Monday lunchtime it has been reported that Kenedy has avoided a three match ban.

Newcastle fans concerned that the winger was set to face a retrospective charge following Saturday’s match.

The Newcastle player ‘appearing’ to lash out at an opponent with his left boot but the referee apparently not seeing the incident. Although he did appear to then guess something had happened and gave a free-kick, with the Cardiff player lying on the floor.

Liam Twomey works for ESPN covering Chelsea and he says his information is that the loan player will not be banned.

The FA said to have asked the question but Craig Pawson saying he saw the incident at the time and awarded that free-kick.

As indicated above, I wonder if he hadn’t guessed and given a free-kick, whether the referee would have told the FA a different answer to their question?

If he had been found guilty, Kenedy would likely have received a three match ban.

However, he would only have missed one Premier League game anyway, that he would have been eligible to play in.

Even though you are not allowed to play against your parent club anyway when out on loan, FA rules dictate that Chelsea on Sunday would still have counted as part of any ban.

Then with Forest in the League Cup the following Wednesday, in effect it would only have been Man City away that Kenedy would have been penalised for when it comes to Premier League action.

Hopefully this news (no ban for Kenedy) will be confirmed officially in the near future.

Though maybe not such a bad thing that this weekend happens to be a game he has to miss anyway, letting him have a chance to reflect on a poor game at Cardiff and letting himself down in the discipline department.

Liam Twomey who covers Chelsea for ESPN:

“Finally some good news for Chelsea loanee Kenedy.

“I’m told he won’t face a ban for his off-the-ball kick vs Cardiff.

“FA asked the question but officials said incident was seen and free-kick was awarded at the time

“Also, a quirk of FA regulations.

“Even though he’s ineligible to face Chelsea next weekend, that game would have counted as part of any three-game ban Kenedy might have received for violent conduct.”

  • Kenny

    Lucky lad, just as well Stevie Wonder was the ref

  • Paul Patterson

    Very fortunate. Now let’s get behind him so he can pull himself through his poor spell.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Poor spell he was the best player on the pitch against Spurs.

      • Damon Horner

        Ritchie then Joselu for me. Just personal opinion of course.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    First bit of luck we have had this season that is for sure. We should be sitting on four points not one. The Chronicle reported this morning that the Chelsea game would not count. Think they got that wrong. Need to practice penalties as that is two missed recently and they come a long as often as a positive comment on the Mag.

    • panther

      thats because you keep spouting rubbish

    • SuperDesHamilton

      But we aren’t sitting on 4 points, you make your own luck

  • Marty had

    needs a long ban from taking penalties! Hate them type of pens with the slow run up – JUST SMASH IT MAN ….SHEARER STYLE !!

    • Kneebotherm8

      Exactly…high in the top corner…gives the goalie no fckn chance….

    • Damon Horner

      So many do it these days, they wait for the ‘keeper to go then roll it in. I’m with you, pick a spot and plant it there.

  • Leazes.

    Ha…they’ve let the ref off the hook……they would have had to do a retrospective review on the Cardiff bloke as well.

    Totally inconsistent.

    • panther

      they gave the freekick after the Kenedy kick, he was lucky

    • magpiefifer

      Arter should have been red-carded for such a cynical,bad foul!!
      Oh for some refereeing consistency – is it too much to ask!?

  • Peaky

    Now can the FA do us a massive favour and ban Manky Mannequin for the next 36 games….

    • Leicester Mag

      Another stunning spot by blind Pugh chief scout

      • Peaky

        Honestly….fuckinguseless is a compliment where he’s concerned….

  • Leicester Mag

    Only kick on target the whole game

  • Carverlier football

    Probably reviewed the game and decided it’d be more punishment not to ban him! He’s increasingly reminding me of Ben Arfa – terrifies defenders when on song, but I recall a good few games when Ben Arfa was hooked at half time after constantly losing possession in the dribble. In which case in addition to a few shockers I’m looking forward to Kenedy drbbling from his own half and scoring a wonder goal at some point!

  • Big Al 1967

    Widow Twanky Warnock confirmed himself that the free kick was given for the kick out by Kenedy as while Pawson missed it the fourth official did not and he instructed him to give the free kick. As this was the case the only way he would have got a ban would be if the FA tore up their own rule book.
    The only controversy would have been if he did get a ban