Difficult to know what to say after watching Cardiff 0 Newcastle 0.

On this form, surely the worst two teams in the Premier League.

You would almost think that the two clubs needed more investment in their squads…

Promoted Cardiff had a £50m higher net spend on their squad this summer and yet looked hopeless.

As for Newcastle….they were even worse.

Kenedy had a nightmare and yet stayed on the pitch, somehow allowed to take the injury time penalty that could have hilariously won the game for Newcastle.

Not so funny that he was allowed to take it and predictably failed, as he had done all game.

Not the fault of the Chelsea loan player overall of course, this summer summed up by the fact that Mike Ashley refused to even allow an offer to buy the Brazilian who had done well last season on loan.

When a football club is rotten from the very top down, no surprise maybe if you end up with the shambles we saw today.

Maybe most of us would have made a different team selection but whether it would have made any difference is doubtful.

The average transfer paid by a Premier League club this summer was £16m and yet the highest fee in his two and a half years at Newcastle, that Rafa has been allowed to pay, is £12m.

Newcastle’s attacking trio of Perez, Joselu and Kenedy cost less than £7m between them, whilst Fulham pay up to £27m for one striker and Everton £40m+, Mike Ashley has ensured a total lack of ambition at NUFC and now it appears to be getting to the players on the pitch.

Desperate times ahead unless something significant changes.

Stephen Warnock speaking on Radio 5 Live:

“Wow. What a finish to the game.

“Why is Jonjo Shelvey letting him take that penalty?

“Brilliant from Neil Etheridge and well deserved for Cardiff as neither team deserved to win.”

Michael Pearlman of BBC Wales Sport:

“Newcastle waste one of their best chances of the whole match with a well placed freekick as Kenedy strikes the Cardiff wall.

“He did not complete a single pass in the first half and should have been sent off.

“He’s had a nightmare…

“Who would have predicted Kenedy’s penalty would be saved?

“Everyone! He had a nightmare from start to finish.

“Cardiff City’s first Premier League point will feel like a victory.

“I can hardly ever remember seeing a worse individual performance than Kenedy’s though. A game he will want to forget in a hurry.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Cardiff 0 Newcastle 0

Possession was Cardiff 51% Newcastle 49%

Total shots were  Cardiff 12 Newcastle 12

Shots on target were Cardiff 1 Newcastle 6

Corners were  Cardiff 5 Newcastle 5

Referee: Craig Pawson

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Manquillo (Hayden 45, sent off on 66), Lascelles, Clark, Dummett, Ritchie (Murphy 70), Shelvey, Diame, Kenedy, Perez (Muto 65), Joselu

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Fernandez, Ki, Rondon

Crowd: 30,720

(Alan Shearer reacts to today’s dismal match HERE)

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  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    I actually thought Newcastle looked more dangerous today. But that’s a hilariously low bar to clear. Cardiff may never score.

    • Ashley-out

      neither will we with those strikers

  • LEE

    Rafa picked a god awful team today, and made terrible subs.

  • Kenny

    looked like a bunch of pi$$ artists who turn up for a game on a Sunday morning then off to the boozer, Paddy had 4 cans of lager at half time and missed a pen

  • Marty had

    looked like we’d been on a stag do all week in Ibiza. Worrying performance. Why isn’t he playing any of the new signings ?? Perez & Joselu look about as dangerous as a small boy holding a toy gun.

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      that can get you shot by police over here in the US…

    • Mrkgw

      And still Rafa will probably start both next game. Losing faith in his dull tactics.

  • Shields Mag

    If ever there was good reason for Rondon to start next game it was today.

  • morryJR

    Terrible game..echoes of last season..but to be fair to Rafa’s strange selection..(not playing Rondon).. we have three top sides to play starting next week and Cardiff have a bad reputation for being a very ” physical” team so it’s likely that Rafa was keeping him out to avoid any more possible injuries. As for Hayden ..that was his response to the manager for not letting him leave in the summer..he couldn’t have tried any harder than he did to get a red card. Hayden and Kenedy what a pair of clowns!

  • GlasgowMag

    I can see Rafa getting grief for this one and rightly so but just remember the real villain in all of this fatboy!! Everyone could see the areas that needed attention during the transfer window new number 10, proven goal scoring striker and cover for both left/right back. For me the only way forward is still for this workhouse owner to leave so yes Rafa should take responsibility for his team selection, tactics etc but just remember Rafa is playing with the hand that Cashley has dealt!!! Ashley out!!! Ps Yes I agree that was utter [email protected] today!!

  • Philippines

    Living in the Philippines I expect to see Etheridge on the front page tomorrow.

  • nufcslf

    If that’s not two of the three teams to be relegated, then the premier is the worst league in the world by a mile. Thank f**k I recorded that and didn’t bother my rse and get up at half 4 in the morning here to watch it. The penalty was the icing on the cake and Kenedy taking it the laugh of the day. Joselu and Diame giving every reminder of the reason they should be dropped immediately, but can’t because the stupid fat f**king owner didn’t spent any money and there is no other choice. Chelsea just won’t be the same team that gave up on the last day of the season and the other two will be big losses. All those that can see any sense in this pathetic excuse of a football club can just watch it crumble and fail. Serves you right.

    • kingfisher

      Exactly nufc.The people who return to SJP week after week after week,get all they deserve:Mike Ashley and relegation. “Support the team,not the regime”? RUBBISH !!! Just another excuse not to take any action to get rid of this man.
      I take it you are living in some far away place? Thank God for small mercies. At least you are not subjected to the constant shyte being spouted by the Ashley apologists.🤣

      • nufcslf

        Live in Vancouver, Canada and still get into the whole Cashley thing here with people defending the fat c**t. I half wonder if Rafa is proving a point before he leaves and couldn’t blame him if he is. Rotten to the core and though not a religious person do thank God to be removed from the thick of it all. Rondon not even getting a kick of the ball, Kenedy being allowed to take the penalty and the next 3 matches alone don’t leave much hope for anything Sports Direct United really. What a joke.

        • kingfisher

          Yes nufc,you are spot on.I get almost as mad with myself for believing that things will change and success is just around the corner as I do with Ashley and his minnions.Having said that, I’ve spent the last 50 odd years believing that we will win something 🤣

  • Mike D

    Ashley deserved to watch that game.

  • Peter C

    To be brutally honest, if that’s the best Newcastle can produce, we are staring the Championship well and truly in the face, and too not disparage Cardiff, so are they.

    To have won, would’ve of been totally undeserved, but we can’t afford to throw away two points, like we did yesterday.

    The two points may be the difference at the end of the season, which determines our future in the Premier League.

    Everyone who travelled down to Cardiff, to witness that, deserves a medal, as well as, being reimbursed for their time and money.

    It’s a very long time, since I’ve seen a worse performance, and two horrendous teams than that.

  • SH.ER

    Let down from what i saw from Newcastle yesterday, absolutely gutted