On Tuesday night Jonas Gutierrez suffered what was described as a ‘chilling injury’ by the media in Argentina.

The former Newcastle star’s kneecap seen to be able to move after he suffered a rupture of the patella tendon.

The 35 year old was playing for Defensa y Justicia in the first leg of the Copa Sudamerica final when the freak injury happened only 10 minutes into the match.

However, Jonas’ club have now confirmed that he has had the operation and all has gone well, although he is looking at a minimum of six months recovery before having any chance of playing again.

That takes us up to February and with the league season ending on 8 April 2019, Jonas Gutierrez will do really well to play again this season.

Here’s hoping, get well soon Jonas.

The Mag – 22 August 2018:

Jonas Gutierrez moved back to Defensa y Justicia last month.

The former Newcastle favourite still playing league football in Argentina after spending last season with Independiente.

The now 35 year old has played a handful of league and cup games since rejoining the club on the 12th of July.

On Tuesday night Defensa y Justicia faced Banfield in the first leg of the Copa Sudamerica final (the game ended 0-0).

Only 10 minutes into the game Jonas Gutierrez suffered a ‘chilling injury’ according to one report in the Argentine media.

The winger is said to have simply ‘stepped badly’ rather than a bad tackle, the freak injury seeing him collapse to the ground in obvious agony.

Reports detailing that the kneecap on his left leg was able to move.

Jonas’ club then later confirmed that the injury was believed to be a rupture of the patella tendon.

There is no date given yet for when he may return but it is so serious that at the very least it will be into 2019 before the former Argentine international might return.

By then he will be approaching his 36th birthday, maybe leaving it in the balance as to whether  he will play at that level again.

Hopefully he can and as always, best wishes to Jonas Gutierrez on his recovery.

  • Wor Lass

    As the french say, “Bon courage, mon ami”. You`ve faced worse in your time and come through it – you`ll be back!

    • Kenny

      Arnie said that as well

  • Kenny

    Retire & enjoy life Jonas, all the best in your recovery.

  • Paul Patterson

    Not had the best of luck this lad. Here’s to a quick recovery.

  • Leazes.

    Yeah man…. get well soon Jonas!

    I see Abu Dhabi investor Sheik Khaled, cousin of Man City owner Sheik Mansour, has failed in a £2bn proposal to takeover Liverpool chairman Tom Werner held talks with representatives of Khaled in New York…. this will come as a blow to anyone who was taken in by the Keith Bishop/Amanda Staveley nonsense….

    ….Stuck with fatty for the foreseeable future, stuck and with a constructed debt which will grow and shrink as Ashley lurches from uninspired underspend on the club to repayments to himself for the ‘debts’ (bills) he racks up by engineering the relegation of the club!….

    ….There’s only ever been one plan…. ‘shoestring finance’….and the string along of compliant journalists!….

    ….’string theory’.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    It’s not the final of the Sudamericana, as if Defensa would get that far man. Anyway get well soon

  • Mrkgw

    Good luck in your recovery Jonas, get well soon.

  • Ron

    ponte bien pronto, Jonas