Paul Merson has been evaluating  how every Premier League club did in the Summer transfer window.

The window having closed at 5pm yesterday, although Newcastle were one of the clubs who asked for the two hour ‘deal sheet’ extension, which allowed them to complete/announce the Federico Fernandez deal just before 7pm.

This is how Sky Sports have presented the major ins and outs for Newcastle United in this window.

One slight error, in that they have forgotten to include £22m/£27m Aleksandar Mitrovic, plus Mbemba went to Porto not Schalke…

Major ins: Martin Dubravka (Sparta Prague, undisclosed), Kenedy (Chelsea, loan), Yoshinori Muto (Mainz, undisclosed), Salomon Rondon (West Brom, loan), Fabian Schar (Deportivo, £3m), Ki Sung-yueng (Swansea, free), Federico Fernandez (Swansea, £6m)

Major outs: Adam Armstrong (Blackburn, £1.75m), Jack Colback (Nottingham Forest, loan), Chancel Mbemba (Schalke, undisclosed), Mikel Merino (Real Sociedad, undisclosed), Matz Sels (Strasbourg, £3.5m)

As for Paul Merson, he has rated only three other Premier League clubs as having had better summer transfer windows than Newcastle United.

The former Middlesbrough player giving clubs the following transfer grades on business done, in and out:

A+ Liverpool

A Fulham, West Ham

B+ Newcastle United, Wolves, Southampton, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Huddersfield, Leicester, Brighton

B Arsenal, Crystal Palace

C Bournemouth, Cardiff, Man City, Man Utd, Watford

Expelled  Tottenham

Hmmm, I don’t think many Newcastle fans would have come to the same conclusion as Paul Merson, hopefully he will be proved right for once…

It isn’t all doom and gloom but with a profit of over £20m made, the biggest in the Premier League, the profile overall of Newcastle’s signings compared to others – it is very difficult to see how anybody could believe the Magpies have had the kind of window that is anywhere near as good as clubs such as Everton and Wolves.

Spending money isn’t everything but it counts for an awful lot.

Paul Merson picks out the Kenedy and Salomon Rondon tranfers as the two stand out ones, kind of sums it up when both these are loan deals with no buying clause.

Merson says ‘People are worried about Newcastle, but I’m not worried about them’, once again, here’s hoping he’s like a broken clock and is at least right once.

Paul Merson:

“I like Kenedy, I thought he did really well last year.

“I don’t mind Salomon Rondon, I know they let Dwight Gayle and Mitrovic go, but if they can get him going, he’s a handful.

“I don’t know much about a couple of the other players, but keeping Kenedy on loan is a big deal for them, he was one of their best players last season.

People are worried about Newcastle, but I’m not worried about them.

“I think they’ll be alright.”

  • Milburn_Taylor

    Doesn`t know much about a couple of players but voices an opinion that only 3 clubs had a better transfer window, they should ask him when he`s sober

    • MP01

      it’s simple clickbait. nothing more. nothing less.

  • Alan Pardew

    You have to pay a lot of respect to Mike, we’ve had a couple of phone calls during the window and we could have cashed in on a couple of our players but he didn’t and I thank him for that and our fans should thank him too.

    • Milburn_Taylor


      • FatParosite

        Have a think about it…

      • Lord

        A quote from Pardew 2012. Just shows how things haven’t changed. Depressing huh?

    • Lewis SG

      Nice one. So much sarcasm.

    • Ron

      Nice one, and I see you gave yourself the thumbs up!

  • Peter C

    Sorry Jackie………..but a broken clock, tells the correct time, at least twice a day, but no more than twice.

    However, I get your point……….Hope you forgive me, for pointing that out.

    • ghostrider

      What about when the clocks go back?

      • Peter C

        On the day when the clocks go back, it’s right 3 times.

        On the others, only twice. As I’m sure, you’re aware.

        • BenMagpie

          not true. Surely when the clocks go forward it would only be right once? Also, like when they go back, the adjustment either back or forward would have to be done at exactly the time that the clock is stopped. or not. So since clocks change at 2am, the clock would have to be stopped at 2 for any of that to work. I think ive had too much to drink.

          • BenMagpie

            and if its a digital clock its only right once anyway.

        • ghostrider

          Exactly my point.

    • Ron

      What if it’s broken and the hands are snapped off! Eh! Never right, a bit like Merson!

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Would you post articles about your local pubs resident drunk?! Well why do we get everything pointless word that comes out of this horrid dishelved mongs mouth!

  • Tweed Mag

    Merson, Lawrenson, Nicholas, Thompson – the list goes on. They are past it and need to retire. There must be an old folks home somewhere for retired pundits.

  • Billmag

    He obviously lives on another planet, whilst I wish all the new lads all the best for the season ahead you get the feeling we could and should have done so much better in the transfer market with an owner that had the club at heart.

