Salomon Rondon will likely be the defining player for Newcastle United fans in this (so far…) disastrous transfer window.

A striker that was some way down Rafa’s preferred list of forward targets, who Newcastle supporters aren’t really bothered about, who had a transfer release clause figure over £10m less than the total NUFC could eventually bank for Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Yet Newcastle seemingly unable to sign him, due to Mike Ashley’s insistence on what is and isn’t allowed on the transfer front.

The local (to West Brom) newspaper has revealed that the £16,5m/£17m Salomon release clause has now timed out. The report (see below) saying that this is also the case with West Brom’s defender Ahmed Hegazi, as well as midfielder Nacer Chadli.

The report claims that the fact the players’ release clauses have run out ‘has strengthened Albion’s position in the transfer market.’

I’m not convinced about the other two but surely with Salomon Rondon it is a massive negative for the Baggies that nobody has wanted to activate that £17m release clause.

They have a striker who turns 29 next month, only has one year left on his current contract, and is one of their top earners.

If nobody has been willing to pay the £17m release clause, why on earth would anybody now pay more for the striker?

I saw at least one of the national newspapers claiming the release clause running out on Salomon Rondon ‘was a massive blow’ for Newcastle United and claimed it would now cost £25m to buy him.

How does that work?

He has averaged eight  Premier League goals per season in his three years so far at West Brom and anybody buying him would have a striker who would be all but worthless in two or three years times in terms of any resale value.

Interesting to see in the Express and Star report as well, that they understand Newcastle haven’t made any kind of offer to buy the striker, only having offered a loan deal so far.

I’m honestly not bothered either way whether we get Rondon in the end but then I stop myself and think, if it isn’t him, then who on earth could Rafa be allowed to get instead, especially at such a late stage in the window?

I fear very much that we will once again be depending on loan deal(s) in the closing stages.

What an unbelievable position to be in with six days to go until transfer deadline, around £25m up on deals this summer and yet Rafa still isn’t allowed to sign even an average striker.

Express and Star:

‘Ahmed Hegazi, Jonny Evans, Nacer Chadli and Salomon Rondon all had release clauses written into their contracts, leaving the Baggies vulnerable to interested clubs willing to stump up the cash.

It allowed Evans to be snapped up by Leicester City at the start of the summer for just £3.5m, less than a year after the Baggies had rejected a £21m bid from the Foxes for the defender.

However, Hegazi’s £10m release clause, Rondon’s £16.5m release clause, and Chadli’s £17m release clause have now all timed out.

This has strengthened Albion’s position in the transfer market because it puts control over their players’ futures firmly back in their hands.

Newcastle have held a long-standing interest in Rondon this summer, but never expressed any willingness to activate his release clause and have instead been attempting to take the Venezuelan on loan.

Albion are only willing to part with the striker on loan if Dwight Gayle comes the other way but they are not willing to match Gayle’s Premier League wages and talks have stalled.’

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  • Paul Patterson

    There will be no more buys. End of. 💰👋🚁

    • ghostrider

      I disagree.
      I believe we will get another 2, maybe 3.

      • Your mum

        agreed, there is money in the pot now. they may not be star buys, but we don’t need stars, we need effective hard working players that will unite.

      • Squintytoonarmy

        Triple swoop on the rest of the WBA shyte

        • jim stark

          It must be great to support such a successful and massive club.

          • Billmag

            Don’t think you are in a very good position to take the [email protected] out of us.

          • PhilK

            Don’t get silly and petty, man.
            I like WBA and enjoyed visiting and chatting with the fans, who I regard as EASILY the best in the midlands
            Which, I agree isn’t saying much

          • Squintytoonarmy

            Who said we are great? I didn’t – we are shyte and have been apart from a couple of seasons for the past 50 years. But they are my shyte and us Geordies have identity and only a few clubs have this eg Liverpool/Everton (scousers), West Ham (east end). Growing up in Gloucestershire I was the only NUFC fan in my town in the 70s, we were shyte but boy was I proud. When we got relegated in 78 we had the likes of Ray Blackhall,Graham Oates, Mike Larnach – complete shyte. You had Batson, Regis, Cantello, Statham etc. What I’m trying to say is don’t you once think as NUFC supporters we think we are a great team.

          • Ram Kishore

            Every club’s supporters have their own identity mate.. let’s not fight for petty issues

        • jim stark

          Is it the shyte that won at The sports direct ground last season? Oh yeah it was. Sorry, just checking.

          • Billmag

            I was at WBA ground in 1974 has it improved since then or is it the same hovel now as it was then.

