Saturday afternoon has seen reports from France that Newcastle have bid 7m euros (just over £6m) for Stanley N’Soki.

The offer is also said to include 4m euros in add-ons if the 19 year old hits certain targets.

This would make a total of 11m euros (approx £10m) eventually, depending on those targets being hit.

RMC Sport said yesterday that Rafa Benitez had spoken to PSG’s Director of Football and he had quoted the Newcastle manager 10m euros (just under £9m).

The latest update is from Yahoo Sports (France) and journalist Manu Lonjon says Newcastle are now awaiting a response to their offer.

It remaining to be seen if the Ligue 1 club are prepared to compromise on their demand for 10m euros up front and accept a lower amount guaranteed, with potentially a higher amount paid eventually.

The 19 year old central defender is looking for more regular first team footballer and appears to be highly thought of in France. However, no Newcastle transfer appears to go through easily these days.

The Mag – Friday 3 August 2018:

Thursday brought news from Sky Sports that Newcastle United were trying to buy Stanley N’Soki.

The 19 year old promising central defender can also play left back and left wing back.

Now RMC Sport report that Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez has this week contacted PSG Director of Football Antero Henrique, to discuss a possible deal.

They say that whilst PSG would ideally like to keep the player, they have quoted Newcastle United 10m euros (£8.9m) if they want to buy him.

Syanley N’Soki is wanting to play more football and if PSG won’t guarantee this, he wants to move on.

Last season he only made the one first team appearance, as a substitute in a Ligue 1 match.

Contract talks beyond his current deal (one year left on his youth contract) have been ongoing for weeks but got nowhere according to the French media organisation.

RMC Sport say that Newcastle have so far refused to pay the £8.9m price tag and that there is plenty of interest from elsewhere, with Marseille and Juventus two of the clubs to have registered their interest.

In pre-season, the young defender has started against Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid and not looked out of place, but that playing time has been largely down to the absence of PSG’s World Cup players. Stanley N’Soki set to once again  drop far from team selection once the squad is all back together and ready to be involved.

RMC say there have been claims that Marseille have indeed already put in a big whilst Newcastle stand idly by.

Rafa Benitez has said he ideally wants up to five more signings but with six days until transfer deadline and Mike Ashley showing no signs of accepting what needs to be done, none of us would be the least bit surprised if no more signings were made.

Newcastle currently some £25m in profit on deals in and out so far this summer, the club with easily the lowest net spend (minus!) in the Premier League.

  • ScreamStevie

    They want 10m we’ve offered 7m. The cash looks pretty safe in our bank account.

    • Geordiegiants

      It’s not ours.

      • Ben Jones

        ‘Ashley fc’ I bet you can’t wait until till he leaves and you finally have ‘new owner fc’ you’re [email protected]@ked mate, the concept of a football club has died to you, it’s just ‘current owner’ fc for you now. Genuinely feel sorry for ya

  • the tea lady

    Rafa sorts a £9m price so the club offers £6m, it seems the same problems K.K. had when trying to complete transfers, adios Rafa thanks for giving it your all, I fully understand how you cannot work under these conditions.

    • ghostrider

      The kid’s played 1 game as a sub.
      His club clearly don’t want him, so why should we pay more than we need to?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        If they didn’t want him they’d sell him cheaper though. Your defence of the regime is unhealthy. Go out, interact with other humans

      • Ram Kishore

        He played yesterday .. it seems the club wants him for the time being..

        • ghostrider

          Fair enough if that’s the case.

          • Ram Kishore

            I read somewhere he popped in 2 assists everyday for Psg against Monaco.. yes Monaco may not have their best first team players but they do definitely have a good players better than many team

          • ghostrider

            He’s still a massive gamble and negotiation for a fair price is still within the clubs ideals.
            It shouldn’t be an issue.
            It doesn’t appear like there’s a massive queue for him.

          • Ram Kishore

            As for the comment you made in another post.. i feel rafa isn’t whining , its just calm and collected warning that other squads have improved the competition that will raise the bar..
            Bringing in Dubravka, i think has raised Darlows level or it will as he said few days ago in interview..
            I also see that this can be construed as a while because it is unsettling the fans and the team..

          • ghostrider

            Which clubs have improved their squads more than we have?

          • Ram Kishore

            The last 11 last season were pretty much fighting with each other towards the last five watched.. aint that right?
            So pretty much all the 11 teams were equal imo.

            West ham seriously have.. Havent they?
            Please dont come up with the line saying i may not be right until the end of the season.. because it will just look like that u put off my view about Hammers saying its debatable.

