Mauricio Pochettino says the start of the season is a massive challenge for himself, as well as a number of other clubs.

The Tottenham boss stating ‘It’s never happened in out careers.’

Spurs had nine players who only returned to training on Monday, having been involved in the World Cup finals until the final weekend of the tournament in Russia.

Mauricio Pochettino claiming it is ‘advantage Newcastle’, what with us having nobody in the later stages of this summer’s competition.

The Tottenham manager says he wants to make clear that all of his players are ‘fit – but that being match fit to play without an increased risk of injury is another matter.

Pochettino indicating that some of those players won’t even travel to Newcastle and instead stay in London and concentrate on their recovery from the summer exertions.

Interesting to see exactly who does, and doesn’t, make the Spurs starting 11 on Saturday.

Rafa Benitez having an arguably even more chaotic preparation this summer, though rather than the World Cup, it is Mike Ashley that has been his overwhelming problem.

Mauricio Pochettino pre-Newcastle press conference,as reported by Football.London:

How are the World Cup players looking in terms of Newcastle on Saturday?

“I am so happy in the way they come back to training on Monday. I am really, really, really, really, really happy. I am so proud about them because they were very focused on trying to arrive in a very good condition.

“Of course the circumstances are completely different from each other, and the profiles of the players are completely different. Some need more time to get fit than others. That’s normal. Some players will be fit to start the game. Some will be fit to be on the bench.

“Maybe some players will stay here to try to reach the level, to give more time, for different reasons – because maybe we don’t want to take risks, because they need more preparation, because the background or history of their injuries is different.

“It’s a massive challenge for us because it’s new. It’s never before happened in our careers. It’s a massive challenge for us to try to deliver the best tools for them to get fit and then to prepare them for the whole season, not only for one, two or three games or for one month.

“That is why for us it’s so important for us to right in our judgement now and take the best decision and then to provide the team a very good balance to try to be competitive against Newcastle.

Newcastle of course in this period have an advantage to us in their preparation with the whole squad, but that is not a reason to complain.

“We’re not a victim in that situation.

“We need to adapt ourselves and try to be competitive. I’m sure we’re going to be competitive. We will reach the same level of energy and attitude. I’m sure we will be available to win the game.”

Which players could start?

“I think I want to make clear that all are fit, but maybe we need to care for some players and not push them to compete, not take some rash decisions with some players because of their background or for different reasons that we are assessing now after Monday.”

Are you worried about losing Son to the Asian Games?

“We have a lot of players. Of course, Son is an important player but it’s not a drama that he’s not here.

“I’m sure he’s going to play against Newcastle.

“If I decide to put him in the starting XI, OK but after, he needs to go to Korea. We’ve 25 players all fighting to help the team.”

  • Leicester Mag

    Advantage to Newcastle my Rs – this is kidology – Spurs will be prepared and we are riding on the back of another s one t sandwich of a transfer window. Even if we do take advantage this materially changes nothing no result papers over the cracks.

    • Milburn_Taylor

      mind games

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    oh no! tottenham are missing a few players from a side that cleaned our clocks twice last year, and finished 33 points above us… and have the referees guarding Harry Kane like a newborn baby… what a massive advantage we’ll have indeed!!

    • Duh

      I watched them in preseason and they looked very good unfortunately

  • Jimblag23

    I’ve got a feeling there’s a bit of a bluff going on and you’ll see lots of the WC players playing. Same with Mourinho and Man United.

  • TheFatController

    Maybe Spurs will get a letter from us asking if they want to loan our players Saturday ….we offer our employees to others in need.

    They’d say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ obviously.