To misquote Johnny Rotten – ‘Do you ever get the feeling you’re been cheated’

In the space of 24 hours Mike Ashley has slapped Newcastle fans in the face with the proverbial wet fish on at least two occasions.

The first, in not backing Rafa Benitez with significant funds by Thursdays transfer deadline at 5pm- SLAP!!

Then again on Friday morning by buying up troubled retail chain House of Fraser for £90m- SLAP!!

To top it all off, I come in from work and read some quotes from the man himself stating that the deal for HoF is ‘a massive step forward’ and that he plans on turning it into ‘the Harrods of the high street’ – SLAP SLAP!!

Awfully nice of you Mr Ashley. Any chance that you could give your mistress on the side a ‘Massive step forward’? She could certainly do with some investment, like cover at left back, a top striker maybe, or a shiny new Academy, better training facilities, or sprucing up the stadium which advertises your tat stores?

No, didn’t think so. How about giving it to someone who will? Well, we’ve been down that road before and that didn’t materialise either.

While Mike Ashley sits back basking in his ever growing retail empire, us Newcastle fans have to put up with the downtrodden and neglected state of our football club. He came into football not knowing a thing about how to run the club and now some eleven years later, has lurched from a man who refuses to learn from past mistakes to a man who is quite willing to rub his customers’ noses in in. That’ll teach you lot to call me names!

I’ve said before, the Premier League promote a product and that product depends on 20 teams performing to the best of their potential. Fulham have come up from the Championship and chucked money at the situation and have amassed what looks like a cracking set of players, so too have Wolves who have spent a barrowload on players to make them competitive. We at Newcastle however, have spent zero. In fact it’s worse than that, we’ve made a profit of around £25m at my estimate.

Well hooray for that! Balance Sheet Champions 2018/19. Let’s arrange that bus to drag the players around the city next May regardless of which league we might be in, who cares, we’ve made a profit.

The only hope I have is that someone will make this leech of an owner an offer he won’t refuse, not CAN’T refuse because he’s too rich for that, but one that will give him enough to leave us, then actually see the football club run in a slightly more ambitious manner rather than have the main aim of finishing above 18th every year.

In the meantime, don’t come on forums such as this one, or pester phone ins and national television companies that loiter outside the ground for interviews with fans and slate Mike Ashley, if you have bought your new shirts from one of his stores or the club shop. Don’t you bloody dare! Nobody likes a hypocrite, least of all me. If you’re happy with the way he’s running the club then fine, continue doing what you are doing but you will be in the minority.

The one thing I don’t advocate is skipping games or protesting inside the ground, which doesn’t help the side. The most important people to this club are the fans and the players need backing week in week out.

The way the owner runs the club won’t stop our support, and some may say this is part of the problem, but you can’t just stay away. This won’t advertise ourselves to a new owner, nor will it help us improve on the 10th place Rafa and the lads achieved last season. I’ll be there whenever it’s permissible this season.

Mike Ashley can do what he wants with his retail empire, I don’t care about it one jot. I have the choice not to use his shops. I and many other Newcastle fans don’t see giving up Newcastle as an option and people much older than me who have been going a lot longer shouldn’t feel pressurised into finding something else to do on a weekend.

While Ashley has declared that he wants to make House of Fraser the ‘Harrods of the high street’, we’ll just have to accept that while he’s the owner, Newcastle United will be the Matalan equivalent in the Premier League.

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  • Milburn_Taylor

    he`ll sack half the staff, put the rest on zero hours. i`d be looking for another job if i worked for the House of Fraser

  • Martin Rooney

    Ehh ehh,
    Do Newcastle fans own a competitor of HoF?
    In what possible world can the purchase by a public limited company listed on the stock market using its cash reserves to purchase a privately owned company which had gone into liquidation. Be a slap in the face for nufc fans.

    I’m guessing you think SPD profits should be used to buy nufc some players however he only owns 60% of it so that’s not possible.

    • Danimal

      I think NUFC potential commercial income shouldn’t be diverted to SD via the free advertising and club shop etc.

  • ghostrider

    Whining because the man has saved a lot of jobs and hasn’t bought a left back within the 7 signings.
    Does anyone know that Kenedy is also a left back?
    Does anyone know that Manquillo is also capable of playing left back?
    Does anyone know that Clark can do it?
    There’s lots of options but granted a solid left back wouldn’t have went amiss, yet we got 7 signings in.

