Thursday night has seen Newcastle United make their seventh signing of the summer transfer window.

After getting an extension via putting forward a deal sheet (gives you two hours past the 5pm deadline to complete paperwork), Federico Fernandez signed form Swansea.

The 29 year old Argentine centre-back has arrived on a two year contract Newcastle United announced (see below), though as usual it was declared as an undisclosed transfer fee.

However, Sky Sports announced it as being a deal for around £6m, meaning we can see the total of transfers in and out, as well as the net ‘spend’ (see below).

Newcastle United official statement:

‘Federico Fernández has become Newcastle United’s seventh signing of the summer after arriving at St. James’ Park in a deadline day move from Swansea City.

The 29-year-old Argentine – who played under Rafa Benítez at Napoli – has won 32 full caps for his country and has put pen to paper on an initial two-year contract after the Magpies agreed an undisclosed fee with the Swans.

He began his career in his homeland with Estudiantes before moving to Napoli in 2011.

He won the Copa Italia with Gli Azzurri in 2014 as well as playing in the Champions League.

Fernández signed for Swansea in the summer of 2014 and made more than 100 Premier League appearances for the Welsh club.

Speaking about his arrival on Tyneside, Fernández said:

“It was a long day but I’m really happy to be here.

“It’s a new challenge in my life and I’m very excited to meet all the players and staff here.”

Manager Benítez added:

“I know Federico well from our time together at Napoli and it was an easy decision to bring him here.

“He is experienced, a very good professional and he will add competition in defence.”

The player will wear the number 18 shirt for Newcastle United and will be eligible to face Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

Newcastle United have bought these seven players –


£9.5m Yoshinori Muto

£6m Federico Fernandez

£4m Martin Dubravka

£3 Fabian Schar

£2m Salomon Rondon

£0 Ki Sung-yueng

Loan Kenedy

Total £24.5m 

Whilst these are the ones sold, as well as the main ones who have been released/loaned out –


£22m (could rise to £27m if targets hit) Aleksandar Mitrovic

£10m Mikel Merino

£7.2m Chancel Mbemba

£3.5m Matz Sels

£1.75m (could rise to £3m if targets hit) Adam Armstrong

£0.65 Ivan Toney

£0 Jesus Gamez

£0 Massadio Haidara

Loan Dwight Gayle

Loan Jack Colback

Total £45.1m (rising to possibly £51.35m if targets hit)

On these figures, Newcastle United have made a net profit of £20.6m on deals in and out, which could actually rise to £26.85m if both Mitrovic and Armstrong hit certain targets for their new clubs.

When Mike Ashley said Rafa Benitez could have ‘every penny’ to spend, just what exactly did he mean…?

  • Leicester Mag

    An absolute disgrace that no other club would tolerate but every howl of anger and angst will mean nothing if come Saturday protests fade once more into the ether.

    • Squintytoonarmy

      Yep – if I’d been in a coma for a month and woke up and had to guess the manager who had brought these in I would have guessed Harry Redknapp. We got a top manager rummaging around the bargain bucket.

      • DC1964

        “We got a top manager rummaging around the bargain bucket!”. That’s brilliant, sums things up perfectly!

    • Leazes.

      And the chronicle boys wonder why Charnley doesn’t do interviews…

      • Milburn_Taylor

        he wouldn`t know the answers to the questions put to him anyway

      • Brian Standen

        Chsrnley can’t string two relevent words together!

        • Wor Lass

          He can – he often tells Rafa to “Eff off” (but not his master, unfortunately).

  • mentalman

    He’s probably got every penny due to the club’s crazy policy on outgoing transfers being paid in installments and not doing the same with incoming transfers


    Clearly mike Ashley was lying. Not for the first time, and something he has even done in court.

    We will have to wait until next summer, to see where all the TV money dissapeared to.

  • Dingus

    The squad is pretty decent, the unity is there amongst the players, and the coach is a huge blessing. I also think the few who have left (and more could be added to that list) could help improve things amongst the squad and coaches. I’m not saying I have insider info or I know someone who does, I just mean someone who doesn’t fit, maybe brings the place down a bit, be it due to their persona or uncertainty/anxiety around their future… losing them can be a lift to morale. It certainly does in my line of work, where a close knit team is essential. And I don’t think we’ve lost anyone essential (although I’m disappointed Merino has gone!)

