The Newcastle United Fans Forum will meet Lee Charnley and other club officials on Tuesday (28 August 2018).

Many supporters looking forward to this meeting at St James Park, when the Newcastle fans in attendance will be able to ask some searching questions about the running of the club.

Surely an ideal situation for both sides.

The fans able to ask questions directly of Lee Charnley (the only member of the Newcastle United board and the club’s only named executive) and other staff.

Whilst from the club’s/Mike Ashley’s side, a perfect opportunity to deliver in a controlled safe environment, the truth (as they see it) on the various issues that  supporters are concerned about.


Only three days to go before that Newcastle United Fans Forum and it is very much looking like it might not go ahead.

Sadly, for those fans who have made the time and effort to take part in the Fans Forum, they have been treated with utter contempt by the club. The Mike Ashley regime failing totally to approach these meetings in good faith.

Members of the Newcastle United Fans Forum have responded to questions from other supporters on social media, who have asked if the meeting is indeed happening on Tuesday and can they ask various questions on their behalf. However, the Fans Forum members have responded, saying that they have no idea whether the meeting will take place, as the club hasn’t even had the courtesy to reply to forum members who have asked if it is actually going to happen as scheduled by them.

When the minutes of the last meeting on 25 April 2018 were released, the club guaranteed that the next meeting would take place on 28 August 2018, then another on 12 February 2019 and following that 21 May 2019.

These set dates were in response to the club continually messing the Fans Forum members about, regularly delaying meetings and indeed there had been a disgraceful 10 month gap between the previous one (29 June 2017) and that most recent meeting (25 April 2018). The club refusing requests to meet all season as Mike Ashley had undermined Rafa Benitez, failing to keep promises on transfer funds and leading to a season long relegation battle. Only once safety was assured did that April meeting take place.

This is the club’s commitment to the Newcastle United Fans Forum for future meetings, from the minutes of that 25 April 2018 meeting:

The club apologised for delays in the regularity of Fans Forum meetings.

Phil Lee (PL) was concerned that the club could be seen as not being committed to the Fans Forum process.

The club accepted that view but hoped that supporters who had been involved with the process since 2013 would acknowledge how committed the club has been to communicating openly as part of the Forum.

Steve Hastie (SH) stated that Arsenal run Fans Forums on matchdays and enquired as to whether this would be possible.

The club advised that several members of the management team would be operational on matchdays and that this would negatively impact the time and attention that could be given to meetings.

Peter Fanning (PF) suggested committing to dates for future meetings would send out a positive message about the club’s commitment to the Fans Forum.

The club agreed and has proposed the following dates for future Fans Forums: Tuesday 28th August 2018; Tuesday 12th February 2019; Tuesday 21st May 2019.

The Newcastle United Fans Forum is a total joke compared to how other clubs present theirs, elsewhere they make footage of the meetings available so all supporters can see and hear what is said from both sides. Not Newcastle, the wider fanbase only gets to read the carefully controlled minutes released by the club. Not saying that what is included in the minutes are lies – but rather we don’t get to see/read what isn’t included in the minutes that are prepared/controlled by NUFC.

As one previous example of the contempt shown by the club to the Newcastle United Fans Forum, I will take you back to one of the many previous relegation battles under Mike Ashley, the 2014/15 season when Newcastle only reached safety on the final day of the season (Jonas Gutierrez scoring in that 2-0 win over West Ham).

With relegation threatening and the fans very unhappy with what was happening at the club, the Fans Forum members sent a collective letter on 21 April 2015 asking for an urgent meeting with Lee Charnley and the other club officials (NUFC having always repeatedly refused all previous requests for Mike Ashley himself to attend at least on Fans Forum to address supporter concerns).

Charnley actually replied only five days later (see below) and actually agreed to meet the fans ASAP, before the scheduled end of season Newcastle United Fans Forum meeting.

However…despite forum members repeatedly reminding the club/Lee Charnley of this commitment to an urgent meeting, their emails were ignored and no such meeting took place.

It was actually 6 July 2015 when the next Forum meeting took place, fully 71 days after Lee Charnley had agreed to an urgent meeting before the end of the season (that West Ham match was 24 May 2015).

Lee Charnley letter to NUFC Fans Forum members – 26 April 2015

“In order to discuss the issues you raise, I intend to bring forward the date of our next Fans Forum meeting which was originally scheduled for the end of the season.

“I am sure Forum members past and present will agree that the Club has been open and transparent during all interactions, including meetings and correspondence, and this next meeting will be no different.

“In my opinion, the introduction of the Forum has been productive for all the parties involved and, as we move forward, the Forum will continue to be one of our preferred forms of fan communication and engagement.

“With five games now remaining of the season – including three at St. James’ Park, I would ask you, indeed all supporters, to get fully behind John Carver and the players as they look to finish the season as strongly as possible.

“When St. James’ Park is loud and supportive of the team on the pitch, it does make a huge difference.”

“We accept mistakes have been made and understand you raise these issues because you want the best for your football club.

“Please be assured we want the same – we want to give you a football club you can be proud of and a team you feel passionate to support.”

  • SuperDesHamilton

    imagine Charnley trying to explain the club? The only club he knows about is the Disney club. The bloke can barely choose which crayon he wants to eat today never mind the ruining of a club.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    If the FA had any real cojones, they’d step in and tell the club to take fans forums more seriously. Or else …

  • 1957

    Is Monk a member, if not why?

