Dermot Gallagher reviews controversial decisions in the Premier League after each round of games, on behalf of Sky Sports, and has given his call on a Newcastle v Tottenham match incident.

I thought he might have had a look at the Moussa Sissoko stamp on Kenedy that has gone unpunished.

However, he has ignored that and decided to examine something completely different and give his verdict on this.

The match was only eight minutes old when an incident crucially impacted on the match.

Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen heading towards goal and it hitting  the bar before Martin Dubravka then cleared.

However, Newcastle fans were then stunned to see a goal instantly given by referee Martin Atkinson.

Dermot Gallagher indicates that this is a goal which in the past would almost certainly not have been given.

The ball was shown to be only 9mm over the line and the former referee declares ‘…everyone has embraced goal-line technology and said how good it has been, but this, beyond doubt, proves how good it is.’

dermot gallagher

Dermot Gallagher also comments on how this is at least one example where players have totally accepted the technology and don’t question it, even when there is such a minute margin: ‘Martin Atkinson just pointed at his watch and everybody walked away. It was just settled.’

Hopefully Newcastle will be the beneficiaries of one or two of these this season to help even it up.


Dermot Gallagher speaking to Sky Sports:

“In the eighth minute, Jan Vertonghen headed towards goal, with the ball hitting the underside of the crossbar before going over line although goalkeeper Martin Dubravka scoops it out just after.

“Martin Atkinson gives the goal after the use of goal-line technology, with the ball just 9mm over the line.”

Dermot Gallagher verdict:

“Good use of technology.”

Dermot Gallagher says:

“I think over the years, everyone has embraced goal-line technology and said how good it has been, but this, beyond doubt, proves how good it is.

“That ball is in the air and there is no way any referee or assistant can give that – it’s impossible.

“It’s 9mm over – a third of an inch – it’s in the air and what would happen is one team would feel aggrieved if it’s given, the other would feel elated and the team that feels aggrieved would be on the referee’s back for the next 80 minutes because they would never believe them.

“I remember Johnny Heitinga’s at Fulham that I thought was close but that beats it.

“Martin Atkinson just pointed at his watch and everybody walked away. It was just settled.”

  • Kenny

    ignoring Moussa Sissoko`s stamp on Kenedy, no surprise there.

  • Paul Patterson

    A goal in the eyes of technology so therefore a goal.
    No conspiracy there, but how about the Sissoko incident..

  • Dingus

    A goal is a goal. Great use of technology. I can’t see why he’d even be asked to review it. As he said; “Martin Atkinson just pointed at his watch and everybody walked away. It was just settled.”

    Sissoko’s blatant attempt to injure an opponent on the other hand…

  • Wor Lass

    Waste of space, this article.

    • Milburn_Taylor

      my exact thoughts

  • Tony English

    Do you think they would have reviewed the stamp if Jonjo was the culprit?

    • Kenny

      Swiss Tony

      • Tony English

        Kenny Rogers (Leazes).

      • BanJones

        You know Tony, trolling on another teams fan site is very like making love to a beautiful woman…..

        • Tony English

          ..said the comedy fake profile.

    • Peter C

      If Shelvey had been the transgressor, Gallagher would’ve wanted to bring back the death penalty for him.

      In all his time of refereeing, he was always quick to give decisions against Newcastle, but never quick to give them in Newcastle’s favour.

      That’s not a conspiracy theory, last year against Tottenham, he never mentioned, Kane’s crude tackle on Lejeune, but had plenty to say regarding Shelvey’s so called stamp on Ali, which wasn’t. A possible accidental stand on or tread on, maybe.

      Not sure if you saw it, but check the highlights when Ciaran Clark shot across the goal in the first half, Vertonghen had a hold of Diame’s shirt and pulled him back, funny how, no one mentioned it, no official saw it, and no penalty was awarded.

      I give odds, if that had been the other way around, there would’ve been a different outcome.

      • Tony English

        I initially read that as “if Shelvey had been a transgender” – wasn’t sure where you were going with that!

        I think you’re 100% correct on all your points, except Shelvey’s ‘step’ on Ali was intentional and stupid, but Ali was hanging on to the ball and then play acted, should have been a yellow each.

        They went big on the 9mm goal line clearance as they love to highlight zingy graphics, technology, and ref’s getting it right.

        • Peter C

          With regard to the Ali, Shelvey incident of last season, yes I agree, Shelvey was stupid, intentionally stood on him, probably, with a small margin of doubt.

          I know there’s a bit of contradiction in my statement.

          Ali held on to the ball and was looking for / enticing Shelvey to react, you could see, there were some verbals between them, and Ali overreacts, theatrically. I agree, two yellows, would’ve been the sensible outcome.

          But wasn’t it Martin Atkinson, who also refereed last season’s game, I maybe mistaken on that one, though.

          My point is, is that Newcastle seem to get far more bad decisions given against them, than decisions made in their favour.

          Prime examples of this, two seasons ago in the championship, the Notts Forest away game, and the Burton Albion at home, two of the worst refereeing displays, I have ever seen in my long experience of watching football.

          And that’s not to mention, a certain Mr Trelford Mills, refereeing performance against Brighton in the FA Cup, which I know, is decades ago, but still rankles.

          • BanJones

            Let it go! I was young and hansome back then which if you saw me now would tell you something.

          • Tony English

            Yes, those two ref displays were the worst I’ve seen, especially the non-retaken pen, that bloke should never have reffed another game.

          • Danimal

            Remember that pompous Harrow school master David Elleray? Ridiculously allowed to referee us away at Arsenal, making us play about 80 mins with 10 men. Red card overturned in midweek but the three points left in London, damage done.

          • Peter C

            Yes I remember David Elleray, and you’re right he was pompous, exceeding so.

            A bland kind of a beige person, who would’ve best been suited, as a traffic warden, or some other, minor power crazed official.

    • Mike D

      Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Leazes.

    There is one malevolent owner doing the utmost damage to our club….and a myriad of media people intent on keeping him there….. the fight for our club has begun.

    He is one man we are a City.

  • Mike D

    If everyone accepts goal line techno: What’s the point? Surely someone at Sky Sports could have asked, “Why are reviewing that non-refereeing decision when there’s a far more contentious incident you total muppet?”

  • seewhy

    More inept Mag coverage. Gallacher DID review the Sissoko incident and came up with the theory that it wasn’t ‘malicious’ therefore didn’t deserve a red card. Disagree with his verdict, but he did discuss it. Seems the writer didn’t bother to stay tuned after the advert break.

  • ghostrider

    I noticed how were weren’t shown a decent angle in real time for the goal, just an angled piece of footage of it, unless I’m missing something.

    If goal-line technology can view the incident and give a beep to Atkinson’s watch then surely there must be real time footage of the incident.

    I think we were cheated with that goal but I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong with real time footage and not some graphic depicting what supposedly happened.

    Do I trust this technology?
    Yeah I would do. But do I trust the people behind displaying it in games?……NOT A CHANCE.

    • Garry Norman

      Think you need to take off the tin foil hat.

      • ghostrider

        I’ll keep it on, it greatly aids in my reflection of the stuff that’s put before me.

  • ghostrider

    The premier league is basically choreographed, in my opinion.