            I can come up with few others but others who i say may have improved can be questionable..(even i dont know whether Fulham, Wolves are stronger or have improved above us or not, because the players whom they have signed are yet to make the field this season and play EPL football)
            Just like the players we have signed.. But their players have played for higher placed teams than the players we have signed.
            For your memory just remember Kennedy and Dubravka are players who were part of the team last season that finished and they did struggle in the last 5 matches.. they cant be classed as new.signings.. apart from that the signings are good ones but when u compare the profile.. they are valued lesser.

            What i mean Rafa is a professional in this field, he obviously has more knowledge and assessment qualities of other teams than u and me..
            U can make a generalised judgement but he can make a professional judgement ..

            I tried to give a balanced view here..
            I criticise Rafa for his moans but i do criticise our management to not get the deals before

          • ghostrider

            West Ham are going hell for leather with signings. So are Everton.
            In fact most teams appear to be spending.
            Bournemouth have just had a bid accepted for 25 million rising to 30 for as player.
            The point is we have made as many signings as most teams but we have not had to spend ready cash, except for using player sales….but either way it’s still buying and it is still a player bought in whatever position that guarantees no less or no more than those huge outlays other clubs are making.

            The end of the season will show what’s what.
            Rafa’s job is to make it work, so he needs to get on with it.

          • Ram Kishore

            Yeah he needs to ..
            Just as you say we may never know West Ham will go to hell until the season end.

            The players who have signed for any club or for Newcastle may come good or may not..
            But clubs don’t pay that money if they don’t think they are good enough for that sum..
            I hope we do well this season and i will wait until Thursday

          • ghostrider

            You’re right, clubs don’t pay that kind of money if they don’t think the players are good enough but you have to look at fan appeasement.
            Some clubs are merely picking out signings they believe will keep the fans happy whilst obviously hoping they do a job the price dictates.
            Most of these type of clubs are a strike whilst the iron is hot type. Fools rush in kind of thing….potentially.

            I mean, look at us.
            We had a potential 27 million striker just festering because he wasn’t trusted, didn’t apparently fit.
            Fulham obviously think he’s worth the fee.

            We refuse to pay high prices but have players worth high prices.
            See where I’m going?
            Basically you identify your own stars and their prices become the high prices that fans expect us to pay.

            Why pay 40/50 million for a defender when you can manifest one?
            Hunt for what you believe a worth could be, not what a ready made worth is, off the peg.

          • Ram Kishore

            I believe every club has enough money nowadays its just they have set a very good scouting network to bring the right talent..
            FC porto manager’s comments after our draw pointed out the truth

          • ghostrider

            We had an excellent scouting network and Rafa wiped it out.
            As for every club having enough money.
            It’s not true.
            It appears true because many people are looking at TV money in the billions and thinking every club becomes mega rich to the point of buy any player and pay any wage to play up high.

            Only the elites can do this because (if you’ve noticed) the elites play a game of con the minnows.
            They play pass the parcel between each other with players.
            It makes it appear like they’re spending hundreds and hundreds of millions a season but they’re spending next to nothing except for higher wage bills.

            And the higher wage bills are the key to killing off the also-ran clubs.
            Some clubs are not stupid and don’t fall for it in a gungho way, but others (like West Ham) constantly nibble that cheese from the hair trigger trap.

            Honestly take a look at how the elites operate and you’ll see a pattern.
            This forces the minnows to act in irrational ways because it cranks up the razzmatazz of the premier leagues of the world.

            The real football is in the lower leagues.
            Our football is all about watching the elites in awe whilst we bemoan the quality we have that cannot compete.

            The strange thing is..when any club try to compete they get called AMBITIOUS and forward thinking until, the club expends all of it’s ready cash and the expensive players have to be offloaded for peanuts compared to what was paid.
            Ambitious becomes a distant word. It gets replaced with DESTROYERS as aimed at the owners.

            That is, until the club dust down in another league and create a distant mind to the fans in terms of playing in the higher league and simply enjoying the potential revamp and push to get back into it from the doldrums they thought was the end of their world.

            That’s what all teams are up against if they do not have owners that can back up their fight and losses in trying to fight at the top with those elites.
            Fulham look the most likely but financial fair play will scupper them if they don’t hit the ground running.
            Q.P.R spring to mind.

            At this moment in time it’s a massive boast for Fulham.
            The small club has just became a massive club as long as the owner stays.
            But we all know what happened with their last owner….right?

            As for us?
            We are all ambitious as fans. We use hope and our own wants to carry us along, in the main.
            As for Ashley?
            He runs the club as a club should be run. It may sound pathetic and stands me out as being an Ashley apologist but the bigger picture is…we cannot compete in house, with those elites.
            We can compete with the rest…literally.

