Rafa Benitez has named his Newcastle team v Braga.

Newcastle United having beaten St Patrick’s Athletic 2-0 in the opening  kickabout, goals from Sean Longstaff and Christian Atsu (penalty).

Then then they moved on to Hull City, Joselu opening the scoring but Ayoze Perez needing to score late for Newcastle to grab a 2-2 draw.

Saturday night saw a very fortunate 0-0 draw at Porto, the Portuguese side somehow failing to score despite completely dominating and hitting the woodwork twice, plus a number of outstanding saves from Martin Dubravka and Karl Darlow. Newcastle not having a shot on target.

Tonight’s game is then followed by  the sole Newcastle home friendly on Saturday afternoon against Bundesliga club Augsburg.

Rafa naming the following eleven to start tonight (kick-off 7.30m):

Dubravka, Yedlin, Clark, Lascelles, Dummett, Ritchie, Hayden, Diame, Atsu, Perez, Gayle


Darlow, Elliot, Manquillo, Sterry, Schar, Yarney, Ki, Longstaff, Murphy, Fernandez, Roberts, Armstrong, Joselu

One big name missing is Jonjo Shelvey not named in the team or on the bench. It had been reported that he missed at least one training session in recent days but claimed nothing to worry about.

Kenedy still missing, as he spends time with family after his daughter was born.

Rafa Benitez fielding a similar team to Saturday as he nears the first PL match. Gayle, Hayden and Atsu, the only changes for Joselu, Shelvey and Murphy.

  • Paul Patterson

    Oh dear. We’re looking a bit thin on the ground at the minute..

    • Soldier

      I was just thinking that, you saved me a post

      • Paul Patterson

        At this stage, we can’t let anyone go. Three players required. 8 days to go..

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          make that 4. we technically still haven’t gotten Muto over the line…

          • Toontaff

            Not THAT line!

          • Mrkgw

            Yes, very quiet on the Muto front. Odd.

    • Andy Mac

      Which is kinda ironic seeing as we have the Fattest Owner on the Planet

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Abel Hernandez is on a free, we sell Gayle it’ll right up fattys street, cheap & cheerful just how he likes it

  • Rob

    Why play Gayle when we’re clearly trying to get rid?

    Transfer window draws to a close and we’ve pretty much managed to stand still while most other clubs improve and invest.

    • Jezza

      Shop window job.

      • Andy Mac

        Ditto Hayden

        • Alreet

          And mitro by all accounts.

      • Rob

        Only problem is he usually does little to show why you’d punt on him.

        Don’t get me wrong he was great in the championship. However, premiership football has been a step too far.

    • Paul Patterson

      May be forced to keep him.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    thrilled we’ll finally have the answer to whether or not we’re better than the 4th best team in Portugal

  • Wor Lass

    What is this nonsense with Kenedy spending “time with family after his daughter was born”? It wasn`t long back that he was saying how good it would be to get a proper pre season under his belt and be ready to go. He looked the least conditioned player last season and needs to get to full fitness. Is he injured? Also, with one more warm-up match before the big day why are we starting with 4 players we`ve been actively trying to get rid of? It`s a shambles but I`m not surprised.

    • Ram Kishore

      Only Gayle and Atsu right?

    • mentalman

      its just the elitist world of the footballer, most of us only get 2 weeks paternity leave

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    down 1-0 to the 4th best side in Portugal. what a complete and utter joke.

    • Andy Mac

      Getting the feeling this is all part of Fatmans master plan ?

    • MinnesoToon

      Stream on Braga facebook page is very good.
      Unfortunately we look very poor.

      I know its hot, and preseason, but dang.

  • Andy Mac

    Just noticed that this is Braga’s 10th game of pre season and we’re only on our 4th ? It’s not surprising that we’re getting overrun ?

  • Andy Mac

    Nothing like a good humping just before the season starts. 4 goals and nowt from us ?

  • ghostrider

    Pre-season regardless of the scoreline.
    It’s about up to speed and fitness. We are not there yet…clearly.

    • Ram Kishore

      We are very bad, without few players and team seems like few minutes away from imploding..
      No shelvey, no lascelles for second half ,no Lejeune, we are out of sorts already..
      We need to play more preseason against quality oppositions.
      Preseason should have been held much earlier..