          • PhilK

            Correct. And went down, didn’t they ?
            Against a bunch that were going through the motions because safety had already been assured 4 games prior ?
            Its called soft target

      • PhilK

        I agree. Last day – 3 loan deals
        You’re talking Ashley and his repulsive pair of chubby demons, remember

  • ghostrider

    I think our hand is strengthened and West Brom’s hand is weakened.
    He has 1 year left on his contract.
    If he doesn’t go this window then he’ll likely go for peanuts in January or free next season.
    West Brom cannot afford to stand their ground, especially with us because we are not desperate for him.

    It’s likely that we’ll get him for less than his release clause, not more…if we decide to go for him.

    • jim stark

      Wrong. There’s an extra years option for west brom. So, stump up the big bucks or go elsewhere. Danny Ings whose scored three goals in three years….. £25 mil, that’s why west brom have placed such a price tag on him.

      • ghostrider

        West Brom are in no position to bargain on high stakes.
        They’re a championship club with a player on premier league wages.
        They want them off the books and haggling for more money will go against them.
        I don’t particularly want Rondon but if we do get him, I say offer 10 million and not a penny more.
        We have the upper hand because we are the only club seemingly in for him and also a premier league club.

        Keep a massively unhappy player or take the hit.

        • Ram Kishore

          Ghost we don’t know whether he’s unhappy or not..
          Obviously they would sat go recoup the 13 they paid him .. 13 million is a decent that could make both sides happy and Gayle on loan or permanent..

          • ghostrider

            You’re right he might not be unhappy. It’s merely speculation on my part.

  • David Maydew

    Albion have a 1 year option on Rondon so he is not in his last year of his contract . The extra year will be triggered next season if he is not sold

    • PhilK

      At 30 and you think you’ll get even 10 mill then ?
      Dream on.

    • Ram Kishore

      I am of the view 13 million is good money for both sides involved.. wba recoup every penny and we can loan Gayle to them too.. seems like a good deal for all sides involved ..
      Because more and more demands put by either Newcastle or Wba just makes business tough for anyone..

  • Your mum

    I think this is a gamble that has paid of for Rafa and NUFC. If ‘we’ and every other club didn’t think he was worth 17m to snap him up then why would we or anyone else offer more? He was always second choice at best and did we really wan’t him as fans? Probably not. i’d have Slimani back over Rondon as when he did play he linked up well with runners around him and his scoring will come with time on the pitch.

    • jim stark

      West Brom haven’t gambled, they don’t want to sell Rondon, if he goes it’s on the Baggies terms. Mind you if you think Slimani is better than Rondon you really are deluded. If I remember correctly Rondon tore your defence a new one and Slimani was sent off in the game last season. By all means go get Slimani, Leicester will bite your hands off.

      • Your mum

        At no point did i say West brom have gambled, you have just completely made that up.
        With regards to Slimani, he wasn’t match fit for us and played very few games, but when he did play, he linked up well for other players. Like i said, nobody is really bothered we haven’t got Rondon, certainly not at £17m.

        • PhilK

          At 17 mill at his age, a 1 in 4 (at best) goals return, and 29 he was overpriced
          But thats no excuse for Scrooge Ashley and his pair of worthless sychophants

      • Peter C


        Why are you on a Newcastle related fanzine site, if you don’t support them.

        That’s not me being sarcastic, it just seems a little bit odd, that you would want to partake in discussions, regarding Newcastle.

        I am a Newcastle supporter, and wouldn’t dream of visiting, or commenting, on another team’s fanzine site.

        P.S …… Which team do you follow, if any.

      • PhilK

        Jim. Deep down I don’t even think you believe what you espouse.
        Ask Villa if overpaying non-producing out of place Prem players in the Championship worked. Newcastle twice got rid of the catwalk players and went for players who had a record in the Championship to replace them.
        And it worked
        BOTH times

    • Sickandtired

      Nowt to do with Rafa, bonny lad, 100% Ashley shenanigans once again. Your opinion of Slimani further proves what a [email protected] you are.
      Blocked. Another Troll with multiple ID’s.

  • Lux Jones

    West Brom’s hand is strengthened because they don’t want or need to sell anybody. As it stands, the squad is comfortably good enough to achieve promotion this year – why then would they sell players, knowing they then have to replace them? The owners are incredibly wealthy billionaires, albeit frugal ones, and they won’t see the squad dismantled unless it benefits the side. As for Rondon only having a year on his contract? The club has another year in its favour, should they wish to activate it.