    The players that have come in have improved the squad. Dubravka could be an absolute steal. Kenedy has it all. Ki looks a handy player and I’d be happy to see him play should one of Diame or Shelvey lose form, or succumb to injury. Rondon and Muto have attributes to torment defenders and offer us different options up top (although I’m far from convinced by the goal-scoring exploits of either.) Schar and Fernandez… I can’t say I know too much. But I could have said the same about Lejeune last season and he proved to be a top player. He was also missing for a big chunk of the start of last season, thanks to that toffee-faced smeg-head at Spurs…

    I think, overall, the squad has improved. I’m not condoning the behavior of those that make the decisions to not invest the money the club earns. Newcastle can afford a solid net spend EVERY transfer window. The accounts are clearly fiddled (see TIFO Newcastle’s Finances Under Mike Ashley 2016/17 video on youtube) and any fan, of any club, deserves a club that tries to improve it’s professional performance, not a shell of a club that serves only to enhance the non-football related endeavours of its c**t owner…

    But, I feel pretty relaxed Newcastle will still be in the top tier come May 2019.

    • CaptainCaveman

      You raise some good points and I like your optimism. I guess we were just hoping, if not expecting, a lot more by the time the window closed.

      • Dingus

        I was hoping too. Certainly not expecting. I’d love to see that fat kid who sold all his Arsenal shares come in and offer Benitez a new contract and the TV cash. I’d be a happy little panda

    • brin mcardle

      What !! Its a disgrace

      • Dingus

        Haha. I agree, the conduct of the owner and his little puppets (including vile media puppets – Richard Keys can eat a bag of d*cks) is disgraceful. I’m just saying I think the squad is improved, and maybe people are forgetting we already had some pretty great players, and a heroic manager. As I said, the squad should be way better, given the amount of money the club makes. But, just taking the squad in to account, diverting your attention form the subterfuge at the club, I think they’ll stay up. And, before anyone says, I know we should be aspiring for more than survival!

        Don’t go to games! Have a poo in the middle Sports Direct!

        Ashley out!

    • Alan Rowbotham

      disappointed but good well thought out post

    • Big Hairy Man

      “The squad is pretty decent”? The 1st eleven could possibly hold their own but we are only a couple of injuries/suspensions away from disaster. Last season we were incredibly lucky on that front but it’s unlikely to happen again. If the squad gets any thinner Charnley might get a game.

      • Dingus

        Honestly, I find it hard to take responses seriously when they start with a quote from the post they’re replying to. Why did you feel the need to add that? And in quotation marks it’s especially peculiar. The post is fine with out it, you’d even come across as more confident in your own views.

        Regarding injuries. I’d actually say we were pretty unlucky on that front last season. Lascelles, Lejeune, and Dummet were all out for significant periods of time. And Joselu wasn’t. Ba Dum Tss.

        • Big Hairy Man

          No disrespect intended. Just disagreeing that the squad is adequate when our competitors are strengthening. I agree that under Rafa there is unity and a hard work ethic. I just fear that it may not be enough.

        • Virsino

          Actually, it wasn’t a quote, it was a question which had a quote in it! Another way of putting it would be – “The squad is pretty decent” – are you fóóking serious?

          • Dingus

            That too is a quote. It is also a question.

  • Wezza

    Disgrace. No other words needed.

    • ghostrider

      Fantastic business I’d call it. Far from a disgrace.

      • MP01


  • Dingus

    You know what’s been troubling me the past couple of weeks (while I’ve been safe in the knowledge the club would end up making another transfer window profit); why the effing eff hasn’t the rotund one identified the fact that if he gave Benitez the funds he wants, funds the club can certainly afford, he could then convince him to sign that new contract. And then go back to being a malevolent, belligerent, lying, TV money-detaining c*nt for the duration of Rafa’s new deal. His brain must be made of jam for him to have not connived that.

    • ghostrider

      Why didn’t Rafa sign his new contract and then get on with what was on offer for him.
      The manager does not run the club. The owner does.

  • Mxpx

    If rafa walks we go down make no mistakes these are his players to do the job he wants them to do … With this being the case it will be a miracle if we stay up not this season but next as it will need a new manager to have a serious budget

  • Big Hairy Man

    I think #IfRafagoeswego should evolve into #IfAshleystayswego

    • Dingus

      Many have already gone. Sadly, there are enough mindless muppets to fill the void left at the stadium.

