Jamaal Lascelles has put a positive spin on the current situation at Newcastle United.

Which is fair enough, as that is part of his job as captain.

Lascelles saying that ‘There is no need to panic’ and ‘We will get through these next few games, we have got a big squad and good players in every area.’

With Mike Ashley insisting on making a profit in the summer transfer window rather than doing everything possible to strengthen the squad, it was always going to be another challenging season.

Then with the way the fixtures have panned out, even if Rafa had received anything like proper backing, it wouldn’t have changed the fact the opening five match run was going  to be particularly testing.

Playing four of last season’s top six wasn’t what Rafa Benitez or his team needed in these opening five games, whilst having to travel to Wales to be Cardiff’s first opponents at home after promotion wasn’t perfect timing either.

However, Cardiff are hot favourites to go straight back down and on Saturday they looked very much a team that will struggle, Jamaal Lascelles admitting ‘It almost felt like a loss to be honest because the game was there for the taking.’

Three points would have been very welcome because with Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal up next, Newcastle are really up against it.

With six points from nine last season in these same fixtures, it can give the team some confidence, but to stand a chance of any kind of return close to that, the Newcastle players will need to play far better than they did at Cardiff.

These past two seasons Newcastle have bounced back after starting the season poorly in the first couple of matches, credit to them if they can pull it off again.

Jamaal Lascelles:

“I wouldn’t say this is a difficult period at all.

“We have got a couple of players who have suffered little knocks and, at the weekend, we had to deal with a red card, but as a team I think we got through that OK.

“We will get through these next few games, we have got a big squad and good players in every area.

“There is no need to panic.

“We will just stay calm and train hard, and whatever team the gaffer decides to go for, it will be a good one – we will go again.

 “To be honest, I wasn’t looking (at Kenedy’s penalty), I was waiting for a cheer from our fans…but when it came I knew it was from their fans.

“It was obviously disappointing and we would have loved to have been going home with all three points but that is football.

“We started last season with two defeats, so at least we managed to come away with something.

“We just have to stay positive; there is no point dwelling on the negatives.

“It almost felt like a loss to be honest because the game was there for the taking.

“It’s obviously disappointing when you miss a last minute penalty to win the game, it’s a mistake, it happens.

Cardiff made it difficult for us, it was physical and they try to win a lot of second balls, they are dangerous from set pieces but I thought we coped well with it.

“Going down to 10 men obviously didn’t help at all but the boys worked hard, we stopped them from scoring and came away with a point, so it’s not too bad.

“It was hard enough with 11 men as their style is play is different, we have had a year in the Premier League and we’d kind of forgotten what that style was like.

“They were obviously refreshed and we had to adapt, credit to both teams really and I thought it was a good, close-fought game.”

  • Ram Kishore

    This is not a positive spin.. its a way of assuring fans that the team will learn from the mistakes and they want the supporters to understand and get behind..
    Yes we didn’t do well last match but it is part and parcel of a football match..

    It would have been better if u had just reported the interview rather than posting your doom and gloom analysis.
    Stop writing with agenda man.
    No wonder few people here say Mag is cancerous on few occasions.
    You can be better than this

    • 1957

      It’s Porter (or whoever he really is) so just be grateful he didn’t fit a Sunderland angle into the text

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      The Mag was born to be doom and gloom from day one. If you support the club you are a troll.

  • Kenny

    He must have been having a chat with the Mad Monkpie

  • Leazes.

    What the heck were you thinking about letting Kenedy take the penalty?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Any sensible person knows that we deserved a point against Spurs and three against Cardiff so that is the way he is looking at it. Same as me good man.

    • Kenny


    • 1957

      If the Cardiff striker didn’t have a head like a Lego block we could easily have lost… he was worse than the Hoss.

      The Spurs performance was encouraging but the Cardiff effort was poor against probably the worst team in the league this year

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Perez very unlucky not to score with his second attempt the keeper knew nothing about it an excellent ball by Shelvey. Cardiff had no shots on target and of course we should have converted the pen.

    • Ram Kishore

      I think we probably deserved just one point against Cardiff IMO.. Anything above that is luck..
      Warnock and Arter were right about saying the penalty miss as poetic justice.
      No wonder Warnock is a 70 year old man with 17 year old attitude lol

      • Dave Corkin

        exactly, Muto looks like a player and Rafa will catch up to the rest of us with Joselu..

        • Ram Kishore

          I don’t understand pal. What did u mean by Rafa catching up with Joselu?

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            use your head. we all think Hoss is terrible. So what this goober here is implying is that rafa doesn’t also think the same. As opposed to the reality in which Rafa wants better but plays Joselu anyhow because Hoss tracks back on defense and, on account of having a p!ss poor owner, the team wasn’t given much of a chance to bring in anyone better (aside from Rondon who isn’t totally match fit yet).

    • Wor Lass

      I wouldn`t say we “deserved” three points against Cardiff but we definitely should have got them.