, literally. Anyway, nice talking to you.

          • Apal

            You know as a fan looking in from the outside. The situation at ur club looks bad, but I can’t help feeling the fans have alienated the owner so much he’s deliberately cutting his own nose off to spite his face. It to late to change that now though, In the beginning I believe he was giving it a go but without big investment but still he was investing. To me it looked like the fans wanted more and that he wouldn’t do. It’s next to impossible to get to the top now. Investment needs to be a billions not millions like the 90’s. No investors are going to do that and can’t with FFP anyway. The best ya can hope for is investors that don’t mind losing millions, who will gamble, so in your case they have to love the club and that’s a hard ask the game is now as it started to be in the 90’s about big money and business. Newcastle is a big club but yo-yoing so less attractive to buyers. I can’t see a way out for you. Ashley needs to go as the relationship with the fans is clearly toxic. City had similar in the 90’s with Swales but to be fair we all knew he loved the club but wasn’t ever a money man or good risk taker and a similar relationship to NUFC developed that’s when we ended at our lowest ever. Looking back now that’s a long way away. Eventually we got back after he left with new owners which again loved the club but struggled, we got lucky in 2008 something happened that was every none top clubs fans dream, which weirdly now seem frowned upon (with help of the top’s clubs fans and the loving media) it truly has been a dream. Mostly because of the behaviour of the Salford lot from the 90’s now unbelievably the shoe is on the other foot! And u know what even in the darkest times we thought we’d be back like the 70’s too dogs again. Without free investment the reality is we never would have, City got lucky, but I tell you if any fans deserved that luck it was City, in the shadow of the most big headed arrogant fans ever. Now the FFP door is slammed shut I cannot see the same for you lot. Its only their to stop other clubs upsetting the top teams that’s sad but again City are part of that too but all our fans knew what it was FFP was I have to say the ones it affected like yourselves were all for it, and wouldn’t listen, now it’s in place and will help stop investment. If not for FFP I think you’d have been bought out and flying years ago, but what investors will invest with tied hands?

            Good luck as with Ashley you’re going to need it,

          • GToon

            U r right. The relationship certainly is toxic. I think the biggest issue for us is his treatment of Rafa. Refusing to invest in the training facilities and academy when he said he would hasn’t gone down well. We know we can’t compete with the top clubs but we could easily emulate spurs who we we on an even footing with before Ashley arrived. It’s just his stack em high sell em cheap mentality. Everything he does at our club is all about penny pinching. We owed money on our ground when he took over, like you might on a mortgage. He paid that off but has kept the debt. We would have paid that mortgage off by now. Instead we have the same debt plus other money he has “loaned” us. Totally different attitude to ownership.

  • Philippines

    Given the MUFC squad, the tea lady could probably manage it and get results. It is just what I call a “Cheque book” team.

    • Dave

      Yes funny isn’t it how all that money (more than any other manager has spent in the prem) and MUFC and Mourinho the cheque book manager has failed miserably! Funny people from the Philippines are uasually bitter rags hating any thing City yet here’s one who see’s the facts lol

    • GToon

      True. He’s gone about it the wrong way I think but at a club like that there’s no time.