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‘Just an article, my article, my hurts, my Newcastle United thoughts’

3 years ago

Ok, where to begin ?

I have followed The Mag for a few years now, and love to read people’s opinions when things are going well, even more so when things are going constantly bad.

When it is the latter, when you feel the pain, it is a small comfort to read that nearly everybody else is feeling it too. I am not one to put myself forward and am more than happy to listen to what everybody else is saying – but I feel I have to say something now…so here goes.

I live in the south, a horseracing place called Newmarket to be exact, in fact i was born and bred here. Luckily for me, my father is a “Byker boy” and I had the fortune to have Newcastle United rattled into me from a very early age,

Every Sunday morning would begin with my father thrusting a national tabloid into my young face telling me how David Craig wasn’t at his best, Imre Varadi was on form, a young Gascoigne had had a great game, Keegan, McDermott, Nattrass etc (you get the idea).

So I fell in love with Newcastle United, never went to St James Park until I was in my late teens, as back in the 70s and 80s Newcastle was a long way away for a family of six!!

I have lived through the 88/89 relegation, the Entertainers years, which as everybody knows was a fantastic time even though no silverware.

Everybody’s second team was the toon, a team to be proud of, all my replica shirts were worn with pride….fast forward to today and what do we have? Nothing in my opinion.

Now I write this article with some trepidation as I know there are some on here (in the comments) that will pick apart things I say, not clued up etc etc but as I say, this is just my take on things and I respect whatever people have to say, this is just from my heart.

I watched Rafa Benitez on TV on Wednesday night, thumped 4-0, he looked a broken man, a person that has fallen in love with the city of Newcastle, the fans, the club. He sees the potential of Newcastle United, the infrastructure, the fan base, what it could be…but what has he got above him?

A man that is not interested in the club, shows a total disdain to the whole city, the people of Newcastle etc. How thick-skinned can a man be to play with people’s emotions?

A total disregard for the whole area, he has only bought the club for his own ends, to be an advertising vessel for his retail empire, to bank the TV money, a man who would happily finish 17th every season just to reap the benefits. He constantly lies, undermines everybody around him, where is the respect for ex-players, Benitez (with his managerial credentials) etc?

Surely someone who enters the world of football treads carefully, has respect for people within the game, and respects the fact that he is the current custodian of a great club. But no, he shows no respect for anybody, laughs and sniggers and just bulldozes his way around.

I can only think he isn’t happy inside, the fact that he delights in causing people misery shows many failings, an evil, mistrusting bully.

Rafa will leave surely and who could blame him?

We just want a team to be proud of. We can’t compete with the Man Citys, Chelseas etc but Ashley could at least show some ambition to improve the team and give people a reason to enjoy football. Surely we will be relegated this time around, a third relegation under his tenure. And what manager worth his salt would want to take the reins? Only someone who can’t get a decent job and is happy to work under the constraints imposed on them.

I keep telling myself that its just football, that compared to the rigours of everyday life this is of no consequence…but I’m kidding myself.

It breaks my heart to see this all unfolding, the fact we have probably the best manager since our Sir Bobby and our owner just doesn’t appreciate the fact we have a man, who with the right, sensible investment we could finally build something again. It wasn’t that long ago when we were better than Tottenham, on a par with Liverpool. How far we have sunk under this owner.

This is the second time in a row we face Tottenham on the first day of the season. There are a few Geordies that get in my local and there are a lot of Tottenham fans also. We all put on our Newcastle tops and have banter with them, i haven’t got the heart or desire to go this time around.

So what is the answer?

I do believe that hitting Ashley in the pocket is the only way he will go, as all he understands is money, if he isn’t making money anymore, he will simply jump ship – but what with TV money now, his free advertising etc it won’t affect him.

I would love to sit down on the opening day of the season at home, switch on the TV and see an empty stadium, I do believe that would be bad for him as it would highlight the emotions and what was going on to a global stage, Rafa and the players would understand as they know where the fans lay the blame.

Something has to be done as things cannot get much worse.

Now I am not in any way encouraging this, or suggesting this as a way forward, but I do question if Mike Ashley fears for his safety over all this? History has shown us that people can only be pushed so far before something snaps, I have seen people in the comments hoping for death, terminal illness etc and though I would never condone or utter those words myself, it does show the level of contempt for this person. If a way can be found to hurt him financially then he will leave, what we do and how we do it, is more of a conundrum.

I await Bobbi, Ghostrider, Monkseaton etc (in the comments)  to ridicule me and that is fair enough.

This is just an article, my article, my hurts, my thoughts.

Here’s to a better future…


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