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Imagine if Newcastle fans could unite at a touch of a button, along came Social Media…

3 years ago

Thirty years ago, the thought that Newcastle fans from all over the globe, let alone Tyneside, could be the touch of a button away from each other, was something out of a Terminator Movie.

What a tool such an invention would be. Fellow fans would be able to unite and their combined strength would be the catalyst for major change.


I think it is safe to say that it hasn’t turned out that way with social media and the like. If those commenting on The Mag and elsewhere are anything to go by, we are a pretty disjointed bunch.

Or are we?  Are people commenting on NUFC websites truly representative of the thoughts and beliefs of the typical fan?

How many people on average take the time to post comments? Thirty? Fifty?

How many people visit The Mag?  I have absolutely no idea but I reckon it’s a few more than fifty.

The point I’m making, albeit  laboured, is that people who take the time to comment are generally the most passionate and opinionated amongst us. But are they representing you?

I honestly don’t know anyone amongst my circle who holds the same views that are held by those who defend the regime.

But likewise, I don’t know anyone who went to stand outside Sports Direct on Saturday.  There were 50,000 in the City (plus those who were going to be watching on TV in centy centre bars) but only 500 – 2,000 (depending on where you read it) outside the shop.

So what do the silent 99%  think. What do the silent 99% want?

My views are no more relevant than anyone else, but for what it’s worth, I think that the Newcastle Fan wants today, exactly the same as what they wanted in 78, 88, 98 or 08 .

We don’t expect to win the league, apart from that one glorious season of course. We don’t even expect to win the cup. Even in 98 and 99 you hoped we would but certainly didn’t expect to.

So if it’s not being successful, what is it all about?

I think the match day experience has always been central to being a Newcastle fan and if you still have that, you will continue to head for St James Park every other weekend

But once that goes, the pull of St James goes with it.  The vast vast majority of the crowd go with friends and family.  Next week, look around you and see how many people are making the walk up alone.  Not many. It can’t be fun going as Billy no mates, no one to discuss the game with.

But I also believe that our fan base and that of all other clubs is a reflection of a change in society

Of course Newcastle is vitally important to the current fan, or they would not be shelling out the money they do, but previous generations (certainly mine) had a relationship with the club that was so primal we believed it was worth punching someone’s lights out for .

Maybe today’s fan is a little more intelligent than we were. Maybe today’s fan has a better sense of self worth which allows people to see football as simply a day out. It is certainly not worth risking your job by  getting wound up and ejected from the ground .

The fans of 78 were jacked off and moaned about  how useless Westwood was running the club.

The fans of 88 were jacked off and moaned about how useless McKeag was running the club.

The fans of 98 were jacked off with Dalglish despite heading toward our first FA Cup Final in 24 years.

Being grumpy has always been part and parcel of being a football fan at most clubs and certainly at  Newcastle. The difference is that now, social media allows for the more “vociferous” amongst us to be heard by a much greater audience.

The truth is, while some of us would  prefer for Arnie to  be sent back in time, not to sort out young Master Connor, but to wipe out Nana Ashley , the majority of people just want a quiet life.

Letting a billionaire you will never meet, consume your life, just isn’t worth the stress.


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