Paul Merson has been looking ahead to Saturday at the Etihad.

Newcastle United are 28/1 to win the game, this in a three horse race (a draw or one of the two winning) where anything can happen, allegedly.

Merson surveys what is happening a St James Park now and declares ‘You have got to feel for the Newcastle fans.’

Referring to the style of play and cup exit against Forest, he declares about Newcastle fans: ‘I think they’d probably rather win something and spend another season in the Championship than watch this every week at the moment.’

If only life was so easy, if only we as Newcastle fans had the choice of either seeing relative success in the Premier League OR winning a cup!!

Undoubtedly Rafa’s tactics could have been more attack minded at Forest and the Newcastle side could have done better – BUT Newcastle aren’t in any kind of a position to win a cup – OR have a comfortable life in the Premier League – not because of Rafa’s tactics or team selection, but because Mike Ashley ensures that NUFC don’t have a team/squad that can have a real go in any competition.

Newcastle had a great record against Chelsea in recent times at St James Park, yet still lost last weekend.

This Saturday NUFC take on Man City, having lost nine PL games in a row at the Etihad. The irony is that claims of deluded Newcastle fans automatically expecting trophies, is instantly disproven by the fact that we would all be ecstatic if we managed a point at Man City!

Paul Merson speaking to Sky Sports:

“You have got to feel for the Newcastle fans.

“Fifty-five thousand supporters turn up every week and now they’re out of the cup.

“Now it’s a long season for them – last week’s stats against Chelsea were bordering on atrocious. With 25 minutes played, it was 90 per cent possession to 10 per cent in favour of Chelsea.

“I’ve seen that in five-minute spells, I’ve never seen it in a 25-minute spell, ever.

Newcastle will go to the Etihad and defend, but Man City will break them down, 100 per cent.

“It’s just when, and how many times.

“The Newcastle fans packed the away ends at Nottingham Forest [in the Carabao Cup], and they’re out of the cup already.

“I think they’d probably rather win something and spend another season in the Championship than watch this every week at the moment.

“Prediction is Manchester City 3 Newcastle United 0.”

Man City v Newcastle Match Betting:

Man City win 1/10Draw 10/1Newcastle win 28/1

Rondon to score first goal 17/1NUFC win 1-0 70/17 goals or more in match 17/2

All Man City v Newcastle betting HERE

  • Ron

    Paul Merson is just looking at the surface and not the underlying problem. We aren’t only going to complete against City next game, but Sprouts Direct, and House of Frazer, hopefully not Debenhams as well.
    The Fat Cockney is only interested in the High Street, not football, NUFC are only an advertising channel for his tat at festering Sprouts Direct. Boycott or order only!

  • TheFatController

    Paul Merson. If ever a man was equipped to say what toon fans were thinking.

    So we’d take another season in the championship ? Why? Because a Hughton or Rafa will take us back up no problem?

    Ashley is running out of credibility for respecting his successful/ popular managers. The next season we have in the championship is likely to be followed by a few more seasons in the championship.

    Between you and I, Paul, and unlike you Paul I don’t generalise that all fans think the same or claim to know what we all think, but myself, I’ll pass on another season in the championship thanks….it’s a woeful division unless you win it, and even then you’re just wishing it away hoping securing promotion is achieved ASAP, and get back to the big league.

  • Kenny

    I fear for Newcastle tomorrow, I really do.
    Rafabus will be parked up but that won’t hold back the tide. Our old mate Aguero will be out for his usual goal or goals.
    3 of our best players out, 4 if you add Lejuene. that Newcastle team on Wednesday didn’t have one player starting that’s good enough at this level.

    • Westdentoon

      Aye completely agree.

      It’s taken a mere 2 games for our pisch weak squad to be exposed for what it is.

      Well done Mike, what a marvellous plan that was this summer, your certainly getting the hang of running a football club 👋

    • Wor Lass

      I agree with your overall message but I did think Fernandez looked OK. We could cop for a drubbing on Sat – glad it`s on BT!

  • David2211

    At least in the Chanpionship there’s a goal…to get out of it.
    Then when you do you find yourself here where it’s a chore and survival is the only aim.

    Give me one day of glory, hugs, beer, tears and screaming until your throat bleeds with a cup win.

    It’ll never happen though.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    I begrudgingly gave up my season ticket. I wanted to vote with my feet. As sad as this sounds I believe I made the right choice. Now if a toon mad footy fan like me starts doing that the cracks are starting to show. Once one or two start then gradually more do. Who knows it may or may not make a difference to Ashley but the signs of fan trouble are building up for him. Lack if fan support AND another relegation would be more troublesome for him. If relegated with support hes leaking cash/value. Id take a relegation again if fans united to force him out at last. But while armed with Premier League TV riches he can call the shots. With relegation he gradually needs the fans more and more to subsidise his promotion chase.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      That’s the only time he invests. Protects his investment after relegation. Yoyo suits him, he knows the fans too well.

  • Wor Lass

    I can`t believe how soon some people can forget how cr*p it was to be in the Championship. Very little excitement in the build-up to matches against largely also-ran teams, waiting until the “big boys” had been on TV for news and limited highlights and an absolutely abysmal standard of refereeing. It was only made good because Rafa stayed and pulled the team together – I shouldn`t think that would happen again. I don`t mean to disrespect the other Championship teams and, yes, there were some good matches but it`s not the same as being on the top table. This is where we need to be as a club.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      The top teams and Sky money are ruining the Premiership. We may as well give up. Just what Ashley wants of course.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    He forgot to say haha after his misguided sympathy.

  • Kneebotherm8