    • mentalman

      depends if the decent players can stomach a season in the championship, their worthless if they won’t play

    • PhilK

      Like Villa you mean ? Or Leeds ? Who spent over the odds (Villa spent far more than Newcastle for instance) who put all their eggs in the promotion basket and ended up with egg on their face ? As I think will happen for them too. Many Prem players don’t cut it in the Championship, and the other way round

  • Big Hairy Man

    The Mag used to be good forum with people exchanging differing opinions but now has become a platform for multiple-ID trolls. Every day a new one crawls out of the woodwork. They breed faster than you can block them. About time The Mag staff addressed the issue.

    • bob0411

      I messaged them months ago and got no response.

      • PhilK

        Probably thought you meant Massaged them

        • Ram Kishore


    • Come&TakeIt1836

      Who are ‘the trolls’? It seems the ones exchanging the DIFFERENT opinions get labeled ‘troll’ or to be a part of a ‘multiple ID troll’.

      So doesn’t it make sense that there really is no issue? Why is it so hard for so many to believe there are several people who don’t think the sky is falling to the same level as others… or maybe there are even some others who don’t think it is at all? There is so much effort to protect or celebrate ‘diversity’ in other realms of life. Maybe diversity of thought is valuable, too. Certainly some civility/basic human dignity is.

  • Mike

    Wheres the money gone?

    • jim stark

      Trying to buy House of Fraser mate.

    • Your mum

      Look at the end of year accounts, it’s all accounted for.

      • Sickandtired

        To end of June 2017, you Muppet.

        • Your mum

          Well done mate, they also show huge losses from the year out the PL. So some of the cash has had to balance the books. I’m guessing you don’t run a business.

          • Sickandtired

            Go F yourself. Group accounts ensure we will never see the real amount which goes through, in, and out of NUFC.
            If you run a business anything like Ashley does, then that would explain your supportive comments along with your alter ego’s of Fleckman etc. Blocked.

          • Your mum

            Classy! It seems i’ve hit a nerve. Just one account here, you’re showing more delusion thinking that i would make multiple accounts to argue with cretins like you.

          • PhilK

            You Mike’s mum ?

          • PhilK

            Odd how we got a 30 million profit in transfers and the Premier parachute payments, yet a “loss” – what business do YOU run ? Ashley’s ?

          • Your mum

            The wage bill alone was 112m in the championship season and the turnover was about 90m.
            I own 2 engineering companies.

          • KRS1

            Owning 2 boxes of lego doesn’t equate to owning engineering companies!

          • Your mum

            Well done. You’re full of the one liners today.

          • Superdooperhooper

            Absolute cobblers. 112m? Was daryl Murphy on a million a week then?

          • Your mum

            Look at the accounts submitted. Very simple to see your cobblers comment is void.

          • Superdooperhooper

            I suppose you think that Amazon and Google pay their fair share of taxes as well do you? And that nessie and unicorns exist ?

      • PhilK

        Yes. Mikes pocket

        • Your mum

          Which is not tax efficient and Ashley would never give up 50% of the cash.

    • Derek Osborne

      Kuala Lumpur”s new SD store

  • robbersdog

    Who cares if we don’t buy Rondon? He’s average – at best.

    • NUFCDan

      Better than what we have. Irrelevant anyway as FCB was never going to sign a player with no sell on value.

      • Ben Jones

        And we all know how much certain fans would love the idea of no sell on income for Newcastle don’t we

        • Ram Kishore

          If we sell Mitro few moan.. if we had sold him for lesser bad deal.. sold him for more again some worries..
          But this slow progress in transfer window by Lee charnley is absolutely pathetic imho..

  • PhilK

    “Won’t match Gayles Premier League wages” – yet are happy to do it for Rondon, and the other two with him leaving for nowt in a year and for buttons – IF he can find a club, which I think he’ll have bother with ?

  • Jonathan Gibson

    There is one centre forward that would lift the mood of many a newcastle fan despite being injury prone. Andy Carroll is currently into a second month of a 3 month injury layoff from ankle surgery but crucially in the last year of his contract. You would imagine andy would jump at the chance of a return and reckon a colbeck style year loan then sign him on a free is probably quite viable to west ham who no doubt desperate to get him off wage bill, Worth a gamble.

    • Ram Kishore

      They seem to forget that Rondon , jay and Dawson are in their late 20s.
      There was this guy referring to Ings price as a yardstick.. i don’t even think liverpool is asking that much .. maybe they will deamnd 10 for him which seems to huge as well

    • Stephen Paylor

      would love him back, always have