    Unfortunately we couldn’t match Fulham paying the 27 millions for players….not that we didn’t already have that player not too long ago…but people wanted rid so they could moan and whine about cheaper replacements.
    Seems backward doesn’t it, but there you go.
    But no. It’s about Ashleys company buying into HoF because the fans wanted him to concentrate on spending that type of money on Newcastle, just because.

    • Mike


      • ghostrider


    • Danimal

      ‘Seems backward doesn’t it’. Something/one certainly does.

    • JohnnyNUFC

      I honestly don’t know why you comment, 90+ percent of people on here think you’re either a troll or a tool, just give it up man, divn’t yee remember a time when the toon felt magical to watch? Too support? I do and it’s never gonna happen with the current owner, that’s why we can’t stand him, that’s why we want him gone, I could put up with St James being covered in sports direct signs as long as we were making an effort to compete

      • ghostrider

        Why are you answering me?

        • JohnnyNUFC

          Why are you commenting anyway?

  • Leazes.

    Ashley always did like shopping in Binns….especially for players.

    • ghostrider

      Yeah well his company has stopped a lot of people being thrown into the trash.

      • Milburn_Taylor

        i shall hazard a guess that he`s blocked you, his criteria is trolls and idiots

      • Blackandwhite9

        Let’s see shall we, I can’t help wondering if “ harrods of the high street” ends up being a “ he can have every penny newcastle generate” once a lying scumbag …always a …..

        • ghostrider

          If it stays open it means people have jobs. It’s that simple.

          • Blackandwhite9

            Even an Ashley apologist / troll like yourself can’t bring yourself to say “ when it stays open” you are caveating it with “if” it will be gone soon …. no redundancy knackered Pension the only winner ( once again ) is Fat mike….. remember the USC

          • ghostrider

            Why would he buy it to have it gone. It makes no sense.

          • Blackandwhite9

            We would he buy a potentially massive premier league club and get it relegated twice … and let it float adrift rather than realise that potential….. it makes no sense

          • ghostrider

            It makes no sense to you because you think the club is adrift. It’s far from being adrift of anything other than the elite clubs who are being pampered through the league.

            What have Tottenham won?
            They are also-ran for the league all teh time. They always fail in the champions league.
            They rarely win a cup.
            Yet they’re knocking up a nice 1 billion state of the art stadium.
            Down to Levy is it? Banks all too willing to hand it all, out to him?
            Or is it something else.
            Find this out and you’ll find out why a big club in the north east will never compete.
            And that’s just Tottenham.

  • Big Hairy Man

    His usual modus operandi is to take a decent quality but struggling brand. Reduce the quality and cost of manufacture, pay employees the absolute minimum he can legally get away with, pile it high and sell it cheap. I don’t think Harrods will be too concerned. As for NUFC we have become the Poundland of the Premier League.

    • Danimal

      More like one of the charity shops, as the spend is inbound only.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Good article, I have to agree. It’s perfectly clear that he puts a lot into running successful concerns, with the exception of NUFC. Even from a business point of view, common sense tells you that not protecting premier league status is risking throwing money down the pan. Then again, it gives him a laugh at our expense.

  • Leazes.

    No you don’t have to accept it Paul…. successful teams are the ones with the demanding fans….Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Man United….

    Why do you think that the press turns on United’s fans for being ‘too demanding’ when the opposite is true…. they don’t want United fans driving the club on… they want a pacified fan base!

    Sunderland fans drive out their owner, Arsenal and West Ham fans got the reaction they were after too!

    How many times has Ryder said we don’t have demanding fans here…. that is what he wants…. a club with no drive….. if you take away the desire for change you are left wallowing in conservative nostalgia for SuperMac and a team that never won anything.

    He is the one with no demands….not even demanding answers to questions and hes a reporter! We need to be more like the successful clubs and hold the neanderthals like Charnley to account!

  • Toon

    Oh dear…..

  • Sickandtired

    HoF had over £900 million of assets. Ashley just got that in a pre-packaged administration for £90 million.
    They won’t become the ‘Harrods of the High Street’. They’ll be asset stripped and a few stores will remain touting the Ashley line of gear, from SD to Flannels.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      I’d be genuinely fearful if I had to rely on a HofF pension

  • Jordi

    Ashley will turn the House of Fraser into a market stall. Selling his usual cheap tatt.
    That is another store on the do not go list.

  • Superdooperhooper

    If the fans can’t even boycott the live TV games then nothing will change . An empty stadium would infuriate sky and SD shareholders. The definition of stupidity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results