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Manchester City fans with very interesting comments on Mike Ashley and Newcastle United

3 years ago

Manchester City fans have been having their say ahead of Saturday’s game.

The two clubs renewing their ‘rivalry’ in the late afternoon kick-off.

When I say rivalry of course, sadly it is anything but, in terms of the two clubs being on a level playing field.

One club looks to put as much money as possible into the first team squad, the training complex, the Academy, the…

Whilst the other is Newcastle United.

The Manchester City fans talk about the potential score, the ‘strengths’ of the two teams, Rafa’s tactics and so on.

However, they also get into a deeper discussion about the state of NUFC overall – and the part Mike Ashley plays in that.

Some Man City fans choose to just abuse Newcastle United and our supporters, which I have no problem with, all good clean fun and our fans do the same.

Nice to see though many Manchester City fans who are also prepared to see the reality and discuss the reality at St James Park.

Manchester City fans comment via their top Blue Moon message board:

‘I’ve always loved it when we beat Newcastle, ever since Dennis Tueart’s overhead kick in ’76.

Newcastle fans are the most deluded set of fans in England, they have a superb owner who has made them debt free and still they hate him.

We will beat them easy, 4 or 5 nil, then wait for the over-rated Rafa’s excuses.’

‘Superb, haha, he does nothing at all for the club, he is the biggest cheapskate in football (and business).’

‘They aren’t anywhere near as bad as Liverpool fans and Ashley is just using Newcastle to make himself money.’

‘I don’t think no set of fans are as bad as Liverpool fans.

Newcastle fans just seem to think they have the right to be in the top 5 or 6 of the Premier League.

If Ashley does sell the club they could go in free fall, I’d like that in fact, I’d just love it !’

‘Not really and if challenged I don’t think you will find one example where Newcastle feel they have that right to be top 5/6.

They are a big club for sure.

What they aren’t happy with is having an owner who takes a lot of money out and invests very little in the team. Can understand their frustrations.’

‘We will beat Newcastle easy, 4 or 5 nil, then wait for the over-rated Rafa’s excuses.’

‘People were saying that about Wolves too.’

‘5-0 or 6-1.

Aguero hat trick.’

‘Apart from a League Cup tie I can’t remember the last time they gave us a game at home…. hopefully long may it last.

Go 2 up top and attack, I would doubt they are capable of scoring as many as us.’

‘We have a great record against them and let’s face it they aren’t very good.

I expect a 3-1 or better score.’

‘Yeah, its going to be a very dull game to watch if you are not fan of those teams.City having 80+ % possession all the time, don´t see it cahnging much even if we score a few early goals.’

‘Definitely need to score early as Newcastle are the most boring negative team in the league.’

‘Hate this mob with a passion.

Really want us to destroy them so they’re mentally ruined and end up sliding down the leagues.

Absolute f…ing hate them.’

‘Give over. There are clubs more dislikable than Newcastle to get this worked up about – rags, L’pool, Spurs for 1981, Millwall, but what harm have Newcastle ever done to City?

They upset me in 1955 but I was over that by the time of Tueart’s overhead kick.’

‘Agree, there. But the way Newcastle played against Chelsea was a disgrace. I Know you can’t play to the other teams strength, but FFS at least show some gumption. I really hope they get relegated.’

‘The whole ‘you have to understand the club’ bollocks.

The whole ‘they love a striker at Newcastle’ bollocks.

Who the fu.. doesn’t live a striker ffs?!

The whole ‘they’re a unique club’ bollocks.

They were nowhere pre KK. 8-10k attendances. Oh I forgot the whole ‘Messiah’ bollocks.

No. Fu.. Newcastle.’

‘Don’t like Newcastle either. Fans think they’re entitled to trophies etc cause theyre a ‘big club’ lol’

‘i dont agree with this and think it’s a lazy stereotype.’

‘Not the ones I know and I know a few. They aren’t much different to we were a few years ago. What they do expect though is better than they are getting from their owners and so they should.’

‘A repeat of the Huddersfield game coming up but Newcastle are a lot better than Huddersfield.

Chelsea probably deserved to beat them, but it did take a late o.g to do it and Hazard was at his best that day. I hope City aren’t complacent…after the Huddersfield game they might be.

Benitez’s Newcastle are well practised on the blanket defence. I don’t like the 3 at the back but it might be useful against Newcastle. Even two central defenders will be wasted. I think we should play with one defender and two quick full backs who can snuff out any counter attacks.’

‘I’m expecting a relatively easy game. Newcastle’s start to the season hasn’t been the best.

We’ll just have to watch out of Kenedy. Not from the penalty spot though!’

‘The Annual Sergio Aguero leading goalscorer benefit match.

In going 6-0.’

‘The Bus has just left Newcastle now being driven by the fat Spanish waiter. Early goal please and no injuries.’


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