            The difference is, the rest are spending absolute fortunes to comepete with the elites and yet all of them are doing little more than competing with us….an in house working club who’s owner has stated he will not put in any of his own cash but will use profits the club generates to keep us playing among those also-ran clubs that believe they’re rubbing shoulders with those elite clubs.

            Could he do a little bit more?
            Yes he could but all it would be, would be the odd trophy signing that changed nothing much, other than a place or 2 higher in a season or two and then back to normal.

            What does it create?
            If Sir Bobby Robson was alive, he would recall the time when the fans turned on him because 5th wasn’t good enough.
            That was then when we were running on the smiles and dinner dates of the banks loans and high interest, no doubt.

            But we can all hope….just don’t hope any higher than history has literally offered you.
            Expectation is for the elites because they rarely look at hope like we do.

          • Ram Kishore

            But shouldn’t we replace the same potential 27 million player with someone who is 22 million and apparently fits.. that’s what is question the club’s slow progress in the window

          • ghostrider

            Yes if there’s a player we can genuinely say is worth us going for that, who is not going to crank up a wage bill and create unrest among the other players who’s worth has doubled, tripled or went up as far as 5/6 times their value (Lascelles).

            This is the problem and we have to be sure we can sustain that if we went for that scene.

          • cmrowley

            What do you think has improved in our squad?

            Ki an improvement on merino? Schar improvement on mbemba? Mutu on mitro? Kennedy on Kennedy? Dubruvka on dubruvka?

            Please excuse the spelling!

            We haven’t improved anything, we have maintained and trimmed. Improving the squad would generally mean better players added to the 1st team and making last season 1st teamed into back up. Pushing the lower end players out. We have not done this.

          • ghostrider

            Merino spent half of his first season as a crock, or so we were led to believe.
            People raved about him because he gave us 5 games that were fairly decent and the rest were below average to dire, yet fans seem to choose to forget this.
            As for Ki being better. I have no idea until I see how he performs…but he won’t be worse, is my guess.
            As for Schar. the same thing and also I didn’t want Mbemba out…Rafa did…but seeing how Rafa hardly played Mbemba unless we were in emergency mode, I’d say Schar could well prove to be much more beneficial to the squad, because he’s wanted, it seems.
            As for Mutu over Mitro. Of course he’s better. Even if he has one kick and the ball rolls to the keepers feet he’s better.
            Because Rafa’s playing him. Something he refused to do with Mitrovic.

            Kenedy for a whole season and Dubravka for a whole season should be an improvement of half a season apiece, shouldn’t it?

            And no Rondon apparently.
            Plus maybe 1 or 2 more, potentially.

            So, at the minute we’ve maintained and trimmed you say.
            Isn’t that better than keeping players Rafa simply does not play or refuses to even recognise as a squad member?

            Too many excuses get made for Rafa.
            You see, I suppose the new signings and loans will be against his will if they do not hit the ground running.
            They will at best be his 6th/7th choice.

            If they hit the ground running he will be a genius at spotting what he needed.
            That’s how it works, right?

            Not with me it doesn’t.
            He gets the plaudits if he gets it right and he gets it in the neck if he gets it wrong.
            He needs to manage and coach the players he’s got and turn them into a better unit than last season. He has no real excuses other than what certain fans believe he can be afforded, just because he’s the messiah.

          • cmrowley

            You asked which squads have improved more than ours, I’m demonstrating we have not improved ours. back your statement up, not by discussing Rafa, but by demonstrating our squad is improved from last year.

          • ghostrider

            We’ve improved out squad by getting rid of players who were not getting a game or were sent to Coventry by Rafa.
            We have brought players in that Rafa wants.
            That in itself is a squad improvement.
            Whether that equates to better football on the pitch with better results, remains to be seen over the course of a season.
            That’s the best I can give you and the best you can realistically ask for.

      • Down Under Mag

        Because he plays for PSG, they wanted to keep him but the player wants more first team chances. There is a big difference between picking up a free transfer that a relegated club let go like Ki and buying a young highly rated player off a big spending club who can’t offer what he wants right now but don’t HAVE to sell and know that they have the finances to buy him back no matter the price if he turns out to be world class…

        • ghostrider

          Still a massive gamble for us.
          We are well within our rights to negotiate.

  • Toon River

    This would be a very good signing if it’s true. He’s very highly rated in France, PSG wanted to sign him on longer deal but he wants to play more. He can play in different positions too, he’s young with great potential. If we get him this could be a very good signing.

  • Leicester Mag

    More likely to bid for Sports Soki knowing Mike and his love of a 3 pack. What a shame Ashley senior didn’t have a different type of 3 pack at his disposal 50 yrs ago.

