The bookies have now revised their odds on how Newcastle will do in the Premier League this 2018/19 season.

With over 11 weeks of the summer transfer window gone and only a matter of days remaining, how clubs have performed in the transfer market so far, has affected how the bookies see various clubs’ chances.

With Newcastle having the lowest net spend (biggest transfer profit!) of the 20 clubs, little surprise it has adversely affected their odds.

Back at the end of May, Newcastle were rated 6/1 to be relegated, however, in recent days this has edged further and further in, so now Rafa’s players are only 9/2 to go down.

At the moment six clubs are still rated more likely to go down than Newcastle United (see below) – Huddersfield, Brighton, Fulham, Watford, Burnley and Cardiff.

Whether it is finishing top four, top six, top half, bottom half, staying up, relegated, or winning the title…find all of Newcastle’s odds below.

Finish Top Half in Premier League 2018/19:

1/100 Arsenal

2/7 Everton

1/1 Leicester

6/5 Wolves

5/4 West Ham

6/4 Southampton

2/1 Newcastle United

9/4 Crystal Palace

5/2 Bournemouth

7/2 Burnley

4/1 Brighton

9/2 Watford

6/1 Fulham

10/1 Huddersfield

14/1 Cardiff

All odds on ending top half HERE.

End up bottom half of 2018/19 Premier League:

1/33 Cardiff

1/25 Huddersfield

1/12 Fulham

1/8 Watford

1/7 Brighton

1/6 Burnley

2/7 Bournemouth

1/3 Crystal Palace

4/11 Newcastle United

1/2 Southampton

4/7 West Ham

8/13 Wolves

8/11 Leicester

8/11 Wolves

5/2 Everton

16/1 Arsenal

All odds on ending bottom half HERE.

Win the Premier League 2018/19:

8/13 Man City

4/1 Liverpool

6/1 Manchester United

12/1 Chelsea

14/1 Spurs

750/1 Newcastle United, Burnley, Crystal Palace

All odds on winning 2018/19 Premier League HERE.

Relegated from 2018/19 Premier League:

4/6 Cardiff

11/10 Huddersfield

7/4 Fulham

2/1 Brighton, Watford

7/2 Burnley

9/2 Newcastle United

5/1 Bournemouth

6/1 Crystal Palace

7/1 Southampton, West Ham

All odds on 2018/19 relegation HERE.

End up top six in 2018/19 Premier League:

4/1 Everton

10/1 Wolves

10/1 Leicester

12/1 West Ham

16/1 Southampton

20/1 Newcastle United

25/1 Burnley, Crystal Palace

All odds on being top six in 2018/19 HERE.

To avoid relegation from Premier League in 2018/19:

1/1 Cardiff

4/6 Huddersfield

2/5 Fulham

4/11 Brighton

2/7 Watford

1/6 Burnley

1/9 Bournemouth

1/12 Newcastle United, Crystal Palace

1/16 Wolves, Southampton/West Ham

All odds on 2018/18 staying up HERE.

To finish top four in 2018/19 Premier League:

2/1 Arsenal

20/1 Everton

33/1 Wolves, Leicester

50/1 Southampton/West Ham

66/1 Newcastle United, Burnley, Crystal Palace

All odds on finishing top four in 2018/19 Premier League HERE.

  • Paul Patterson

    I think we will have enough to stay up but once again, cost cutting will leave it as a major risk . .

    • Ron

      I hope you are right at least for this season. Who do think will be our manager next?

      • Paul Patterson

        Depends who the owner is. If it’s Ashley, it won’t be Rafa, just some cheap apologist . .

        • Ron

          Sadly I fear you are right, and I don’t think Ashley will sell, he’s having far too much fun.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Was that article just clckbait for Betvictor affiliate links? Surely not.

  • Leicester Mag

    Looks like Armstrong to leave. Sad. more money in Pie and Mash holdings. Sold for half the money we played for the mighty 🐎

  • TeessideMag

    9/2… so twice in every 9 years we will be relegated with this business model. Sounds about right?

  • Hughie

    What people forget is the experience gained by a host of young inexperienced players last season. Ridiculous that bookies give newly promoted Wolves better odds.

    • Paul Patterson

      Wolves have spent £80m, we’ve made £25m. Wolves are showing intent, we aren’t..

      • HarryHype59

        Ditto Fulham!

      • glassjawsh-got-banned

        we are showing a different kind of intent… to line the owner’s pockets

        • Ron

          Baggy Trousers aren’t enough to describe the result

      • Ram Kishore

        Was really amazed with their recruitment.. They just check throughout mendes clients if he has any player for them…They one call deal done..

      • Hughie

        Exactly my point– Wolves need to –they will struggle– watch!

    • Ron

      Wolves flash the cash, MA – Stash the cash

      • Ron

        Or Mash the cash!

        • TeessideMag

          Slash the cash..

          Make a right f*ckin hash of the cash?

          • Ron

            I stand (well back) corrected!

          • TeessideMag

            hahaha there are many things Mike could be doing with the cash, and we know what he isn’t doing with it

  • Ron

    My Granda always told me you never see a poor bookie, I really hope they have the odds right and they follow through, but what if Rafa walks (or is pushed) what then?

    • Wezza

      Ditto. My grandad said exactly the same thing.
      I fear that if Rafa does walk or is pushed soon it will be the start of another total meltdown. We will be more angry than we have ever been. Their will be protests for sure but I know MA won’t sell while he is raking in millions and millions. He could even sack Rafa even if it costs him 6M he has the profit there. Dangerous situation really. I’m not excited about the season at all I’m more fearful. How many times have we had to endure this feeling?

      • Ron

        This next season fills me with dread – that’s not right it’s a sport! Then at the end Rafa’s contract expires no manager will come within a million miles – except maybe John Carver – where’s the rope?

  • Stephen Paylor

    it is 3 from 6 to go down this year and we are one of the 6. Only two teams have weaker squads than us. The other 4 are all around the same. I think Rafa is the factor that will keep us up. I think Fatso knows this and will be looking for a sale after any decent run of results raises the likelihood of staying up.

  • Vodkamagpie

    I like how fans say flash the cash regarding wolves, fulham . If you can’t see the difference between those 2 teams and Newcastle, then I give up.