Nottingham Forest fans have been having their say after beating Newcastle United on Wednesday night.

Predictably, very happy with their team’s performance and the result.

However, as well as wanting to talk about their own club and players, the Nottingham Forest fans are also very keen to talk about the opposition and the coverage from Sky Sports.

For once the commentators and pundits on Sky Sports spoke generally very well about the underlying problems at Newcastle United, Forest fans upset that this supposedly distracted from the efforts of their own team.

Always a bit of a needle with Forest, as was evidenced when in the Championship two seasons ago, that 70s pitch invasion not easily forgotten or forgiven!

We understand Rafa wanting to protect the players but he didn’t really achieve anything by claiming Newcastle were anything but awful last night, only the penalty decision really could be pointed to as something that should have gone in our favour.

He has certainly got the Forest fans reacting…

Comments from Nottingham Forest fans via their top Forest Forum message board:

‘What do Newcastle deserve?

What have they ever down to earn respect?

Attracting 50.000 gormless yokels every other week who’ve got nothing better to do doesn’t make them „deserving“ of anything.

Success in football is earned. Respect in football is earned. Trophies are earned, not handed out like Haribo.

Maybe those Newcastle players should have shown some respect to the Match officials at the final whistle, eh?

Oh and whilst you’re there lads, take a look at that list of Trophies proudly displayed inside the City Ground. Each one, earned.’

‘Anyone know who Rafa’s dealer is please?

The fact he said they were the better side and controlled the game confirms that is some pretty potent sh.. he’s on.’

‘Rafa is a Spanish Allardyce.

Plays sh.. football and is always moaning, yet gets no heat from either fans or the media.’

‘I thought it a nice bonus having invested in a Sky Sports day pass.

Just to have them whining about why poor massive Newcastle haven’t spent enough money.’

‘The whole punditry was so geared up against Forest despite Psycho and Prutton being there. They kept banging on about how much we’d spent, how ace the Newcastle fans are and how long such a deserving club hasn’t won a trophy.’

‘They can concentrate on getting relegated now.’

‘Off to bed now. I might just watch that back tomorrow. If only for the joy of the dashed Newcastle spirits.’

‘Spanish waiter reckons they controlled the game.’

‘As for the fat Spanish waiter, I know he needs to keep his players heads up, but fu.. me, he doesn’t half talk some sh…

Lastly, if Perez had put as much effort in during the game as he did trying to confront the referee the Toon might have had more than one shot on goal all night.

The Toon are going down.’

‘I think the Ashley hating has endeared Rafa more to the fans and bought more time that’s for sure.

They were awful tonight (albeit against a forest side that played well).

He did well finishing them in 10th last season but he really is a whinging tw..’

‘Just got in. Can’t sleep. Absolutely lost my sh.. when Cash goal went in, I think I punched my mate full in the face.

What a game of football. Fu.. Newcastle as well.’

‘It felt so undeserved when they equalised in stoppage time with their first shot on target, but Forest weren’t going to stand for that sort of nonsense. Incredible end to the game.’

‘Over 2600 from Newcastle apparently.

That’s seriously strong for a midweek League Cup game that’s on Sky!’

‘Went to the game, with the negative undertones of late, no harm in waxing lyrical about this performance.

Underpinned by the spine I thought…Although Newcastle didnt graft as hard as the likes of Birmingham, thought we schooled them in the art of playing football.

Thoroughly deserved win, thought Carvalho was the best player on the park, no mean feat against premiership opposition, he is gonna be a top top player for this club.

Great atmosphere for 13k. Great to be the talk of the league cup again this year.’

‘It’s a joy to watch a Forest team with that fighting spirit and battling qualities again.

All in it together until the very end.’

‘Some great performances out there tonight, the hef certainly more than staked his claim for start on Saturday. I’m sure dias will kick on now, just please don’t play Watson/colback together anymore please Aitor.’

‘Hefele may have been MOM but take a bow Daryl Murphy.

I thought we were excellent tonight. Hopefully we can take this performance forwards and whilst we might not hit these heights consistently for a while, do enough to silence the critics and start winning in the league.’

‘Where the fu.. was Perez going anyway?

If Steele hadn’t made contact he was only heading the ball to the corner flag and was running that way too.’

‘It was a really positive performance, and the sort of performance I wanted to see from a Karanka side.

We didn’t offer Newcastle any real opportunities, even their goal was a half chance and their first shot on target.

We didn’t create masses of chances ourselves but we definitely had opportunities to score, far more than Newcastle. We worked hard as a team and looked organised and fit. Having a dominant, tall centre back makes a huge difference.

Even if we didn’t score the 2nd and 3rd goals and went out on penalties, I would have been pretty chuffed with that performance.

Absolute night and day to Saturday.

Well done Forest.’