    I’m sure Lee would agree to a meeting every month if our 15th ranked top supporter was there to support him

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Not a member mate as I am classed as undesirable not by Ashley but those behind the scenes applied several times but cannot see me getting on ever.
      Know four people who have served on the forum and they said it was actually quite good when it took place.

      • TheFatController

        I think you’ll find you’re classed as an undesirable in many places

      • Toon Arnie

        What a shame Ashley and his regime don’t agree with those people you mention.

    • Wezza

      He isn’t a real NUFC fan, been exposed long ago.

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Only 15th?!

  • Big Hairy Man

    Surely Charnley would leap at the opportunity to go to a meeting where there’s actually someone else there. The board meetings must be pretty lonely, nowt to do except a bit of colouring in.

  • Tweed Mag

    They cannot communicate face to face. Ashley hides, Penfold operates on his own, Barnes is a shadow in the background and the rest of the gang are PR goons. Until they respect the fans and show some ambition, the hierarchy will try their best to keep out of the way. We are then left to deal with the sycophants with no thoughts of their own – all they do is repeat what Bishop tells them.
    Thank you. Weekend rant over. It is sunny today, rain tomorrow so I’m off out before Mugpie starts whinging.

  • Rob Brown

    Another bitter rant from Jim Robertson.

    You have to have facts to back up this kind of garbage and you just haven’t got them.

    First of all at the time of writing the meeting has not actually been called off, so your vitriol is entirely speculative.

    Secondly – there’s a hell of a difference between what was stated in the minutes and what you claim. You claim that the club “guaranteed” that the meeting would take place on the 28th, then you post an excerpt from the minutes stating that the club “proposed” that the meeting should take place then. Big difference. If something is proposed it needs to be accepted or confirmed. Did that happen? Was there any communication accepting that date?

    Finally your headline “Ashley regime running scared….?” Seriously? You think the board or Ashley are in anyway scared of the fans at the forum?
    I don’t think so mate. They’re not running scared – probably just bored of having to waste their valuable time communicating with people who think they know what’s going on but in truth can’t tell the difference between a proposal and a guarantee.

    • Big Hairy Man

      They’re not running scared because the fans don’t get to vote for the representatives, the club hand pick them.

    • TheFatController

      Maybe a job in customer relations isn’t for you, should you believe you have any skills that way, given your pride in suggesting the business owners are not scared of their customers

      Only Ashley apologists think words like ‘this business is not scared of it’s upset customers’ aren’t a disaster that can’t be put right for any business, even us with our loyal dependable customers.

      If they do feel they don’t have time to waste on the customers, maybe the owners too are in the wrong jobs and should sell up or quit?

      Only an idiot – like say, Mike Ashley – moans about ungrateful boring customers.he deserve all the negativity coming his way because he hasn’t a clue, and underestimates how far he can push the customers of the club.

      This is proven by then thinking it will blow over. How could that be a reality? It’s not socks for a fiver, it’s a 125 year old football club based in one city.

      This will end with Ashley selling for around £350m, then HoF will go bump and thankfully he’ll be forgotten as a one trick pony in tatt retail.

    • Toon Arnie

      Ha ha – unbelievable. Cherry picked rubbish. I’ve noticed the tone of the apologists is getting a little bit more fractious, almost desperate ? You’re not disrupting the forum enough and need to work on being more divisive or Mr Bishop will be very cross with you !

    • Cockneytrev

      Ashley hoop licker👅👅

    • Tweed Mag

      Are you bored replying to perfectly reasonable posts? Apart from bad temper, what motivates you? Tell us about your support for NUFC. No hurry, we know you will have to get permission from Bishop.

    • Wezza

      Blocked! And no I don’t block people with a different point of view, I block because you’re a troll.

      • Leazes.

        Took your time

        • Wezza

          Haven’t been giving trolls the tkme of day to be honest.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Are you gonna cry?

  • panther

    Lying little mole

  • Kenny

    Relevant questions are never answered, or never asked, waste of time

  • Leazes.

    Put forward a motion of ‘no confidence’ in NUFC to the chair of the meeting.

    Vote to democratise the Fans forum, giving the fans the Chair!

    Report findings to UEFA governing body on lack of communication and co-operation by NUFC to the process.

  • Wezza

    They will be too busy using propaganda for the latest protests. If the Bishop drones are reading this… we will never stop till you and MA are gone. Corrupt scum.

    • ghostrider

      Classic example of hatred of one man coming before the good of the club.
      Absolutely sickening. I’d laugh but I don’t find it funny.

      • Toon Arnie

        Unbelievable – you just seem so confused by what is happening right in front of you !

        • ghostrider

          I’m far from confused. I can see what’s happening but many can’t.

      • Big Hairy Man

        Ashley’s love of money comes before the good of the club. That is what is absolutely sickening.

        • ghostrider

          Ashley is a businessman. His love for building a business or ensuring it doesn’t fail, is all down to money, like every business and business person’s interest.
          Don’t get Ashley’s love of making money get tied in with your love of wanting him to spend it all on big marquee signings to get us a sniff at hanging onto the coat tails of the elites.

      • Kev Newcastle England

        Pis s off you cretin ars ehole

        • ghostrider


  • Leicester Mag

    Typical coward and bully. See Charlton fans managed to makes the news again. Maybe for Ashley a field full of Greggs pasties

  • GlasgowMag

    Have you ever seen an organisation that treats its customers with such contempt and distain as this hideous regime you couldn’t make it up!!! These Dickens type workhouse operators need to go there is no future for the club until the cancer is removed Ashley out!!!