  • Big Hairy Man

    On a positive note the Mackems are 1-0 down to Charlton at HT.

    • Geordiegiants

      Not now, 🤬

      • Big Hairy Man

        Gutted 😫

        • Geordiegiants

          I know ifucking hate them.


    It must be hard work trying to figure how much to offer for players, they have to work out how much will look realistic but at the same time low enough for the selling club to knock them back. The player can then be added to the many that they “just could not get over the line”. Total shambles the way our club is run.

    • Ben Jones

      Oh we all know if it was up to you then you’d just pay whatever the asking price was, all the time, every time

      • NUFCLX

        I go into my local and always offer them 2 quid for a pint but they keep telling me sorry, the going rate for a pint is 3 quid. I don’t think they will ever give me a pint for 2 quid but I guarantee I will get one for 3 quid.

        • Ben Jones

          So on the one hand you always want to pay less but on the other you have a go at the club for doing the same? Seems odd, what are you complaining about?

          • NUFCLX

            It is after 2 o clock, have u taken your medication yet ? You need to start taking it at least 1 hour before u post any comments.

        • Ken

          he`s out to wind you up, ignore him. he personifies the
          quote. ignorance is bliss

          • Ben Jones

            Look man, the guy thinks paying the advertised price for his pint means you always just pay whatever anyone wants for whatever they’re selling, YOU know his argument is bogus, he knows it as well, but you know we’ll just pretend it makes geet loads of sense

      • Danimal

        Like you and your pals think Staveley should have done.

        • Ben Jones

          You’re discovering the art of negotiation, well done, sometimes you can knock a few quid off, sometimes you can knock a lot off, sometimes the seller won’t budge, sometimes you need to walk away, sometimes they call you back

          • toonsteve

            Have you convinced them to sell that advertising space to me for the £2m max. I ll pay you 400k for the privilege and you seem to know a lot about negotiating.

          • Ram Kishore

            It’s only a speculation.
            We really have not much idea as how much they asked and how much we offered.
            It’s pointless in arguing as our tends to be ultra secretive..
            I read somewhere the asking fee was 8 and now it says we offered 6.. not bad for the first offer..
            Psg pay a lot for players , ig they also more..
            Just a opinion..We don’t have much time ..We must be quick..
            The chaotic atmosphere has affected the team a lot..
            Chronicle did a very bad reporting saying players didn’t talk after the braga match for bonus issue but it was actually because of the bad performance.

          • Ben Jones

            I’m not convinced you have 2.4million bud, let alone have it set aside for advertising, otherwise I’d ask, but in the meantime, if you want to find a company who would pay more than that by all means let the club know. Thanks

          • toonsteve

            And I m not convinced you don t work for a PR company and are being paid to post on here.

          • Ben Jones

            I’m utterly convinced only one of us is correct…

          • toonsteve

            Me too. How much do they pay you and is it a fixed fee or based on volume of posts? One of my sons needs some part time work.

          • Ben Jones

            In that case, use some of your 2.4million to hire a private detective to find out!

          • toonsteve

            i m only looking for a PT job for my son. Why on earth would I hire a private detective? I generally find the most efficient way to find a job is to ask amongst contacts and look on job sites!

          • Ben Jones


    • ghostrider

      If that’s the case then how do we get players over the line if we get knocked back?

      • NUFCLX

        How many of Rafa’s top picks do u think we have got over the line, I think the answer is NONE.

        • Ben Jones

          ‘Top picks’ , it’s like top trumps where a manager chooses who he would like more than anyone, like a dream team, these are his ‘top picks’ anyone else is 5th choice+

        • Geordiegiants

          One ☝️, Kennedy but that doesn’t count really.

  • We desperately need competition for both fullback positions this year, and Left Winger (only Kenedy is good enough) and a real Striker. Would regret dearly if we don’t get those.

  • HarryHype59

    Is this guy Lascelles’s replacement? Joy!

    • Ron

      Don’t even go there!

  • SuperDesHamilton

    He played in the French super cup for PSG today

  • Jonathan Gibson

    why do we need a left back? Kennedy can cover dummet. Was not impressed with ki today, id love to see a quality left sided CM such as clucas who was superb at SJP on last two visits. The money wanted for him now is real value, as is adama traore & ben gibson.

    • Ram Kishore

      DUMMET is defensive and conservative left back..
      He offers less in going forward.. he obviously needs competition for his position to push the bar..
      Kennedy and dummet combination doesn’t work against team that are as organised as we are.. like playing against Everton, Burnley we need support to the LM going forward..Apart from that we have only one LB, Lazaar , i don’t think he will feature again..
      If Kennedy or Dummet lose their form he can step up. Its a long season..
      I don’t want to see Manq at LB