‘Benitez is delusional

Bad sign for him’

Stats from BBC Sport:

Nottingham Forest 3 Newcastle United 1


Newcastle: Rondon 90+2

Forest: Murphy 2, Cash 90+4, Dias 90+7

Possession was Forest 46% Newcastle 54%

Total shots were  Forest 11 Newcastle 10

Shots on target were Forest 7 Newcastle 1

Corners were  Forest 5 Newcastle 3

Referee: Jeremy Simpson

Crowd: 13,942 (3,000 Newcastle)

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Sterry,  Schar, Fernandez (Perez 69), Clark, Kenedy, Atsu, Ki, Longstaff, Muto (Murphy 77), Joselu (Rondon 82)

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Diame, Yedlin, Dummett

  • DC1964

    Gave up reading after the third comment, the usual witch hunt bollox!

    • Jimblag23


  • Kenny

    Made their season beating us but come next May we’ll still be in the Premiership & they’ll still be in the championship, our Spanish waiter will see to that even though he’s hamstrung by the Fat Rat.
    Nottingham nonces ✌

    • Peaky

      Don’t mention either Nottingham club to either Sheffield Wed or Sheff Utd fans…..they fuckinghate them with a passion…….didn’t realise until I moved to these parts…

      • Kenny

        bunch on wankas

      • Kenny

        wonder where leazes is 😃 i see another blockbuster coming

        • Peaky

          Think him & Jezza have been taken off the streets KGB style by the Shirebrook secret police…

      • Danimal

        The scab thing doesn’t help.

        • Peaky

          Aye…I’ve just read up on it and it appears it only started really bad in the 80’s…

      • Kev Newcastle England

        Not even in same county

        • Peaky

          Goes back to the miners strike….the rivalry stretches across all sports… hockey in particular gets really nasty apparently…..

  • Wezza

    They’re outspending us but don’t know the facts.

  • Mrkgw

    For the benefit of those less gracious and having a pop at our club – 13k vs a Premiership side in the cup. Woeful. Small time stuff. I wonder how few they would get were their club saddled with Ashley?

  • Kev-82

    Aw, bless them. They think they’ve claimed a scalp, in reality they have beat a poor Premier League teams reserve side. Only 2 of last nights starting XI would be playing in our strongest side.

  • Jezza

    NOTTS Forest fans can say what they like about Rafa but he’s not a drunken thug who beats up his own supporters then makes them apologise to him.

    • Mrkgw

      Good to see you back Jezza. Thought that you had had enough and done a Houdini.

      • Jezza

        Thanks, marra. I do get fed up with all the trolling and nastiness so I just come on here occasionally these days.

        • Big Hairy Man

          Glad to see you back. I was worried that Ashley had eaten you.

          • Jezza

            Well he looks like he’s eaten everything else.

        • Mrkgw

          Agreed. But, they shouldn’t stop genuine supporters from airing their views. All the best anyway.

    • Albert Stubbins

      NOTTS, LOL- That WILL upset them Jezza!!

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Karanka still can’t get into the City Ground managers off because of Cloughies brown envelopes

    • Peaky

      ……..and empty vodka bottles.

      • SuperDesHamilton


      • Kenny

        I’ve been got 2 empty bottles of Glenfiddich it’s on special at Morrys £25

  • GToon

    If we wrote our list of trophies around the ground it would stretch further than one and a half sides I think. Might be a long time ago but still. They played better than us. That’s a fact. But they would swap their ground, support and manager for ours any day. Just not the owner.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Who gives a toss what their fans are saying?

  • robbersdog

    These Forest fans sound incredibly bitter; maybe it’s because they know that their once great club has missed the Premier League bus, and that they’re destined to be irrelevant also-rans, at least for foreseeable future.

    • Albert Stubbins

      a bit like us then?

  • Chris-Chapple

    we lack strength in depth, 6 of our first team did not start the game & only Fernandez and Rondon look ok, the rest are a waste of time & money

  • Leicester Mag

    Every defeat of this nature gives fans like those at Forrest ammo to have a go. We are a national laughing stock thanks to Ashley

    • Ram Kishore

      The team that played yesterday had all the quality to beat them.. i am not going to blame Ashley for yesterday’s match because the players didn’t step up and failed.
      But my opinion here doesn’t defend the club or hierarchy.

  • Jimblag23

    I know these are just cherry picked comments to try and get a reaction, but still, I don’t understand bitterness and anger when you’ve just won a game 🤔

    • Dave Pattinson

      You can always recognise class by the way supporters react to winning or losing. Gloating is not an attractive quality & indicates a small-minded mentality & a definite lack of class, as is obvious from Forest fans quoted here. They’ll be demanding Karanka’s head before the season’s out.

  • BanJones

    They went through our defence like a scab through a picket line.

  • FatParosite

    Forrest will be nowhere near the even play-offs.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    Don’t understand people from this area, constantly bitter and want to fight, I suppose they have a big sense of entitlement since tbe Cloughie days which will never return. For any Forest fans reading this, Ian Woan is a Wa$%ker