      • ghostrider

        You mean enough Newcastle United fans to go and watch the team play at their club that they’re entitled to go and see and sing for and enjoy the day out….or night, depending.

        Them one’s?
        And long may it continue.

        • Dingus

          F**k them. And f**k you. Troll c**t

          • ghostrider

            Calm down.

          • Dingus

            F**k you. Troll c**t

          • ghostrider


  • Scott Robinson

    ‘PIE IN THE SKY SPORTS’ sponsored by Pie and mash holdings.
    Jingle: Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies, Pie in the sky or humble pie, who swallows all the lies.

    Good evening, welcome to the phone in, my name is DickWheezeKeys and not to be confused with the ‘six whiskies’ which I downed before coming on air! The subject this evening is, yes. MIKE ASHLEY. First caller says he is a fully paid up member of the cartoon army ‘Geordie Cloonie’ who put the ‘Eeee’ in ‘Clown’, er no it is ‘Monkseaton’. Is that Monkseaton near Shiremoor, or are you in Shirebrook?

    Monkseaton: Super Mike Ashley blah, blah, blah. I have his number, I mean name on the back of my new net minder soccer vest bought online from Sports Direct blah, blah, blah, Super Mike, blah. Blah.

    Six whiskies: What do you think of Ashley’s statement in 2015 ‘To be categorically clear, I’m not going anywhere until we win something.’ If your club hasn’t won anything for half a century and the owner isn’t investing in top class players at all, you are not likely to win a thing for another 50 years! The same owner who has equalled your relegation tally in your total history of 126 years in only 10! So he isn’t REALLY going anywhere soon, is he?
    Monkseaton: Super Mike Ashley, Blah, blah, blah. I hope he is here for 50 years, blah, blah. Super signings.

    Six Whiskies: Wouldn’t any owner who has even a minute interest in the club and fans, claiming to want success and ‘win things’, walk immediately he realises that they will never win a thing whilst he is in charge? So why hasn’t he walked?
    Well. It seems the line has gone dead. Onto the next caller ‘toast hider’.

    It’s ghostrider, actually. Super Mike has the club up for sale, Super Mike wants only the best for NUFC. Super Mike has invested millions. Blah, blah, blah.

    Time for a merited toilet break queue jingle
    “Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies, Pie in the sky or humble pie, who swallows all the lies.”

    • 1957

      How dare you mock our nine ticket (probably provided free by Mike) number 1 super supporter…you’ll be telling me next he isn’t really from Monkseaton

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        No 1 supporter is from Seghill Monkseaton is only a poor15th.
        Saturday is time of the year for people to start kicking Rugby balls out of touch again a great sport.

        • 1957

          Ok since you are a poor 15th I assume you know a guy called Russell, who when I met him a few years ago hadn’t missed a game home or away, competitive or friendly for a long time.

          Rugby Premiership starts the beginning of September.

          I doubt you read the Severed Leg, but I’m sure the boys at Rockliff will be delighted to see you at one of their open days in September, to show everyone their new artificial pitch

    • BanJones

      “Toast hider” chuckle.

    • Wor Lass

      Nice one! Is toast hider reference to some bizarre sexual practise? I prefer Goat Rider, myself!

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Record under Ashley outside the top division 16%. Record without Ashley 25% outside the top division. Last two sets of Accounts show £2m in the bank and £8m overdrawn. When he bought the club Current Assets were £8,681k Current Liabilities £156,882k so basically £148m down before he even started. If you or anyone else out there can do any better have a go.
      However as usual you are all talk and no action.

  • 1957

    At best simply an exercise in standing still squad wise. Is Rondon a better bet for goals than Mitrovic or Dwight, are Schar and Fernandez better than Mbemba, is Muto better than Perez or is Benitez planning a change of tactic.

    Unless the players brought in prove to be an upgrade we are in serious trouble…but at least there is money in the bank

    • MP01

      I do think Schar and Fernandez are better than Mbemba and Muto gives competition to Perez which (hopefully) forces him to up his game in the way he did the later half of last summer but i agree with you on the Standing still exercise….

      Its been a summer of wheeling and dealing to ensure the squad doesn’t go backwards purely as a result of the lack of financial backing giving to Sir Rafa.

