If you were wondering how Newcastle United had ended up doing on Premier League transfers…an interesting table below.

Sport finance experts Sporting Intelligence produced a table showing how much every PL club had spent on players this summer and the total value of players sold.

Subtracting sales from buys, they then show the net spend for each club.

Newcastle United, unsurprisingly, stand out for all the wrong reasons.

According to Sporting Intelligence, Aleksandar Mitrovic and others brought in £45,7m.

Meanwhile, the biggest buy has been Yoshinori Muto at £9.5m, with £17m spent in total according to their figures (though the late £6m Fernandez deal hasn’t been included, so actually £23m spent).

Just take a look at how stark the comparisons are with the other Premier League clubs.

Watford the only other PL club to end up in profit this summer, due largely to the £40m+ they got for Richarlison.

This Premier League transfers spending table compiled by the excellent Sporting Intelligence who report on sport’s relationship with money:

premier league transfers

As you can see, Newcastle United proudly out ahead with a minus £28.7m net (£22.7m taking into account Fernandez) ‘spend’, leaving the rest trailing…

Burnley, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton, Fulham, West Ham, Everton and Wolves, all with a net spend at least £50m more than Newcastle, in many cases far far more than £50m.

  • Leazes.

    Well its not exactly the ‘Suicide Squad’ but out of the ‘seven’ New arrivals two weren’t new and (one isn’t our player, and we cant play him against Chelsea), two are acquisitions to get interest in the far east markets for S**** D***** and the other three were all relegated (two from the same team) brilliant….

    But the name of the game isn’t football its accounts, so if you are an accountant…. bloody brilliant ‘bit of business’, ‘bargain’…’ace players’….’got a gem there’….

    ………sorry yes it is the ‘Suicide Squad’.

  • Toon

    Yeah I think most NUFC fans know this by now – may get a bit boring banging the same drum, anyway I’m off to buy a season ticket