Paul Merson was proved correct back in May, not often you can say that happens.

Chelsea came to Newcastle with still an outside chance of Champions League football, needing a win and Liverpool to lose.

Paul Merson claimed ‘I just don’t think Chelsea will be at the races. I think they’ll be more focused on the final.’

I doubted that at the time but then when the match came around at St James Park, Chelsea were a disgrace really.

Newcastle were the ones with nothing really to play for but it was they that were first to every ball, even Kante was lethargic.

Whether or not it was the FA Cup they had on their minds, they certainly weren’t at the races against Newcastle.

Six days after losing 3-0 to the Magpies, Chelsea went to Wembley, kept a clean sheet and beat Manchester United 1-0 to lift the FA Cup, yet again!

This time, it is a different Chelsea in that once again they have changed managers, a couple of month after winning that FA Cup final and 14 months since Conte had win them the Premier League.

Chelsea fans keen to get him out of the club and yet it is Newcastle supporters condemned for being too demanding…

Paul Merson declares that Newcastle are now struggling and ‘There’s a bit of a feeling around Newcastle at the moment and I think Chelsea will take advantage.’

For all Newcastle haven’t been great, they did ok in the second half against Spurs (hit woodwork twice and Kenedy wasted a one on one) and should have got something, whilst in a very low quality game and two poor teams, Newcastle should have won the match with that last minute penalty.

It is a bit of a strange situation where Newcastle could very easily have had no points or all six points so far.

Hopefully Sunday will tell us all a lot more and prove Paul Merson wrong.

With Sarri believing  in attack there are very likely to be chances at both ends and if Newcastle could take the league, both fans and players could relax a little and really push to see out the win.

Merson goes for a 2-1 away win and doesn’t believe that Newcastle have the quality needed up front.

Rondon and Muto are unknown quantities for Newcastle and very likely they will need to make an impact on Sunday at some stage, if Rafa’s team are to get a positive result.

Paul Merson speaking to Sky Sports:

“I think Newcastle are struggling.

“Why did they let Kenedy take the penalty against Cardiff? He was having a nightmare.

“There’s a bit of a feeling around Newcastle at the moment and I think Chelsea will take advantage.

“Chelsea don’t look amazing at the back, Arsenal ripped them apart at times, but Newcastle don’t have what Arsenal have going forward.

“Maurizio Sarri said he wants Chelsea to be pressing at all times, and it’s a danger when they don’t, even for 20 minutes.

“Just can’t see Newcastle picking them off here. Away win.

“Prediction is Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2.”

Newcastle v Chelsea Match Betting:

NUFC win 19/4Draw 3/1Chelsea win 13/20

NUFC win 3-0 110/1Rondon to score last goals 19/2At least 3 match goals in first half 6/1

All Newcastle v Chelsea betting HERE

  • nufcslf

    Chelski will win more than 2-1. We won’t even score a goal with the same team that was sh*t against Cardiff guaranteed to start. They just won’t be the same pathetic excuse for a football team that showed up on the last day of last season. Going to be yet another very straight forward home defeat. Enjoy the sheep.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    What he is saying and he is correct the protesters are affecting the atmosphere which will affect the team. The protesters are the enemy within who want us relegated.

    • Kenny

      The Fat Rat has made the club toxic, he & he alone is to blame. 🐭

    • Wor Lass


      • Kenny

        the guy is as mad as a hatter

        • Wor Lass

          He`s good comedy value, though.

    • joe mac

      only one enemy …your mate fatty!

    • TheFatController

      all apologists are driven by the need to tell the world they are superior to Newcastle fans – you, Dennis Wise, the list is short but not distinguished.

      If you imagine that all fans are free thinking, independent people who will have a vast array of views, that you believe you can collect them together and act superior is a very bizarre mindset, everyone has their good and bad, it’s impssible to prove superiority by comparison – yet you try to. Daily.

      Unlike you, I don’t think I’m superior, I base my view that Ashley isn’t good for us on the twin facts of we are neither financially nor sportingly competitive under Ashley. And given it’s a football club and a business, what then is he getting right?

      But that view doesn’t make me superior, it’s just a conclusion based on knowledge of a majority of the evidence. I doubt there’s evidence I’ve not seen that will make me think ‘my mistake, no one else could make us better financially or sportingly’ but if someone made a case I’d listen and change – sadly no one has. Not you, not Dennis Wise, not Andy Gray.

      But you don’t want evidence, you want superiority. Which is why you’re often wrong, and even worse often contradicting yourself (eg “SD profits won’t be affected but protests put innocent people out of their jobs” – logical, I think we can all agree)

      You’re not capable of assessing evidence and making a logical conclusion. You’re in need of inflating your ego by feigning superioity on here.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        In English what Paul Merson is saying is that the protesters are affecting the atmosphere which will affect the players as he has gone for a Chelsea win on that basis. This is no talk of superiority by Merson, Keys, Gray, Fleckman or myself. I do however put up with constant abuse on here being called Mackem, Man Utd fan etc. In those instances I will defend myself with my record of supporting our great club. That is not in any way shape or form superiority.
        What you fail to understand and fail badly like all the protesters is that you need a buyer to replace Ashley a slight problem for the Magpie Group which they have not thought out.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Again you misunderstand. The Magpie Group want to affect innocent peoples jobs and lives by driving down profits. I say that will not happen but what selfish people the Magpie Group are with that aim standing outside shops, trying to cause problems with the stock system pathetic behaviour.

    • Big Hairy Man

      That’s right we should not protest. We should know our place, doff our caps and accept everything that Ashley gives us (or takes). Yes Guvna, No Guvna, gawd bless ya Guvna.

    • Toon

      Standing out SD singing an anti Ashley song will not influence the players, it achieves nothing so take your head out of your bottom, there are no protests at the ground, idiot

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        During the last few minutes against Spurs while down to ten men there were a couple of hundred protesting just when the team needed their support class people.

  • Wor Lass

    I don`t know why the Mag keeps pushing this line about the Chelsea fans hounding out their manager. It was clear from a relatively early stage last season that he wanted out – of England and Chelsea – and he made sure the club hierarchy knew his feelings. It was always a case of when he went, not “if”. Did the Mag stand up against calls for Pardew to go the season after getting us to 5th place and into Europe? I didn`t come on here then but I`ll hazard a guess and say, “No”.

    • Toon

      The Mag led the charge with article after article slamming Pardew for the smallest things, it got very repitive and boring (which is The Mag on a daily basis)