      • ghostrider

        Most teams are not ready.
        The teams we’ve been playing are way way ahead in their set up.
        The only panic we have is with Rafa moaning and not signing a contract extension.
        That’s not good and it’s also not good that he’s basically doing what he did last season in calling his squad below par, kind of thing.
        The last time he did it he lost half of the squad. They were done in…not to mention his garbage tactics which he seems to be back to employing.

        • Ram Kishore

          I think each and every team is becoming ready

          • ghostrider

            Mourinho is close to crying about his pre-season.
            He’s close to crying about his 5 targets becoming 1.
            It seems he’s forgot what squad he has and is now using 16 year olds as some kind of barrel scraping to get the club to buy.

            Maybe we’re better prepared?
            Maybe we just need to get on track like all teams….some of who are ahead and some that will not be.

            Pre-season shenanigans for us that we generally see. It’s nothing new and neither is the turmoil being created by a section of fans which has been stoked up by a manager who refuses to commit yet loves the club, the fans and the city, apparently..

          • Ram Kishore

            Are u talking about the players bonus issue?
            This report was generally media driven not by the gaffer..
            The off pitch issues can be solved only if someone from the club opens up regularly or updates us.. which wont happen because it will be a spark to another chaos..
            So much unsettling activity happening at the club .. bad for the season.

            Look at pep and Jurgen klopp, unlike Mourinho they are better..He.always has his sad face..

          • ghostrider

            I’m talking about everything in general.
            Mountains are being made out of molehills.

          • Ram Kishore

            No there are lots of problems..
            I think u must see it..
            The club has problems on many levels..
            I don’t agree with u on problems being made out of mole hills..
            I don’t think he’s complaining a lot like he did last year but the reasons this summer are very genuine ..
            We didn’t sign anyone for 2 months , i don’t see us rushing in the remaining 7 days..
            It’s not like we are going to sign internationals or mostly internationals who are not that sought after..

          • ghostrider

            Most clubs didn’t sign anyone for two months. Why are we any different?
            We had a squad of players that needed to be released to free up wages and space.
            Wheel and deal.
            Did you notice how quick we got players in after letting players go?
            Very quick I thought.

            Now Mitrovic is gone, maybe we’ll get in one or two more players.
            However, Rafa is not helping by refusing to sign a contract and he needs to or he needs to step aside and allow someone else to take it on. In my opinion, of course.

          • Ram Kishore

            But only on the last day of the window will we know whether the window was ok or bad?
            This will of course make it worse for the club if it ends up bad.. i would say, the club could have avoided many things .. it seems like they brought it upon themselves

          • ghostrider

            Only at the end of the season will we know whether we brought in good or bad.
            Same goes for all clubs.

          • Ram Kishore

            I really don’t think so .. the squad that played yesterday was pretty the same as last year .. we really need reinforcements..
            We need a LB with more different characteristics..
            Dummet is a good lb but more conservative and defensive..
            It won’t work against all the teams ..
            We need a lb with bit more attacking qualities and one who combines well with LM.
            A bit like DeAndre on left side..That could improve the options for Rafa..
            Or else.we.will be ineffective against solid defensively organised teams like Huddersfield, Brighton and Burnley..

          • ghostrider

            The same team as last year?
            After January you mean?
            We have 3 new season starting players as it stands with most likely 1 or 2 more to come in.
            We finished 10th last season, so why can’t we do it again, or better it?
            If Rafa starts the season like he did last season instead of starting it by using Kenedy as he did after January, we will be in trouble.

            He needs to play attacking football when possible and not cautious.negative football like he did for most of the season….because we won’t get away with it this time if he does go negative.

          • Ram Kishore

            Yesterday none of the players played or put in any effort in the second half.. i just don’t understand why except Yedlin

          • ghostrider

            I can’t answer that with any honest opinion.
            I can guess a few reasons which all may be wrong.

            1. Maybe they’re sick of Rafa’s negativity.

            2. Maybe they’re reading into the fans hatred of Ashley and are not looking forward to a movement against the club.

            3. Maybe they’re not quite up to speed with everything.

          • Ram Kishore

            3rd point could be a possibility