The latest article to be highlighted in our debate feature is: ‘Mike Ashley and Darsley Park – Unfit for Purpose’

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There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing with the author…or each other.

We are now regularly/irregularly picking out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought some of the conversations deserved a bigger audience.

The article highlighted today has already had 154 comments so far and the basis of the article, is the writer explaining how far behind the rest of the Premier League is leaving Newcastle United when it comes to their training facilities and associated support for the players. Mike Ashley having said a number of years ago that a new state of the art training complex was essential if NUFC were to compete – but not a brick laid so far.

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Some of the comments after ‘Mike Ashley and Darsley Park – Unfit for Purpose’:


‘After watching the Man City documentary what struck me the most was not the money, transfers etc but the way the club is ran professionally at every level. In contrast, we are a feckin shambles at every level (bar Rafa’s ability to put an organised team on the pitch having had jackschitt to spend); the club is corrupt to the very core.’

Leicester Mag:

‘What is remarkable is that there remains a debate.

Its like historians discovering Nero stole an apple when a child.

A proven liar, a track record of self inflicted failure. An unfit owner by any definition bar that operated by the games shameful governing bodies. Enough is enough.’

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

‘Ashley out, put some money up, put up or shut up.’


‘Unless you’re willing/able to buy a football club, you’re not entitled to an opinion. What a great attitude.’


‘The Rangers fans highlighted strange phone calls into local radio stations in support of Ashley….I think we’ve found what Bishop does on a day to day basis!

The message is forget the trolls…the fans can smell the difference between Coffee and Billshut….and that goes for Keys, Grey, Wise, Craig, and the rest of the C**kney media mafia!’


‘We have no board, surely the FA need to turn up the heat.

Maybe we as fans should be turning on the FA. They are meant to be protecting clubs from this.’

Monkseaton Magpies:

‘George Best needed no Academy just a pair of boots and a blade of grass. Same with Pele and Maradona.’

The Fat Controller:

‘It’s legendary that Brazilians learn on the beaches … surely a sand pit should be top of Sheik Mansour’s purchases at Man City therefore, based on your logic?’


‘Aye and me father’s grandad used a pig’s bladder for a football.’

Big Hairy Man:

‘Aye, them were the days. Proper men, proper tackles etc. Things have moved on since then.

The levels of fitness and body conditioning today are light years ahead of the 60s and 70s when half the players were pi..ed 2 or 3 nights a week (or in George Best’s case 7). If we don’t keep up with majority of the EPL clubs we will be fighting a losing battle.’


‘Will someone just buy out this despicable owner.

Such is the intense level of dislike towards him then you really would think that he would up sticks and go. But no, he is harder to shift than a grubby stain.

The sheer contempt shown by him towards the club, the region and its people is beyond comprehension. The Ashley out campaign needs to turn that screw another notch.’


Making out the training centre is woeful when in actual fact it is fit for purpose.

The major issue here is, it’s not fit for purpose for the sons of Sheikh’s or the pampered pooches who require glittering gold and jazzy extras.

If we have somewhere indoors to train and outdoors, plus baths and showers and bibs and cones and goalposts and such, then we have the facilities.

There’s more than enough at this club to cater for training.’


‘If it’s fine, why did your god Ashley tell everyone he was going to replace it?’

Grumpyoldmag  ghostrider:

‘If you follow that to its logical conclusion all Chris Hoy ever needed was a big standard bike to ride round a tarmac track.

No marginal gains, no Manchester velodrome, no wind tunnel performance assessment, no nutrition scientists, no psychologists, just ride your bike fast Chris.’

Chuck D:

‘If you read Roy Keane’s first book you’ll understand the importance of proper facilities.

Look at any top club and they invest heavily in training facilities and the academy.

Try watching first team Juve on Netflix.’

Martin Rooney:

‘Who is saying they are bad, not Rafa, he over saw the refurb remember.’

Chuck D:

‘What refurb? The indoor pitches were updated because of concerns over recurring injuries. The rest of the facilities are far from what standard a PL club should have.’

Martin Rooney:

‘Look if Rafa thinks the facilities are okay then they’re OK if he thought £2m spent on them would make a massive difference to performance of all of His 25+ squad then he would have done that.’


‘Based on recent experience he’d have to sell £12m worth of footballer to be able to spend £2m on anything.’


‘Environment has huge effect on performance of a team.

Yes in theory a pitch, goals and a ball are all that are needed to train but there are vast numbers of elements that impact on the both physical and mental performance of players over and above that

Clive Woodward’s success in 2003 was built upon the huge attention to small details, critical non-essentials, environment, professionalism, etc etc. all very small adjustments but all add up to an advantage over your opponent.

The gulf in facilities between Newcastle and Etihad is incredible.

2 training stadia, 12 artificial pitches, multiple gyms, class rooms with digital technology, cafeteria, accommodation villages for parents of the 12-14 year old brought in from abroad at Manchester are a world away from the Newcastle academy school style canteen and play room with a scabby pool table, play station and a physio room full of spare parts made for siem de Jong.’


King Rat won`t even spend money on players never mind training facilities

the club is falling apart at the seams and the majority of fans sit on their a$$ and do sweet FA.’

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    ‘The Rangers fans highlighted strange phone calls into local radio stations in support of Ashley….I think we’ve found what Bishop does on a day to day basis!
    The message is forget the trolls…the fans can smell the difference between Coffee and Billshut….and that goes for Keys, Grey, Wise, Craig, and the rest of the C**kney media mafia!’

    You can see the Dennis Wise comb-overs on the Mag as they always have the financial ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ and are a give away that they are connected to the club as they support Ashley no matter what every single time and every single issue. Leazes and others simply show them up.

    • Paul Patterson

      The podcast with the Rangers fans is quite illuminating. This owner is a money grabbing parasite.

      • Sickandtired

        Only £7 to RFC from every £100 SD made from their merchandise.

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            29th June. Comments in article “Official Newcastle United statement – Second summer signing now confirmed“

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      “Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

      ‘Ashley out, put some money up, put up or shut up.’”


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        Yes, lost a bit of context in isolation.

  • Mrkgw

    The club was near enough cutting edge and at the top of its game when Ashley took over in so much that we were a Premiership heavyweight. Yes, there was the overly reported debt however, I expect that few clubs don’t have some form of debt these days. But, the key here is the distinct lack of investment in everything Newcastle United be this, from training facilities to stadium, right through to the squad. And two relegations to boot. But, does the owner care? Evidently not – he can’t even be bothered to attend games for a start.

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    Ronnie Campbell is great and Elvis was carp.

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    If one picture sums up this entire argument – it is of players standing in wheelie bins for an ‘ice bath’!

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