  • Leicester Mag

    This guy is more pickled than a gerkin.

  • GDubz

    We got rid of 4 players who were on first team wages who barely kicked a ball last year- Colback, Mbemba, Mitro, and Sels. The only player we will possibly miss is Merino, sorry to see him go as he has promise but if he doesn’t want to be here then he isn’t for us.
    So for me, last season, you could have taken those 4 players out of the team for the full year and not noticed.
    We have Rondon for Gayle, yeung for Merino.
    The rest of the signings add to the squad- Muto, Schar and Fernandez. For me that’s 3 players Rafa will be able to call on we didn’t have last season. Other than that all else is as it was so we are in a better place.
    Yes the FCB could have really kicked us on and spent some cash- that would have got us the signing of the season, Rafa for a few more year… but I don’t think we are in too bad a space for this season despite Ashleys penny pinching…
    See he spent £90m on House of Fraser today- another shop I will never got to again

  • Ron

    He’s had too much to drink at Richard Keys’ sleepover.

  • Martin Rooney

    I’ve always thought he’s not that bright mr Merson, so this is a turn up.
    Given some reflective analysis, Rafa has let go none of his first team.
    He has brought in a keeper and Winger who helped NUFC to a second half which if pro rata to a full season would have landed them a seventh place finish.
    He’s bought players he’s sought out with what is now his appointed recruitment team, an action all on here lauded as a greaqt move against Ashley appointments,
    So he is building his jigsaw he achieved much last year despite some bad decisions losing him points and he is now closer to what he wants.
    Next january and next summer he will want something else.
    I doubt a fan at any of his previous clubs will be able to find a transfer window where Rafa has said ‘I’m completely happy with who my club has signed.

    Don’t worry well have a good season

    • BanJones

      Ashley has blown it big style, Rafa will walk, he has been misled. We won’t be able to attract a top manager after this debacle and will be left with a yes man manager and a weak squad when the loanees return. Ashley is short sighted when it comes to the Toon – i’ll be at Sports Direct tomorrow just so I can hold my head high, fatty won’t take any notice.

      • Rob Brown

        Rafa wont wslk. He will finish his contract.

        • BanJones

          I don’t think he will walk until his contract is up he is a man of his word, or seems to be, and it would cost him £6m. I was refering to the end of this season when the 1 season loan contracts are up, Rafa goes, Lascelles and Jonjo think “I want to win something in my career ” and rightly do a runner to more ambitious clubs ie any other club! Ashleys game of using a world class manager to stay in the top division on the cheap is a one off, Ashley will be avoided like the plague in future by top managers.

          • Rob Brown

            I think 3 seasons with us will show other mid to lower clubs what he can do on a budget and increase Rafa ‘s value hugely. Then it will be the likes of Everton, West Ham who will be willing to pay a fortune for him.
            Why pay 100 million for players when you can just pay 5 or 6 million and get Rafa who will get you better results?

          • BanJones

            Try again with words I undertstand and I will do my best to answer if i can!

    • Rob Brown

      You cant say things like that! People will either think you’re happy or you work for Ashley.
      You cant be happy! It’s not allowed on this site.

      • Martin Rooney

        Arghhh come on its horrendous man, in addition to that I find Rafa’s football boring as **** but I know he’s the most likely to win us something….. probably in my 46 years of living.
        Juxtapositioned all owa the place, happy, miserable, football fan, Rafa fan. Divint kna whether to gan to SJP or Stannington tomorrow

    • Salty

      Doom and gloom abounds on The Mag- biggest moaners haven’t been to a game in years. Facts are the squad is stronger than started last season. 2 key players in Dubravka and Kenedy will play a full season after playing 12 and 13 games respectively last season. We got Rafa first choice striker. Other signings will make bigger contributions than players they’ve replaced. Biggest disappointment is not signing a 10 so we have another season of Perez being brushed off the ball and throwing arms in the air when free kick doesn’t come

  • Bobdub

    So he gives Everton the same mark as Newcastle! He is totally deluded…. Everton spend 100m, Newcastle make a 20m profit! So they are 120m apart and according to him they are equal! Jesus Paul have another snort you will feel better eventually.

  • Gallowgate1982

    When you say Paul Merson was evaluating NUFC’s Transfers you do mean of course that he was snorting columbian marching powder and coming out with any old sh#t don’t you?

  • Stephen Taylor

    Why report on what the pric* says, seen him in a hotel before the semi in Cardiff when he was Walsall manager. Getting pi**ed with his players and throwing food around like billy big balls. Fu**ed off when I threatened to arrange his teeth if another piece of food came near me.

  • comment

    The squad is an improvement on last year .. some very good buys and loans. St very little outlay … stop moaning it’s getting a bit embarrassing