    • ghostrider

      We are nowhere near in any serious trouble at all.
      How can we be in serious trouble?
      Have all the other teams went out and bought Ronaldo’s and Messi type players or something or have they just spend fortunes on many players I’ve never even heard of?

  • Dutch

    Perhaps Cashley may spend the profits on the training facilities and other areas that need attention. Regrettably I think not.

    • 1957

      He needs to spend some on redundancy payments to the incompetent coaching staff and scouts who are involved in our Academy / u23 set up

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        For once we are in agreement. For people to say we would produce better players if we had a better academy is the biggest joke of all. George Best needed a football and a pitch with a few blades of grass nothing else. Footballers either have talent or not and better changing rooms will not make them better players. You going Saturday or you going to the Forest match.

    • Jezza

      NUFC’s summer transfer profit is going straight into a well known high street department shop chain.

  • The Oaktree

    We will not get relegated!!

    Top manager, some good talent!!

    Do not underestimate the signings!!

    Richard Keys “redundant pundit”

    Paul Merson…. say no more…

    One can barely remember his football career due to being mortal 24/7

    The other is still suffering from being sacked for his ancient views, and looking like a cross between a Hammer House Werewolf and Donny Osmonds ugly twin, who is never discussed, but was controlled as a child by being hit in the face with a wok!!!

    Has beens…..

    We are geordies, do not get sucked into any other mentality.

    It will be an exciting season and I will sit proudly in my season ticket reserved seat and cheer on the team.

    Do not bother sitting outside fatties sports shop and slag him off when no doubt you will have bought some cack from there in the past and probably will in the future.

    Cheer them on!!!!


    • Big Hairy Man

      Why the Mag gives exposure to these clowns is obvious….. clickbait. Merson should lay off the nose candy and Keys should keep his Werewolf hands to himself.

      • Brian Standen

        In fairness Merson does not think we will go down

    • Jimmy_toons

      Wooden heed…

      • The Oaktree

        Solid woòoooood!

  • Nut

    All in all we strengthened, I can say this because the players that have left were not getting near the first team apart from Gayle. Every single player we have signed in this window strengthens us because hopefully they are all players that Rafa will happily play rather that leave on the sidelines, this definately gives us more strength in depth.

    Ok we haven’t signed a left back or a number 10 two glaring holes we wanted filled but we bought in 2 strikers Muto and Rondon who definately will make us stronger up front. 2 centre backs Schar and Fernández who will add depth, more quality and competition to those positions.

    A goalkeeper who is arguably world class in Dubravka. A winger Kennedy albeit on loan (for now and I think this is why we haven’t spent those transfer fees coming in so we can earmark the money to buy him) who is potentially showing glimpses of being headed that way. A midfielder Ki Sung Yong who has the potential to rekindle a very competitive partnership with Shelvey in the middle of the pitch wit has an understanding once more which they had before. And a young very promising striker Yannick Toure from Switzerland.

    Now if someone had told me we would bring in 7 players that would improve us before this window, pottentially 8 if you include Yannick Toure who I think will hit the first team this season sooner rather than later having watched him, I would have been astounded.

    Personally I think we have done some very good and smart business which cut a lot of the deadwood from the side not to mention wages and even though we haven’t got the number 10 and left back Rafa desired in, it’s something I hope we will address come January.

    The fact we have done this and made a profit is unbelievable and to be honest I don’t really mind, I expect in time the profit will find its way back into the team or be used as a sweetner in Rafa’s contract offer if they are clever put towards improving the training facilities/ accademies and youth player set ups as per Rafa’s previously expresed wishes. If they did this I would be quite happy actually as it might get Rafa to sign to stay on.

    My understanding is we were in for a left back from Monaco but the reports I read earlier suggest it fell through due to his work permit pottentially taking too long. Now not sure if this report is true but its my understanding work permits could be sorted out after the event or allow you a bit of extra time to do the business so not 100 % convinced it’s off yet. Guess we shall see as the true deals don’t always show today.

    • Toonster

      Can I have some of what you’re smoking please?!

    • Megatron1505

      Gimme a T, gimme an R, gimme an O, gimme an L, gimme another L…….whatdayagot? Nut 😴

      • Jezza

        Correct. Nut is Fleckman.

