Rafa Benitez is changing Newcastle United’s transfer policy according to top French agent Laurent Schmitt

In an interview with the respected Get French Football News site, Schmitt points to Newcastle’s reported pursuit of 19 year olds Myzaine Maolida of Lyon and Stanley N’Soki of PSG.

The agent contrasting that with Newcastle previously ‘buying  up established Ligue 1 players such as Sissoko or Ben Arfa and others which didn’t work out.’

Then going on to suggest this apparent targeting of younger Ligue 1 players as ‘following a model closer to that of Leipzig or Dortmund.’

Obviously neither player has been signed yet, so nothing concrete to go on.

Also, it is difficult to know exactly what the ideal for Rafa Benitez would be in the transfer market, due to Mike Ashley starving him of funds.

In the past as well, the Graham Carr and Mike Ashley plan was buying up all kinds of players from France, as well as the likes of Sissoko and Cabaye, young players such as Romain Amalfitano, Olivier Kemen and Massadio Haidara were all recruited in the hope that they would vastly increase in value…

Apart from trying to survive in the Premier League this season, difficult to see any kind of a long-term plan, especially with Ashley continuing to undermine Rafa Benitez and seemingly ensuring his exit next summer.

Get French Football News speaking to top French agent Laurent Schmitt:

This year, the Premier League transfer window closes on the 9th August. How do you think this has impacted the market in general?

‘What it means is that the deals that would have happened later on in the window are being done right now. This allows the French, Spanish and Italian leagues to do their business afterwards, having already sold to the Premier League.

I think it’s a great thing for these markets, that don’t have as much financial power as the English. Standardising the date of the deadline across Europe would be a mistake as it wouldn’t allow these clubs the time to reinvest their money.

‘This is true for all of the other European leagues apart from Germany, who I’d say are the only ones whose market is not wholly dependent on the Premier League.’

Do you see a lot of big moves happening between Ligue 1 and the Premier League in these final days as a result of this?

‘There will definitely be big departures, although the definition of ‘big’ depends on the club.

For example, if Mbenza were to leave Montpellier, that would be their most valuable player gone. The same goes with Guingamp with Salibur, Toulouse with Jullien and Sangaré, or Dijon with Sliti. They would be massive losses for their respective clubs, but it would give them a great spending power in return.’

Newcastle have been closely linked with PSG’s N’Soki and Lyon’s Maolida, what do you make of this?

‘It shows that they’ve changed their transfer policy, since before they were buying up established Ligue 1 players such as Sissoko or Ben Arfa and others which didn’t work out.

Now we see that through Benitez they are targeting younger players, following a model closer to that of Leipzig or Dortmund.

This can be a good thing, as young players are likely to be more adaptable to the Premier League than the players that came before.

Even Thauvin, a World Cup winner now, struggled over there.’

  • Milburn_Taylor

    Rubbish, he`s gone in 10 months

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Benitez and try take us down any route the fact is it’ll be blocked by that fat cockney sociopath

  • Jimblag23

    What a load of shyte, Ben Arfa and Sissoko were relative successes and to call Thauvin a World Cup winner is a stretch. He got about 5 minutes and did nothing, then after the final he milked his moment with the trophy more than the players that actually played. What an embarrassment.

    • Mxpx

      He got about 5 minutes sums up his career in Newcastle too

  • Jonas

    He’s seriously over thinking it. We all know why were interested in the players were interested in.
    Dortmund don’t have a ‘mod’ ffs – they have no choice other than to feed off scraps as best they can because Bayern own that league.
    We have no choice because the bloater wont pay the going rate for established players.
    but his version sounds smarter.

  • toonterrier

    Is it Rafa targeting these players or fattys puppets getting young lads in with potential sell on values in a year or two. My moneys on humpty dumpty’s clowns.

    • NUFCDan

      Ashley has always been happy to roll the dice on young players for their potential sell on value, he just won’t put his hand in his pocket for older players who are unlikely to increase in value.

      • Milburn_Taylor

        11 years of it

  • Ron

    What a pile of tosh! What would be the point of Rafa wasting time in trying to input a new system for it to be shreaded by Uncle Mike, when all the world knows there won’t be a place for him at SJP next season.

    Why we ever employed a world class manager is beyond me. Would you employ Raymond Blanc and ask for beans on toast for dinner?

    • panther

      I would , never heard of him

      • Ron

        Not wishing to start a culinary debate but google him, one
        of the best chefs ever! More than capable to do beans on toast, like Rafa is more than capable of running a pub team.

        • panther

          Can he do pancakes?

          • Ron

            I’m calling a halt! I surrender!!
            I would imagine he can do pancakes, and chip butties at a push.

        • Danimal

          I don’t know about that but Ashley is a dab hand at making sh*t sandwiches.

  • panther

    That’s an interesting way to spin Ashley asset striping

  • Milburn_Taylor

    19 year old lad from France Stanley N`Soki has said he doesn`t want to come to Newcastle, even the kids won`t come

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    nonsense… neither will be bought