Paul Merson is amongst the Sky Sports pundits who have been giving their predictions as to who will be relegated from the Premier League.

Joining him were Phil Thompson, Matt le Tissier and Charlie Nicholas.

Recent seasons have shown a decreasing number of promoted clubs being  instantly sent back to the Championship, meaning it becomes ever harder to predict.

Recent times have seen the average drop to only one of those coming up, going straight back down, and indeed last season all three (Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield) survived.

This time, Cardiff City are doomed according to the Sky Sports pundits, all four thinking they are nailed onto go back down.

Huddersfield are the choice of three of the four, despite never ever really looking in trouble last season and another summer where they have shown ambition in the transfer market.

Watford are the other club to get more than one vote, whilst Bournemouth, Fulham and Newcastle are each the pick of only one of the four.

Charlie Nicholas states that ‘Newcastle are right on the edge of it’ and unsurprisingly points to transfer market failures as a big concern, though he does pick out loan signing Kenedy as a positive.

He points to the positive that have been holding the club together despite Mike Ashley, though fears it could all be falling apart…’The only thing keeping this club together is the relationship between the fans and Rafael Benitez, but I genuinely hope I’m wrong with fearing it could all fall apart.’

I think Charlie Nicholas very much sums up the feelings of Newcastle fans, let’s hope though that the three other pundits are better at predicting the future.

Sky Sports pundits make their relegation predictions:

Paul Merson:

Watford, Huddersfield, Cardiff

Charlie Nicholas:

Cardiff, Newcastle, Fulham

“Cardiff have failed to get anybody of significance in. The facts are Fulham and Wolves have spent big and some of the sides around the relegation battle are spending a decent amount and Cardiff can’t get anyone in. You have to spend significant amounts to get your targets and they look well detached from the rest of the pack right now.

“Newcastle are right on the edge of it with what has been going there this summer.

“They did well to get the money they did for Aleksandar Mitrovic but they still can’t get quality in, although I do like Kennedy.

“The only thing keeping this club together is the relationship between the fans and Rafael Benitez, but I genuinely hope I’m wrong with fearing it could all fall apart.

“The other one for me is Fulham as I think they need another striker and I’m not sure their defence is of high enough standard.”

Phil Thompson:

Cardiff, Huddersfield, Bournemouth

Matt Le Tissier:

Cardiff, Huddersfield, Watford

  • Geordiegiants

    At least Nicholas see’s it for what it is and isn’t being acunt like Owen and the other attention seekers.

    • Viru leckworth

      Language Timothy!

      • Anne Mumford

        Hear hear

  • Leazes.

    Its not remotely interesting….. they are all of the pundits that you put into your BetVictor advertisements’…. none of whom have anything to do with this club.

    Same sponsor again then Simon and Mark?….. I’ll boycott any page you put up with these individuals.

  • GlasgowMag

    The sad thing for me is all we have to look forward to is another year of struggle no matter what the pundits predict on who the relegation fodder will be!! This situation was totally avoidable all the fatboy had to do was show some intent with investment in the transfer market then Rafa would of signed a new contact and we could of progressed this season!! I for one am not interested now on second guessing our workhouse owners intentions for the future because the only person with any insight into his business plan is his shrink!! Only way forward is to oust this bloodsucking leech Ashley out!!!

  • Peter C

    Even an outsider like Charlie Nicholas, has more of a understanding of the situation than the owner, Mike Ashley.

    You would’ve thought, if Ashley wanted to safeguard his investment in Newcastle properly, he would realise, that there needs to be proper investment, in the playing side of the Club.

    All he is doing by this short term strategy, is temporarily avoiding the inevitable, of any other relegation. Which will result in a massive devaluation of the Club, and his investment in it.

    You can only chance your arm so many times, before you come a cropper.

    Looking forward to this season, I think it’s a good bet, that one of the newly promoted clubs will go down, and for me that would be Cardiff, not that I have anything against them, as such.

    Huddersfield also look good for going down, in my opinion, then it’s a pick from a number of clubs, which I’m sorry to say, will or could include us.

    Saying that, part of me wants that to happen, as Ashley may finally get the message, and up sticks. But there’s also a part of me, which would hate being relegated, because, God knows, when would we get back into the top division.

    Have any other group of fans, have such a mixed set of emotions, I totally don’t believe so.

    • East Durham Mag

      The fat 🐖 has facilitated 2 relegations and some very close shaves. The fact is that he doesn’t care 1 little iota for Newcastle United or it’s supporters. He has treat 2 out of the 3 greatest managers in my time as a supporter despicably. What a mess

      • Anne Mumford

        Wow East Durham Mag you’ve certainly put your finger on the pulse of it x

  • Cushty lad

    I wouldn’t take much notice of what Champers says. When you watch soccer sat you always know the Toon have gone behind before even going to him. It’s always GOOAALLLL, or YEEESSS, or GET IN THERE! When we go ahead its a very grumpy very quiet……goal. Another Toon hater.

  • Billmag

    Quote of the week by that awful jock Nicholas who incidentally tipped us last season to go down, (I genuinely hope I’m wrong and fear it will all fall apart) what a liar.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Sky must pick the thickest pundits propping up the bar & say can we have a comment

    • Peter C

      I think they select their pundits, based upon their IQ, which are only in double digits.

      Apart from Ian Dowie, who apparently is practically a rocket scientist, who only looks dumb, but can’t keep score on his fingers, of his hand.

      It’s nice easy work, if you can get it, and what else could they do, apart from mucking out, at the nearest zoo.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Haha would you trust them near animals !

  • Mrkgw

    Well, Charlie Nicholas has got one wrong there. There’s no way that Fulham will go down.

  • Dingus

    I think NUFC will be okay.

    The squad is pretty decent, the unity is there amongst the players, and the coach is a huge blessing. I also think the few who have left (and more could be added to that list) could help improve things amongst the squad and coaches. I’m not saying I have insider info or I know someone who does, I just mean someone who doesn’t fit, maybe brings the place down a bit, be it due to their persona or uncertainty/anxiety around their future… losing them can be a lift to morale. It certainly does in my line of work, where a close knit team is essential. And I don’t think we’ve lost anyone essential (although I’m disappointed Merino has gone!)

    The players that have come in have improved the squad. Dubravka could be an absolute steal. Kenedy has it all. Ki looks a handy player and I’d be happy to see him play should one of Diame or Shelvey lose form, or succumb to injury. Rondon and Muto have attributes to torment defenders and offer us different options up top (although I’m far from convinced by the goal-scoring exploits of either.) Schar and Fernandez… I can’t say I know too much. But I could have said the same about Lejeune last season and he proved to be a top player. He was also missing for a big chunk of the start of last season, thanks to that toffee-faced smeg-head at Spurs…

    I think, overall, the squad has improved. I’m not condoning the behavior of those that make the decisions to not invest the money the club earns. Newcastle can afford a solid net spend EVERY transfer window. The accounts are clearly fiddled (see TIFO Newcastle’s Finances Under Mike Ashley 2016/17 video on youtube) and any fan, of any club, deserves a club that tries to improve it’s professional performance, not a shell of a club that serves only to enhance the non-football related endeavours of its c**t owner…

    But, I feel pretty relaxed Newcastle will still be in the top tier come May 2019.