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Chelsea fans not holding back with comments on Rafa Benitez and beating Newcastle United

3 years ago

Chelsea fans enjoyed their first win at St James Park since 2011.

However, ‘enjoyed’ might not exactly be the right word, as many of them appear to be more bothered about the Newcastle tactics, than the fact that they  actually won.

I could understand maybe if they’d ended up not winning, to moan on and on about Rafa’s defensive approach.

However, when you have won any match, who cares about what the opposition have or haven’t done, if anything you should be just laughing about it.

Chelsea fans also seem totally unaware as to exactly how much of a mess we are in due to Mike Ashley, plus the fact Rafa Benitez had so many players missing on Sunday.

As for Rafa himself, no surprise to see him getting so much grief off the Chelsea fans.

Even though in a very short stay of only months, as interim manager he delivered them the Europa League title and Champions League football for the following season.

Comments taken from the top Chelsea message boards Shed End,:

‘What I don’t get is how are Newcastle considered a big team?

They last won a meaningful trophy in the 50s, do they think they’re a big team because they have passionate fans?

From where I stand, they’re a tinpot club with a big stadium, the fact they’re scumbag fans think they’re a big side that plays good football and then have to endure Rafa parking a double decker bus in front of their goal for 90 mins is a joke.

The sooner Rafa and Newcastle go back to the Championship where they belong, the better.’

‘It was 90% possession at one point, absolutely obscene.

Make no mistake Rafa’s approach today is a HUGE compliment to the job Sarri is doing, you don’t play those type of tactics unless you are absolutely yourself. ‘

‘Take into account that their best defender Lascelles was out, as was the darling of St. James’s Park, Shelvey, and it was no surprise to me that he adopted those tactics, especially with Clark and Fernandez as the centre back partnership. Fu.. me, I’d have stuck five players around that pair.’

‘Match of the day said about treatment hazard got all game at Newcastle and also dismissed elbow Giroud received…even laughed that Giroud looked up from his position on the floor after Newcastle scored as if it was a sign he’d been feigning injury somehow…same blinkered sh.. against us every year from this show.’

‘I get the guys saying we were slow etc, but I think for this game its a bit harsh.

Newcastle players were well drilled.  They are strong and fast.  They are so hard to break down and they were at home. 

I’m actually very proud of the way we played and would take that performance any day any time.’

‘It’s more of a shrug or a push away than a swinging elbow, and the way Grioud went down just a little bit too late made it look a bit iffy.

Overall I thought this and the penalty just about cancelled each other out. Both decisions seem to be either clear-cut right or clear-cut wrong depending on who you speak to, which suggests to me that both views are wrong. I’d probably care a lot more about this if we didn’t win the match.’

‘SO HAPPY WITH THIS WIN!! F…ing newcastle are proper scum.

Even when we played defensively in the past we never hunted down and roughed up players the way they did. Disgusting tackles.

What was Luiz doing for that goal? Poor defending.

And we need to move the ball faster. Eden needs to release the ball quicker and dribble when around the box where defenders will be scared to foul him for a penalty, not in the middle of the pitch slowing down play.

Good 3 points.’

‘Newcastle weren’t even interested in trying to play football today.

Nine of the ten outfield players were behind the ball and they just punted the ball clear to Rondon in a desperate hope he might be able to bring it down.

They were kicking lumps out of Hazard from the kick off and in the second half started commit cynical fouls whenever we started to find space.

Fu.. Rafa and fu.. the barcodes, they deserved nothing from that game.’

‘One of the worst games I’ve ever seen Ended with real late drama…Newcastle deserved what they got for being utter boring thugs…’

‘Fair play to Redknapp…said Newcastle players should be embarrassed at their tactics, lack of possession, lack of intent to attack today.’

‘Terrible officials today, and there were so many mistakes by them. Alonso popped up to score at the end but it will be given as a Yedlin own goal.

Benitez gained nothing from those tactics and I’m sure Newcastle fans are livid. They play Man City away next. Good luck with that one.’

‘Of course Rafa is going to say the penalty is soft but he’s invited that level of pressure onto his team.

Leading up to the penalty Newcastle had conceded three cynical free kicks down the left that led to yellow cards. So when a defender dives in inside his own box, wrapping both legs around an attackers legs you’re just asking the red to give something.

Really surprised more wasn’t made of the foul on Giroud before the goal, thought the Newcastle players raised his elbow into his face… on another day that’s a booking, maybe even a sending off.

Find it odd that Sky were pushing the question of whether Newcastle were unlucky not to get something from the game. When you happily let your opponent have 80 plus percent of the ball and you’re the home side you’re almost always going to be on the losing end.’

‘Fu.. fat Spanish waiter for his negative tactics. Even his own captain wasn’t down with his plans.’

‘First win against Newcastle at St James’ Park since 2011!

Not the most fun match, tough at times, as could expect with a recent bogey team of ours, but to go there and grind out a win is a big positive.’

‘Shola ameobi should only work for Newcastle tv…his ‘analysis’ is a joke…’

‘Very biased, he said with a straight face that Yedlin is 5 ft 2 so it wasn’t a foul on Giroud, hahahaha.’

‘Fully deserved victory, that’s a penalty every day in modern football, they were sent out to boot our players from the first minute by the fat Spanish cu.., ref was shockingly bad, how did they all miss that elbow?

Newcastles tactic of having a flat back everyone made it difficult but it’s great that Sarri was positive in his changes to go for the win. 3 from 3 and getting better each game, great to see.’

‘Dinosaurs at Sky if they think that performance deserved anything.

Newcastle defended well, but we allowed them to because we played so slow. They didn’t even try to play football, they just fouled our players.

People will say we can’t say anything because we did the same to win the Champions League, but there was more to it than that. We were playing the two best teams on the planet at the time, we were ultra defensive, but we still had an attacking plan, we still tried to score when we got the chance. Newcastle today tried nothing, they fouled more than they passed forward. They got exactly what they deserved out of that performance today. Performances like that don’t deserve to be rewarded.’

‘I know we’ve set up ultra defensively in the past, but Newcastle didn’t even attempt to play for 80 minutes. I know a few Newcastle fans, and that must’ve been painful to support.’

‘Must be a joy for fat Spanish waiter to manage these lot, sitting back and kicking lumps out of players after having Real Madrid at his disposal.’


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