      • ghostrider

        Too easy for people like you to say.
        the same person has just put some real effort into that post and that’s all someone like you can answer it with.
        I wonder who the real trolls are.

        • Ben Jones

          The trouble is, and I know how this will come across but I’ll say it anyway, not enough people have the maths skills to understand, so as soon as someone starts talking figures, their eyes glaze over, and all they know is what they’ve been told by others(similar maths skills) and others have basically said the opposite to you, and well, it’s just easier to [email protected]@k you off and stick with their mates, plus it gives them a reason to say to anyone who’s interested(and no one else is) that they too would be great if it wasn’t for one person holding us back…fairytale stuff

  • Megatron1505

    Hmmmmm…..should I unblock Flekman to claim the money he owes for BOTH bets that he lost ? 🤔

    • Billmag

      He would have been hounding you if it had been in his favour that’s for sure.

      • Megatron1505

        True, but the enjoyment I get from not reading any of the 💩 he writes almost outweighs the satisfaction i’d get from hounding him for money.

        Plus, I have no idea how to unblock people 🙈

        • MP01

          what’s the old saying….

          “let sleeping trolls lie”…. or something to that effect….

          • Jezza

            That troll certainly doesn’t need any encouragement to lie.

    • Jezza

      Don’t bother, nmarra. He never pays up. He’ll just steadfastly deny ever making the bets as he always does.

  • Vodkamagpie

    When is the next TV deal begin?. Does anyone know the amount of the next TV deal compared to the current TV deal. I’m asking because that effects the prices of players, which might be a reason Newcastle spent 80mil the season before the current TV deal

  • Alan Pardew

    You have to pay a lot of respect to Mike (Ashley), we’ve had a couple of phone calls during the window and we could have cashed in on a couple of our players but he didn’t and I thank him for that and our fans should thank him too.

  • Jonas

    Well he’s booked us two seasons of relegation battles at least and at best. Risking the PL money he so likes and the advertising for Sc*m Director.
    Has he done this out of exceptionally short-sighted greed or sabotage to get his kicks?
    which is it and how can either be condoned ffs.

  • Down Under Mag

    OK, so I slate Ashley’s running of the club as much as anyone and there are always some rather large question marks over finances when we are in the market.

    However, these numbers are what we know of…there will be up-front payments for our incomings, instalments for our outgoings, agent fees, signing on fees etc etc which all muddy the water when it comes to exactly how much we’ve made and had available for Rafa.

    Despite this there is still a massive question to be asked over TV money, debt levels, where the money has been deposited…the list goes on. Very few of our transfers actually have a value attached, it’s always ‘undisclosed’ with the values reported merely what people think it was.

    I am glad that Lascelles didn’t get sold in the 11th hour as I fully expected to happen, i’m glad we have seemingly improved slightly from last season…even if not as much as we all know was required, and i’m still expecting Rafa to walk at the end of the season. The question will be if Ashley sells up and runs off with all the TV money or appoints a new manager and showers him with cash to flash just to prove to Rafa who was boss and claim it was always there for him had he signed a new contract.

    • Jezza

      After the breaking news in the business sector this morning it has become abundantly clear exactly where the television money has gone.

      • Martin Rooney

        So are you suggesting a PLC took money from a private company and used it to buy another company?

        If so send details to the FSA and they will jail him.

  • Reconquista

    I think TFC meant Rafa could have whatever was in the petty cash tin. Minus the money for tea, and biscuits.

  • mactoon

    The morning after the window closes and he makes a profit on transfers Sports Direct, owned by billionaire Mike Ashley, has agreed to buy House of Fraser for £90m in cash.

    Great timing! you would almost think he does it to wind the fans up.

    • Mrkgw

      I think that he does do it on purpose. A truly despicable owner, not fit to run a football club.

    • Jezza

      They ought to rename it House Of St James’s in recognition of where the money for the takeover came from.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Maybe 30 million if we include installments from Sissoko and Wijnaldum. Following a season in the premier league which will have seen us be in profit close to 80 million and for the start of a new season which will see us profit another 80 million. Happy days. This looks for all the world as Ashley about to sell the club as soon as a good chunk of this years money comes in. I think that is November.

    • Peter C

      Just hope, you’re right.

      And as you say, happy days, goodbye Mr Ashley, you won’t be missed.

    • Peter

      I think we’d all like to think so…..we’ll see….