Who will be the Newcastle top scorer in the Premier League this season?

With two games behind us, the bookies have released these updated odds (see below) on who will score the most league goals this season.

Only the one scored so far, Joselu out in the lead…

However, he is only joint  fourth favourite at 10/1 with both Richie and Kenedy!

Salomon Rondon the slight favourite at 9/4, just ahead of Ayoze Perez at 5/2.

Yoshinori Muto third favourite on 4/1.

As a bit of form to go on, this is how many league goals each of the leading Newcastle candidates scored last season in their respective leagues, the minutes played and average minutes per goal.

Salomon Rondon

7 goals, 2,772 minutes, 396 minutes per goal

Ayoze Perez

8 goals, 2,497 minutes, 312 minutes per goal

Yoshinori Muto

8 goals, 1,906 minutes, 238 minutes per goal


4 goals, 1,716 minutes, 429 minutes per goal

An interesting contest, who do you fancy?

Newcastle top scorer in the Premier League 2018/19:

9/4 Salomon Rondon

5/2 Ayoze Perez

4/1 Yoshinori Muto

10/1 Joselu

10/1 Kenedy

10/1 Matt Ritchie

33/1 Jonjo Shelvey

40/1 Ki Sung-yueng

66/1 Rolando Aarons

All odds on Newcastle top scorer go HERE.

  • Steven05

    Get mikeCancerASHley out this club

  • TheFatController

    I await Leazes to tell us this article is just for the benefit of some online gambling company that bases itself offshore and thus he recommends they pay their taxes….

    • Kenny

      And he will 😀

    • Leazes.

      Of course it is….. it cant be for anything remotely statistical or informative with only two games played and one goal scored now can it?

      It’s an advertorials or infomercial for a gambling site.

      The headline and text look like an article but its really an advert which is paid for by the recipient of the bets…..

      …. that’s why you get the predictions from pundits who have nothing to do with out club….Merson, Wight, Owen….. always the same ones…. its an advert!

      I’m not going to post on them in future…this will be my last…. I’ll leave it to the soothsayer and those who want to pick an argument with an advertising hoarding!

  • gold coast mag

    very depressing stats- goals per minute played- maybe we’ll share them around or park a couple of buses- how many did Lascelles get last season?

  • Kenny

    Is Rondon another striker on loan who has a fitness problem 🏃‍♂️

    • Nut

      Well if he is, let’s just be glad we bought him in on loan rather than outright.

      At least if he is another who doesn’t put a shift in we don’t need to make it permanent.

      Personally I think once he gets match fit and in/around the team he will prove to be the goods in the end and we may regret not having an option to buy.

      However I can understand why we haven’t.

      Whilst West Brom have exercised their right for an extension on his contract what’s a little known fact is that extension only comes into fruition if they go back up this season.

      If West Brom fail to get promoted we will likely be free to sign Rondon on a free!

      The press haven’t picked up on that yet and it’s not been made public for good reason.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Interesting point……..but understandable from Rondons point of view……why would he allow them to trigger a one year extension if he had to play that extra year in the championship………

      • Damon Horner

        I think I read the option to extend had been triggered as part of his move here. Could be wrong. Probably a decision in WBA’s court which, for financial reasons, wasn’t done until a deal with us was agreed,

        • Nut

          Option to extend was triggered West Brom’s end…. but if they do not regain premier league status that option is null and void…

  • Mxpx

    Kennedy is my bet